Kara – Pretty Girl MV (english hardsubbed)

After U-Go-Girl from Lee Hyori and Hot Girl from SeeYa, we now have Pretty Girl from Kara to close out the year. Addictive repetitive lyrics and a colorful themed music video, this is heaps better than Rock U I must say.

Kara - Pretty Girl MV

Download (UU) | password: coolsmurf.wordpress.com

35 thoughts on “Kara – Pretty Girl MV (english hardsubbed)

  1. i really like this song just one problem is that the english in their songs never make any sense lol!!!
    “if you wanna pretty, every wanna pretty”?
    at least i could kinna get what their saying like ” if you wana be pretty, everyone wants to be pretty” or something similar
    it is a very good song with nice melody though so i’m not like hating on the group or anything

  2. Haha i agree with Katie.

    Rock U sounded like “Rock yo basaaay” but it was actually “Rock u body i say”. Niether made sense haha. I think id like their songs if the English made sense.

    I think Kara should go back to their Break it image. I learned about them through Rock U and didnt like them much cause of thier cutsey image but after learning about Break It i liked them a little better. Im still not a fan but i think
    Break It > Pretty Girl > Rock U

  3. Oh and i just wanted to add..Hara looks a lot like SoHee which a lot of people have mentioned before. Its kinda scary how she wore the same outfit in the U-Go-Girl performance but WG and Kara are friends right? Sooo its okay.

    I think their make up is a bit much here, too colorful for my taste. Love their outfits though, same with the Rock U outfits. They actually look thier age here compared to Rock U though. I thought that Seung Yeon was like…12…but shes actually older than me. Holy crap man haha.

  4. I love Seung Yeon’s eyes <33
    This song is so addicting!
    I just wish DSP would do a better job at promoting the girls.

  5. lol freaking they need to fix their english lyrics.. the sad thing is two of their members spent some time or lived in america.

    seungyeon graduated HS in america and nicole supposedly was born and lived in the states untill her debut with kara. I mean i understand just cuz you live here doesn’t mean you will be a master at the language but i mean cmon.. soo many of their songs have really really reallly bad grammar and syntax. those two should notice that something is wierd and say something.

    maybe they don’t want to correct their superiors??? meh w/e

  6. thank you coolsmurf for this. =D
    I like this song and its indeed much better than their previous “Rock your bah say” song.

  7. I heard somewhere that their MV is being compared to WG’s Irony. The whole listenning to headphones thing (soHee & Hara), choosing clothes, and taking out books from shelf.. haha.. It’s in korean though but I don’t understnad.

    But ths MV is still kinda cute~ haha.. but yeah, need to improve on their english but still cute..

  8. Thanks for this! xD I saw their live perfs (M!Countdown and Music Bank) and they were great! I feel so bad for Goo Hara though (that’s ok! I still love her). Yeah, I do agree about the *twitch* English but I think it was just a matter of fitting it with the melody or whatever. Pretty Girl rocks, so much better than “Rock your BAH SAY” lol

  9. only nicole had stayed in america before
    and not only Kara’s song have english that makes no sense.. pretty much most of korean music with english in it makes not much sense
    i hope people stop being biased?

  10. Actually I think that it was made on purpose because if the right sentence was used then it wouldn’t have added the right melody…I mean c’mon I’m not protecting them cuz I’m careless but ‘If you wanna be pretty, everyone wants to be pretty’ would have sounded a lil long, and Koreans aren’t masters in English so if they would have used the right sentence it would have been harder for them to sing along as well…(sorry if my english is bad, i tried as harder as I could to explain at my best).

  11. ^ (cheryl)
    acutally most konglish in songs make sense now…
    theyve been fixing it
    and since a lot of groups have a korean-american
    it helps too
    plus the good songer writers/producers
    speak english very well….

    everything about kara really just ewsss me!
    so much for my grammer…

  12. ^ funkypicklez

    It’s grammar, not grammer

    How come a lot of natives don’t know how to spell this word? o_o

  13. @Ichigo-Kun

    Because we learn through speaking/listening and not writing/reading, haha. That’s why sometimes people who learn it as their 2nd language have better spelling than native speakers! But sometimes people make mistakes like funkypicklez. =)

    This song is so catchy it’s not funny, and yes, this is English for Koreans not for English for English-speakers. It’s what fits the rhythm, not what is technically correct — it’s understood by Korean speakers either way.

    Thank you for the download link, keep up the hard work! ^^

  14. the girls of kara are so cute & pretty
    and i love their outfits
    but yeah. i didnt like any of their songs. not even this one.

  15. @Joel

    Thanks for pointing that out! I’d laugh if someone wrote ‘grammer’ in an official document ahah =P

  16. hmm to Katie + other bashers lol
    r u sure that it’s if you wanna pretty every wanna pretty…
    everyone could be mistaking it……it could as well come out sounding as if you wanna pretty everyone are pretty…..

    anyway, i don’t care…cuz it’s not like the gazillions of other kpop singers/songwriter are way better in English than them..
    and mind you, they’re not conducting some English classes there….lmao.

    funkypicklez: hate ’em, just fuck off. oh……whoever taught you that to learn “grammer” listen to korean song?0___0 must hav been **** LOL…..and you can’t even spell that thing right. eugh

    so many laughing materials lately…

  17. lol i admit i still cringe (just a little) at the awkward dance moves (smacking hip??) but the cuteness of the girls (especially guhara w/ her bangs) and the, um, positive msg is cute (and honest >0<)


    please stop trolling. funkypicklez just expressed an opinion, lighten up! no need to bring in unnecessary profanity or insult ppl.

  18. For some reason the song doesn’t really capture my attention.
    It’s an alright song the chorus makes no sense to me maybe because my english isn’t fantastic but it’s good enough to sense errors as in MISSING words.

    Hey at least their pretty.

  19. this is the only song i like from them but, i really don’t like the type of makeup thier using, its too much ( no offence to KARA fans.) They should use a light layer, not making the makeup on the face seemed so obvious, then it would complement the eyes makeup, because they makeup on the eyes and face don’t mix very well IMO.

  20. thanks coolsmurf. you are awesome. by any chance did you ever post Kim Jong Kook’s Loveable or Lee Hyori or Wonder Girls eng sub for download?

  21. um… well… they are pretty and their outfits are pretty. I want their clothes~

    But the song… meh. The English doesn’t make any sense at all…….though it is better than Rock U, I agree.
    I wish that Kara would get a more mature image though, this mv was on it’s way, I guess ^^

  22. hey coolsmurf =] thanks for the vid mate and thanks for all your hard work subbing other stuff as well
    to those who like to steal and dont credit these hard working people…seriously be honest with yourself…

  23. I think it makes the group cuter that they can’t say it right just yet. English is hard to learn and sometimes hard for them to pronunciate because they are missing a few similar sounds.

    Congrats that they are learning my first language.

    I’m not studying every day because I’m not putting my focus on Korean as top priority, so it’s taking me a while longer. I know the basics because I watch too many Korean dramas.

    I’m a Graphic Design student in my last semester at a community college and I wanted something challenging, because my degree courses are just too easy. ^_^

  24. Thanks for sharing…I just downloaded the video [:)]
    Nice marching beats…somehow reminds me of Russian and Chinese national songs…don’t know why….
    Catchy song nevertheless 🙂

  25. i like this song is quite nice…..
    it makes me happy!!!!! lol
    you all are so pretty that is why it is pretty girl

  26. well ok I bet they gave up on making sense out of the lyrics

    as you can see some errors(grammatical/logical) are made:

    #1. “If you wanna pretty every wanna pretty”-I guess I don’t need to explain this one

    #2. somewhere near the beginning they say something like ‘beauty isn’t made by itself’ but later they say that ‘pretty girl can be anyone’

    (Yeah. I do know I would never enjoy any song if I keep being skeptical)

    Other than that, pretty good. Somewhat addicting.

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