Baek Ji Young Wins K-Chart No.1 After 2 Years Absence

Baek Ji Young won her first award since making her comeback with her 7th album after winning Music Bank K-Chart yesterday evening.

Baek Ji Young

Baek Ji Young won the K-Chart for her song Like Being Hit by a Bullet from her 7th album Sensibility. This was her first K-Chart win in 2 years having last won it for Love You Not from her 5th album way back in 2006.

It was a surprise considering that Baek Ji Young was up against Kim Jong Kook Today More Than Yesterday and Big Bang Sunset Glow. Baek Ji Young expressed afterwards, “Very grateful for giving me such a big award.”

Performance & Winning No.1 (credit: jaeurazn1live)

36 thoughts on “Baek Ji Young Wins K-Chart No.1 After 2 Years Absence

  1. Baek Ji Young vs Kim Jong Kook = tough competition
    Baek Ji Young vs Big Bang = are you freaking kidding me? of course Baek Ji Young PWNS!

    Big Bang = thank god for humanity and not letting them win everything so they can freaking remember to be humble.

  2. i love big bang, but i’m glad that someone else won something. congrats, baek ji young!!!

    it kills me seeing BB turn into these arrogant idols. they need to win less.
    (i’m sorry, they’re not completely arrogant, but they just don’t seem as open and naturally friendly as they used to be)

  3. bambooshoots, yup ive notice, i mean theyre not arrogant but they just dont seem as appreciative as they were last year…

    and ive noticed that the public seems to choose or rather prefers to purchase ballad albums more than pop albums, because although album sales were low compared to recent years, aside from DBSK’s album the other albums that were up there were Kim Dong Ryul’s and Brown Eyes…. so in the long run its better if you can appeal to the general public and not just the fans…

  4. uhm…
    a question that has nothing to do with this?
    what do u mean bbs becoming arrogant
    ive never seen them be arrogant
    anyone want to explain to me?

  5. @Mees and funkypicklez

    they dont mean arrogant like mean arrogant. they are jsut trying to say that it seems like BB is getting so used to getting awards nowawadays that they seem not to be(not saying actually,SEEMS) as appreciative of the awards as they were before. of course this is their opinion not a bash.

    anyways hurrah for Baek Ji Young. i love her dance music days also! haha. she really didnt win for the title track of her 6th album “Loving Once is Enough”? i thought she did win on Music Bank… oh well. anyways she’s awesome and i totally support her!

  6. excuse me,explain to me as well. i’ve never seen them being arrogant.they are really appreciative but you cant expect them to cry and gush everytime they win an award. these boys have a hard time doing everything at once so whenever you see them being silent or not be happy,its cause they’re try juggling cfs,shows,concerts,album after album,mcing,varitey shows,musicals,solo albums,producing,promoting and acting and try to be happy 24hours.god,give them a break.they are not arrogant at all.

  7. ahhh
    i guess i get wut u guys mean
    but doesnt that go for everyone?
    i dont think its arrogant…..
    and ppl cant really help that
    but i saw them win a couple days ago
    and they wouldnt stop thanking everyone
    for being one of the best in korea
    i still think that they are pretty humble…
    except g-d
    but ppl say thats cuz hes shy…

  8. You people are arrogant. Why do they win things? Because they are that damn good. You’re telling me for them to stay humble, they have to lose? You gotta be kidding, that’s stupid. Why the hell do you guys bring up their personality/image, when this has to do with winning an award for best song?

    Of course people change, but they are still humble and they thank everyone and their fans. You guys don’t see behind the scenes/stage. What if they’re crying their eyes out (like the MKMF)? But you just don’t know it, fans/non-fans can’t see everything, they can’t express things easily. They get like 30 seconds to express their emotions.
    I’m BB biased, so you don’t even have to comment me back saying this and that. =) I already f-ing know it.

  9. i completely agree with TVXQBBLOVE. if you guys see the fancams and stuff behind the scenes you would know how they feel. they try to not brake down and be this MKMF,when they won Daesung couldnt look straight at the camera and when GD left the stage he had this huge smile on his face.and when they won on music bank last week,seungri and gd were really happy.TOP only shows his emotions through his eyes like in MKMF,he was really close to crying which he did early this year at the Seoul Music Awards when they won the daesang.Taeyang,Daesung,and TOP totally broke down and couldnt stop crying.i guess if your not a fan,they would look cold and unappreciative but its cause they try to control their emotions.sorry,didnt want to write a long essay but i just dont want people to get the wrong idea.which some people already have.

  10. i love her.=]
    whether it be her songs or wen shes on variety shows.
    i was wondering where she was..
    glad someone else won something..
    other than the idol groups.

  11. Honestly, leave the comments to BJY, stop talking about how BB could be arrogant or how they might appreciate it less. Right now, it’s about BJY and I’m sure as hell shes appreciating it to it’s last drop.

  12. I’m actually really happy for her..i used to like her uptempo songs years ago..and she definitely deserves even more awards!!

  13. YAY GOOO BAEK JIYOUNG im just suprised they won it over who they did.

    I love kim jong kook but honestly this album wasn’t that great. IMO they rushed it to get him back into mainstream media. ahh and working with mighty mouth lowers your credibility 10 notches.

    big bang is probably the most talented idol group in korea right now but theyre still idols and many times it seems like big bang could be just G Dragon and they’d be fine. JUST MY OPINION

    im glad that hard work, and a good song actually won for once rather than by reputation, although baek jiyoung does also have a big following but its a breath of fresh air over the recent stream of idols (minus kim jong kook, who is an idol in his own right, just not the age of the others).

  14. Sorry not being mean to BB, but finally, someone else wins. I’m so glad because seeing the same people win all the time makes it boring and not fair for other artist who try really hard to win. Besides I really like this song. The beat is amazing. Including the snow coming down. It’s so nice. Congrats BJY. Thank you.

  15. OK VIPZ chill, you guys get so defensive sometimes its unbelievable.

    Congratulations BJY for winning, this song is beautiful. Hope she wins another week .

  16. OK VIPZ chill, you guys get so defensive sometimes its unbelievable.

    Congratulations BJY for winning, this song is beautiful. Hope she wins another week .

  17. I’m happy she won! i really like that song more then the other two! even though they are all good artists! thanks for the info!

  18. to ongjaemin
    hes great
    the album wuznt that great cuz theres no one else like him
    so the musics diff.
    especially after getting pop and pop over and over again
    and he worked with mighty mouse
    cuz they are in his company….
    it wuz promotions for mighty mouse….
    so chill

  19. baek ji young!!! oh i missed her!!!!! =) and…what is all this about big bang? this is supposed to be about baek ji young’s comeback!! =)! anyway…congrats to her!!!!!!

  20. love her singing. she has a great voice! im happy she won 🙂 as much as a love kjk & bb as well.

    but they could have layed off on the snow just a little. lol. by the end her hair was covered in white.

  21. I can’t understand why ballads entertain Koreans so much. Especially ballads by Baek Ji Young, which seem to me all the same no matter what song she sings. I think she’s already over her peak (which is the legendary lesbian love confession “love you not”). Her recent albums are just trying to milk the success of her peak.
    There should be some fresh face and fresh style of music rather than just melodramatic ballads and hiphop wannabes (yes, I’m referring to BIg Bang).

  22. love her songs! Glad she`s back and i`m happy for her that she won it! totally deserves it.
    not sure about big bang being arrogant?

    Different people enjoys different genres of music.

  23. lolz~ this is supposed to be about BJY… wats d fuss about BB? weird~ but i agree… we can’t expect BB to cry their hearts out and wailing each time they wins… gosh~ chill out people~

  24. im glad baek jiyoung won. i loved her song “i wont love” and i especially love her new song, its lyrics are touching

  25. Nice song. My student sent me this song here in the Philippines and told me the story of the song – the meaning and it is very wonderful. Congrats to her.

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