Stealing Is Not Right

I don’t know what to make of the apology. But since appropriate measures have been taken like taking that Kara video off their channel, I am fine with that since my translator’s interest is taken care of. What happens with their internal business is their problem. I usually let this kind of things go but I just had to take action with this. Even if this creates antis or hating on me, I don’t care or think this is a wrong move to blog this. I believe this case is closed.

Kara - Pretty Girl MV

The following is cuttiesgirl/SuEuniee point of view

hey. its also known as SuEuniee

i’m one of the translators for coolsmurf.
i actually can’t believe alvin and i have to put up with this kind of crap… and that he’s getting some antis out of it also…
he and i did the write thing… and we had to take that measure to get our credits or an apology… but they didnt even do that (technically) but just got that video out. i guess it hurt their pride to put a credit to coolsmurf and SuEuniee for the damn translations
he didnt fight for only himself, but for me as well.

translating and subbing the videos (and timing) takes a long time and it gets us aggravated when they copy it without proper credit.

yes translations are free for everyone and we do it for people who need it, but since its free, its definitely required that they CREDIT us since they can’t pay (:

if you got further issues, you can deal with me at thank you (:

PS- thanks to people who are supporting alvin.
he’s doing a great job<3

What Had Happened

Have had issues with this person/team or whatever. But things never change do they? I subbed the Kara Pretty Girl music video yesterday morning with the translation from a friend of mine. Everything appeared to be ok.

Video Has Since Been Removed

And a few hours later, simplyyazn from that team seems to have type out word for word with grammatical errors and transplanted it onto the same video, claiming that the translation was done by him/her. And stop copying the format of how I list my files, etc. It’s so copycatish. No ethics whatsoever.

Can’t believe I am wasting my time doing this crap.

135 thoughts on “Stealing Is Not Right

  1. eessshhh…it’s people like this which gives others a bad name. Their actions causes less and less people to sub videos coz nobody likes others to steal their stuff!
    “Stop stealing Alvin’s subs you cheapskates! No one’s gonna support you for this!”

  2. How shameless. We should all go on to that video that he/she stole and voice our opinions in the comment. Hopefully, he/she will apologize and rightfully add everyone to the credits. *sigh* The world is unfair. :X

  3. Had no idea people were stealing your stuff… That team is going to lose SO much support now. Alvin Hwaiting ^_^

  4. its not the first time they have done this. they usually dont sub the videos themselves but claim it is done by them while they really copied it from someone else. dont let it get to you. soompi users knows how immature they are because i remember that little argument in soompi about we got married subs. they are terrible subbers btw. you do it better.

  5. there’s always going to be people like that everywhere.
    dont be so upset.
    u’re the simply best at doing this!

    that is so wrong. . they should be ashamed of themselves

    tsk tsk

  6. no wonder…i watched your subbed video first and then went to go watch cjw’s subbed video to see if they had a diff. meaning, and while i was reading, i was thinking “wow…its the same exact thing??word for word?coincidence??” now i see the truth.., yea i saw their argument on soompi too..immature much?
    dont worry your subs are the best!hwaiting~

  7. Dont worry man, you’re still the best. No matter what, your videos are always better than anyone else’s. Screw them!

  8. ahhh thats stupid. dont bother wasting your energy thinking about them. we all know you deserve the credit. thanks for everything coolsmurf.

  9. i usually just read coolsmurf´s excellent posts w/o commenting

    but couldn´t let this pass by.
    this is really unbelievable.

    cjw? what a laugh, calling themselves ´broadcaster´ of material that they do not own, have rights to or improve in any way.

    don´t worry alvin; scum like that won´t hold up.

  10. It’s very sad and selfishness to hear such thing like this.
    Claiming other people’s work as their own. I just don’t understand. If you want attention, then why not find a different way to show it. Don’t go around and copy others to get popularity. (maybe find someone who know that language and ask them to help sub it for you) not go and steal. CJWsubs, must feel very quality. shame on them. I hope they will learn their lesson after seeing this topic being posted on here. Thank you for the notice Alvin. Please don’t give up on your subbing. It’s a great help to me who doesn’t understand Korean. Thank you again.

  11. omg i just notice that like right before you posted this!! cause i went on youtube and saw this vid from them just like a second before~

  12. You have got to be kidding me.
    It’s so petty and childish that it makes me want to puke.
    What’s the point of starting a subbing team if you can’t do shit yourself?
    What’s the point?
    One it makes them look bad.
    Two it makes them look stupid.
    Three if they want to acheive a high viewer rate THEY FAIL. Really really really bad.

    Just ignore it coolsmurf no matter how annoying it is.
    The power of your viewers will pull through… can anyone say Flag, Report, and spam page and vids?

  13. Wow.. That group needs a serious life,

    i barely search other videos on youtube, your page is always my only choice for korean mvs : D

  14. I never liked CJW anyways, them and their, “Tell your friends CJW is your #1 source for Korean entertainment….” So annoying.
    That’s probably why they started to get their stuff out faster, they’re stealing it. Before it took them FOREVER to sub things and put it out.
    I really hate it. I hope this doesn’t stop you from subbing even though I know exactly how you feel.

  15. ugh D: this disgusts me.
    alvin, don’t worry, we support you a 100%
    those losers are just looking for attention. yours is always the best and you know that (:

    yes i’m so agree with u…
    when i read the logo,“Tell your friends CJW is your #1 source for Korean entertainment….”wuek!who are they??call themselve like that??-.-ll
    even before i never watch any video in there, if i want to watch WGM i prefer married subs(sub by muish), if i want to watch any of wonder girls vid i prefer u or wondersubber…
    don’t bother it coolsmurf,u’re still the best…

  17. CJ dude is no worth the headache… He is a liar and a jerk… he likes to take advantage of people, blah…not like people actually go on their channel anywayz….yours is always number 1… CJ GET IT TOGETHER!

  18. i find it funny how they say they are a subbing team but i have not seen a single thing from them that they have subbed! supposedly they call themselve the best of the kpop but i don’t view them as that way ….

    cheer up 🙂 alvin, you have us<3
    people like them make people that sub not want to sub.

  19. Yeah, I agreed that stealing is not ethical…. Wow, you surely have great fans and supporters… I just visited the ‘team’s’ channel and saw lots of your supporters sharring their thought….

  20. don’t worry we got your back heheheh
    i went on their channel and i think ppl are
    starting to ‘unsuscribed’ lol.
    i did too… ^^ i dont really know why i subcribed to
    their channel in the first place…

  21. i never liked CJW ever since they violate Muishie’s WGM subs long ago… its alrite coolsmurf.. theyre a bunch of desperate to be a popular subbing group people

  22. are you frikin serious? i thought (according to what muish said in her blog) that CJW Subs was a whole company type thing.
    And they’re stooping so low as to copy someone else’s work? This subbing group…honestly, the only thing they’re good at is putting up HQ videos. Their subs aren’t that good at all.

    (lol, i think that after you announced this, CJWSubs isn’t going to last much longer…)

  23. People are just JEALOUS of your skillful subbing. They are the thieves! You will always be my favourite subber!

  24. dude live with it. it’s cyberspace, what do you expect? just know that there’re ppl supporting you that’s good enough. who gives a care bout others? ranting doesnt help, does it?

  25. They r u soon mean. Seriously, first muish and now you. If they take ur subs,t they should at least give credits ok. The subbing team says they will do this and that, but they never actually do any of their promise.

    Coolsmurf fighting!~D

  26. @crazylazybum

    even if it’s cyberspace, at least they should give proper credit to coolsmurf…it’s not that hard to do..

  27. CJWtown are such copycats…they done the same thing for muish’s subs…when muish subs the WGM episodes they have the same ones but try to change it around.
    That’s why I don’t subscribe to their crap anymore after I notice the similarities of their “subs” WGM episodes w/ muish’s.

  28. fighting! i really appreciate all the hardwork and time you put into uploading these videos for us so don’t give up!!

    lol and let all your anger out now :]

  29. as a consolation you can feel good that they considered you as the best to steal the sub off of….. BUT that still doesn’t justify the this crap. I have watched many of their “subbing” for a while and I personally didn’t have a clue that they were doing this kind of things… I don’t know, next time i watch something tagged with them.. I’ll probably think it was stolen. Meh, what will you do? Let morons be morons and if you’re having doubts on continuing what you do well, lemme just say, there are thousands of people that love it and appreciate it.

  30. I think instead of posting up a blog name dropping them and getting all your readers/dedicated readers on their backs, you should inform them first, by private message (at least I hope you did)

    It would cause less problems if they agreed to take the video down or even have CREDITED you instead of who ever claims to sub it, you both can go on happily. But if they refused to take it down and deny that they stole it, even though you have the clear evidence, you then post a rant and get everyone on their ass.

    I know it’s wrong of them to steal without even credit, and someone else claimed they translated it, but now everyone is leaving them hate messages, and i’m reading all them feeling somewhat pity for them.

    What they did was wrong, I know you’re angry. But you should have messaged them first about it, and get a decent response before posting this.

    Sorry, it’s just my opinion.
    I love you and all your subs to heart. c:

  31. loving kvariety so much, i was so happy when i saw that there are some groups that want to sub variety shows. i thought: yey, new stuff to watch. But as they released their “subs’ i noticed that i already saw that episode or show and it’s been subbed by someone else before. It’s not only CJWtown case, but also to some other one that say they sub,but instead they only encode or copy. I don understand them as what they do takes time, and they should know very well that what they are doing is so easy to observe, especially if they take subs from you or muish. If they don have translators, why make a subbing team?
    i was really disappointed as they promised a lot and done nothing in fact.

  32. they’re so inconsiderate & that subbing for kara..geez..the spelling mistakes are ridiculous..

    hm..i’m wondering if they’re always copyrighting from others..i’m not sure if this works but is it possible that we all report them thru youtube? that way they can be kicked off & at least have a warning?

    coolsmurf..dont be sad..your subs are good! keep up the good work! fighting!

  33. OMO! I already thought it was weird when I saw that you two posted at such similar times, because Coolsmurf, you like to do things that are more unique and when there’s a need for the fans. Wow, this is just absolutely rude and completely unethical!!! I can’t believe CJW would do that. They are so friggen hypocritical!

    Honestly though, I only looked at yours though. What’s the point of copying something if it’s in an ugly green font with spelling errors? I’m sorry that they did that to you, though in all honesty, I think you probably have a bigger support group because you obviously give us better quality. Thanks for all your efforts! Please don’t let a stupid group like CJW distract from your efforts/work. We really appreciate it. Just disregard them.

  34. if this is a consolation, alvin, i for one always look for your vids first when i look for kpop vids on youtube.

    usually, your stuff pops up right at the beginning of a search.

    i don’t know what this team is getting at, but we netizens AREN’T a stupid bunch.
    i’m sure i’m not alone in being picky with which vids i watch.



    i understand your point, but from what alvin wrote (and confirmed by other commentors) this isn’t the first time this group CJW has done this to subbers in general, or alvin in particular.

    he didn’t actually write anyone’s name up there either.
    he DID provide the links to the vids so ppl could check up on it and confirm (to their own shock) the verity.

    i feel like that’s responsible blogging/journalling: crediting your sources (ironic here). instead of claiming crap (like what’s going on @soompi forums).

  35. props to yumi for being the only one sounding sensible i wish the angry mob would learn how to be a lil more mature before flaring up from nowhere.

  36. wow~ angry much ppl??? it’s totally understandable that you would be mad b/c they copied your stuff but lyrics are lyrics. won’t they be the same? i already watched both at the same time and i noticed that they had some typos or whatnot. i don’t watch vids from ’em so i wouldn’t know if they “steal” other peeps works but i wanna hear their side too. nevertheless, i respect you as a blogger and that’s why i’m on your site like..errday.

    if they did indeed steal your work then shame on them. their will always be biters no matter what you do and where you go. instead of putting them on blast, i think all you needed to say was that you put up the vid before them (and honestly, i LIKE your font WAAAYYY BETTA~ than theirs) and let the readers decide if we think it’s similar or not.

    bottom line: don’t let ’em phase you~ coolsmurf *hwaiting* V^____^V

  37. It seems that the user simplyyazn translated and encoded this by herself, so I don’t think you can say it was ‘that team’ who orchestrated the whole thing.

    I don’t know why but this really irks me that everyone is blindly raging against their project and giving wild accusations (“This isn’t the first time that it’s happened” etc). Please give evidence.

    At the end, subs are subs, and I’m happy that there are people out there even willing to devote their time to letting other people understand these videos. I agree it is completely improper and wrong of them to copy the translations from your friend(s), but the bitter tone and implicit resentment in your blog really degrades your argument.

  38. On a side note: I love this song! Such a cute message ^^

    But this is seriously pathetic. Copying other people’s hard work…it’s just like cheating on a test. Shameless…Please don’t feel like you’re wasting your time! We’ll always pick your stuff over some thief. You’re coolsmurf and you’re awesome because we said so lol

  39. @Joel: It’s true..subs are just subs.

    You are happy because since are people out there that willing to sub these video. But you are forgetting something here…Subbing and translating is a different thing..Those people that translate & sub these videos..they spend a lot of time to make these happen.

    And another thing….for those who said that the english translation will always be the same….THINK ABOUT IT AGAIN…Literally..the meaning is all the same but the translation from korean to english….there CAN’T never be the same in terms of the structures of the sentences/words because it all depends on how the translators interpret/understand the original sentence/meaning. I know this because I involved in translating stuffs from Korean language to english.

    For those who don’t believe this…go compare those WGM JoongBo’s part that are subbed by muish with JoongBo’s part that are subbed by others (eg: quainte.) I’m sure that you can see that the interpretation is different.

    Alvin…keep on subbing..don’t let this things haunted you. Not worth it!

  40. i just found that simplyyazn is also part of WonderSubber of the Timer/QCer. hmm…they shud drop her fr the team.

  41. alvin,u are def nt wasting yr time cos we all know abt yr dedicate efforts ..some people are just in a different class, despicable,underhand …. dun waste yr time on them, they are just worthless

  42. cheer up coolsmurf! That one person should be ashame of him/herself.

    To all of you that are leaving mean comments on CJWtown`s channel please stop and think for a moment. I mean it was only 1 person who done this to coolsmurf not the WHOLE SUBBING TEAM so why blame them all?
    Yes, i myself is quite mad hearing this and i understand how you all feel especially you coolsmurf because i once was in the same situation about my artwork.

  43. @Teeenarh

    “mean comments”?

    i’ll let you know that those “mean comments” have been deleted by cjw without so much as a booger of an explanation.

    if they have nothing to hide, why do that? and why is it a mean comment to demand the right actions out of a subbing team which wants to be everyone to “Tell your friends CJW is your #1 source for Korean entertainment”

    you might notice that they have listed themselves as “Broadcaster”. I would think any broadcasting station WOULD and SHOULD be under scrutiny for being so careless as to how it gets its subbed materials up “so fast”.

  44. @Joel

    It irks me that

    1) you didn’t bother looking up all of the verified sources that have been listed in the comments


    2) you’re “just happy” that people are subbing. if you are, good for you; it’s ppl like you who keep biters like CJW up and running.

    but really, how dare you come onto the blog of a person who wrote the original and say you are disappointed in him for seeming bitter and resentful??

    actions like that discourage those people who do the original work.

    to be clear: if movies/books/music/SUBS aren’t made in the first place piraters wouldn’t have a chance to float them around.

  45. Its okay coolsmurf.. I mean, its not okay, but I hope you feel better. As a Kara fan, I watched all the subbed versions of the MV and I also was surprised that you guys (wondersmurf and CJW) had the same translations. So I was wondering if the subbed version of sweetmelodix (Kara’s subbing team) was wrong..

    But now i get it that when subbing & translating, people will have different versions, and it indeed was fishy that the two videos were identical (beside the font, that is)

    Thanks for all you subbing work. You are one of the best, and i hope you don’t get discouraged by all these..


  46. This is not the first time CJW’s created issues. HUUGEE drama over WGM subbing on soompi. He was incredibly childish. He’ll never learn…

  47. wow so many supportive comment..
    it’s show that we love you coolsmurf..
    we very appreciate all your hard work..
    without you, i will never ever be fan to kpop..
    and CJW need learn something from this..

  48. If you don’t care about plagiarism then have a good day.

    You guys can thank me when I tell Alvin to retire from this bullshit. He doesn’t need to put up with this.

  49. i’ve always been annoyed with cjwtown or whatever, had to delete my subscriptions with them a while back cause they release the same stuff other people have already released, much slower too! anyways, coolsmurf your translations and subs are much appreciated, much more viewed among people.

  50. thats soo poor!!!
    hey coolsmurf do not be worry many people do not even wacht their channel or videos because of you… you made a good job…

  51. nofreak, feyfey and joel so surprising that you guys posted one next to each other and are so supportive of cjwsubs.But of course i’m not implying anything.

    Saying subs are the same because they translated the same text… come on. If you watched both videos the text is the same, including grammatical errors.So let’s say they got the same phrases, which is so hard to do, but they must think with the same brain to get the same mistakes too, right?

    Also, nobody accuses without knowing. If you read all the comments, you’ll read that the same happened to muish (and if you guys don know muish, well, i have nothing more to say to you)

    So considering translating, timing and hardsubbing takes a lot of time, i can see clearly why alvin made this post. If he can’t complain about his work being stolen on his blog, then where else?

    @Charlottedarcy: no, i don want him to retire T_T.
    Fighting, Alvin!

  52. Alvin… sigh..yes…the problem of stealing translation is unfortunately quite rampant. Regarding that particular subbing team that steals other’s translations…all I have to say is shame on them.

    I think you know by now that many people really support you and we feel your frustation….so I hope your mood will be better from reading the comments.
    I just hope in the future that that subbing team and any other future subbing teams will be more considerate and stop stealing subs.

  53. @ standiari: lmao. Your comment is the best!

    Well, alvin, I think yumi has her point but if this is the second incident then you DO have your points. And because of that, I feel terribly sad for CJW if they do have dedicated subbers. The not-so-dedicated ones just have destroyed everything they tried so hard working on.


  54. Do people really go to that site? It is well known that they copy or steal someone else’s hard work all the time.

    Lets all advise others of what kind of channel they are and I am sure they’ll support COOLSMURF rather than CJW.
    Once they hear that this “team” has pissed off Alvin, hahaha, I bet they’d be pissed too!

    Sorry Alvin, but I guess that just proves that you are THAT POPULAR and people just want to copy your style, hoping that one day, they’ll be just like you. Geez, there were others, but where are they now… NOWHERE! Coz ppl will always stick with the original — why go to a second best, when you can get the best ?!

    Alvin… you are number ONE, you’re popular, you’re a celebrity here… people are bound to immitate you. They will try but, nah, they will always be classified as copycats and second or third rates. Its irritating but I guess thats what being number one and popularity brings you.


  55. YUMI:

    Why should Alvin msg them? Are they 12? or some kid who does not know about stealing or copying? I mean c’mon! I am sure they have threads or seen other subbers work —-AND can clearly see that credits are always given.

    If someone stole from you, would you go to that person and calmly say “oh, you stole from me” NO! You get mad and report it to the authorities. Well, Alvin didn’t report them to the authorities but posted it in HIS blog. And since its HIS blog, he can pretty much say WHATEVER he wishes to say. He is a very responsible blogger, not one of those who just rants about nothing, so when he DOES rant or rave, he still post with caution, regardless how mad or irritated he is right now. And thats why I respect him.

    I think you wanted to be fair BUT, they are the ones who were irresponsible and there should be accountability for their actions. And yes supporters of Alvin are mad, because he has done ALOT for us. Remember he is doing this NOT because he is being paid, he does this with his busy schedule, his own personal time. We APPRECIATE everything he has done and doing for us, so when incidents like this happen we get very protective and upset… and rightly so!

  56. Apologies for what happened on the KARA video.
    I have no idea how this happened.

    I translated the music video and I was going to send it to simplyyazn, but I got a message saying that he/she already timed and translated it.

    So I encoded using those subtitles. I had no idea that they were copied if they were. (I have no internet at home, therefore I cannot check at the moment)

    So if this was true, we will definitely kick simplyyazn off our team. Sorry Alvin if we did steal. It was not intended.

    And for people complaining about We Got Married… we do not even sub that show anymore. When we did sub it, we used Muish’s subtitles with her consent.

    So if the person gives us permission, I wouldn’t call that stealing(?)

  57. @ standiari

    first off, HOW THE HECK DID I SHOW SUPPORT FOR THEM???? and yes you ARE implying something. jux b/c i said that lyrics are lyrics? and i did notice the errors and NOT EVERY ERROR was the same and like what i also said,

    “if they did indeed steal your work then shame on them. their*(there) will always be biters no matter what you do and where you go”

    and of course nobody accuses w/o knowing. it’s jux common sense to have evidence to back yo stuff up.

    yes I KNOW WHO MUISH IS, homie releases softsubs for WGM.

    translating, timing, and hardsubbing DO TAKE a lot of TIME. and i can also see clearly why alvin made this post.

    and again like i said,

    “nevertheless, i respect you as a blogger and that’s why i’m on your site like..errday.


    bottom line: don’t let ‘em phase you~ coolsmurf *hwaiting* V^____^V”

    love, peace, and chicken grease 🙂

  58. 😦 I hate it when people don’t credit others (esp me xDD). I hope this is solved!

    But thanks none the less for subbing KARA <333


  59. “(I have no internet at home, therefore I cannot check at the moment)”

    if internet is absent, how does one even go about posting to coolsmurf? telepathy? 😀

    coolsmurf you have my full support. there are always such people in life. just let off steam, cool down with your favorite way to relax for a while, ignore them, and move on. nice guys do finish last! spend your time on who/what deserves it 🙂

  60. whats with cjw town or w.e their called, their subbing team is so wack. i never liked them, they never even subbed much vids. whats the point of calling themselves a subbing team, they should just quit.

  61. It’s amazing with that list of translators, they have the nerve to steal someone else translation and call it their own. I’m sure if 2 or 3 of them take turns, they would have gotten the translating done in timely matter.

  62. I’m not supportign stealing others sub (and IF the whole team stole it.. shame on them)

    BUT just a simple (and proberly stupid) question.
    One thing has always makes me wonder…

    How do a team make sure that one of their subbers truly subs the words and not steal ’em?
    I mean.. a subbing team have so many “helpers” worldwide doing the translation in their sparetime. No one is watching the actually doings. How do you check it?
    Is it simply trust or ?

  63. i hope it isn’t the same little 15 year old boy that got flamed on soompi and then had to apologize…got everyone’s sympathy and is now doing something so low.

    i don’t understand why ppl do that…complete plagiarism! do they have any morals whatsoever?

  64. @CJWTOWN

    You never subbed wgm you used Muish’s subs.
    So technically you used other people’s stuff.
    Which means YOU NEVER SUBBED IT. 😀

  65. alvin, i left a nasty message on their wall for you, not that it’ll make you feel any less disrespected, but at least it’s something.

    their rep has been so bad lately, maybe everyone should just stop subscribing if you still are and warn newbies to be aware of their rude behavior.

    despite them saying they’ll kick off so-and-so if they do find that that person plagiarized, cjw is still unreliable. it’s better to just trust the hardworking muish.

  66. YOU GUYS STOP ARGUING. This is flaming, gosh. Get over it, with the economic crisis going on. I would think people would use their time for better things. This is whack news, //signingoffforgood

  67. i dont think this is the proper way to solve issues.

    i think, as obviously the senior in age here coolsmurf, you should’ve contacted cjwtown rather than publicly call their team out. =/

    i think it’d be more commendable, if you would delete entries like this after having people respond to it in an angry fashion…or post another entry showing the resolve after this issue has come up with cjwtown.

    We can give the benefit of the doubt to CJWtown, that they were a bit careless, and probably they know now that they should always double cross check their translations.

    I do agree with Joel..the evidence here…is not very substantial (since occurances like these coolmsmurf, tend to happen among other subbing teams and individuals as well)..if you have more to add about the issue coolsmurf, i think you should~ so that it would allow us to understand the issue better.

    I suppose this does teach cjwtown a lesson…because it DOES make people upset when their credits are tampered with. As a korean translator and part of a subbingteam myself..we’ve also had some problems with cjwtown; esp. with crediting and using other people’s trans’–but after a pm, they understood and complied immediately to remove our translations.

    It’s all part of their experiences, let’s not be so hasty as to tell them they should just quit what they’re doing. It’s all for the non-korean speaking public anyway.

    This fame you guys talk about…sure it’s rewarding to be recognized for your work..but ultimately it’s hard to even get a hold of available translators.

    Also..i think CJWtown/entertainment should not have called out one of their own so blatantly. As a team, they should’ve apologized..not point the finger.

  68. @ Kim

    its good you have a cool head around for these type of situations ^^ it keeps everyone under control i totally agree with you

    but a few things to keep it realistic is that:
    – Coolsmurf has probably held this emotion in for quite a while as stated in this entry so he had to rant in his blog. The only polite way of letting out his anger is through his blog where he has rights to say whatever he pleases it’s just a coincidence that he has a lot of supporters and that a lot of people would know and i believe that might be his intention as well to wear off any future copycats
    – CJWtown may be in the wrong but no one/group wants to suffer because of a person’s errors therefore they were trying to clear the situation and just explain the reason to see in their P.O.V but some may seem that they are just blaming one person but i believe they are just trying to apologize and let the audience understand what has happen to have created this argument

    I strongly agree with you Kim but however humanly some things may not be realistic and we are human and we tend to make mistakes. Hopefully these types of acts will cease after this uproar has been created.

  69. I can see what some of the ppl earlier mentioned about sending a msg to the group first before posting anything but i don’t think that quite works for things like this. It is hard to provide real concrete evidence that would prove beyond a doubt that something is yours, specially with things like subs. So it all hinges on if the group that “stole” from you respects you at all, if they think you’re a nobody or w/e then they’ll just ignore you. Rather than go through all that and possibly get more enraged(IHMO) he went and posted about it in his blog. It’d be something else if he went to a lot of other sites and started posting about it. I would of done the same thing, why do i need to keep it all inside if i have a blog? I thought that was a big chunk of the purpose of a blog.

  70. thanks for all the hard work alvin!
    i can not even begin to imagine all the time and effort you put into subbing, blogging while trying to live a daily life with all that stress.
    ive been a loyal viewer of this site since 4 months ago.
    i have a question about park min young though – get back to me when you have the time!
    (probably never but i totally understand ! >.< )

  71. frek, stop arguing. My first comment is just my opinion on the whole thing and some people are getting on my back about it, just because I disagree with how this was handled and such.

    Even though Alvin has the right to post something like this on his blog, i’m sure he knows how popular his blog is. This is why I didn’t think a publicity post was right for this type of situation. It only brings more un-needed people into it, causing more fights and frustration. The problem becomes bigger, etc. I think he should have just emailed/messaged the subbing team personally, confronting the person(s) about it and handle it that way so the situation is handled. Now everyone is practically up in arms about this, and even when CJWtown took the video off, people are still arguing, fighting, and flaring mad.

    I’m not choosing sides, and what the subber from CJWTown did was wrong, of course. But, they could have simply took down the video and the problem would be over like that.

    I don’t want to be crowned the ass by coolsmurf fans D: but just saying, the situation could have been handled better than this.

    Please don’t reply to this comment since I won’t want to start up arguments again.

    I’m still a fan of coolsmurf and his wonderful subbed videos.
    And i’m not standing up for CJWtown.

    I’ll leave it at that.

  72. Coolsmurf you are still the best! Don’t let them get you down. We all know who belongs to who. And we belong to you! We’re on your side!

  73. I don’t think anybody has the right to criticize Alvin’s decision.
    Just like I don’t have the right to criticize your comment (Yumi), even if i would like to defend coolsmurf, in a way your post makes sense.
    However, maybe Alvin thought that if it was seen publicly it would prevent anyone from doing something similar, especially from the reactions of alvin’s supporters.

    So…pls. peeps, i dont think coolsmurf wants a subbing/blog/watever war thing going on…
    He just wants to let it out!

    *Anyone ever watch happy feet?
    ‘You gotta let it out man! Just let it out! (heehee)

  74. i feel sorry for coolsmurf actually.

    because of the freaks he has for fans of his blog.

    as we all know, a huge group of coolsmurf’s fans are fans of WG, since coolsmurf also owns

    and this freaks think that just because they have alvin as a fellow Wonderful, they can make themselves at home at alvin’s personal blog.

    their trashy comments are a major pain in the a*s. it’s time this huge percentage of freaks grow up and learn some manners.

    they rally coolsmurf not because they think he’s right. they rally coolsmurf just for the sake of rallying.

  75. I apologize once again for the mistake that our team made.
    Even though it is the fault of our translator/timer,
    it is my fault that I didn’t edit and check it before uploading.

    Sorry Alvin and SuEunnie for the inconvenience and sorry to everyone.

    *I just thought I needed to prove this because nobody likes getting blamed for something they did NOT do…

    If you scroll down here, it says “Youtube: CJWTown is using my softsubs for WGM episodes (eps 22-chuseok episode).”

    We did not steal anything of Muish. And I did use the term wrong. I meant that we encoded/uploaded. We did not sub. Muish gave us her permission to use her subtitles. And when we were asked to stop, we gladly did.


    And about the CJW Logo in the WGM videos…

    Watch coolsmurf’s videos…

    It has the coolsmurf logo in it… and I believe it was Muish who subbed the videos.

    But that is over now. All of our WGM married videos have been removed manually due to copyright claims by MBC America.


    So once again, I ask for all of your forgiveness and I will assure you that this kind of thing will never happen again.

  76. Glad this is sorted out. I can relate to this copycat issue… happened to me before… T_T

    It’s very important to give due credit to the originators of any work… and I hope with the subbing community growing rapidly, the teams are able to ‘regulate’ their members, and individuals would take pride in posting their own work or acknowledging the work of others 😛

  77. Ah. All this drama again (I’m always so late at catching on)….

    I just wanted to clarify for everyone. I did give CJW permission to use my subs for WGM for episode 22-Chuseok special. So please DON’T bash him for those…

    His problems with subbing WGM was on a completely different issue (eg. not actually getting the subs out…-_- and leaving people hanging…)

    But for CJW: Wording does matter (eg, “licensed to CJW”, when we subbed WGM, etc) so he should probably be more careful with those in the future…

    As for all the other problems CJW’s had… well… I’m kinda surprised that a subbing team can get into quite so much trouble in such a short time…-_-;;; It’s somewhat impressive….

    I think most people did try to give him the benefit of the doubt initially until it became this repetitive pattern of bad drama and apologising. -_- It’s hard to be supportive if apology is followed by more oversight.. Will have to see if he can create a pattern of reliablity and good things instead. Really…in the end.. a period of reliable work is the only way to build support and credibility IMO.


  78. Smurf,

    There are more mature and appropriate ways to handle things like this. If you had problems in the past why didn’t you contact CJW directly like an adult? Although you’re one of the few translators for Korean pop culture, it doesn’t mean you have the license to call out people in public like some high school drama match. In short, grow up and man up.

  79. Katie,

    Anyone has the right to criticize anybody else. It’s called “Freedom of Speech” if you’re in America. But just because you have the freedom to say whatever you want doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use discretion in what you say or criticize.

  80. that’s good there’s an apology and all misunderstandings been cleared now. hope this doesnt happen again in the near future.

  81. i don’t agree with what they did either – it’s horrid to have yr stuff plagurised – but hey this is not like writing some original essay or screenplay, it’s translating someone else’s work.

    yup i agree with the more objective posts before me that said Coolsmurf shdn’t simply have just publicly posted it before dealing with the party invovled. Sure it’s your blog and yr right to blurt it out, and you were wronged. but doing so knowing that you have a heavy following just shows immaturity and breeds more hatred towards CJW than was necessary. They’re more humble and apologetic these days since the WGM incident so similarly Coolsmurf shd be more forgiving and not just flame pple on yr website like that. but then again, this whole subbing thing, beyond interest and goodwill, inevitably there will always be that element of ego and fame and here we see it in it’s full manifestation.

    I really appreciate yr translations and all, but pls don’t fall into the same trap u accuse them of succumbing to – the greed for fame.

  82. I’m sorry if I came off as an opposer, I don’t know, it just really annoyed me to see so much hatred towards a team because someone pointed the finger at them.

    Yes, what they did was wrong. They have apologised. May I correct you, though, in saying that Coolsmurf did not translate it, he just subbed it – translating and subbing and two completely different processes.

    You cannot say with full confidence that you would be happy if there weren’t any people subbing? Maybe I worded this badly, or you didn’t read the next sentence that followed (“I agree it is completely improper and wrong of them to copy the translations from your friend(s)”).



    You never subbed wgm you used Muish’s subs.
    So technically you used other people’s stuff.
    Which means YOU NEVER SUBBED IT. 😀 ”

    Please note, as I said above, that subbing and translating are completely different things. CJWtown used Muish’s translations, with permission I might add, just like Coolsmurf used his friend(s)’ translations. There is nothing illicit about it.

    Anyway, I think this should be closed so that nothing more can become of it, and I have to agree with every word that Kim says (but I have a complex with fighting for the underdog, haha — and truthfully, it looks from an outside perspective that everyone here is kicking a dog when it’s lying down).

  83. Oh my gosh, internet failure T__T haha. But I just wanted to add that if I was in CS’s shoes I’d probably do the exact same thing, what really provoked me, I guess, was everyone elses’ reactions.

  84. well, looks like CJW took down all the anti comments on his youtube channel.

    CJWTown is just unreliable. plain and simple. i agree with muish. there’s been this pattern of drama and apologizing. for those that realize this, we should just ignore and not watch any of videos. others will eventually catch on. i’m getting sick of all this drama, so i’ll be ignoring him from now on. no point in getting annoyed again and again. we should all do this, while applauding those that put out good work…

  85. I totally agree with you yuki.
    I think you guys should all stop this drama, it’s not making the situation any better.

    Anyways .. HWATING COOLSMURF! ^^

  86. @Joel

    i was going to let your reactionary comments slide by, but in light of certain comments saying it would be a good thing to DELETE this post, i will finish up.

    ¨It seems that the user simplyyazn translated and encoded this by herself….¨
    I have no words for this. where did u even get this opinion? it was clear you had no idea of what the situation was. and did i see you correcting ME on what constitutes translating/subbing?
    ¨Yes, what they did was wrong. They have apologised. May I correct you, though, in saying that Coolsmurf did not translate it, he just subbed it – translating and subbing and two completely different processes.¨- Joel
    ¨You cannot say with full confidence that you would be happy if there weren’t any people subbing? Maybe I worded this badly, or you didn’t read the next sentence that followed (”I agree it is completely improper and wrong of them to copy the translations from your friend(s)”).-Joel
    yeah. too bad i said SUBBING NOT TRANSLATING. it´s funny that you ended up correcting only yourself, not me. and does it matter that translating or subbing are different processes?? it seems almost like you are implying that since simplyazn took the TIME to (copy)encode the subs, we should acknowledge his hard work.
    and, not that it matters since you read things incompletely and seem to assume everyone else does too, but coolsmurf DID participate in the whole translating/subbing process. if you had read this initial post, that would be clear to you.

    ¨…. the bitter tone and implicit resentment in your blog really degrades your argument.

    ¨I’m sorry if I came off as an opposer, I don’t know, it just really annoyed me to see so much hatred towards a team because someone pointed the finger at them.¨

    not only did you come off as an ¨opposer¨ (of what, justice? ethics? original subbing?) but you admit your words were reactionary.
    how nice for you that you ´root for the underdog´; did it occur to you that these incidents happen to coolsmurf and others b/c they were seen as easy targets?

    i don´t really like how you tried to justify yourself to the end with pseudo-apologies (and left off apologizing for here you got ruled) but if you feel contrite for the matter, let´s drop it.

    in the end, i support coolsmurf b/c everything he did was right.

  87. This Post Should be Kept Up

    One thing i have always admired about this blog is the honesty and class with which Alvin has devoted to it.

    I strongly disagree with everyone who wants to forgive, forget, and DELETE this posting.

    no. that is no correct at all.

    unscrupulous record-keeping and questionable tactics are huge problems. unlike the us government (and, popseoul -_-) and other unethical sites who delete unfavorable/embarrassing mistakes an episodes, part of being transparent and honest (esp. as a blogger) is NOT deleting things and pretending they never happened.

    newspapers and magazines don´t do reprints. they have a section for corrections. just like how we do ¨begin edit´ ¨end edit¨ for updates to forum posts.

    i´m sorry that alvin got entangled with this nasty episode, but i believe in him every step of the way. from honestly expressing his feelings about that matter, to accepting cjw´s so-called apology, to affirming the end of this as a chapter. he even created a new posting about kara´s ´pretty girl´ mv w/o referencing any part of the mess at all. (which, i think, would be challenging for most people).

    Thank you, Alvin, for showing us all what it means to blog with honesty and class.

  88. I agree. I think it is childish for coolsmurf to post this on his blog just because someone used a translation of his. It’s not even really “his”

    It’s SunEunnie or whatever.

    Not saying that CJW did anything well. Just saying that its unfair.

  89. @KPopWorld

    If not in his own damn blog, where else should he post this?

    I think translators need to have some kind of partner contract instead of allowing anybody and everybody to sub it. That defeats Coolsmurf’s effort.

  90. Okay, I’m not replying to this anymore. Too much energy spent on something so small. =]~

    Let’s all learn to forgive and forget.

  91. I know this is already case closed, but in response to Joel… CJW wouldn’t be in such trouble with viewership if it weren’t for the fact that they allow such things to happen. It’s a team account, where I would hope have regulations before they can simply just upload something.

    Therefore, even though it may seem “unfair” to target CJW for something like that, it is a team effort. There are rules and hopefully a peer review process before they just post something up, so I feel they are very much responsible for this error. Sorry, but that’s life. Tough love.

  92. No 😀 you dont create antis.
    those ppl who kept saying “its not right for you to do so”
    wont really go away from your blog.
    cuz ur up to date 😀

  93. The entire “Alvin should have done this Alvin should have not done that.. ” business is really silly.

    He’s pissed, why shouldn’t he dump it on his blog and let everyone know why he’s pissed. Honestly, he has a perfectly legitimate excuse to be pissed.

    But anyway, don’t get too mad yes Alvin? Your readers will still support you no matter what so you’re all good. 🙂

    Your work is and will always be much much MUCH appreciated. 🙂

  94. hey. its also known as SuEuniee

    i’m one of the translators for coolsmurf.
    i actually can’t believe alvin and i have to put up with this kind of crap… and that he’s getting some antis out of it also…
    he and i did the write thing… and we had to take that measure to get our credits or an apology… but they didnt even do that (technically) but just got that video out. i guess it hurt their pride to put a credit to coolsmurf and SuEuniee for the damn translations
    he didnt fight for only himself, but for me as well.
    translating and subbing the videos (and timing) takes a long time and it gets us aggravated when they copy it without proper credit.

    yes translations are free for everyone and we do it for people who need it, but since its free, its definitely required that they CREDIT us since they can’t pay (:

    if you got further issues, you can deal with me at thank you (:

    PS- thanks to people who are supporting alvin. he’s doing a great job<3

    PPS- i doubt anyone is actually going to read this… ): ahaha (its so far back)

  95. gosh.. the nerve of some people. i LOVE ur subs, theyre always like 99.9% accurate and great grammar unlike some others… but i hope this wont dampen ur efforts. 🙂

  96. It’s not like coolsmurf’s video it’s a great sub anyway…

    People need to learn a thing called forgeviness and a expression move on.

    People do mistakes because they’re humans. Don’t blame all CJW because of an attitude of one person. I do appreciate coolsmurf’s work. If you don’t like CJW ignore them and don’t watch their videos. Simple solution.

  97. Also from Soompi with my two cents on this… If anyone recognizes this name, its from the argument about CJWTown trying to silence youtube users for posting critical comments about the slowness of his subs for WGM on soompi.

    It’s expected of a group with a dynamic of being continually disorganized, unable to deliver what they promise, and incapable of being honest to do something this horrible and this stupid.

    Simply put they’re not a subbing team and they just gain their subscribers through posting raws, advertising themselves as the “#1 source for Korean entertainment,” and barraging known subbers with questions about how to sub. If they don’t know how to sub, they should stop calling themselves a subbing team to begin with. And moreover, it used to take them more than a week to post anything longer than a minute.

    I applaud you, coolsmurf, and your translator for your actions against CJW and his stupid organization. It is true that the fan sub is for the fans, but credit should be given where credit is due. It is unfortunate, however, that CJWTown only cares for popularity and subscribers as I have pointed out before.

    Anyway, the one thing that I truly didn’t like about CJWTown was it’s insistence of having two HUGE watermarks on every single video they upload. Besides being excessively showy, it just reminds us users–in an ugly fashion–who is responsible for uploading things. However, while it is true that almost every subbing team has its own way of putting a mark on a piece of work, CJWTown’s is by far the biggest one I’ve seen…

    Thanks for everything and on an anecdotal side, I wouldn’t be here arguing for you, if it wasn’t for the fact that back in summer 2006, I got hooked because of your Xman subbed videos. Anyways, you and your translators, qcers, whoever helps with your videos are a great asset to everyone and we thank you and yours for all your hard work and dedication.

    Best of luck.

  98. @wr3ck3dd

    lol I remember that stupid conflict between the subbers at soompi.

    lol extreme exagerration though.
    the cjwguy subbed Wonder bakery pretty fast in like 3 days.
    they sub music videos kinda fast(?) i think

    but ya, he shouldnt have stealed smurf’s mv

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