MC Mong Ends 3 Year Relationship with Girlfriend

MC Mong has broken up with his non-celeb girlfriend of 3 years.

MC Mong

According to Fantom Entertainment yesterday, “MC Mong who has been hosting SBS-R Donggo Dongrak radio show for the past 10 months hinted recently on the show that he had broken up with his girlfriend of 3 years. His only answer in future with regards to this (split or related) would be “Yes” only.”

According to his management, MC Mong first got to know his girlfriend through H-Eugene and had been together for the past 3 years. But because of MC Mong’s busy schedule as a singer and appearances on variety shows, coupled with the fact that his girlfriend was studying overseas, the long distance relationship was never going to last as they were frequently apart.

Fantom Entertainment ended by saying, “MC Mong thought it over for a long time before deciding to break up in the best interest for both parties.” MC Mong had only announced that he had a girlfriend earlier this year.”

Not sure if this had any relation to his breakup with his girlfriend, but MC Mong recently wrote the lyrics and even rapped in K.Will’s new song Love 119.

3 years is a long time and it’s painful. Hope he gets over it.

21 thoughts on “MC Mong Ends 3 Year Relationship with Girlfriend

  1. not to start any rumors or anything. I viewed the video first then read this article, and then watched the video again. If I’m not mistaken lyrics seem to be related… or tooo much of a coincidence.

  2. Seems related…. Maybe it’s the least thing he can do for her to express what he feels right now..
    Fuih three years…

  3. ^i think k.will debuted like 3 years ago. he has such an incredible voice. you should check out his song 윈쪽가슴 or “left heart”.

  4. off topic but K-will looks sooo good!

    wow, 3 years…hope he recover from it soon…
    Oppa, gimme a call after u feel better.. ^.^

  5. awww…i actually saw an interview a while back on “entertainment relay” when mong talked about his girlfriend, and that she’s really pretty but not as pretty as han ji min. it sucks that it ended after 3 years 😦

  6. omg..the lyrics’s so touching yet cute….he would feel pain singing this song..hope he’ll get over it….

  7. Wow..i was watching 1N2D yesterday and thought if he is still with his GF and now this !
    I hope he is fine though ^^

  8. It is a shame that their relationship came to an end. I knew about his girlfriend, but I never knew that they dated for that long. Stuff like these makes me feel bad for celebrities T.T When they are not popular, they struggle to improve and to make money for a living. When they are popular, they sacrifice a lot of stuff in their life without realizing what may happen.

  9. Awwie,
    I hate breaking up or breakups in general.
    I hope he can move on from this and find happiness in the near future.

  10. aww~ sad news nice song…
    hope he feel better now!
    haha, caught his doing the wonder girls dance steps ^^

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