Sung Yuri Confirmed for The Land of Professionals

In a surprising turn of events, Sung Yuri who had been confirmed for Queen Seondeok has now instead been confirmed for All In 2 instead today.

Sung Yuri for All In 2

Sung Yuri has been confirmed for All In 2 which will be known as The Land of Professionals. The male lead will be Ji Sung, last seen in New Heart.

The Land of Professionals is the sequel to All In which was shown in 2003 and featured stars like Lee Byung Hun, Song Hae Gyo, Ji Sung (am surprised he is in this) and Park Sol Mi. Director Yoo Chul Yong and screenwriter Choi Won Gyu will collaborate once again on this project, making this sequel highly anticipated in 2009. The story will revolve around 3 people who were born in Jeju Island.

No reason was given for the switch. But speculation is that either Sung Yuri felt she was incapable of playing Queen Seondeok or MBC decided to not take the chance since Queen Seondeok was their big budget saeguk for 2009.

The 20 episode drama is expected to air in June 2009.

20 thoughts on “Sung Yuri Confirmed for The Land of Professionals

  1. @Nuguya?

    i was just thinking the same!

    after Shin Jung Hwan was unbanned from appearing on TV for him being caught in illegal gambling activities, they kept teasing him in Love Letter during those sticks and stones game.

    it was hella funny!

    gah… i miss Love Letter.

  2. i lovee sung yuri, shes so beautiful : ). Ji sung was in the original drama ‘All In” wasn’t he? i always found him to be cute in there ! two good looking couples.. yay ! 😀

  3. Sad that the netizens attack Sung Yuri for being incapable of acting a queen. Heck, I say go for it! Life doesn’t get any better for you unless you take chances and I think Sung Yuri can pull it off.

  4. lol FirstMan, thanks for the laugh

    I’m highly anticipating this drama, hope it’s as good as All In

    …Guess what, All In is my first drama! ^^

  5. LOVE Sung Yuri! This drama seems a lot more interesting than the the period one! Can’t wait to watch it!!!!!

  6. I wanted to see her in Queen Seondeok too, but it didn’t sound too interesting so I’m so happy she’s in this new one! I absolutely love this girl!

  7. Don’t know what All In 2 is about, but still gonna watch it anyway cause of the beautiful and talented Sung Yuri! Whoohoo!

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