23 thoughts on “Park Min Young Ceci December 08 Photoshoot (13P)

  1. the pictures give off a natural feeling, its great to see someone who doesn’t care how thick her eyebrows is by leaving it natural, stunning pictures ! : )

  2. The eyebrows completely ruined it for me….

    She’s pretty overall, but really…

    I’m hating the eyebrows

  3. in the first four pics, they darkened her eyebrows too much and left the rest of her face too colorless… but the rest of the pictures, she looks like a doll! ~~~pretty~~~

  4. She’s pretty but her eyebrows is something else…

    Is she bringing back think eyebrows or is it for a drama she’s doing?

  5. in my opinion she looks the prettiest on the 4 first pictures because i think she looks the most natural.

  6. she’s no doubt lovely but…what’s with the eyebrows? look like that funny boy in the manga i forgot the name >_<

  7. She’s so much more prettier here! She’s not anorexic -looking like she did last time. As far as for her eyebrows, I think they are very natural looking. This is how they usually look when they are not overly pluck.

  8. the first few pics … all I see is eyebrows. Can’t even look anywhere else, cause you’re drawn back to those things!!!

  9. @Kulas

    I’ve browsed through every single post of hers. Your comments about Park Min-yeong are the most noticed for too much Negative views. Too many annoying expressions such as FAKE, PLASTIC, SURGERY, UGLY, etc. Is your life that pessimistic? I believe your heart-felt words will never melt down love and care of every fan for her even though What you said is totally true.
    Get lost if you have nothing to tell readers to be happy than your sad life. 😦

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