Kim Jong Kook Regrets Not Wooing Yoon Eun Hye Back Then

Singer Kim Jong Kook revealed on MBC Golden Fishery shown last night that with regards to his scandal with Yoon Eun Hye in the past, he regrets not making the most out of the golden opportunity presented to him.

Kim Jong Kook Regrets Not Wooing Eun Hye

Kim Jong Kook was guest on the 3rd December episode of Golden Fishery revealing, “Yoon Eun Hye is my ideal kind of girl. Not too skinny and has a good figure. She is very courteous and knows her manners. Back in the Xman days, Kang Ho Dong once said if we had gotten married, he would give us his wrestling cloth (symbol of his wrestling days). In Xman, Eun Hye was my girlfriend and I hated others saying that they like her or something similar.”

Kim Jong Kook also admitted to seeing Yoon Eun Hye in private and Ho Dong asked, “Did you felt it was a pity that you didn’t grab hold of the fate with Yoon Eun Hye?” Kim Jong Kook paused for a while before replying, “I am really regretting it frankly”, his honest answer generating laughter all around.

Kim Jong Kook joked, “I never watched her (Yoon Eun Hye) dramas but I felt like I had been forgotten and my position was taken up by others. Eun Hye, are you busy recently? Let’s have a meal if you have time to spare.”

64 thoughts on “Kim Jong Kook Regrets Not Wooing Yoon Eun Hye Back Then

  1. awwww ❀ Love love love his answers! I don’t think this is a publicity stunt, but even if it is, who cares!

    “..and I hated others saying that they like her or something similar” (JEALOUS MUCH?!) LOVE IT!

    It’s not too late to make up for lost time!

  2. What do you guys mean his chance flew away? I mean they could still give it another shot. Just because YEH is so famous now doesnt mean she cant date him, besides she’s still SINGLE as well. Awww too bad.. I really wanted Eric-YEH. Hehe=] Anyways… Hodong should’ve asked a follow up question, “of the guys from xman who said they liked her, which one were you most jealous of?!” owps, it’s be interesting to hear who he says.

  3. “I felt like I had been forgotten and my position was taken up by others.”

    That will never happen!!!! xD Even if you wanted it to, frankly!!

  4. omg this seriously makes me miss xman like crazy too..i always loved their loveline the best!!!! =[ YEH! he’s calling out to you =X

  5. Korean netizens are *scary*! If KJK and YEH are just friends looking out for each other, good for them. But if they’re dating and keeping it secret to avoid netizen interference that would hurt their careers, that’s terrible. Celebrities should be able to date whomever they want without anyone’s interference…

    As always, thanks for posting updated and interesting news, Coolsmurf!

  6. did you catch the part about gong yoo? i think ho dong asked how KJK felt about gong yoo and i thought that was curious. she’s had many co-stars so why talk about him specifically? anyway, these two can still date if they want…he’s game…i dont think she is though…

  7. Aigooo… he missed the big chance!
    But I seriously love his answers… he really doesn’t mind making a joke out of his frankness all the time..:lol:

  8. gosh, oppa is so honest with his feelings πŸ™‚

    it’s not too late KJK! u can still fight and win the girl!

  9. YEAH…..hope YEH and KJK would be together…tho i think YEH with JJH (Prince Shin of Goong) would make a great couple too!

  10. i hope he’ll work for it if he really wants it.
    i wish him all the best. i’ve always liked their on-screen chemistry. ❀

  11. Jong Kook Oppa, u still have a change. I really love his answer, he is really sincere. I wish that Eun Hye is a guess on family outing.

  12. Oop sorry I spell guest worng. anyways, its soo cute when jong kook oppa becomes does the step mom kim routine to choenderella. He should be the step sister kim instead.

  13. awwww /hearts

    as much as i like chaegyung+shingoon together, like coolsmurf once said, yeh is meant to be with kjk not shin!

    he is so honest! hopefully someone will sub this epi!!!

  14. It seems that his popularity was thanks to Xman and Eun Hye. (rolls eye) I’d hate to be him who’d always be tagged with Eun Hye.

    I like the two but indivually!

    I’m over KJK & Eun Hye…if there were ever a KHK &&&& Eun Hye. His statement is confusing. She was his girlfriend but didn’t regrets not dating her.

    Isn’t he 30?

  15. did YEH really forget him? or maybe she has outgrown him, esp. with her nw found fame due to the success of her TV series? i hope not. KJK may not be as good looking as Gong Yoo and her other leading men, but he seemed to genuinely care for her on XMAN (or was that all just scripted?). maybe producers are just not seeing the potential that putting these two together in one show now? oh well, wish them the best, and hope they do get together, whether in public or in private….

  16. coolsmurf please sub this portion of the broadcast. I know it’s in dialogue and all but seeing is 10x better ^^


  17. mmmmmmm he’s losing weight and the face specially the chin area are kind of annoying. too pointy . makes him look weird. Anyway I always not care for his look and I like his song (when it’s sing by other male vocalist) mmmmmm I guess I never like him. Ah only at the X-man , his relationship woith other female spiced up the show nevertheless I do not understand why people go guoogoo gaa with this Han Namcha

  18. omg i love the last line ‘Eun Hye, are you busy recently? Let’s have a meal if you have time to spare’ ah yo so sweet (:

  19. awwww so sweet…honestly i wudnt mind whos she with..she looks good with everyone her style is very versitile… thats wats good about her.. she can fit into any role and shes still pretty.. yeh fighting!!!

  20. Golden Fishery with KJK was awesome!
    Yes the YEH part was interesting but the rest of the stuff was also funny and touching. KHD and KJK together sure made a fun show.

    Regarding KJK and YEH… KJK says he regretted not asking her out during X-man…but who’s to say he can’t still do that? hehehe….
    When he taped the vid msg for YEH..that was really sweet.

    in any case just knowing the two still keep in touch and consider each other close friends is enough for me for now.

  21. That is SO adorable…it made me smile πŸ™‚

    I bet he never watched her dramas ’cause he was afraid he’d be jealous of the male leads… XD

  22. Anyone know where I can find an eng subbed version of this episode of Golden Fishery, I don’t think there are any out there currently. 😦

  23. AHHHHH
    reading this gave me such a huge smile on my faceee like thisss –> ^___________^

    Can someone sub it? Oh pretty pleasseee?
    && I hope Yoon Eun Hye sees this and accepts his offer on the meal!!

    Maybe there is hope after all for them to be backkk =)

  24. i’ve seen it like a dozen times
    priceless expressions from KJK
    wish there were sub but i’ll wait
    maybe somebody can i know its hard so
    just hopping thanx for posting
    love KJK

  25. *jumps up and down*

    That’s right One Man make that move we’ve all been waiting for!
    Sing some Lovely and do the cute little dance you practically have it in the bag.


    This makes me hella happy.

  26. why do people like this guy so much? He doesn’t seem that good looking. He reminds me of skeletor from He-man.

  27. @ Michael go listen to the lyrics of his words.
    And you’re one of the few (?) that think he’s bad looking.
    A lot of Korean women see him as the ideal man.

    He’s called The One Man for reason and it’s not only because of a song.

  28. PMSFAN, why Kang Ho Dong mention Gong Yoo name at his program (Golden Fishery) with KJK as a guest star make me courious too. And then I remember that a few months ago while I was surfing at some blog/site including youtube I happened to found out some evidence that there mightbe a posibility YEH & GY have a closer relationship that what we thought. Some netter in these blog even said that GY & YEH always meet up during GY MS leaves. They even present the evidence. Wether this is true or not as YEH and KJK fans you have to consider this revealation. I mean, yes KJK & YEH can make a cute couple, but haven’t you consider YEH feeling in this matter. Is she really has a feeling for KJK other than as a friend or brother ? That’s only YEH who know.
    FYI, I’m not a GY-YEH shipper, I just give you a different point of view. Peace…

  29. tasu, are you sure you are not a GY-YEH shipper cause it so seems that way.

    I just find it suspiscious that when it comes to KJK-YEH evidence you always find some excuse to make it seem as if their evidence is worthless…but when it comes to GY-YEH and other YEH ships, you are more than willing to believe evrything and even egging people on to look at your point of view.

    I find your motives transparent cause you are so passionately against even the smallest notion that KJK and YEH are close or dating. Wht I mean is that you are too obvious.

    KJK and YEH are close as well with YEH even saying that they do go out and talk on the phone, she even said that her mother likes KJK.

  30. I always follow about kjk and yeh ,, I like them to much and I feel so bad when anti-fan said or think bad to both of them,,,, and I believe that they are real couple,,,

    Kjk -Yeh fighting!!!

  31. YEH has never and will never like this guy the same way he likes her. So crazy fans please wake up from your own fantasies!

  32. @huh?

    are you YEH? if you are YEH, then, you are very inconsistent.
    coz YEH we know always been supporting 101 Ent talents, inviting them at her bday fanmeet every year. and recently, YEH had defended KJK on her board, admonished her fans for stooping that law. if YEH doesnt like him then she should
    have let KJK get all the bashings from her fans, just like,
    keeping herself mum, when JJH got bashed on the PP thing.

    the YEH we know, gives her cel no. to KJK whenever she changes her celfon number. if she doesnt like KJK then
    she should keep herself away from KJK, and not to be in contact, is best way to keep away from the people you
    dont like.

  33. I know this is off topic but Coolsmurf (I won’t say your real name anymore) I just noticed that in your link you have a small XMAN picture of Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Jong Kook in one of the couple pairings episode 43 I believe it’s the one where she’s covering his eyes because of the whole Jeon Hye Bin (?) dance intrusion thing.

    It made me smile, laugh, and tear up for some weird reason. They really do make a perfect couple.

  34. I thought they were going out! she was even in one of his videos when he was in the military and he couldn’t show his face… im so confused.

  35. Aw they looked so cute together in x-man! I really wish they are together now, he should have asked her out because they’re so sweet together! Jong Kook oppa fighting!

  36. @ jenny

    hey i am just wondering about the accident for JJH got bashed , can u explain to me what happend please???

    as much as i do love them to be together in real life, i also want them to be real to themselve .when KJK being all sincere, i was hoping that this can do something for their relationship. i wish all the best for KJK and YEH.

  37. jong kook!!!

    you are in love w/he! I tell you grab her fast..:))

    “”common!!”” I also feel bad if you and her are not.. Sooo, pleaaase hurry. AJA!

  38. Awwwww omg I love yeh and kjk together! They’re like the BEST COUPLE in xmannnn D: Too bad all the xman videos are deleted by youtube.

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