Kangin Goes On A Date On Band of Brothers

Super Junior Kangin met with some lady luck on Band of Brothers as he dated a beautiful university student, becoming the envy of fellow band members Heechul, Jay (Trax) and Jungmo as they labeled her as a “perfect woman”


This beautiful woman which Kangin dated was a student from Seoul National University majoring in business and administration. She has an oustanding appearance, spoke eloquently and models for the school magazine.

With her luscious long hair and charisma, she dictated the date with style which deeply attracted Kangin and the other watching band members.


Park Junsu PD joked, “Usually with regards to Kangin’s character, he would be the one to lead in a conversation. But surprisingly, the date showed us that he has a pure, honest side to him. After the date was over, the other members also requested for a date with her which made our situation difficult.”

Heechul, Kangin, Jay (Trax) and Jungmo were given a mission by the production team, whoever successfully completes a mission gets to have a wish fulfilled by them. Kangin’s wish was to meet a perfect girl and it was granted to him. This particular episode will be aired on 20th December through Mnet.

62 thoughts on “Kangin Goes On A Date On Band of Brothers

  1. ahhh my kangin is going out with other girls??? ^^
    i think she is not that pretty, maybe this picture made her not that pretty i do not know???

  2. she isn’t really pretty and she isn’t ugly either…. she’s just a typical average looking asian girl. her hair looks like it needs to be washed and blown out though… it’s looks kind of oily and it’s super flat!

  3. Yea… not that pretty… but I suppose she would look better in person… she’s gonna get a lot of hate on her minihompy very soon… >_<

  4. I don’t want to say she’s not pretty because that makes me sound like a psychotic and jealous fan, which I’m not, so instead I’ll just say maybe she’s not that photogenic. But hey, brains over beauty anyday.

    Kangin’s so cute to always have girls on his mind though. I hope all the Kpop stars are able to have some sort of personal lives w/o the fans tearing them apart.

  5. LOL..they all want to have a date with her now how funny…lol
    so what i’m guessing she left Kangin or not?…i must be reading into things too much.
    Anyways she really is pretty. She has a nice smile & she’s a college girl..She got brains & beauty..lucky chick..lol
    well i’ll be looking forward to watching this episode just to see how things go.

  6. Dang I don’t know what to say. The whole idea of a perfect woman menas there is a perfect man. Like not. Anyway, interesting episode.

  7. It’s too early to say anything harsh but I will say that the lady looks like a mixture of Sohee and (especially) Kim Ah Jung! Anyway, it’s funny how the other members want to have a date with her afterwards.


    I want to watch this but doubt anyone will sub it!

  8. A girl in a university automatically means that she has brains?

    Wow, it takes more than the school to prove that in some places…..

  9. i don’t find her pretty but she’s not ugly either… i don’t like her eyes but it looks like that she got a beautiful skin… i like her jacket and her bag…

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  11. Seoul National University is like the top one in Korea, so I believe she must be smart enough to get in. Don’t know how guys think but her close-to-perfect vibe kinda scares me.

  12. many comment on her looks, but he asked for a perfect woman not a gorgeous one, right? She is pretty, and from the article seems smart and has the ability to lead kang in ( which i really don’t think possible). She sounds to good to be true, so i’l just wait to see it with my own eyes… but wasn’t it said that perfection doesn’t exist, it’s only a matter of tastes? ^_^

  13. She’s attractive 😀
    She’s good-looking, imo, smart!! (super hot), dresses mature-ish (hot!), hair looks nice.
    I would say that a lot of men would find her attractive and including her smarts she’s perfect for dating 😀 If her personality is as good as the article says, even better!!

  14. @SP
    actually in Korea attending Korea really does mean you have brains. you have to be really smart to get into college in Korea. do you realize how little colleges there are in korea? competition is very hard. so yes in Korea being in Univ. does mean you have brains.

  15. not ugly, but not “gorgeous.” =/
    lmao why would they be jealous?
    i could understand being jealous over
    a sophisticated girl
    but in terms of looks?

  16. WHOA…. Seoul National man… That’s like… MAJOR! XDDD
    Eh. She’s average. I don’t mind. Just hope her hompy
    doesn’t go nuts.

  17. @ Brit – her isnt oily, its just shiny i think. and shiny hair is a good thing, but u r so right about the flatness, eek! ….i think she straightened it too much!

  18. i don’t understand why people are criticizing this girl’s looks especially since she is incredibly smart as well. This is why we get no variation in the types of dramas/shows we watch- 95% of the viewers are superficial imbeciles that care more about how high the main character’s cheekbones are in relation to their eyes than if the story has a somewhat decent plot. Know why in every single drama there is always a idiotic looping storyline? You!

  19. Kangin can do better, she’s not all that pretty but she looks like a very nice girl.

    Just wait till the ELFs explode, hahahahha, [even though it’s for a show], ELFs don’t care!

  20. Don’t be misled by the Korean actresses or models you see in movies or dramas…she’s what an average Korean girl looks like when made up, it’s a plus to graduate from a prestigious university, and to get to lead Kangin takes chutzpah but the reality is that the show is totally scripted.

  21. ahh just read this in soompi two days ago, kangin is indeed lucky! hopefully he won’t be too crazy and scare her away~

  22. People are way too critical here. Never knew girls were so judgemental. No wait, they are when it comes to their idol boys, YEESH. Anyway, I find her quite pretty and she really is perfect if she attends Seoul National University AND is able to lead Kangin. Mad props to her.

  23. Have to admit that she’s one cute and perfect as kangin’s wish for …..

    BUT ……

    How sad was that for me ??? TT^TT

  24. @megane:

    average korean girls look like this? please let me know where you’ve seen these girls cuz that DEFINITELY has not been my experience.

    i have a ton of friends in/from korea, and my experience is that there are really few girls who look as good as that SNU student, no matter how much they diet, makeup or (sorry to say) do the circle-lens and surgery route.

    @Hai Anh

    yeah, i know what you mean. she does sorta creep me out with her really done look. i know that girls in korea take amazing care of their skin (facials and spa care like no other) but that white-pink glow to her face looks…. actually like a silicone doll from japan o.O

  25. ^Wow… These comments are making you all look really bad…

    Especially “I’m not saying this because I’m jealous…but…”
    I find those ^ funny…

    -sigh- Was I this childish when I was fangirling them?
    probably =.=;;

    Anyway, I find her actually quite pretty considering there aren’t that many outstanding people in Korea… It would be even better if she was natural beauty… But it’s hard to assume that now with the trend thats going on in Korea…

    Haha, I bet Kangin rubbed it in his Heechul’s face so bad. xD This is just like what happened with Teukie and the Wondergirls. =P

  26. if this is what an average girl looks like then DAMN! i wish i was average…

    but you guys need to stop trippin and stop being
    jealous, this girl is super cute and we need more
    girls like this, the ones that can take care of themselves
    and have brains…

    i seriously hate the downplay we girls give each other…

    she is not pretty? what exactly is not pretty about her????
    like what??? last time i checked no one in the industry
    looks the same, if they did then thatd be boring…

    if Kangin was speechless then there was def something about
    this girl that took his breath away and it was most prob her
    great personality and looks, so lets just take Kangin’s word for it…

  27. seriously! im not jealous
    but i dont think she look dat pretty
    normal beauty(?)
    iono but she sure is dat lacuky hahaha
    hope da date went well

  28. Woa~~~ she’s pretty! Not super pretty, but SHE IS PRETTY. And Seoul National University? WOAAA~~~
    I’m jealous of her. Not becoz I’m Kangin’s fan.
    Just becoz of her. >__<
    looks+brain+personality+charisma. What more can I say?

    I really curious bout their date.
    Can’t hardly wait for Kangin’s fascinated face. LOL

  29. bahahah people are so jealous :/
    geez the girl is beautiful! i bet half the people who commented are no where near as pretty as she is, myself included. seriously…

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