Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young Expecting A Baby in 2009

It was revealed today that Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young who got married on 28th September would be expecting their first child next year.

According to friends, he had only recently revealed that his wife Son Tae Young was already pregnant for five months. It’s understood that Son Tae Young was already one month pregnant during the time when she got married. When quipped by the media on whether it was a shotgun marriage back then, Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young declined to give an answer. Son Tae Young was rarely seen in public befoe and after the marriage ceremony.

Sources reveal that Kwon Sang Woo is highly anticipating the birth of his child and has been carrying B-type ultrasound scans of his baby in his wallet, taking a look at it whenever he is free. When they were spotted in Australia a month ago, Kwon Sang Woo was noted to be taking extra good care of Son Tae Young. For work, Kwon Sang Woo will return to Korea first by himself, letting Son Tae Young get ample rest in Australia instead and away from the media glare. Not much was revealed whether it was a boy or girl.


32 thoughts on “Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young Expecting A Baby in 2009

  1. OMG I hella knew that the reason they got married was because she was pregnant!

    It was a shot gun wedding after all! Wth is up with these celeb trends….when your girl is pregnant thats when you get married.

    Anyways, congrats to them both. Though it is a little disappointing. Didn’t think we’d see a baby from them so soon. That baby be freaking cute or I’m not forgiving them.

  2. I totally knew that. My mom and aunts wouldn’t believe me.
    Goodness. That’s why it was so random!

    Uh, six months pregnant when they took those photos?
    Aren’t you supposed to be showing hella when you’re at 6 months? She still looks the same in those. Well. Congrats to the two i suppose.

  3. @ohgeeze:

    She’s not 6 month into the pregnancy in that picture. Maybe around 2-3ish. Still not big enough to tell.

  4. Seems that many are tying the knot after learning of a baby.. Just an observation, not passing judgement on anyone.

    God, what an attractive couple. Jeez.

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  6. First child normally the tummy are smaller as they are not stretched. Second one then you can see them in a flash like in 3 and half month..

    oh well! not that we are suprised, everyone was already guessing it… We are soooooooooo psychic!

  7. usually the baby weight doesn’t increase until last 1-2 months. then it would increase by 1/2 lb each week and she would really being showing then. the photograph she took was when she was near 6 months i think.

  8. I thought that they had their honeymoon before the wedding, so maybe that’s when contraception happened(?)

    Anyway, I’m excited for them!

  9. how sad thats kind of low of kwang sang wu no wonder because she came out on korean show “come to play” and was crying over her ex boyfriend and l ike 4 months later shes getting married its so stupid oh well congrats to baby but
    kwan sang wu is now consider a low super star probably

  10. Oh god, the man’s gonna be a dad? *heartbroken*

    lol, jk. It’s about time KSW had a complete family, he’s always mentioned his love for children.

  11. I must not be pshycic. I thought that this marriage with STY was marriage of convenience ’cause he’s growing old. LOL. So I’m a bit surrpised that she’s married. I mean she doesnt even look preggers. For sure, this baby (boy or girl) will become the next “shiloh”

  12. I have to agree that it’s a little disappointing. After all of Kwon Sang Woo’s reassurances to the media that they were not getting married because of a baby, note his reference to Yoo Jae Suk’s case and how he was different, it’s just a little disappointing to see that our guesses proved true.

    *sigh* Oh well, still, I’m happy that they are willing to come together and form a happy family for this child! Congratulations!

  13. I really enjoy Kwon Sang woo he’s a great actor, he really is, but its so sad to see that he’s obviously more into this marriage than she is.

    As if it were a surprise that their sudden marriage was due to her being pregnant.

    I would congratulate them, but their marriage is one of convenience, and their child is going to be the one feeling the effects of their marriage…

    Congrats to the loveless couple…hope she has a healthy pregnancy~

  14. I knew it! It was so sudden that they announced their marriage, and it happened so quick. It was lame how KSW kept denying the fact that STY was pregnant at that time.

  15. i hate son tae young sorry but i hope she will die she took him from me i love him sooooooooooooooooo much and when heard that he is going to be a dad i freaked out why did you do that ksw i dont know what to do now but i was against thier marriage from the begining and there was romers thatshe was pregnent thats why they got arried so quick
    sorry sty but you destroyed him

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