Kim Jong Kook Clarifies Yoon Eun Hye Scandal

“My scandal with Yoon Eun Hye is not true. The scandal with Yoon Eun Hye is entirely groundless. I hope there is no misunderstanding”, explained Kim Jong Kook after a Golden Fishery preview last week which was reported by the Korean media as him confessing that the scandal was true.

Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye Remains a Mystery...

On the 28th at the waiting room of Music Bank, Kim Jong Kook expressed to a reporter, “In the taping of Golden Fishery, (Kang) Ho Dong hyung asked for the real truth behind my scandal with Yoon Eun Hye. At that (time), what I said was obscured and misinterpreted as if I was confessing to the scandal”. He continued, “The love rumor of me and Yoon Eun Hye isn’t true”.

In the preview shown last week (which will be aired tonight), Kim Jong Kook talked officially for the first time about his scandal with Yoon Eun Hye which started from 2005. The media reported the scandal as true afterwards.

Kim Jong Kook explained in detail about the preview, “Ho Dong hyung asked closely about the start of the scandal. ‘You have met up in private, right?’. I actually answered ‘When people live, they may have come across each other somewhere’ but my words ‘When people live…’ was cut short and edited away. It was done to make it look interesting for broadcast. Nevertheless, I realize that it might be wrongdoing on my part, speaking like it’s the truth.”

Kim Jong Kook ended by saying, “In order to make the show look more interesting, I didn’t think about the possible implications that it might had for the other party. It could be that because of my words, I might have created unnecessary worries for Yoon Eun Hye. I wish that I don’t have any other misunderstanding in future just for the fun of broadcast.”

translated by o-cha@soompi.

Now is it on or off? I am confused as well. But Yoon Eun Hye has released a statement through her manager, defending Kim Jong Kook, but stopping short of saying anything else. Maybe they do have some links afterall.

35 thoughts on “Kim Jong Kook Clarifies Yoon Eun Hye Scandal

  1. So he just said that the scandal wasn’t true?

    As a fan, this doesn’t seem to be a dagger in my heart. xD

    Seems like he’s just clearing up any more trouble about him and Eun Hye, but he didn’t actually say anything about their relationship. If he had said “The rumor’s completely false. I never had any romantic interest in her. I see her as a sister, that’s all” it’d be over for their fans. But he didn’t. Hmmmm…

  2. Aw! Hope there will be a subbed version soon!
    Coolsmurf, will you be subbing this particular part? Of Golden Fishery I mean, hee ๐Ÿ˜€

    Excited, almost the first time KJK is talking abt this scandal so publicly! Hahaha

  3. aww.. they’re sweet. i also think she is protecting YEH. and YEH also defend him in another article. even if they’re not dating, i think they admire each other. hehee ~<3

  4. So what if the scandal is true! Celebs are human too and they’re entitled to date whoever they choose.

    Perhaps KJK & YEH are like other celebs, always denying their relationships & saying it was just rumours & stuff.

    I read long time ago that YEH was KJK’s type of ideal girl. I guess YEH was ‘honored’ with that & they went out together but media thought they were dating. Time will tell who KJK will be marrying then…..

  5. Some people always couldn’t understand what KJK was saying here, although he already explain it in detail . He said that :

    โ€œIn order to make the show look more interesting, I didnโ€™t think about the possible implications that it might had for the other party. It could be that because of my words, I might have created unnecessary worries for Yoon Eun Hye. I wish that I donโ€™t have any other misunderstanding IN FUTURE just for the fun of broadcast.โ€

    “IN FUTURE” means that there’re never be a “love relationship” between the two. So chill up KJK-YEH shipper, don’t force something that never there in reality.

    Anyway, I admire KJK & YEH for clarify the situation before it’s getting worse.

  6. In reality, we probably all know the scandal is false in our minds, but i as a fan for both, just would like to imagine them in my mind as if they were together, because of their close compatibility in previous shows.. so yes i am emotionally sad that in reality they aren’t together, but in my imaginary world they are so cute together, soo let this drama in our minds continue in our imaginations ! >: )

  7. tasu : he actually said in the future in reference to himself. He hopes in the future he will be more careful with his words. He isn’t specifically referring to the future as his future with YEH. Just thought I’d clarify it.

    I for one am glad that KJK is saying all these things. He understands that for a female celeb in Korea being involved in any kind of scandal or rumor is a bad thing. He just wants to make sure that his close friend YEH isn’t getting the negative effect.

  8. aww… they should get together. strong men and strong women are a perfect match. it’s so cute how one of them is an actress and the other a singer. MATCH MAKE IN HEAVEN. they should juss b a couple. i cnt imagine anyone matchin with kjk other than eun hye

  9. As I had already posted this under the YSM preview, in the korean entertainment industry, it is taboo for celebrities to mention who they are dating esp. for females as the consensus is that it can ruin their careers/reputation.

    YEH is still very young and with a career ahead of her, KJK is very careful to protect her in any way. We do know they are friends and admire/respect one another.

    I, for one, came to love them from XMAN days and think they look great together! But whether or not they are dating in private is their own affairs. I just hope the media and all these rumors doesn’t affect them if they are in a relationship.

  10. @tasu: are you a yehjjh shipper? lol, reading your comment here and in the other thread “golden fishery preview” makes me think that you dislike the “possible” bond between the two big stars ^_^

  11. coolsmurf! please post about YEH’s statement she released through her manager about what happened! haha it’s very interesting ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Monyong, I’m not anyone shipper, I’m just believe of YEH potensiality as an actress. She still young and has many great thing coming on in the future. I just want her to concentrate more on her career. But I’m stand corected if I’m turned out wrong. And for KJK statement, I just saying what I think it’s mean, no ulterior motive. Peace.

  13. Is it wrong to say that I’m heartbroken about it? =(
    I still am I fan of both and no matter if they are dating or not I will continue being a fan. ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Is it wrong to say that I’m heartbroken about it? =(
    I still am I fan of both and no matter if they are dating or not I will continue being a fan. ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. What!?! Say it isn’t so!!

    My favorite variety couple EVER (along with alshin) had no real romantic feelings between them? Ever? I don’t believe it. If I had a dollar for every time YEH blushed on that show, I could probably buy myself a new car. They may not have been dating but that doesn’t mean that they never had any romantic feelings between each other…right?

    *sigh* i guess this is just my inner fangirl speaking

  16. Duh! Do you guys really think KJK would admit even if he and YEH are still a couple after the bashing he has received from the antis?
    You do the math. It would be suicide on their part.
    And aside from that most korean celebrities deny their relationships anyway and only admit it when they are about to get married.

    After the antis bashed on him, of course he’d protect YEH and will deny everything inorder to protect her.

  17. With so much scrutiny on Celebrity couples in Korea by none other than the morons called Netizens.. I would be REALLY surprised to see any one admit anything to any scandal.. honestly. True or not, KJK will never admit it and neither will YEH and who can blame them. Hopefully the scandal doesn’t go any further than it has and doesn’t cause them more grief. Though the Xman days sure were entertaining, to say the least.

  18. DUH!!!

    People needs to move on from their fantasy of KJK & Eun Hye. As I see it, they’re like brothers and sisters! Let’s all move on to better things!

  19. regardless if it wasn’t real .. it was fun just to talk about it. Thanks for all the anti’s for ruining another fun part and history of kpop entertainment culture.

  20. @ SP

    huh? brothers and sisters?
    so if YEH was just a so called “sister” to him, why would KJK as her “brother” say stuff like, “i regret not doing anything when i had the chance” ???

  21. KJK was caught offguard with the question, he made honest reply….and clarified for YEH sake.

    YEH mgt can issue outright denial about that. She has the right to do that but she didnt. Her mgt is fast in denying issues around her.

    The pics of them hanging out in a sauna means they stay in touch. YEH also did an MV with him. It cn’t be denied, they communicate. She sang for Mighty Mouth who are under KJK mgt. facts cant be ignored!

    those who hate that they could be an item thinking KJK is not fit for YEH…..i can say there are many celebs openly admiring KJK…he will not be lacking in beautiful women if he wants, in fact he can have one even prettier sexier than YEH…so don’t under estimate KJK. KJK-YEH tandem started before YEH became sooooo popular. YEH know better of true heart of KJK.

    and who’s afraid if YEH-KJK are true couple? and Why?

    to them I say “CHILL”

  22. well said JS i am with u XD

    the evidences speak for themselves

  23. Never really believed they actually dated. Sometimes fans believe what they want to believe.

    YEH was just a child back then. Now, she seems to have moved on to bigger things.

    He looks different now. He lost a lot of weight.

  24. hello everyone..take a “CHILL” JS said (she said 4 them but i think that word 4 us hehe..)
    just read this news,kinda late huh..well,just for notice, i’m not KJK-YEH shipper (i prefer YEH with someone else in my dreams lol)
    but i think not good behavior to judge KJK using YEH’s popularity (that’s what i get from all of articles) YEH said he has established b4 the scandals. poor KJK, i feel simpathy 4 him,i think he is a nice and shy guy..
    and like you said guys, KJK admires YEH (who couldn’t??). no counted guy who fallin 4 this girl (get a jealous huh??haha..) but only one man i notice ignore her kekeke (strong man huh???)
    from all of these, i just get “a lesson”,kinda lecture huh?,come on this is free..u don’t have to pay to learn it hahaha.. “TAKE CARE YOUR MANNER GIRLS,JUST GIVE YOUR SWEETEST SMILE AND CARE FOR YOUR TRUE MAN”, this i though the source of these problems like a circumstance ohhh..YEH, i can’t blame your manner to all “these guys” (u are so sweet hehe) but maybe korean man has to be a strong and suave more(kinda stuff haha), don’t be so weak in front of a girl (but i think it’s difficult if she’s YEH wink wink)..sorry, this not particular, my man is a suave man (fighting!!)
    so…class end up!! HAHAHA
    hmm..just curiosity,coolsmurf are u an indonesian or korean???

  25. I think Jong Kook is 2012..Jong Kook had an interview at somewhere i forgot..the reporter have like a table ( I dont know what to call ) and many girls name in there..Yoon Eun Hye, HyunaH, Yoona, Ji Hyo and the final, Jong Kook chose Eun Hye as his ideal type..

    Sorry my english is a bit of failure..

  26. if your going to check news about the two of them, i mean kim jong kook and yoon eun hye, anything that is related to relationship/love, they tend to link their names with each other. eventhough they dont say each others names, they keep on describing each other as their ideal type.
    Friends won’t tease you to a specific person (yoon eun hye) if there’s nothing between the two of them or if your not hiding anything. People tends to be guilty and felt shy if one of your secrets would be revealed. Kim Jong Kook’s actions, can be interpreted that there is something going on between them. His reactions once YEH’s name is brought up on the topic/show. How both of their names had been linked together for how many years already since 2004. Both names had been linked to different celebrities in the industry but how come not even 1 celeb would lasts being with YEH/KJK.
    for the past years, there were no relationships admitted by both parties; they keep denying celeb names that has been linked to their names.
    at present, though both dont appear on the same shows, but couple clothes are still CAUGHT by the eyes of fans worn by them during shows.(their couple clothes can be seen in soompi posted by fans).
    Fans do understand both of them that they are just protecting each other from any negative comments, from antis and preventing any untowards incident that may happen once truth would announced. Supporters would always be here for the both of them, since we know that not all fans are infavor for KJKYEH couple.

    PS: kjkyeh supporters/ JYC’ers hopes are still at par from any shipping. Our bet may not act together in a show but they have their own way on responding to each others interests.

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