East of Eden To Get A New Screenwriter

MBC East of Eden screenwriter Na Yun Sook will not be involved with writing the script anymore due to her detoriating health condition bought upon by the hectic schedule. Lee Hong Ku will be the new drama screenwriter.

Will The Conflict Start Soon?

According to East of Eden production staff, Na Yun Sook had fainted twice consecutively while rushing to write the script recently and is no longer in the right condition to continue any longer. Before her departure, she had completed 35 episodes and the remainder will be completed by Lee Hong Ku.

To avoid any drastic changes in between, Na Yun Sook will still remain on the East of Eden set and guide Lee Hong Ku along as he pens the remaining screenplay. According to production staff, this change will not affect the broadcast of East of Eden in anyway. Na Yun Sook will be able to come back to the set to write the screenplay once her health condition improves.

Meanwhile in other related news, Song Seung Hun has decided to halve his pay per episode to 35 million won instead of 70 million won. His decision comes in a time when the economy has badly affected the entertainment industry, especially in the budgeting department. Song Seung Hun will get his remaining 50% from the overseas rights once the drama has concluded.

28 thoughts on “East of Eden To Get A New Screenwriter

  1. yea. i also wish DC will be with Grace in the end, regardless who will write the script.. it seems like there’s a hope after watching eps 30. but i hope everythg will go well on mike too. please.

  2. this show is still on?? i always hear the same plot over and over again??? will it end before they all lose all their belongings? just curious, cuz its been running for months now…well, keep up the good work i guess…

  3. hic!! i’m so curious who is the female leading in EOE?? Please don;t tell my that’s Lee Yeon Hee. because i have never heard about this information

  4. Not trying to be mean but i hope YR becomes a widow like Janice, because the less screen time for Mike the better it is for the drama. Dennis Oh may have the good look but his acting is horrible… Sorry but that’s just the cold hard truth.

  5. wow.. i wonder what this new screenwriter has in mind for this drama.

    glad actors and actresses are helping out with the economy, shows how much they care about their economy ^.^

  6. wow, wouldn’t this sort of changed the whole story line?
    well, anyways i just hope it still has good as before πŸ™‚

  7. hopefully the story telling not coming back between DC N YR cause like life not keep on going . for me as a viewer what past is past face a new life and meet a new person. more over u yourself dont want to take u’r friend’s wife. make something new relation beteween unmarried one. sometimes a true love will come again.

  8. I am sorry for Miss Na, she is a good scriptwriter. Get well soon and continue writing for eoe, you did a good job.
    Hopefully Lee hong ku will follow Miss Na’s wish of her ending script as what she had wished and wrote for the drama. It is her “baby”.

  9. @maria….very2 good comments…i like u…very rational comments…thank you…at least can support me too….

    btw…i hope so…this series not coming back between dc and yr.. for me as a married person, sincere to say….what past is past. ..get a new life and meet a new unmarried ‘good’ person. that’s over……

    everybody those YR fan…dont bash me..

    regards and very sincerely

  10. I hope the new SW will make YR and DC together
    That’s my hope
    or I will not continue watching this drama
    it’s really hurt for me knowing YR in pain

  11. i dont think YR will go back to DC when she’s married. and she really accept the fate she has with mike, and we dont see her trying to get back with DC.

    its true, if she is married, then find new person, but the way the story goes, it seems like mike is having a problem. IF YR becomes a widow, then i don’t see any problem for them to be back together IF they still have feelings to each other. she is still so young and still has no child. every woman have the feeling to have her own child and raise them up.

  12. i think, if DC and YR are not together in the end.. then, this drama is badly done with poor script because it has been dragging ALOT only for nothing.
    i usually don’t care much if i watched dragged drama as long as i enjoyed it, but that was only to max, drama with 16 episodes! but EoE is 50! sure it gets me mad, and regret for wasting my time. i’m a final year univ student and i only choose one drama in time.

  13. i really wish her well πŸ™‚ it must have taken a massive toll on her what with the viewers pressuring the screenwriters.
    but i also want this circular plot to get moving. the story is stagnating and as a viewer i feel kinda bored. too many “dong wook ah!” “hyung!” in the first 15 eps and now even the dc/yr romance is getting old. hope the new guy gets hr and dc to say more than a few lines to each other instead of just staring intensely at each other.

  14. Just guessing, maybe yang ran is pregnant, look at the way she is eating in episode 30 and yang chun hee mentioned that she look sick and her father ask her to consult the doctor.

    Here I would like to say that the autumn sceneries are most beautiful especially the trees – beautiful colors, I love it!

    They are wearing winter clothings.
    Is brown color the in thing in Korea now.? it is winter in december.

    Their house looks better with more extended rooms
    and the aunties had a makeover!!

    As usual, the flaunting of Swarovski jewellery and expensive clothings by the rich women,
    and the stoles they wore – I hope not animal hair !!! Animal rights might not like it.

    Anticipating when they will use the handphones.
    As for dong chul’s motorbike it is the latest model not
    suitable for 1960’s – not realistic enough, the director overlook on this. Harley davidson would be more suitable.

    The hints that we noticed from dong chul’s mum and Mr Gook advising him to get married, will it happen with Hye Rin? or is he still not ready to let go his first love?
    I think he is ready to fall in love again, is fate and time right for dong chul and hye rin?

    Janice seems to be interested in dong chul too!!. that’s my observation.

    As for dong chul and dong wook’s makeover, what do you think ?

  15. i dont care who the writer is, but i hope they’ll make DC with Grace. agree with meen, it is sure a waste of time if they’re not together since they are the main focus of the story at the 1st half of the drama.
    i don’t see HR is suitable for DC. she is like.. ehmm.. i dont know how i can put it in words, but BORING is the most suitable word i guess. her character is very dull and emotionless. i see Grace and Ji Hyun are more appealing. just my opinion.

  16. Hahaha, I like reading your posts Review~

    Hopefully Writer Na will get well soon and the new writer will be good enough.

    YR and DC are like going in circles. Kinda boring and getting old now.

    PHJ (MH)and HJH (JH) get so little screen time, and so far they are like the BEST actor and actress in EoE for me…LDH (HR) and YJH (DW) are not far behind though…BIRTH secret revealed SOON…Yippeee I wonder how all of them will react!

  17. I have this theory that Young Ran (Grace) will be written out as a someone who is dying 😦

    …just my hint!

  18. hemm.. i don’t think DC and HR are ever going to fall in love.. their personality doesn’t seems to match. and all the scene they were together were not sweet but too serious and boring.

    i dont know.. but i think if ever DC is not going to be with YR, he needs someone else but not HR.

  19. Just to let readers know, the new scriptwriter Lee Hong Ku (gender – no info. yet) wrote “Bad woman Good woman” in 2007 and also some other dramas.

    There is a revise correlation chart of EOE at d- addicts, all writen in korean.
    @ wefsdfds you are welcome.

  20. I hope the writer gets better-those in the entertainment industry really need to take care of themselves.

    By the way, I think the article picture of the girl in the middle is horrible! I don’t know if it is airbrushing or what but she looks totally artificial!

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