Boys Before Flowers First Overseas Filming Photos Released

The buildup towards Boys Before Flowers continued this morning with the release of production stills of the cast filming at their first overseas location, New Caledonia (earlier news of them filming in New York was false).

Korean F4 and Friends on New Caledonia

The main content of their filming on New Caledonia and the surroundings with it’s special summer enviroment revolved around Geum Jan Di (Goo Hye Sun) and her close friend Chu Ga Eul (Kim So Eun) who goes for a weekend getaway together with F4 at a place owned by Goo Joon Pyo’s (Lee Min Ho) family.

As the actors/actresses involved were all idol stars with an average age of 20+, many scenes of them enjoying a leisure time around New Caledonia were filmed. Notable scenes that were filmed here include Goo Joon Pyo confessing to Geum Jan Di of his love for her and also Joon Pyo witnessing an ambigious scenes between Jan Di and Yoon Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun Joong). The coupling between Chu Ga Eul and So Yi Jung (Kim Bum) also takes place here.

(note: These scenes should be familar for followers)

Ambigious Moment20081203103306c87bh

Kim Joon, the oldest among the F4 expressed, “We started filming not too long ago and as most of our scenes are separate from each other, there’s little interaction with others. But thanks to this overseas shoot, we can at the same time film and also enjoy a vacation which helps in building our relationships.”

Our Female Protagonist Jan Di

The production team filmed in New Caledonia and Waiheke Island, off the coast of New Zealand for over a week before returning back to Korea for a short break. They are currently in Macau for their second overseas shoot.

Boys Before Flowers will officially take over from The World That They Live In in the Mon-Tues timeslot starting from 5th January 2009.

52 thoughts on “Boys Before Flowers First Overseas Filming Photos Released

  1. is it just me or the girl in the last pic sorta looks like kim hyun joong? hehe! the way the smile..wierd i noe. but looking forward to it..since kim bum and kim hyun joong are both in it!

  2. The clothes do Goo Hye Sun good, she looks really cute in the last picture. I wonder what’s going on in the 1st picture, if they’re not in a school scene, what could it be?

  3. Ohhh Hyun Joong makes such a good good Rui. He has the whole demeanor DOWN. Looking forward to the drama~!

  4. …this weekend getaway storyline wasn’t used in the Jdorama version…Meteor Garden did though but it would be interesting to see how the Koreans went about this part…looking forward to this version…especially Kim Bum’s scenes but Lee Minho is looking more Domyoji-like and Hyunjoong is really perfect as Rui.

  5. the hana yori dango japanese version is still the best..i love the chemistry between matsumoto jun and inoue hye sun looks a bit old..inoue mao is very pretty.

  6. OMG! cnt wait. though i am not a huge ss501 fan, i luve hyung jong in wgm. cnt believe the news bout new york wasnt true. i was goin to spend my time wondering about times square, tryin to c them

  7. Whoa! It is coming out pretty soon!

    I am glad that it is starting next year though. That way, all my mid-terms will be over by then =) Thank goodness I am not in high school anymore, so I can watch it without worrying about studying for my exams (I will just have to worry about my marks T.T).

  8. uhm…i dunno… judging from these pictures… goo hye sun seems to be not really suitable for the heroin role… she looks… uh… old? no offense to her fans… i’m judging from these pictures only… well, have to wait for the drama to be aired to see if this is good…
    huhu… can’t wait! ^^ n hyunjoong’s hair~ too bright~ he looks like a girl! hahaha… even prettier than goo hye sun! and oh, the 3rd picture, is it me or i think that girl looks like hwangbo? hahaha

  9. My winter break will be filled with Kdrama! i need to catch up with The World That They Live In, East of Eden and then when i’m done with that, Boys Before Flowers!!!!

  10. The drama looks good so far.
    I’m still holding out a bit, I’m a big fan of the Japanese version so I won’t say the Korean ver. will be better.

  11. ah, I can’t wait. But I still find it odd looking that Leadera and Goo Hye Sun will be coupled =/ I love them both..but still.

  12. im anticipating ^^ i watched the other two adaptations and liked and disliked thing sin both so lets see what I like and dislike in this one haha

    shame it airs like 4 days before my exam..

    hmmm revise … hyd…revise.hyd…


    er I mean revise >>

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  15. im anticipating ^^ i watched the other two adaptations and liked and disliked thing sin both so lets see what I like and dislike in this one haha

    shame it airs like 4 days before my exam..

    hmmm revise … hyd…revise.hyd…


  16. F4 and also another star in boys before flower ….

    please come to Bali !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i hope to see you soon here .
    i realy realy like you all

    i always thinking and dream about you
    haha ……..

    see you in Bali .

    please tell me if you want come to bali, okay X)

  17. HOW ARE YOU NOW????

  18. to f4 and boys before flower please come it is appropriate to indonesia in jakarta,i was waiting in jakarta

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