Only You UCC Video from Rain Generates Big Interest

Rain has once again managed to show us his masculine charm through his Only You UCC dance clip which was released yesterday through Cyworld. This clip was taken during a rehearsal prior to his comeback this October.

(credit to blulovely@YT)

This UCC dance clip showed an unedited version of Rain practising his power dance with his bare upper-body, showing his chocolate-abs attracting lots of attention. Netizens reacted favourably to this clip with lots of views being generated since it was posted. Some expressed, “So sexy”, “so suave”, “So handsome”, with most giving the thumbs up to this video.

Rain is now promoting his follow-up song, Only You.

21 thoughts on “Only You UCC Video from Rain Generates Big Interest

  1. mmhm yeah dude, he’s hella sexy!
    i just rewatched full house over thanksgiving break
    he’s crazy–so cute yet so sexy, so talented in so many areas MAN x)

  2. As attractive as he looks for some reason I kept wanting to scream “PUT A SHIRT ON!” -_-
    So far I like this song its nice and melodic and it didn’t include the lyrics “bad bad boy.”

  3. YUMMMY ❤

    did anyone else notice …?

    – – – – – his pants were near falling in the end – – – – – – –

    xD ! ! ! KYAAA ❤

  4. see he doesnt need any stage costumes…

    he should just promote in these clothes (or not)!
    cus damn its HOT HOT!

    i think he is the only artist that should be
    allowed to perform shirtless cus he has the bod
    for it, other artist are too skinny and not enough
    muscle and too white….

    i love his broad shoulders…
    this man is just proportioned perfectly!!!!

  5. Hm, somehow that crotch grabbing move was not attractive at all. On another note, this post just seems to copy Minwoo’s recent posts of practice sessions in his studio. Coincidence?

    Although the pants were pulled down too much for my taste, note the tanline he has. Hahaha.

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