Han Ji Min Learning Pilates and North Korean Accent

“I am building up my muscles!”, expressed Han Ji Min who is currently doing pilates and will be making her comeback in SBS Cain and Abel.

Han Ji Min All Ready for Work

According to someone close to Han Ji Min, “Everyone has got the impression that she (Han Ji Min) isn’t in the best of health since her accident while filming Wolf a few years back. But that is really not the case. She has a tremendous energy level and is actually participating in several high intensity exercises everyday.” This friend added that Han Ji Min has been spending in excess of 3 hours and above working out in the gym and doing pilates.

In Cain and Abel, Han Ji Min will play Oh Ji Young, a refugee from North Korea. To make her acting look more realistic in the drama, she has been taking lessons on how to speak with a North Korean accent for 3 hours daily.

Since the conclusion of her saeguk drama Yi San earlier this year, Han Ji Min has been on an extended break to recharge her batteries. She was in Australia for over a month with her sister and then flew to Paris for a fashion show.

Despite being overseas, there were rumors that she was romantically involved with Alex. But that was denied by both camps. Han Ji Min will link up with the production of Cain and Abel tomorrow which is now filming overseas.

8 thoughts on “Han Ji Min Learning Pilates and North Korean Accent

  1. I love her ! she has this cuteness to her appearance 😀 can’t wait to see her role in this drama. she seems to be working really hard to improve herself for this role so best of luck to her !

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  3. Interesting… she’s a rather impressive actress. I really wish that they could’ve completed her drama with Eric in Wolf. It seemed like a lot of potential. Too bad they had an accident. ><

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