Big Bang and Wonder Girls Are Most Listened on Cyworld

You just can’t disconnect Big Bang and the Wonder Girls. Both groups have garnered 11 Cyworld Digital Music Awards amongst themselves since their debut and it’s no wonder that their songs are the most often heard on many Cyworld minihompies. (Off-topic: the Wonder Girls endorsed Baskin Robbins last year and it’s the turn of Big Bang this year. Pure coincidence?)

Wonder Girls and Big Bang Endorse Baskin Robbins

Big Bang will be picking up their 6th Cyworld Digital Music Award on the 8th December thanks to Sunset Glow being Song of the Month for November. The award is given out based on how often the song is used as the background music on Cyworld minihompies. Since October 2006, Big Bang has won five Cyworld Digital Music Awards for La La La, Lies (twice), Last Farewell and Haru Haru. Sunset Glow will thus be Big Bang’s 6th time winning it.

Earlier on 18th November, the Wonder Girls had won Song of the Month for October thanks to Nobody. This was their second consecutive win for Nobody having won it the previous month. Since their debut in 2007, the Wonder Girls have now won the Cyworld Digital Music Awards 5 times for Irony, Tell Me, So Hot and Nobody (twice), equalling Big Bang’s record of 5 wins then.

But barely a month later, Big Bang has edged ahead of the Wonder Girls. They do live up to their reputation as the most popular groups right now.

41 thoughts on “Big Bang and Wonder Girls Are Most Listened on Cyworld

  1. I miss WonderBang. They should do some music drama or special stages like last year. Or even cfs together!!!

  2. so true, so true. we can never separate them hehe
    11 Cyworld digital awards between them?! that’s a huge achievement!
    i love how wonder girls and big bang are taking over the music scene together πŸ™‚

  3. WONDERBANG is doing it BIG!!!
    No doubt the two most popular groups out now…
    Keep the momentum going…and do have a wonderful rest when u go to America next year…aroud the same time…for the same reasons…ahem

  4. both groups made it reaaally big around the same time – with lies and tell me. (who could forget their Tell Me-Lies special stage right?!)
    and since then, they’ve been such powerhouses in the korean industry.

    i mean, who hasnt heard of lies, tell me, last farewell, so hot, haru haru, nobody & sunset glow.

  5. They are extremely popular on Cyworld. I can think of at least a few of my friends who have a song by Big Bang and Wonder Girls on their play list. I was going to buy a song from each group, but I don’t know which song to buy since I like too many, and it is too common on Cyworld. I tend to stick to songs that are not overly played =)

  6. Wonderbang! Wonderbang! Wonderbang! Wonderbang!
    I can never get enough of them. It seem like they will never be apart. Whenever I see Wonderbang on the news I get overly excited. Only that I wish they would do CFs together or collaborate. lol. heehee. But a little about them makes me happy already. Wonderbang will live on 4ever. I hope that there will be more Wonderbang next year 2009. America, here they come. Please make some wonderbang magic happen? lmao! Thank you.

  7. umm big bang also did a CF for baskin robing earlier in the year soo this is their second CF! they did one on the beach! dur

  8. umm big bang also did a CF for baskin robing earlier in the year soo this is their second CF! they did one on the beach! dur not a coincidence πŸ˜›

  9. ohmygosh. the baskin robbins endorsement? that’s EXACTLY what i thought of. i was like… WHOA! WONDERBANG! i saw big bang with their hats, and i immediately thought of the wonder girls with their pink and blue furry hats!

  10. XbabyshakesX, Uhmm, nonetheless, Wonder girls still did the Baskin Robbins CF in 07 and Big Bang did it in 08. DUR.


  11. WonderBANG! Heck yeah, I love ’em both! And together, ahhhh, I love them even more.
    ‘Pure coincidence?’ NO. Pure love! HahAHahah.
    They’re extremely popular on Cyworld, and well everywhere.

    Go Big Bang! I love all their songs. I am so dreaming of another special stage with BB and WG.

  12. its so nice that fans love both groups together and don’t feel jealous.

    even in SMtown, fans of one boy group would get jealous of the girl group and vice versa – and the artists were in the same companies!!! its so great how the WG and BB interactions/special stages/etc are more or less LOVED by both fandoms and both fan groups want to see more. Me included!!! i hope to see at least one special stage by the end of the year. ❀

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  15. yeah probably the most popular groups in cyworld. (dbsk fan here). bitter? nah~ just kiddin’ i love wonderbang too. my ringtone until now is sunset glow..haha..i like it, very catchy song, very cute and lively performances, so no doubt they got that award.

    look at TOP, very serious
    daesung is cute like a baby there, even from far away

    anyway, there will be SBS Gayo Daejeon 2008 right??? im looking forward. ^_^

  16. i guess i’m the only one tired of wonderbang?
    fans kinda make it overkill for me
    but anyways i do love both of them =]
    and they look super cute in that picture

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