No More MCs and Studio Recording For We Got Married

We Got Married is now going through a revamp with Season 2 being planned for 2009 and the next big change will involve scrapping the entire studio recording and together with it, the current 4 MCs on the show, Lee Hyuk Jae, Park Myung Soo, Kang Soo Jung and Jung Hyung Don will also leave.

Lee Hyuk Jae, Park Myung Soo, Kang Soo Jung, Jung Hyung Don

Starting from next week (7th December), We Got Married will not have any MCs hosting the show in a studio (means no more studio audience also) anymore. The show will focus entirely on the couples themselves (means 2 or more additional minutes, what’s the difference?). According to MBC, they hope that this change will be refreshing for viewers and also save a little on production costs. This means that the MCs appeared on the show for the last time on 30th November. Other known changes include the departure of JoongBo couple in mid-December with a new couple replacing them after they depart.

The loss of the MCs plus the studio recording where you could see the couples reaction to their segments is lamentable but it was indeed made surplus to requirements in recent weeks compared to the beginning. Jung Hyung Don will still be on We Got Married as a family member for the Ant couple segment.

There might be a runaway winner but who has been your favourite.

My Own We Got Married MC Review

Lee Hwi Jae – He was pretty ok until he was drafted into becoming a couple with Jo Yeo Jeong. After his undocumented “divorce”, became a MC again but never quite got back his touch. Left the show a few weeks ago.

Lee Hyuk Jae – Never really liked him and I don’t think I ever will. Makes funny remarks occasionally and dovetails well with Jung Hyung Don.

Kim Won Hee – The best MC on the show? Probably. The only MC who offered a female perspective. Her loss was quite a big blow to the show overall.

Jung Hyung Don – Drafted in as a MC after his divorce with Saori. As a MC, he’s pretty awesome with his comments and quick reaction.

Park Myung Soo – Came in as a consultant and didn’t do much. Became a MC and talked a bit more. But sadly, his services is no longer required.

Kang Soo Jung – Came in as replacement for Kim Won Hee. Talked too much in her debut and got complaints. Toned down somewhat in subsequent episodes but still an irritant. At least she left before the program got canned.

79 thoughts on “No More MCs and Studio Recording For We Got Married

  1. wow, that sucks. Although sometimes the MCs voices can be overbearing on top of what is already going on with the couples but sometimes they do add funny and witty comments that add to the comical/romantic effects. I guess MBC is really really trying to cut costs! lol….

    I will miss Joongboooooooooooooo 😥

  2. its a bad move to save money. the mcs and the studio audience was some of the uncommon things for the show that made it different. the show is dying. after joongbo is gone, i really have no reason to watch it anymore.

  3. aish. i won’t watch this anymore >: as soon as the lettuce couple leaves, i won’t watch it. it’s no fun without the mcs. their commentary is always the best part C:

  4. eh…i dont really care anymore..after Hyunjoong and HwangBo leave im probably not even going to watch the show anymore..unless there is a super awsome replacement, but i doubt it…too bad..wish JoongBo couple didnt have to go =(

  5. i’m gonna miss their commentaries…they made it fun (although they override the audio from the clips at times) 😦 i also liked how sometimes the couples on set would add onto bits and pieces to their segments.

  6. that’s gonna be boringgg~

    gosh, WGM gets lamer by the day. I hope Ant couple leaves soon, before they sink together with the drifted WGM-boat!

  7. lolz~~~the show is getting boring & boring~~~
    Although I will continue watching the show…but aishh..we need those MCs since they are darn funny. They created more lively situation when they speak…

    I don’t know~~~

    Makes me a bit sad though~

  8. haha it won’t even make a difference

    but it’ll be werid now, without getting to see them see themselves…

  9. What the hell, are they trying to get people to stop watching the show?! The audiences and MCs reactions make funny or sweet or scary or sad scenes 10x more enjoyable. I understand that they’re just trying to save a little on production costs but this is going to suck big time. :/

    I really don’t think I’m going to like the 2nd season.

    & to answer the poll, I thought WonHee was the best MC. I was super sad when she left. SooJung was the worst (though she’s getting better). She talks too much and it’s just endless chatter, nothing helpful.

  10. I thought comments Alex made during the studio recording in many of the episodes really insightful. Better than most of the things said by the actual MCs.

  11. i can’t help but laugh at all the comments that is posted by all of you. it is funny and humourous.
    I’ve a bad feeling that this PD nim will get a hard time been bash by all the fans of each couple and audiences who is watching this show. I really hope the oldest couple which is the ant couple will leave this show soon as some of you have mentioned that this wgm is going to ‘sink’.

  12. WGM is gonna save A LOT of money. Not having to pay the MCs, productions, and studio.

    But I’m so gonna miss it, I like the MCs witty remarks.

  13. AHH…Kim won hee was awesome i have to say!!
    but i think they could reduce the amount of MC’s instead of just taking them out!!!!
    Still i will watch the show..i love Hwanhee/ Hwayobi..they are hilarious ^^ i’m curious who is gonna replace lettuce couple!!

  14. huh no comments through the whole show?! that is SUPER BAD. i actually enjoyed watching the couples’ reactions whenever they talk about each other during the interviews! really bad move…

  15. kim won hee just was perfect….very sad when she left….
    but Lee Hyuk Jae was always my fav…the studio was actually part of the fun….the comments, studio laugh…aish…but then again it got really weird when they changed the stage…didn’t have the same aura…oh well

  16. i really liked the MC’s comment at times.. they were funny too
    i liked Kim Won Hee the best.
    she is just funny and is great.. lol

    the new format so far is interesting..
    i can’t wait to see who the new couples are

  17. feedback/comments from the studio itself, I think, is partly what made the show fun. Back in the beginning(earlier episodes) comments from the MCs and the couples themselves about the others and about their respective “spouses” was funny and interesting. It was nice to see their reactions and comments in the “little box in the corner” and when they watched each others “confessions” in the confessional (or black room/solo interview room-whatever u wanna call it lol).
    I feel, it would be a great loss to the show without all that.
    I mean, recently I guess… since the new PD came along…the studio comments have been cut down ALOT. Not to mention, the “little box in the corner”. Since the newer couples came ..I’ve noticed they don’t comment much. You hear HwanYobi couple laughing but thats about it.

    With all that said, I truly believe no other group can beat what I call, “the cream-of-the-crop couples” (AlShin/JoongBo/AnBi/Ant)!!

  18. Another show that died because management just had to make it “more interesting”. It’s like X-Man, I loved that show, but then they had the New X-Man and I was like “WTF!?”.

  19. i think this means that you wont get to see the in studio reaction to some of those video confessions… which i think added a lot to the dynamics of the relationship rather than the show. but it will be an adjustment…
    i think the life of WGM will live or die by the casting of the new couple. they need to really be able to draw attention in, other wise it’s just a downward spiral.

  20. I’m actually okay. The MCs were not needed for the show and now they they don’t WGM tying them down they can move on to other shows that might be better suited for them.
    I think this is a smart move since we didn’t care much for the studio recordings since it didn’t impact the show much at all and it wasted most of their time sitting for an hour.

  21. for MCs, they should cut out to 2MCs only, no need that much MCs in one show that doesnt provide enuf air time for alll couples

    – the female MCs if not someone good, then no need one either to make it worse. KSJ is worse, she talk toooooo much and on irrelevant stuffs, and interrupt the most crucial part. she need to do some self-reflect

    – PMS is boring now after he got married, he doesnt say much anymore nor funny,

    – LHJ, gotta agree wif coolsmurf. after his “divorce w/o reason” and come back as MC is jst bad. He seem to get bore with the show. He uses to be lively during the beginning of the show.

    HyungDon & Hyuk Jae is the best, they’r work well together as MCs

    Without audiences, the show will be “silent” and could ended up “boring”. PD should show more studio interaction than jst showing clips
    I love studio interactions and audiences responses

    Im still watching bcos of HwanYobi, and hopefully there will be more interesting couples cast in as well.

  22. Wow I really liked the MCs comments on the sidelines. This way there actually losing more money. No MCs + No Studio = Less viewers = Less advertising money…. That was a great decision to save really <.<

  23. Honestly, they needed a good MC like Kim Wonhee again. Gosh, I love her! She gave such a good perspective. I have to agree with you Coolsmurf and say that Lee Hwi Jae was good before he got drafted as a couple. After that it was kind of downhill. T.T I don’t know how I’ll feel about this new concept, but we shall see indeed. The MCs *are* kind of superfluous when you think about it.

  24. The studio part is the reality part of the show for fans to see the couple in their “normal state” and to see them watching their scenes actually has a psychological attraction/ effect to each couple to see what their “spouse” do/ feel and say. Hence, higher probability of their real couple devt. That’s just my thoughts..but with this being cut..hmmm as much I still love watching WGM….i hope something good comes along the way.

  25. I wonder when this show started to go wrong. Oh I remember, it’s during Olympics and when they started to cancel shows and people moved to family outing. I still love we got married. I never really got the point of the studio anyways and MCs talking in the background was annoying sometimes because I couldn’t hear what the couples are saying.

    But I wonder if they can replace someone as great as joongbo ssangchu couple. They are a classic.

    First andy solbi leaves… then alex shinhae leaves.. then now it’s ssangchu. How sad. All my favorite couples booo.

    Ant couple doesn’t seem like a wedded couple anymore. More like just a regular family of siblings.

    I hope the couple replacing ssangchu will be someone fun. Possibly wondergirl and kyujong???????? lol probably not. I would be happy though

  26. The way the PDs are doing things… it is like a competition “what can I do to make WGM crash and die further”…

    s o o o i r r i t a t i n g…

    it wouldn’t be so bad if they’d come up with better replacement ideas… I still am a big fan of e show, but really, e producers are testing fan loyalty..

  27. My favorite MC was kim won hee and after she was gone i liked don don. Eventhough i do not like some of the MCs, I really like the studio bits and the comments from the MCs it add extra fun to the show.

  28. i just hope they take out the don don out of the Ant’s’s so damn boring seeing them fight -_-

  29. the news about we got married goes on my nerv… now no mcs… whats the problem? i like it that they give comments it´s made good and funny feel… i mean ok it is too much with 4 mcs at the same time but that made we got married more funnier… mhhh we got married made me sad

  30. “…atleast she left the show before the show gets canned.”


    It’s really not funny but unless the original main couple (Andy & Solbi, Alex & ShinAe) returns to the show, WGM is likely to go downhill.

    Worst, Crown J & In Young are more annoying with Don Don around. I thought I’d get to like him but he irritates me more! Everything about them seem more scripted now.

    Also, Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo are leaving… the Ant couple might as well leave before being blamed for not keeping the show interesting!

  31. this blows. sigh the economic downfall blows. maybe…. with no mcs for like 2 weeks… they’ll know how bad the ratings will get… and WILL BRING THE MCS BACK. BRING THEM BACK I SAY! XD

  32. one more thing, the show’s becoming really scripted (except for the joongbo couple) i love all the couples so yeah…. i do not mean to be biased… but the more the PDs get involved with it the more i feel it’s scripted… which bugs me.

  33. Boo!
    Without the MC’s funny comments, WGM will become boring -.-“…
    All my favourite couples are going one by one..
    Anbi, Alshin and now Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo :/.

  34. no would be sooo boring…

    andy and solbi leave the show..the show got low ratings…compare to their previous ratings.,..

    are the PDs thinking???
    what kind of strategy is that???

    non sense,,,

    a show without MCs/hosts and also audience???


  35. this really suck! dang! they will lose a lot of viewers after the departure of JoongBo, they will lose more once the this set up continues… darn!

  36. tottaly unacceptable…!!! no MCs, no studio recording, no audience……thats mean it becomes a documentary show…but not a usual program of WGM anymore…WTH !!!!

  37. to tell truth Ilove the idea of the studio and that the couple and MC watching and giving comment it stupid move Iwill not watch anymore it will be boring

  38. i like the studio part, it’s when couple reacts about their segments and it’s when they see others interviews, i think that it’s not the change that fans wanted in the first place, if only they put another Female MC with Jung Hyung Don hosting WGM i would be fine…

    i think the pds are starting to get desperate 😛

  39. I have to say I like this plan actually. They just took out all the things that the tv viewers do on their own to save production costs. I already make side comments just like the MCs and I have no problem going “Oooo” and “Ahhhh” like the audience.

  40. That’s stupid, we’re gonna miss out on the MC’s comments. I’m glad dondon is gonna still be there. [I’m surprised he’s 2nd place right now even though a lot of people hate him.] It’s not even a full year of “we got married” and yet they’re changing everything so quickly. They’re probably gonna go another season and then stop there.

  41. And so begins the end of WGM.
    Prepare your tissues and whiny voices because the way things look right now WGM won’t make it farther then season 2. =/

  42. Whaaat? That’s just ridiculous. They’re just digging their own graves even deeper. That’s so dumb. I like hearing and seeing the reactions of the audience and the other couples towards the other couples being shown. DUMB! WGM is dead! DEAD! DEAD, I TELL YOU!

    …after Joongbo leaves.

  43. This is the END for WGM…when the Lettuce couple leaves this mid-December, all hell will break loose 😦

  44. i lost touch with the show… i really don’t like hwanyobi couple… it’s really boring… and i thought they might be the cute couple replacing AnBi couple…

    seriously… unless they bring some interesting young couple into the show to spice it up… otherwise… it’s not even worth my time to watch it… sigh…

  45. This is really stupid how they are getting rid of the MCs and studio recording. Without them, we won’t get to hear the funny remarks and explanations from the couples. It is just going to become a show that is simply reality television without any “side-notes”. I guess they wanted to get rid of the whole studio recording since a lot of couples have already “divorced”, but because the shows come out weeks later, they are still forced to see each other all the time T.T It makes sense, but still.. It is not like the couples show up all the time anyway.

  46. I think 4 MCs is over the top. 2 is probably more than enough. Cutting out the studio will definitely reduce costs, like lighting and the MCs paychecks, but still… I think that’s what made people attracted to it. >< Sad.

  47. Hmm, I wonder if the show will incorporate canned laughter/oooo’s and ahhh’s in place of the live studio audience.

  48. I won’t be suprise if your next article would be ” WGM got cancelled!!”.Couples are leaving, MC’s are leaving… the last would be the PD together with the show is leaving…

  49. i miss we got married.. it was a great show… i wish there would be some hope for it to be better and last longer

  50. so im guessing.. the joongbo couple wont be seeing each other on their final appearance in wgm this december since there wont be any studio time.. i was really hoping that they get reunited this month since their farewell last ooctober but oh well… it all went down the drain,..

  51. well.. sounds interesting. let’s see how far WGM could survive with the new concept. really anticipate it a lot..

  52. ‘This is the END for WGM…when the Lettuce couple leaves this mid-December, all hell will break loose’

    rofl! i hate them to leave. once they leave i will stop watching. unless the new couples are fun xD

  53. In these hard times… they need to cut te budget… or they’d end up like that kko kko show >_<

    I like Park Myung Soo 🙂 Lee Won Hee was interesting too… Lee Hyuk Jae gives some good comments sometimes… the rest are pretty much pointless to have around… like Jung Hyung Don… he can’t give any relevant comments since he’s not in a couple 😛

  54. You know what they should do…have Minwoo & Amy be a couple in the show, since they are going out anyways :).

  55. Are you kidding? Will there still at least be laughing in the background like in Infinity Challenge? LOL! I think PMS & that latest girl should have been fired, he doesn’t DO anything & she talks too much. Sad…Sad… I have a feeling the ratings will drop soon…

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