Mirotic Among Others Deemed Inappropriate For Youths

After judging that Rain’s Rainism was harmful and detrimental to youths last week, the Commission of Youth Protection has acted again by labelling DBSK’s Mirotic, Solbi’s Do It Do It, Trust Me and Make Up Sex from Dynamic Duo’s 4th album, etc in the same category as Rainism. This has created an uproar once again in Korea with the ruling taking effect from this week onwards.

Rain, DBSK, Solbi, Dynamic Duo Under Fire from The Commission of Youth Protection

According to sources, the Commission of Youth Protection usually examines around 100 songs every month to see if they are harmful or detrimental to youths in Korea. But this is the first time that their scope is targeted specifically towards popular mainstream singers in Korea right now. In the last month alone, 110 songs were judged to be inappropriate with 32 of them Korean songs, setting a new record in the process. The reason for banning Mirotic was the same as Rainism in that part of the lyrics were inappropriate.

The ruling will come into effect from 4th December with the song being banned from playing on tv or radio before 10pm. The Mirotic album will have stickers affixed to them that indicates “unsuitable for people under 19 years old”. The song lyrics will have to be modified if they are going to perform this during concerts or events. Action will be taken if any of the above are flouted.

Although affected singers and their companies have expressed that they will adhere to the ruling, they can’t fathom the reasoning behind the ban.

Industry critics feel that this will only heap more misery on the already suffering music industry. And one wonders if the “19-only” stickers restricting the sale of affected albums will actually have any effect. DBSK for example are already done with promoting Mirotic and are actually in the midst of promoting their follow-up song Wrong Number. With album sales already exceeding 300,000, it also means that most of their fans have already gotten the album already.

A Disney-friendly Korean music industry in future? Hope not.

84 thoughts on “Mirotic Among Others Deemed Inappropriate For Youths

  1. Oh dear…they’re taking this a bit too far, aren’t they? I see no reason as to why any of the songs needed to be banned~

  2. omg mirotic?!?!?!
    i swear, i didn’t even pay attention to the lyric until these articles come up about the Commission of Youth Protection banning their songs and stuff
    i didn’t even think about this in a “wrong” say or anything until reading these
    but i’m not blaming coolsmurf or anything
    i meant, before these people made such a big deal out of it all, i didn’t even know!
    hopefully, it won’t go TOO far in the future and all we have left are bubble-gum songs

  3. it can’t be heard before 10 pm???
    that’s ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!! that means they can’t sing it (Without changing the lyrics) in shows anymore?
    ughhh…. go cassiopeias!!!! they’ll do something!

  4. Hm…I didn’t really care with Rainism because I hated the song to begin with, haha (sorry fans). And honestly, one of the things I like about Asian entertainment is that much of it (note I said “much,” not all) refrains from unnecessary sexualization, unlike too much American material. But this is a little too far. 19 and up? Just for suggestiveness? 0.o Well…all I can say is, the stickers aren’t going to work very well, lol.

  5. Rain: No offence, but the lyrics were seriously explicit. I support him too 🙂

    Solbi: i haven’t read the lyrics yet, but I heard the song before. WHY?!?

    TVXQ: Ok, I don’t get it at all.
    Even with all the “slave” and the “You want me” stuff, It is kinda explicit, but not as bad as Rainism.

    Even though I’m Korean, Korea’s making a big deal out of little things. I also heard that one girl was arrested JUST BECAUSE SHE CHEATED ON HER HUSBAND. i don’t get it. 19 and up? Half-Maybe quarter of the fans are 15-17-ish.I think. Oh well, good thing most of them already bought their albums 🙂

  6. this is getting ridiculous. man, these commissioners need to start listening to amercian music. it’s like 100x worse >:

  7. Wow! i am really astonished…i thought Rainism was fine, no need to ban…but man! Mirotic…wth?? lol i love both the songs..cant believe this..lol

  8. because of this restriction, people (even non-dbsk fans) went to search up the song and find the lyrics of it…

    seriously…this isn’t a promotional gimmeck?

  9. i thought SM submitted the lyrics, i guess they did not win ei?

    anyway, it will not affect the sales too much. cassies will do anything. haha.

    For the Commission of Youth Protection, you’re the one who is dirty, stupid.

    @coolsmurf, Thanks for the article.

  10. psh. old school koreans should just stop. so conservative all the time. -_-”
    i guess it’s like culture shock for us cause the worst mainstream korean stuff wouldn’t be banned here. besides americans only have stickers on the albums with lots of profanity in them..

  11. Meh. Banning Mirotic won’t affect TVXQ’s sales. Funny how even SM is confused as to why it’s banned, rofl.

  12. That’s so dumb…then what about Hyori’s Mr. Big and her album name? This is retarded…there aren’t even curses…they should read English lyrics once in a while -__-;;

  13. thye should stop doing that -__- 19 only? suuuuure…cassiopea could get their mother to buy that album..lol..good that they are promoting Wrong NUmber..plus they are banning all the catchy songs!!!

  14. How is Mirotic inappropriate? The lyrics contain nothing of the sort that Rainism has. They probably read “Under My Skin” and said, “Ooh. Under. Skin. Baaaad!”

    Psh. If they want to create a more family-friendly image then they should maybe ban some girl groups’ (ehem. Wondergirls) dances with their skimpy outfits. But they probably won’t because those ajusshis are having way too much fun watching them shake their young booties. Gah. This just annoys me.

  15. E: “That’s so dumb…then what about Hyori’s Mr. Big and her album name? This is retarded…there aren’t even curses…they should read English lyrics once in a while -__-;;”

    Exactly my point! They don’t ban the ones in need of banning. Because why? Because they can’t get enough of the ladies. Super annoying.

  16. Well guess what? Hope that the lyricists improved enough to not write something like: my d*ck in your V*gina, i masturbate… next time so we don’t have to go througuh this whole situation again.

  17. When I first heard Bi’s “Rainism” and DBSG’s “Mirotic,” my jaw dropped, not necessarily because it was offensive to me personally or anything, but just because it was so.. nasty.

    But I also don’t really think it’s the government’s role to step in and deem anything inappropriate.. I swear Korea still lives 19th century. There are plenty of American songs that are worse than these two, and you don’t see the government stepping in..

    How about solving worse problems, like beef importing, North Korea’s nuclear missile, relations with Japan, the failing economy, etc.?!

  18. why do they think so dirty….
    cause if they thought of the song in a nice way
    they wouldnt have to deem this inappropriate…
    the songs are dirtyy if you go into deep thinking and apply the lyrics to dirty knowledge

    theres alot more songs that are dirtier than those peoples songs….such as the songs in the US market….

  19. They need to chill with this explicit stuff, it’s not that serious. Actually, its not serious at all because its not explicit.

  20. omo! why they have to banned the song.. it’s ady good okay.. and the rainism thing.. it’s no the same song!! it’s diff k… aish~ i’m so pissed off…. they going a lil bit far this time..~ T__T

  21. korean artists definitely have a problem promoting their music even without this ban. i think its the use of new gimmicks every time they release a album. fans dont know what to expect anymore.

  22. WTH !

    Seriously, look at american mvs.. they are 10x more inappropriate than these mvs..

    us (audiences) enjoy that sex appeal .. what’s wrong with it? they aren’t doing each other on the stage for crying out loud ! Kids aren’t going to be running around the streets naked because they saw celebrities touching their own bodies.

    Wow i gotta say i’m greatly disappointed in this new “ban”
    How about we change all korean songs to children songs?

    Sorry for my language but i’m just stating my opinion.

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  24. wow good thing there done serioulsy good they don’t listen to American music. There is nothing wrong with miroctic geez dbsk are Asian idols that song wasnt meant to be whatever wrong it does ! Love Korean entertainment but common now

  25. This banning thing are going a bit too far.. – and frankly, llike most of you write: the more they ban, the mere the youngster do the opposite.

    But I do think that label(not banning) a CD is ok? – I mean.. just to inform the parents?
    – that way the parents can decided whether they want to buy the cd (for their kid) or not.
    It’s like food. – its good with information on a product.

    “Inform and let the people Decide”
    “Inform and Force the people to do it”

  26. why won´t anyone do something about this?! REally.. Now when also DBSK are targeted I think and hope that “fierce” cassiopeia will do some kind of reaction to this.. Rain´s fans are all above the 19th age, well in general, I´m personally not.. but anyways, they won´t do much and aren´t infamous for being a strong and wild crowd, unlike DBSK´s fans who have more or less infamous images.. no offence.. but do something about it DBSK-lovers,it´s now the time!

  27. MIROTIC ??????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ WHATS WRONG WITH THAT SONG !!!!!! is that mean korean music industry will only produce children n religious song !!!! WTH !!!!!!! ~what axactly happening in korea entertainment industry right now ?????!!!!!

  28. wtf…. there is absolutely nothing wrong with ‘mirotic’
    magic sticks are one thing…. but man, koreans are really wacky ._.

  29. MIROTIC.. -.-

    it doesn’t even sounds inappropriate. they always seem to misinterpret it. -.- & if mirotic is inappropriate, think about western music. sheesh.

    i thought they’ll be more open minded.

  30. WTH?!
    What do they expect?

    Songs about rainbows and kittens.
    Should DBSK get all Barney on us.


    It’s annoying because they are totally opressing the voices of our youth.

  31. Ah! I feel sorry for Korean Artist. They can’t even have a decent song because of the lyrics. I guess that’s why a lot of Artist promote their music outside of Korea. Well, Thank you coolsmurf.

  32. lol
    i know this gonna happen sooner or later
    and it did
    even when i listen to it first
    and after what happened to rainism
    i was thinking hmm…mayb mirotic will be soon
    and yea xD
    but i dun find the wrong of alrdy keep on singing it
    even in japanese or korean
    cause i don’t take the lyric to be thought about
    cause i don’t think like that

  33. this Commission of Youth Protection should start evaluating american songs. seriously. korean songs have lyrics that make them seem like barney songs compared to a lotta american songs O_o

    they really need to back off. this is getting so ridiculous. i was actually laughing when rain’s song got banned, but this is downright stupid.

  34. Well, I had a feeling after reading the english lyrics of Mirotic that somethin’ would happen. It’s funny though, how SuJu H’s Pajama Party got away with their lyrics. It’s kinda just as sexual as Mirotic’s. But (!) their’s was hidden with a cutey look XD

  35. srsrly their is nothing bad in Mirotic unless u wanna start analyzing the song like and find the stupidest things to target…this getting me soo MAD ahh so how bout SNSD and Wonder Girls theirs nothing wrong w/ their MVS?? OMG ahh

  36. Have u guys actually seen the eng sub for the Mirotic song?
    Some of the lyrics might give “blue” impression to conservative people …

  37. According to popseoul, Mirotic was deemed “inappropriate” because they argued that “crystal” referrred to sperm and “red ocean” to a woman’s menstruation.

    WTF, how ridiculous & perverted.

  38. I like the korean music because is fresh, I was a little tired with some american music with their EXTREME dirty meanings.

    BUT I love sexy and sexual songs too, because its part of what we are.

    These people is old in their minds and hypocrite too, they are trying to shut up their younger people, not gonna work.
    It never does.

  39. oh gosh ! its not like they’re jumping up and down naked while singing the song right !? this is the 21st century , remember ?

  40. They should worry more about the high suicide rates than lyrics that are “inappropriate”. I can understand why they can be misinterpreted as inappropriate, but rather than hunting down songs like the ones mentioned in the article, shouldn’t they be labeling songs with violence and such instead?

    c’mon, rainism was so much more inappropriate than Mirotic, and I’m not even sure if the claims in Mirotic are valid


  42. crazy craps~ it’s dirty if you want it to be dirty~
    freaking bored oldies sitting there with absolutely no life or nothing to do~

  43. UGH. OMG those retarded are so stupid.
    Cant believe they banned DBSK’s Mirotic.
    that just ruins everythinggg.
    those ppl srsly needs to find something to do other than banning mainstream pop songs.

  44. i don’t get the reason why bring snsd, & wonder girls in this .

    anyway WTH , i mean i can understand a little bit with rainism but i read the lyric to mirotic many time & i don’t see anything bad about it. but i don’t think it matter LOL the boys already stop promoting it anyway. & their album sales is doing well too.

  45. dude, seriously?!?!?!?!?! LOL PATHETIC!!!!

    “According to popseoul, Mirotic was deemed “inappropriate” because they argued that “crystal” referrred to sperm and “red ocean” to a woman’s menstruation.”
    LMAO 😛

  46. *sigh* these people!…they sure don’t know what music is really about…if songs like mirotic,rainism etc. are banned then what about all those american hiphops,raps & r&b’s..those people sure need to listen to any of Eminem’s songs…the lyrics are almost full of &^&#$7gs…& if they call mirotic & rainism “19-only” then wonder if they’ll label US hiphops as “60-only”…sorry for being sarcastic here but if this keeps on going then korean album sales market is sure gonna drown..well it’s already in drowning state anyways…

  47. oh @ selva….yeah i read that news as well…seriously they’re too pathetic to label crystal as %^$%…it’s probably because those guys dont’ know what TVfXQ means & reason behind the name cassiopeia…& heck they reffered red ocean as ^&^%7…*sigh* do they not know that cassiopeia means red & the “red ocean” in the song were actually reffered to those massive amount of “red ballons” that cassiopeia holds whenever there’s TVXQ event…the problem is not the song.. it’s actually of those Committee people & the way they see the song…wonder when will they realize that not all people r like them..always thinking of censored things…

  48. The government is just wasting time on unimportant topics… why don’t they do something about the suicide rates before they turn to censoring the music industry 😛

  49. which part of the song “mirotic” had an inappropriate meaning??O.o

    oh well, we’ll always love DBSK!!

  50. i don’t mind the sticker, i mean most of the CDs ive ever bought has had them, not a biggy.
    BUT the whole can’t play the song before 10pm and having them sing the EDITED at a concert? is completely stupid. >__> the fans don’t want to hear edits, we want the original thing. depriving that from the audience will cause WAR, haha!
    gawd, people are just so closed minded and laaaame!!!

  51. hmm, even if u listened to DD’s ‘make up sex’, it didnt even sounded like the word ‘sex’ when they sing it. more like ‘se’

  52. Wow, such a conservative country. You know restrictions like this, lead to negative things such as.. high rate of crimes. I don’t know why they don’t ban rap songs or Britney Spear’s song from Korea.. because that song really is inapproriate. I guess they haven’t heard America’s song or videos. COME ON PEOPLE, stop being uptight.. but whatever, the problem is that you’re banning something that’s been out for months.. that’s messed up, not only to the fans but artistes too.

  53. What’s wrong with mirotic, lol? xDDD

    All they’re saying is that they’ve got someone crazy for them. o_O

    And Solbi’s song too?

    This is going overboard, isn’t it?

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  55. someone has a stick up their @$$.

    gosh. the only way they can feel/look like they’re doing their jobs (censoring things) is to target the popular songs and make as much noise as possible. that way it looks like what they’re doing is important (when it’s not), and continue getting funding/keeping their [redundant] jobs.

  56. This is bull, they already know that most of the fans already got the original copy of Mirotic already so whats the point of changing it? Bullll.

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