Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jong Kook Shows Chemistry on Family Outing

Cha Tae Hyun appearance on Family Outing this past Sunday saw an increase of 1 percentage point as it got 26.1%. But it still lost out to KBS 1N2D who edged slightly ahead at 26.41%. MBC We Got Married got only 14.2%.

Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jong Kook on Family Outing

The inclusion of Cha Tae Hyun as a guest family member has attracted the attention of many with with goofball antics. In yesterday’s episode, Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jong Kook were in charge of making breakfast. The both of them showed excellent chemisty (best of friends off-screen) with their comedic performance creating lots of laughter. They also re-enacted scenes from Cha Tae Hyun’s movie My Sassy Girl as part of the sleeping ranking game.

There’s also good news for SBS commercial-wise other than high ratings. Every sunday, when Family Outing airs on tv, 4 billion won of advertising dollars would roll into their coffers. Even after taking away the production cost, artistes’ appearance fees, etc, SBS still earns in excess of 2 billion won.

According to a SBS staff, “The Korean economy might be suffering but it has led to a demand for advertisers to place their money on programs that still do exceptionally well especially in the ratings department. Despite the fact that you have to pay more because everyone wants a share of the pie, advertisers don’t seem to mind that one bit. And with Family Outing ratings being in the upper echeleons of 20%, it has become the top choice for advertisers.”

If you want to join a team to make english subtitles for Family Outing, head on over to where talented people who can commit and have patience are being recruited.

42 thoughts on “Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jong Kook Shows Chemistry on Family Outing

  1. I’m so happy for Family Outing! It really is a great show. MC Yoo is so hilarious. Hyori’s so funny, too. DAESUNG is love. Stepmother Sooro and Chunderella are perfect. Ye Jin is so unexpectedly fearless. Jong Shin is the best. KJK just makes it even better.

    Ah, I’m so excited for future releases for the subs.

    Wasn’t there a fansubbing team for FO? I haven’t checked in a while – did they move their website?

  2. I loved that episode… I was laughing so hard when they were trying to find the thing they need and they kept getting nothing until the end lol…

    FO.Fansubs is still subbing the show but they’re keeping the subs to limited people.. the reason is that they are limiting it is that it is punishment to those that gave them negative and harsh criticisms..

    the one Alvin linked to is an all-new team on subbing FO.. so an alternative to FO.Fansubs..

  3. this show has to be the top because every time they invite a guest it’s either someone super famous or hardly on variety that is what draws audience hahaha so good luck to the other programs that is trying to beat this show…..

  4. mmm,just wanna give an information..actully this week top chart for sunday night program is 1N2D,the rating for 1N2D this week is 26.8%..also FO only beat 1N2D the past 5 weeks,not 11 weeks..ok all thus above is only for information..bcoz just like 1N2D PDs, they dont really care about the rating problem, they only care about giving the audience the best program..ilbakiil fighting!

  5. Korea needs to release or atleast be ‘okay’ with people subbing this series. It’s great to watch but why be so greedy with the copyrights?

  6. hey… may i know where to watch family outing??
    there’s not much englished subbed ones on youtube..
    any sugesstions?


  7. if it wasn’t for immature idiotic people … we’d all be watching subbed F.O. episodes …. crap .. left out in the dark!!!

  8. i wouldn’t say 14.2% is bad… at 17% something is considered to be a succes…so they are just a little under…

  9. That was halarious.
    Especially the game section of F.O this week when Kim Jong Kook just kept grabbing people and flinging them away from the giant marshmellow. He’s like superman haha.

  10. in reality, 1 night 2 days have higher ratings then the 16% reported since the happy sunday section includes the other program, and because of the low ratings of that show, the rating for that section go down as a whole cause of a dropped average. I’ll say that 1night and 2 days are not that far behind in terms of ratings. They are over 20% for sure, not sure how high the ratings actually are though.

  11. i love family outing ❀ i always watch it and wait for the next episode to come out (: especially the latest one with cha tae hyun making breakfast with KJK was extrememly funny xD like the ssancho and senorita part =)

    andd thanks alvin for the part about subtitle stuff…i might look into that and see if i can help πŸ˜€

  12. hehe agreed with everything written about 1N2D as a single rating they are doing better than FO, but as a whole sunday lineup program they are not! but single ratings is all that matters! soo yup yup! 1N2D beat out FO! THANK GOD!

  13. There is seriously no episode I hate to watch. I love everything about Family Outing. XD This one was great too. I loved their reenactment. Hilarious~!!

  14. I used to be a hardcore WGM fan, but after watching FO a few weeks ago and with WGM declining anyway, I’ve totally converted!! I just wish people would sub the episodes regularly and possibly upload them on veoh, youtube, or other sites like these for easy access. >.<

  15. it would be nice though if it is included in the article about 2d1n real ratings as a single show.
    cause they are obviously the higher one here
    just doesnt want people to be misled and confused over two diff article
    others are saying about 2d1n overtake the number one rating already…

  16. I’m one of the new viewers of Family Outing, but it immediately attracted my attention. MC Yoo is indeed a great MC, he’s really devoted to what he does. I wish Hyori would respect him more not as the MC but as one of the older guys around.

  17. This show totally ROCKS! Even without all the awesome guest stars, I’d still watch it cause the rest of the Family members are so freakin’ hilarious!

  18. I’m so happy more ppl are watching this show cause it’s so funny! I love the relationships between all the family members! Especially the dumb/dumber brothers and Hyori/MC Yoo(nation’s siblings)! They really do act like bickering brother/sister!

  19. Pls correct your blog as your information is incorrect. FO did NOT trump 1N2D this week in terms of single show ratings. 1N2D single rating average is 26.48% according to ..

  20. Just got done watching the whole episode and I have to say, Cha Tae Hyun is super hilarious! Never knew he could be so funny!
    This is the best new show! Can’t wait for next week’s episode!

  21. No mater what I love 1n2d a lot more than FO. And I like the fact that 1n2d doesn’t try so hard to change anything. In fact I love the PD’s for 1n2d because they don’t consistently change the chemistry between the members of it.

  22. I love FO but I love 2D1N even more!!
    The chemistry between 6 awesome guys really hooked me up.

    Probably it’ll be much better for me to understand FO, if it subbed. And as for the new subbers…fighting!! You guys are awesome

  23. CTH-KJK chemistry is totally awesome. CTH is super hilarious and fits right in with the rest of the Family members.

    Thanks for the info on the new subbing team of luck to the new subber group.

  24. Would’ve been better if CTH appeared together with Bi/Rain since they’re both good friends too and they’re very playful!

    MC Yoo managed to bring a bit of comedy into the show (he sure is a very good presenter/MC!).

    I’m hoping that they’ll show another indoor variety games, like Xman or Loveletter, which were fun to watch, lots of celebrities at the same time & very entertaining,not so much of this so called ‘reality’ shows!!! I wish..I wish..I wish… (cross my fingers)

  25. yay! i really hope a good english subber team will be formed for FO! πŸ˜€ i’ve been loving FO lots.

    and oh cha tae hyun and kim jong kook are good friends off screen?! that i didnt know! πŸ˜€

    this ep will be so interesting πŸ˜›

    will you be doing summaries for FO?

  26. yeah i remember that ep!

    They were both going on and on doing that mexican accent, making breakfast and playing with that praying mantis!
    “Senorii–tta!” ahha, funny esp when they made daesung do it too.

  27. woo~ congrats!
    that two episodes with cha tae hyun was really fun!
    especially the breakfast one!
    sanzu ganzu! lol!
    jongkook following his best friend and kidding around ^^
    glad they asked kimjongkook to stay as permanent member!
    im sure the ratings will keep increasing =D

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