We Got Married Episode 36 Picture Summary + English Softsubs

No matter how inmmature or a big liar (even though it was for the good of winning the affection of his wife), Marco has that endearing charisma that draws you in. His endless stream of bananas, use of the “killer” quote, constant kneeling, his inaccurate Korean, etc are all very interesting. Part 2 of Marco’s romantic date with Dambi continues in this episode. And it looks lovely.


Counting down already? The JoongBo couple had been foreshadowing their split in the last episode. This time, they continue their competitive streak against each other at the ice skating ring with their own Winter Olympics.


Maybe Hyung Don despite being the “lightbulb” in the Ant family, has some good left in him as In Young changes for the better? Surprise, surprise as Seo In Young the witch prepares a surprise for her Seobang, Crown J.


As much as I found the Hwanyobi couple interesting, that was until they moved into the Hanok (korean traditional house) last week. It was quite bland the last time round so hopefully it would be better this week. The food looks good.


We Got Married E36 Downloads (thanks to awesome muish)
Download the softsub at megaupload or mediafire uploaded by muish & tna. Download episode 36 from Clubbox (1.0GB) or from K-Aigo.

I gotta hold my hands up and admit I was prejudiced towards the new couples initially. I had been shunning their segments since they appeared and I agreed I have not been fair to them. But it was just the PD’s fault frankly for making me feel that way. Regardless, I decided to give them a go and managed to catch up watching everything that I missed and it wasn’t too bad actually. Even the family idea, putting Hyung Don into the Ant family, I could stomach that as well.

I still like We Got Married I have to admit, it’s just different.

45 thoughts on “We Got Married Episode 36 Picture Summary + English Softsubs

  1. wow…looks like the theme was romantic date?
    Marco is really improving….his going into the water thing was the most romantic thing i’ve ever seen on WGM. too bad he can’t keep a straight face more than 5 secs….
    I think i’m going to keep on watching this despiste my fav couple leaving soon…

    I like the new pdnim’s sense of humor..

  2. Ugh. As much as I try to remain interested in this show, it’s just really still disappointing for me to not see the original faves anymore.

    Granted, I love Ant-couple and I’m rooting for them all the way! (80% of possible dating! woot!) But since Lettuce couple will soon be leaving too, it makes me even more sad.

    Hope they make a lil reunion or something in the future.

    BTW – what news of Al-shin and An-bi?

  3. Ah. I don’t know what to say. My next favourite couple is going away in two weeks time. I’ve prepared myself to cry happily next week. they have brought me laughter through the past few months and brought us attention to them as well as some other meaningful perspectives in my life~. wish them to be successful in what ever they do!

  4. I found Marco really endearing ..notice, past tense. I just realize how I much I dislike his “type”. Grown man act like he’s 10.

  5. marco is a “no go” he is a lier and very crazy (negative way)!!! i do not like him… poor son dambi

    ooooh so cute ant couple… not boring anymore

    hwayobi cool as always

    lettuce couple is awesome… everybody must cry that they will leave because they are entertaining with so much love and new crazy activities. love them!
    lettuce couple fighting!

  6. Yup I feel the same way to… I like Marco much better now (he use to piss me off before) and I can also apreciate the stiff Son Dambi now !

    Frankly things have to move on, couples won’t be forever on TV but.. I still can’t bear the thought of having the cute couple JoongBo to leave… >o<
    I still hope that they may come back on WGM like did the Alshin couple…

  7. well. i didn’t like joongbo couple that much when they first came on the show.. but now i love them.
    same thing with the new couples. i’m getting used to them now.
    i can’t wait to see this episode!

  8. Yeah it is just different!

    I hope the Hwanyobi couple move back into the old house though, I didn’t like the last episode but I guess that was just introductory. Actually I liked when Hwanhee pretended not to be good at skipping, it’s like everyone but her knew. XD

    I mean how can she think that after he can do simple gymnastics, loves the gym and then he can’t skiP?! Doesn’t compute! x]

  9. My fave highlight this week was JoongBo and Ant couple.
    I’m still shunning the other couples, my heart doesn’t want to let go of Anbi and Alshin! I watch the whole episode of course but as I watch the Hwayobi and Marcobi couple I feel weird haha.

    Seo In young is cute no denying πŸ˜€

  10. WGM is pretty different now. There was so much love for Andy and Solbi and Alshin from the beginning( at least for me personally) that it’s hard to be invested in the other couples.

  11. ugh.. i agree.. it was hard to digest all the new couples being on the show.. i’m like you as well alvin.. i have been negative towards them but i feel somehow i can still cheer them on.. a bit?

    hopefully they do something with this show that will engage more of the audiences, cuz right now it’s quite bland compared to when the show had the 4 original couples.

  12. c’mon .. its a fake marriage. Marco’s doing a great job, based on just the new couples. Really enjoyed him the part with him going after “her heart” in the water. He makes the show fun.

    Lettuce couple … as much as I like them, just knowing they’re leaving ….. makes me focus more on the other couples. But JoongBo couple, have really grown since they first met.

    other couples …. still not interested. Ant couple … reached their peak with the roof top surprise for In Young. Since then, they’ve been more of a transition type of couple …… Hyung Dong just annoys me.

    Hwanyobi couple …. no interest at all

  13. Uh.. I think this is the time I should speak out .. I couldnt take all this nonsense already. PEOPLE, PLEASE OH PLEASE STOP BEHAVING PREJUDICE TO THE NEW COUPLE!

    WGM watchers should be watching the show because of the content… honestly I AM SICK of people who keep continuing to dwell on their favorite couple which is obviously OVER. I’m an Alshin fan but I understand that they had leave us, it did makes me really sad and heartbroken… but doesnt mean I have to stop watching just because my favorite couple wasnt in the show already! I kept watching every part of the show even some scene of a couple that makes me really bored… but eventually I got liking of all the couples! Now I find every couple has their own factor that makes them different from others…

    And I know some of you dislike Marco because of his immaturity etc… he may now but what if he improve himself in the future? Marco and Dambi’s situation reminds me of the Ant couple in their early days where EVERYONE hates SIY because of her attitude problems. And now? They even gained a big fanbase! So people… dont EVER judge something with first impression. Try to give a chance and observe from a non-biased perspective!

    I hope everyone will stop this negativity about WGM, its really killing me. And one thing I would to remind the watchers. No matter how the scenes of the couples makes your heart warm or turn into mush, I hope watchers should be reminding themselves that they watch about a MAKE-BELIEVE show, not a real marriage or a dating show so do not put 100% believing to the couple that they may be real or not… Its good that they are actually dating outside but never put hopes ok? aish…

    I apologize if this offended anybody, I just want all this negativity to stop… stop dwelling in the past and move on forward already! T_T

  14. Coolsmurf, it’s nice to see that you’re starting to enjoy the new couples. They’re so fun!

    I haven’t watched episode 36 yet, but on episode 35, Marco and Son Dambi’s part were the best among all the other couples’s part.

    Marco & Son Dambi although they are very different from eachother, it’s so entertaining to watch them, specially with Son Dambi being more relaxed and Marco willing to adapt himself to her. And about Marco… he’s simply hilarious! I laught so much when he’s on screen.

    Hwanhee & Hwayobi are also great. I loved their parts til today, but I also didn’t liked the idea of making them move to an old style korean house. It doesn’t suit them. :/ I hope they move to a modern house in the style of Hwanhee’s house.

  15. I didn’t like this couple before but I really enjoyed Marco in this last couple of episodes.
    So whatever, if you guys donlt like this couple just stop watching their parts. I mean to be commneting in every single piece of news that is posted about them is getting really annoying. Everyone has their favorite couples so why doesn’t everyine just stick to supporting their couples instead of bashing on the new ones.

  16. It seems that Seo In Young and Jung Hyung Don are getting closer! It is interesting to see their interactions progress! Love the Ant Couple.
    I am so sad about the Lettuce Couple leaving!
    Kim Hyun Joong and Hwangbo were meant to be and have gotten over their awkwardness. *sighs* Looking foward to seeing Boys Over Flowers though.
    I think that Marco is getting better as a husband. The event that he prepared for Son Dam Bi was great and she was so touched.
    The Hwanyobi couple is the most interesting of them all. I love watching those two and they match well together.
    WGM is such a great show! I look foward to everyweek A LOT! MBC DID NOT provide a preview for next week’s episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why!?!?!?!?!?!
    Better go and research it.

  17. Worse than seeing the old couples leave is the constant complaints lol. If people could decide, there wouldn’t be anything new on TV…
    I see it over and over again, people not even watching the new couples. But of course that would make it less likely for them to be popular as well.

  18. after JoongBo leaves…actually i want to continue to watch WGM n i still want to believe that there is something that can catch my eyes to watch in WGM….but, if there is really NOTHING to watch…then i should juz hav to believe “…thats it..” T_T ~ so, juz wait n see what happend in WGM as far s i/we can …..

  19. I totally agree with you Coolsmurf about Marco. I have been his fan since day 1 (even though many people dislike him) I always find his weird korean and immature ways cute. It irks me a little when he made dambi cried but with all the effort that he’s been trying to make… you just have to give that guy two thumbs up!

  20. Miss the old times of this show and enjoy the best time that we had spent together πŸ™‚ Things have been changing and it’s time we give the new couple a chance.

  21. OMG! this is so depressing, lettuce couple can’t leave the show! i seriously like them along with the farewell ones already like alex and solbi, and the other ones too. But, seriously, lettuce couple, your always going to one of my favorite couples. i learn a lot from all the couples that were and still in the show because i guess this can reflect what happening in real life, even thou there make believe πŸ™‚ i can’t wait to watch this episode.

  22. oh, when i heard about SEASON 2 OF WE GOT MARRIED i was so happy lol watching this show is better then watching american shows lol. XD cause it’s entertaining and addicting! i spend my whole summer and now to watch the whole episodes to i reach to the point where like, “NO MORE EPISODES LEFT TO WATCH, I HAVE TO WAIT XD” lol. ahahhaha πŸ™‚

  23. sigh, im starting to think that hwanyobi isn’t that fun too :X perhaps things might be better if they moved into a house that hwanhee likes, but i guess not see hwayobi has already made the effort to move everything in.

    but i don’t understand, why do they have to move house?! unless hwanhee felt that his privacy was being compromised….

  24. ah~ i can’t wait for SIY surprise 4 CJ. it’s like SIY turns into a different person little by little… which is really good. she wasn’t the witch she used to be. hahaha
    n i gotta admit, marco is interesting,mainly bcuz he’s so spontaneous and of his bad korean… hoho… dambi is ok, i guess
    i have mixed feeling about joongbo couple, but wish they they the best after they leave…
    and hwanyobi… i love hwan hee, but hwayobi is… urm… kinda boring… i mean… it’s like their differences is too big, well, in my eyes that is… i mean, hwan hee as a bad boy, n hwayobi is like the most daze person i ever seen! it’s a very strange couple… and they’re not interesting… and move to hanok? OMG! It’s getting ridiculous…

  25. Vits Love…i totally agree.

    I guessed some comments here are baseless. The act of dwelling and harping on the fact that your fave couples are gone and boycotting the new couples are childish acts. Grow up ppl.

    Your annoyance is others pleasure..and your pleasure is others annoyance. Chill guys.

    Welcome back to WGM, Coolsmurf :).

  26. Well, although i did like the new WGM at first, but now its getting better especially with marco and son dambi. Don don has really made in young change and i think that he himself also got better. lets hope that season 2 of wgm will be intersting.

  27. I’m almost done with, WGM.

    It’s not that interesting anymore. Sorry, but it seem so scripted now… maybe if I take a long break from it, I’ll begin to enjoy watching it again.

  28. i’m also disappointed because i really like the original couple…
    they’re also interesting but not as much as the original…
    i reallly miss ANBI~

    is inyoung really has changed he attitude??
    is she really make a suprose for crown j?
    it’s hard to believe..i’m gonna watch it once the sub is out!

    another frustrating event! i just hope that joongbo couple never leave wgm… i reallly loves hyunjoong’s bluntness…

  29. i dont want to watch WGM cause my favorite couple is leaving, but i think i should support them more and see them more since i dont have chance to see them together in WGM again. Think about them make me miss Anbi couple agian, so sad. After Joongbo left i’ll stop watching the show and may back to watch the beginning of WGM with 4 original couples together

  30. For me, it’s not so much as the leaving of the old couples and addition of the new couples that’s making me stray from the show. It’s more of the concept itself.

    I was a big time devotee of the show. I watched almost every episode live without understanding what was being said, then I’d watch it again with English subs and once more just for fun. But, I honestly believe the concept of the show needs to evolve more and without that evolution taking place…it’s just redundant. You can only watch a show like this for so long before the antics start becoming too predictable and then boring.

    Of course, I still have my favorites on the show although the majority of them have left and only one will remain until mid-December. For their sake, and as a big fan, I’ll continue my routine until then. However, I don’t think I’ll continue watching WGM anymore after. I wish I could say that I want to continue supporting the program, but in all honesty…I can’t. It’s not any prejudice towards the new couples either. C’mon, I love Hwayobi and Hwanhee! It’s just that the concept is getting old. The routine is overplayed. The set up for “missions” has become overbearing.

    Changes are really mandatory to keep the interests up, but cutting out the MCs and audience isn’t the right way to do it. Perhaps add a bit of a surprise, like switching spouses for a program. Maybe a visit from past guests and the follow-up of what they’ve been up to. Even bring back the babies! I’d love to see some of that. But, right now, the show is just missing the mark. The PDs have lost their intuition.

  31. I agree. At first I wasn’t that happy about the new couples, but I decided to give them a try. They’re not the same, and thank god they aren’t– they’re different people after all, but they’re hilarious in their own way.

  32. I’m really curious to know what going on with solbi and andy these days? Coolsmurf if you hear anything please share! I really miss them on the show. the show has officially gone to the pits after Alex Shin Ae couple left… I really sad because i use to look forward to watching we got married every week

  33. Why are all my favourite couples leaving the show! Firstly AnBi, then AlShin.. And Now Lettuce?! Come to think of it, My favourite couples were the couples who were the initial few. Honestly I thought Jung HyunDon brought an amazing change to Ant Couple. Seo InYoung subconsciously changed for the better and I secretly chuckled when I saw her unnoticingly sat on his couch instead.. I guess the loss of the MCs would bring another tsunami of change but I’m sure the support for the show would not fade.. πŸ˜€

  34. I used to love Fany, no “Fly to the sky” duo, to be exact, before but seeing him in this WGM. He’s so obnoxious but I guess most men react that way for some reason! I really took pity on Yobi.

    She’s so innocent (well, a bit eccentric) but she’s like a little child always wanting to please & she seems so excited over small things!

    Ssangchu couple?! Heck! I’m preparing hard to watch them leave the WGM show on my BIRTHDAY! Gosh..I’m feeling glad & miserable at the same time!

    Dambi & Marco, I skipped their parts. SORRY! I’m not into them at all!

    PD-nim, I think you should put more ‘fresh’ new couples. Funny guys like Kim Jong Min-Hyun Young (oops.. they’re really a couple!) or cute guys.

    I’m really had enough with CJ-SIY! They’re become so boring esp w/ that
    nuisance Don-Don hyung!

  35. Alvin..actually i felt the same way regarding the hwanyobi couple…everything was interesting until they moved onto Hanok!…i found it pretty plain but nevertheless our obnoxious namphyoung hwanhee n eccentric yobi were able to cheer me up in the latter half of the episode…

    as for sangchoo couple….yesterday i went to korean restaurant…saw sangchhoo there & greatly missed them there *randomness*..wonder how i’m gonna hang in there as they leave the show TT.TT…

    The most attractive couple for me in episode 36 was marbi couple..actually episode 35 too…despite his careless/idiotic/clumsy attitude…i’ve somehow grown to like even that part of him…& i can understand why dambi is still calm about him…cus it’s those traits that marco has which makes him lovable n cute enough to make 1 forgive his faults..btw dambi looked so pretty in that white dress with that crownlike thing in her head…

    ant couple…from some reason i’m gradually losing my interest on them since after they moved to their new house with hyung don…but i quite pitied hyungdon in episode 36 as the ant couple was having fun all by themselves with witch inyoung’s surprisingly surprise *lol* & poor hyung don alone in the backyard…

  36. I’m a media-garbage can… Even though I don’t LOVE the new couples so much, I still watch them πŸ˜› Good to hear that you’re finally accepting them, Coolsmurf…

    But I still have no affinity with Marco… Hwan Hee I have always liked since I’m a FTTS fan, but I am still trying to warm to Hwayobi… The Ant couple needs to buck up because all they show us how they bicker and how undomesticated Seo In Young is…

    I love the Lettuce Couple… as the time of their departure comes close, they are getting more and more interesting… maybe they’ve decided that since it will all end soon, they’ve decided to go all out ^_^ I will miss Hyun Joong’s random comments… and Hwang Bo’s ‘cuteness’… Hehe!

  37. Will the Hwayobi couple be staying in that traditional house permanetly? If so that will be soooooooo boring!

  38. i can’t take off my eyes! i mean to hwanyobi couple so natural and cute funny couple..i love fany how’d he treat yobi…love will keep us alive..he was so mean but then he is the man of reality…he is so sweet and pure care for yobi…he is natural and manlyhood person…he can handle the things that others can’t he loves yobi so much and deep in care w/her…

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