Kara Goes for Pretty Girl Concept for 2nd Mini-Album

Pictures and teaser of Kara from their upcoming 2nd mini album has been released with expectations high among fans, hoping that it would be better than their effort in the summer which didn’t quite create any impact.

Kara Pretty Girl #1

Following the teaser video and picture, their full MV is expected to be released on 3rd December with the album out on the 4th. They will also begin their official comeback with Pretty Girl through Mnet M! Countdown this coming Thursday. The pretty girl concept does looks interesting so hopefully the song that DSP Entertainment picks would complement their new image!

Kara Pretty Girl #2Kara Pretty Girl Concept #3Kara Pretty Girl Concept #4

Pretty Girl 40s Teaser (credit to sookyungie@YT)
Up till 4pm today, the teaser has already been viewed 46,500 times after being released at 12am on the same day by DSP Entertainment.

Having seen the pictures and teaser, what do you think?

Click for original sized pictures – Picture #1 | Picture #2

76 thoughts on “Kara Goes for Pretty Girl Concept for 2nd Mini-Album

  1. ooh so pretty, a much better image than their previous one. ever since the new members came, i’ve had my eye on hara, she’s so pretty!

    it’s too bad i don’t like any of their songs…..so i hope the new song they’re promoting will be good.

  2. I like the new concept. I hope its a hit. I like them so I’m expecting something interesting when their new mini-album comes out ^_^

  3. aww prettyy, i somewhat agree with the person above, it doesn’t interest me, but because the first pic kinda looks like an imitation of wondergirl’s makeup line LOL

  4. um.. party girl?.. got to see the actual mvs to see if if the concept blends well enough.. haha

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  6. looks more like a slumber party when i first saw it!
    as im a kara fan.. i would support no matter what concept they went with.. (; i hope its more successful this time!

  7. it was better when it was 4 of them >.>
    they look more like Fin.KL then but now iono…though still love them =]

  8. Gosh! I swear one of the Kara girl looks like Wonder Girls Sohee. Or do they remind me of Wonder Girls? lol. New concept but will the song spark the fans? Let’s wait and see.

  9. Why does that girl look SO MUCH like Sohee? lolol

    Mmm.. its hard to look at new concepts now sometimes because alot of them are the similar to others and the first thing u think when u see the concept image, it’ll probably remind you of another group,

    but oh wells.. they still look cute : )

    hope they come out with a song that will make people get out of their seats with something that will differentiate themselves from the other groups !

    ajaja fighting ~

  10. there are two new pictures just released i believe. anyways i’m excited for their comeback. i really like the concept 🙂

  11. as long as they dont come back in a retro-pop style im fine with w/e they do… god… so sick of it it was done after tell me….

  12. I would expect Kara to walk carefully in the coming months. With SNSD coming back and about two or three new girl groups debuting in the next two or three months. They need to come strong and hard. I like the concept.

    I so wish I could come up with their next album concept. Oh, I was such a fan after listening to “Wait”. DSP should do something unexpected like show them sneaking into the club and getting caught by the police or their parents. It would be cute, funny and something new.


  13. So far I’m liking this concept a lot more. Their digital single was actually pretty nice to listen, but sucks that no one cared. XD

  14. I lve this new concept !
    They all look so pretty and cute and I hope they will do a hit this time, but we must wait and see before saying something.
    Really…where do you see a Wonder Girls concept in here ?
    because I can’t see nothing which could remind me a style used by WG but Hara really looks like So Hee lol.

  15. ohhhh so it was supposed to be a party girl concept??! hahahah omg i couldnt figure out for the life of me what the heck their concept was supposed to be…i was like “candy girl”? “looking cute”? “bright colors”? haha
    theyre definitely cute & pretty, but they have never caught my eye. they dont have any really outstanding concepts or anything. rock u was a…boring song.

  16. they look somewhere in between wonder girls and lee hyori.
    i wish they’d go back to the original concept. bubblegum cute does not go with kara, in my opinion. sadly.

  17. Hmm…i don’t think the concept is really similar to Wondergirls but I have to say…the first pic does remind me of the photos from WG’s first single with them holding the make up and everything. I don’t want to expect too much from their next mini album but hopefully DSP will give them a better song that they deserve to promote.

  18. this is better than rock ur body SAY!.. <— i hate this song n their mini album.. it sux really bad that i literally wanna puke during their first perf. DSP shd at least find em a good song.. poor girls.. can they switch comp? Better find the lead vocalist back.. i miss sunghee =(

  19. the beat is actually bearable this time..but the concept hasn’t really changed…XD…

    I see
    1. same cheering thing from rock you….
    2. tell me moves
    3. rock your body moves

    1. better clothing, hair, and the beat isn;t half bad.

    i’m actually disappointed, cuz they did what I was dreading… nothing original….but the song sounds catchy…hopefully they will be able to make themselves more visible..though I doubt it.. 😦

    DSP really annoys me… STOP WITH THE SCARED TO BE BOLD CONCEPTS!! no wonder your artists are struggling…that company of theirs is so freaking afraid of taking chances… those girls deserve better

  20. Hara reminds me of Sohee in Baskin Robin’s CF :/ Sometimes that girl can rly imitate Sohee (U-go-girl perf anyone?)

    I don’t really like the new concept, cus it’s not that original
    however I dont think the new member of Kara can pull off Kara’s former cool image.

  21. ooh having to see the teaser video it changed my mind. i like it it seems very catchy! and i like their clothes sooo colorful! hope they do well! 🙂

  22. I agree, its more cute than pretty..

    Mm.. to me it’s too colorful and looks like another mv of kids running around with candy and trying to be cute..
    I think it’s because i look forward to more mature videos with less colorful colors haha.

    Playful with colors is not my thing =/ unless its like lee hyori doing it with a sexy vibe.. LOL

  23. I agree ! they need to learn how to dance and give some movement with their mv, they would have made the video prettier than cuter =P with their “party” theme

  24. what is the lyrics? if you wanna be pretty? or sumthin?
    dancewise and stylewise i thinks its a hit.
    actually if there is plaid in your clothing this winter, its gotta be hit ^_^

  25. i hope itz a hit! wonder girls songs are so catchy! and a big hit…=) their new look reminds me of the wonder girls during the tell me..dayz..
    speaking of tell me..golly i was shocked!
    i was browsing the Fm radio here in cagayan de oro,philippines…and dang! TELL me! of the wonder girls..
    kpop is still nOt soO…into the philippines..the only kpop singer..pipol knew in this country is … rain.. and the song answer the phone by nina..hehe… luv the new look of kara!!!……..=)hehehe………

  26. @ vertigo,
    i agree with you 100%!!! wat’s up with the english in kara’s songs? i really hated “rock you” because the “rock yo bod-say” was plain annoying.. it doesn’t make sense at all.. x_X;; i know the lyrics are supposed to be “rock u body (i say)” but still.. even that doesn’t make sense…
    this new song isn’t any better.. T_T i blame their company for giving them such a bad song.. poor girls..they’re really pretty though! i gonna admit, i like the old kara much better…
    now they just look like a bunch of soshi’s… throw them in the group and u wouldn’t know who is who..

  27. “If you want a pretty? Everyone a pretty?”

    Okey dokey.

    I like Kara, I do. They’re one of the few groups out there who can actually sing. However, their song choices are always so wrong. I think they should go for more powerful songs. For example, “Break It” was great. It really showcased their talents. I mean, if you’ve got it then go for it.

  28. first pick the teaser go hara kinda look like sohee but a beter version unlike sohee go hara is so cute and my fave. like the could be sister the ugly one (so hee) and the cute one (Gu Hara) actuly nm so hee to ugly to be her sis.

  29. Hello,all the sister How are U today? my name is phally and what are u doing right now? 4 me good everythink. I love u all very much. Can i make friend with u ? i hope u will write back to me ok. good bye beautiful girls .

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