100th Day Wedding Photoshoot for Hwanhee, Hwayobi and Son Dambi, Marco Couples

The 100th wedding photoshoot for the two new couples of Hwanhee – Hwayobi, Son Dambi – Marco will soon be shown in the 1000th episode of MBC Sunday Sunday Night We Got Married. Both couples had their wedding photoshoot on the 27th to commemorate their 100th day together (time really flies).

Hwanhee, Hwayobi, Son Dambi, Marco 100th

Son Dambi and Marco couple will be having a movie poster concept photoshoot which will be a 10 minute long segment with the Hwayobi and Hwanhee couple having their own unique photoshoot in the surroundings of a traditional Hanok (Korean traditional houses) that they had just moved into. The special episode which will be aired on 14th December will also see a special guest who will visit the luxury house where the Ant couple and Jung Hyung Don is residing in.

No mention of the JoongBo couple but 14th December will be their final episode and ties in with what the PD said about them leaving in mid December.

41 thoughts on “100th Day Wedding Photoshoot for Hwanhee, Hwayobi and Son Dambi, Marco Couples

  1. woww, i really mean it when i say i didn’t notice lol
    when it was the old couples 100 days photoshoot, it seemed the times they spent before that was so long~

  2. it’s already been 100 days? wow..that was fast.
    i’m going to miss joongbo couple. they made the show very entertaining to watch. gonna miss them

  3. WGM seems desperate bringing in “special guest” everytime and not saying their name so that people will watch the show, since they are not doing so well in the ratings. Last time it was WG, this time…….?

  4. That was quick.
    With the other couples it felt as if their 100 days were longer. Even for the Alshin couple who left for a while, to me it felt like those 100 days actually existed. I’m not as excited as I use to be for the show but I like to finish what I start and until the show meets its demise I’m going to watch it.

  5. Woah, time flies. Im going to miss the Ssangchu couple. Im going to miss everybody. First Ansol, then Alshin, then Ssangchu. I bet Crown J and Seo Inyoung will leave too and then We Got Married will be canceld,

  6. what??? that cant be 100 days!
    i think the PDs are just milking joongbo’s last episode to get the viewers to like the other couples because they KNOW that once joongbo leaves, they are taking the show with them..

    nice trick PD’s but i doubt it will work..

  7. I can’t wait for Hwanhee and Yobi photo shoot.
    I’m sure it’ll be awesome. <333

    It’s been 100 days. I didn’t even notice new couples have been in the show for that long. Time really flies.

  8. Really? It’s been that long..? It feels really short. Are they trying to do this for ratings or something? Because I could’ve sworn they’ve only been in the show for a few episodes. 😐


    It’s because it’s JoongBo’s last day, so they want to boost ratings with the 100 days. The PDs know that once JoongBo’s out, the show basically done.

  9. wow..1st to read the title really make me wonder “…100 days already???!!!!!”

    to JoongBo couple, it feels frustrating to deal d fact that they will leave WGM this mid dec..but what should we do.. its a FACT that we hav to accept no matter what.. Y_Y

  10. woww what the!! so fast?? hahah i guess time does fly fast.. or maybe i just dont pay much attention to them


  11. and WOWWWW i bet theyre gunn do the exact same thing as they did with anbi and alshin!! theyre gunn give them less air time am i right? eugh…

  12. it was so excited b/4 when watching the old couples having 100th day wedding photo shoot but now for these new couples, not really anticipate at all or it’s becoz of still not getting any fond feeling to them yet.

    3 more epi and joongo is leaving.. feeling soo sad already ^___^

  13. OMG, 100 already?
    I seriously think that once Hyun Joong and HwangBo leaves, I’m officially going to stop watching.

  14. can’t believe it’s been a hundred days. for the older couples it felt like the time they spent together was a lot longer and more special. i guess it’s cos i don’t really feel a connection with the new couples. either that or the PD keeps stretching one day’s worth of filming over too many episodes.

  15. wow thanks for the news coolsmurf. I’m so excited now waiting for the Hwanyobi photoshoot! the marbi one will prob look great too.

    hmm as for those who think it’s too short compared with the old couples, I can only say that it’s that bias-against-new-couples acting up again. It prob seemed short cos so many such pple spent (wasted) so much time & effort complaining abt them b4 abt starting to seriously watch them that’s why it seemed short.

  16. lol chill you guys.. the couple debuted in the chuseok special episode so since that special episode they should have reached their 100th days.

  17. Its already 100th day for the new couples, with the old couples their 100th day seems soo slow. Anywasy i am sad that the lettuce couple is leaving. I think that the ant will leave soon too, juding from their very little airtime and havind dondon in the house, althogh sometimes it makes it more interesting.

    I wonder what will happen next week with the ant couple, anyone knows why did SIY suprise CJ. From the preview they look like they are really married especially how CJ carried SIY. Anyaways i think that i am starting to like marco a bit more.

  18. By 1000th episode, you mean 1000 days, right?? It’s only like ep 35 now.. ZOMG, it actually feels a lot longer than only 25 episodes..

    New couples are interesting, ish, esp. HwanYobi, but they’re missing the spark of the old couples. I think I’ll be hard pressed to continue once JoongBo are gone.. =/

  19. this 100 days is def questionable. if you were to count back to chuseok (korean thanksgiving/mid-autumn festival for chinese), that isn’t even close to 100 days.

  20. I think they’re counting based on tapping days, not airing days? CMIIW.

    Actually am really looking forward this wedding photoshoot, especially Hwanhee♥Hwayobi couple, wonder what style will they wear on their wedding photoshoot. Since it’s doing at Hanok, maybe they’ll wearing traditional hanbook? ^^

    I’d pessimist too with the WGM team, after ANBI leaving I was decide to stop watching too. But Hwanhee♥Hwayobi couple makes me fond on them, and with the special episode that will airing on Dec 14, I think WGM team really trying so hard to make this show “live” again (look at the event and the guests list). It’s Bi Rain, is it confirmed?

    So I just wanna say Good luck to WGM team and all couples (new and old, stay and out).

  21. Ok to clarify some confusion since everyone thinks the PDs are lying, all the couples film WGM once every 2 weeks, this “once” film is then spread into 2 parts to be broadcasted on TV. So every month there’s 4 episodes to air but the couples actually had only film twice instead of 4 times in real life for the month.

    Four episodes would meant 2 months had actually past for the couples, all new couples episodes had atleast broadcasted for 2 months already so meaning its 4 months in real life = 120+ days past

  22. hahaha! hectev saori at ant house would be epic!!

    I don’t even want to start thinking about Joongbo…so sad….. hope they will truly go to the beach for the fith time together… Joongbo~~!

  23. okay..that was fast.. 100th day already????
    are u sure???
    well..i havent watched ep 35 since i’m so not in the mood b/c my favs gone…but for their anniversary photo…okay,,i’ll give it a try…
    i hope that it’ll be interesting..b/c this show really needed…

  24. who will be the special guest at the Ant Family’s house? Its going to be a sad countdown for the Joongbo couple 😦

  25. 100 days already ???????

    Can’t believe it!!!

    How about the guest at Ant’s house? Hope itsn’t be Saori 😛

  26. lol i dont know why im repeating myself but yeah since the CHUSEOK SPECIAL EPISODE, you know the two hour episode when the THREE COUPLES were introduced? if you count the days since they’ve been a couple from that episode.. it should have been MORE THAN 100 DAYS but i suppose if you add everyday since the episode when HH and SM became permanent it should be 100 days ++

  27. i swear it felt like it took joongbo millions of years to reach their 100th day…..

    but its not like i watch wgm anymore anyways

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