Kim Jong Kook Talks About Scandal With Yoon Eun Hye

Kim Jong Kook recently took part in a recording for MBC Golden Fishery and embarked on a “fierce” witty exchange with host and good friend Kang Ho Dong. And after being forced into a corner by Kang Ho Dong witty question, Kim Jong Kook also spoke tactfully about his past scandal with Yoon Eun Hye.

(credit to JYCitube@YT)

Besides revealing stories about the 2005 scandal with Yoon Eun Hye, Kim Jong Kook also talked about stories that happened to him when he was young.

As Kang Ho Dong is a good friend of Kim Jong Kook thus he knows his past very well. And under Kang Ho Dong’s continuous “interrogation” interview, Kim Jong Kook finally revealed everything that had been kept under lock in his heart. This was especially aimed towards the love scandal with Yoon Eun Hye with whom Kim Jong Kook had worked with so well on SBS Xman variety in 2005.

Kang Ho Dong asked, “You have met up with Yoon Eun Hye in private, yes or no?”, as Kim Jong Kook gave a reserved nod to acknowledge that it did happen. Seeing Yoon Eun Hye charismatic progress as an actress and achieving great success, Kim Jong Kook exclaimed, “Eun Hye, you have become a woman.” (All these were just taken from the preview and so don’t expect too much)

This episode will be shown next Wednesday on MBC.

49 thoughts on “Kim Jong Kook Talks About Scandal With Yoon Eun Hye

  1. I feel like his scandal with Eun Hye was more for publicity than anything else! Seems like both have moved on, just wish their fans would move on and stop pairing the two!

  2. he did get thinner !, well his face, his body is still fit ! ❤ he did come back from the army afterall..

    AW i cant wait to see the whole thing LOL! cuuute!

  3. i remembered Yoon Eun Hye hs confirmed seeing KJK in private before.
    why not ?? he is such a good man and so well matched with her ^^

  4. I FREAKIN LOVE THEM TOGETHER<3 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes finally another thing about them<3

    but gotta correct u on this. ” Kim Jong Kook gave a reserved nod to acknowledge that it did happen.”.. he never nodded in the preview.
    he was just silent.. we wont know till the episode

    but i clearly remember in interviews of eunhye that she said they were pretty good friends & met before outside of xman and whatev..

  5. I’m so excited to hear this news… can’t wait to see what he gonna said here… Coolsmurf, can you please sub this interview please please please…??? I always hope that there sth between them for real!! They’re match made from heaven! But since YEH has gotten so famous and cuz of their work, I don’t know if they could see each other in private? Best luck to them!

  6. Iono why, but when reading this article it felt very serious, but then I watched the clip and it looked cute. Lmao. Two different feels. XD

  7. yay!! KJK and YEH!! i can’t wait for this episode! 😀 Loved watching them on Xman! since leaving Xman, I’ve not seen YEH appear on any variety show except to promote her dramas….

  8. wow i love kjk and yeh!! maybe kjk might admits that he fall in love with yeh.( just my spazzing). Haha can’t wait to watch this episode. Hopefully someone will translate ..

  9. lol. i don’t see anything wrong with shipping the pairing even if it’s from long ago. it’s just how fandom is. there are more ridiculous ‘couples’ out there. *shrugs* if you don’t ship them, then you should be the one moving on and let the fans be. =)

    anyway, i’ll look forward to this ‘revelations’. lol. kang ho dong is good at this. him, and MC Yoo. xDD

    thank you for this! ;DD

  10. wow cool! finally something interesting. in my opinion its not the fans that bring them together but they themselves and the media so there is a high possibility their romance is real. since in korea romantic scandals are bad publicity.

  11. Why oh why everytime KJK appear in a show every question or suggestion from MC end up with YEH name being mentioned. I get an impression that KJK and the people around him (including Kang Ho Dong) seems really like to raise the old story (the scandal with YEH) for publicity, since YEH is famous now. KJK maybe didn’t want to reveal his true relationship with YEH, cause it will break his image as a so call ed “YEH lover” once, but by stay silent it didn’t help either. Meet in private between two people doesn’t mean they have a special thing, maybe friendship is what really happen. I think both of them, especially YEH, has to clarify their relationship , so there no more rumors speculating around them. I got an impression that KJK has a feeling for YEH, but I don’t know about YEH…

  12. i juz more anticipate in their work in korean entertainment industry… but,for the intimate relationship regarding both of them i would say “….no comment..” if happend then it happend, if not then its not.. ^_^

  13. To those saying that his relationship with YEH is for publcity purpose…then you are HECKA wrong.

    Cause KJK and YEH still meet in private and KJK has even met YEH’s mom.

    Here is a picture of KJK and YEH at tanning salon/restaurant, taken in June 2008.

  14. @tasu

    Need to defend KJK a bit here, 2-3 yrs back, when YEH was not as famous, she was being accused of riding on JKJ fame, who was really really popular.

    I love YEH btw 🙂

    YEH shoot to real stardom with Goong, also thanks to Xman exposure with KJK back in 2006, that she was selected for that role.

    Of cause she being very talented and hardworking contributes to her being so famous now 🙂

    So please dun’t say that KJK is riding on YEH fame. It’s uncalled for. Even if they are not together, I am sure they respect each other very much and they are close to each other.

    Examples of their friendship can be found in soompi, Asian Fanatics, Youtube, etc, etc…

    So nobody is riding n whose fame.

    Anyway, I am just happy that KJK & YEH couple is still remember by many, cos I am one of them!!!!

    Real or reel, they look good together!!!!

  15. i agree….
    and i think YEH is wise enough to dismiss any rumor regarding them if she feels that she is being dragged for publicity… YEH is know for clearing matters involving her in her Cyworld…. if all these name dragging affects her she would have said something to stop it but she is quiet about it….. one thing is a fact they they really have gotten close….

    its not fair to accuse KJK of using her popularity…. he came in the industry first and even if he stopped for two years…. his fanbase is very wide…. KJK is a star in his own right…..

    im sooo excited to watch this episode mainly because KHD really kbows KJK well and he gives really good questions! hahaha… KJK is in the tight spot!…..

    I love his smile when he said Eun Hye ah….. you’ve become a woman! waaaaaaaaaaaaah sooo sweet!…..

    If you dont like them together…. leave us those who like them in peace!

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  17. wah I’m a fan of their love team! hahaha and I haven’t moved on, seriously I hope their relationship is deep, not just for publicity, I’m not expecting something intimate though, you know just close friends and all.

  18. Uhhh…

    KJK & Yoon Eun Hye is O V E R R A T E D !

    With only hopefuls wishing that they were actually together. Seriously, all I saw was a brotherly-sister love and only a ‘love story’ existed in the figment of every other person.

    Eun Hye is young, let her enjoy her life. There’s no need to be with a guy who wants to settle down and have a family already. KJK has accomplished many things already while Eun Hye is just beginning.

    People need to let go and just let Eun Hye have a sense of freedom without people always prying that there’s this or was a love connection with KJK. I think Eun Hye can surpass Xman now and move on to better and new things.

    Let’s not dwell on the past, cherish the present, and move on.

    Plus, I have an inkling feeling that when Eun Hye is ‘caught’ and/or admitt that she’s seeing somebody that’s not KJK, some netizens will be hating.

  19. Oh by the way, I want to clarify that I think that people putting those two together are OVERRATED. I’m a fan of Eun Hye and I don’t think she’s overrated.

  20. U know, when KJG had news with CY everyone said that well. he good with YEH. But when I read this, KJG-YEH is just same as KJG-CY.

    Maybe in the vid they will mention about KJG-CY too.

  21. Hanmi, I already saw these picture a long time ago, but what make me courious is that why they always get pictured alone (in the same place) and never together. If they really have a love relationship (which I doubt it) atleast they have a picture of them together (beside in Xman). And SP I agree with you, that’s what I mean exactly. I mean, after 2 years from Xman days every one has to move on including KJK and YEH. They already have establish their own career especially YEH, and although her achievement so far, there is still so much she can reach/gain by her skill. So to make connection with KJK again seem like go back to the old time & never move on. I like KJK, but I think he should establish his own career again without YEH influence.

  22. wow…. i think kjk got more thinner… thinner than the day he got released from the service… can’t wait to watch the full show.. thanks coolsmurf!

  23. Er, I do not know if these two are together or not but they were sure an unbeatable couple in X-man. If I was in a clandestine relationship, I would only allow pictures of me or him alone to be in circulation. Any pictures of the two of us together, I would be frantically going around collecting and putting into a vault so no one can confirm the rumour.

    Wasn’t there already a “clarification” from KJK re Chae Yeon recently?

  24. I can accept whether he date with YEH or not.
    I want he tell the truth.
    I will upset if he mention other celebrity not YEH but make fans misunderstand.
    If he didn’t reject, I guess it is truth.

  25. it’s so funny how people still think that a certain Goong boy-girl is the man for Yoon Eun Hye 😀

    YEH is known to be very quick in denying rumors about her and her past leading men in series and she also has stated before that she doesn’t keep in touch with them except to greet them during holidays etc..

    but with KJK, she is seen meeting him in private..
    and she HAS NEVER DENIED NOR REJECTED being linked to Kim Jong Kook..

    media and their celebrity FRIENDS keep on bringing it up.. friends.. people who ACTUALLY know them.

    people can continue hating all you want. BUT PEOPLE WHO KNOW, KNOW THE DEAL BETWEEN THEM.

  26. JoongBoSkittles03, are you really SURE that there’re something going on between KJK & YEH beside friendship or brother & sister relationship ? Oh well, I always know that the discussion about KJK & YEH relationship never going anywhere & never reach the same understanding since it was involved on many shipper (KJK, JJH, GY etc). So I’m curious about your reaction (especially KJK shipper) if it turned out that YEH having relationship with someone else beside KJK ? I think time will tell…

  27. kim jong kook looks really skinny.. well compare to his old xman day. you can tell his face is slimmer.. and idon’t like that..

  28. Well I always like it the couple, even they are just in that scandal for publicity, so I wanna see the show only because I’m a bit curious about what he said.

  29. KJK is NOT riding on YEH’s popularity. He’s doing well thank you very much right now even without YEH. He is an established veteran singer and is a proven hitmaker. He doesn’t need to ‘reestablish’ his career again. Even after almost 3 yrs absence he is still popular in Korea.

    KJK and YEH have admitted to being really good friends. What anyone chooses to believe from that statement is up to each individual person. If some want to believe there’s nothing but brother-sister love between them that’s totally fine and if some others believe that they are romantically involved then that’s totally fine too.

    Also is it his fault that he gets questions about YEH? Whenever he goes on radio or TV shows the DJs and MCs ask about YEH…what is he supposed to do? Not answer? If anyone wants to blame somebody for fanning the KJK-YEH flame…then blame the TV MCs and radio DJs. Stop piling on KJK as if he’s the culprit.

    I know I’ll be watching Golden Fishery..but I won’t be expecting much. After all the preview is meant to entice people to watch…chances are what’s going to be shown won’t be quite as ‘juicy’.

    cyj : you are correct. KJK quickly told the news agencies that he said more than what’s shown in the previews and that his answer “There’s a time in someone’s life” was an answer to a different question. Pretty much saying that the way the preview was cut was made (by the TV station/Golden Fishery production team–KJK wasn’t involved in this process obviously) to generate interest. He also said that he isn’t involved in a ‘scandal’ with YEH and hope that there’s no misunderstanding. Clearly he realized that what was shown on Golden Fishery preview might affect YEH negatively so he’s quick to clear the situation.

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