Clazziquai Singing Lover Boy In The Studio

Here’s sharing another Clazziquai funny clip that was emailed to me by Ngoc Tran of Alex and Horan (Clazziquai) singing their 2007 hit Lover Boy in a studio. More funny antics from them, especially their poses at the start and end!

(credit amplify82@YT for video)

17 thoughts on “Clazziquai Singing Lover Boy In The Studio

  1. LMAO, my fav song! Alex and Horan have to stay in their pose for close to 2 minutes, haha.. NTbong, you smartie for finding the clip!

  2. XD this is hilarious. It’s great how they held those poses! Especially Alex who is crouching/squatting down like that! XD

    It’s funnier with the mascot dude walking around, too. XD

    I love their straight faces. =3 Clazziquai is a great band.

  3. oh gosh!! that was damn hilarious!! Love the way horan sidled across the floor! and alex was so cute rubbing his knees after kneeling down. Thanks for the cute clip!

  4. WOW!! this is the first video i saw when i first started to get interested in CLAZZIQUAI!!!!hahahahaha…I mIss this team!!!

  5. Lol, this clip and the bathroom one are just awesome. I first saw them a long time ago and they started my love of Clazziquai.^^ So funny and cute!

    And in response to cherbear, Alex and Horan have both denied romantic interest in each other…it’s more of a brother/sister relationship, I think. Horan said that they wouldn’t mesh well as a couple because she and Alex are both the type who would want to take the lead in a relationship. =) Imho it would be safe to say that Alex and Horan are probably much closer than Alex and ShinAe—after all, they’ve known each other longer—but in a different way. Horan would probably just laugh at Alex if he tried to act romantic with her. They’re cute as friends, in any case. =D

  6. Aww Alex can be dorky sometimes! I love when he bangs his head and jumped around like a kiddie along with the music… sooooo adorable! ^^

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