Lucky Viewers To Experience Road Variety With 1N2D Members

KBS2TV 1N2D members Kang Ho Dong, Lee Seung Gi, Eun Ji Won, Lee Su Geun, MC Mong and Kim C will be going on a trip with some lucky viewers.


In a phone conversation with 1N2D PD, Na Yeong Seok, “As you can see, Lee Su Geun got his bus driving license last week (1N2D 081123 episode) and his wish to drive many people to go on a trip will be granted. We will put out the notification this week on air during the program and through the website. We are planning to pick around 10 – 20 viewers to go on a trip with us.”

He continued, “The theme of the trip will be decided upon the type of viewers that we get. If we get more elderly viewers, it would be strictly a sight-seeing kind of trip. But if there are more young viewers, they will compete with the 1N2D members in games and sleep together. It would be difficult to get this done before the end of the year because most of the schedules have already been fixed. But we promise to get this done by January 2009.”

He ended by saying, “We don’t have a theme for the trip yet and it will be decided 100% by the type of viewers we get in the end.”

37 thoughts on “Lucky Viewers To Experience Road Variety With 1N2D Members

  1. Well, then I hope they have young viewers with them, because “strictly a sight-seeing kind of trip”? No way >____>

  2. what a great idea! i want to go too! it would be soo much fun to go on a trip with the 1N2D gang! and i wouldn’t mind sleeping with lee seung gi and eun ji won. hehe. not so much the snorers though. ::cough cough kang ho dong cough:: hehe. jk! but seriously, that would be really fun to watch too.

  3. Oh my god!!! The Koreans are reallllll lucky! How I wish I could go with them! I would team up with Lee Seunggi! HAHA!

    Can’t wait for this episode!

  4. awsome!!!
    i wanna go with them
    a trip with my lee seung gi oppa… a dream comes true 😀

    now i am sad that i can not going with them *cry*

  5. damn..lucky ppl XD
    I would pay just to be with them..haha..they are such a hilarious group. I just love them ^^

  6. OMG!!!!!!!!!! lucky lucky koreans! i’m soo envious of whoever goes on the trip with my hubby seung gi! can’t wait to see who gets to go!

  7. If I lived in Korea, I will totally apply to go on a trip with them. 1 Night 2 Days is one of my favorite shows ever and it will be cool to see the men make a fool of themselves =) I like all of them in different ways, and I don’t just watch the show because of a specific person ^^”

  8. that sounds like an exciting trip! I would soooo go if i were in Korea. I’d prolly laugh my ass off the whole time. =)

  9. yeah i wanna go too, but i don’t live in Korea >.< ..i hope those gurl are not all over my seunggi ❤ 😀 lol j/k… but seriously i hope that there are gonna be boys too not just girls. I must say, i feel sorry for those ppl who are going to sleep next with ho dong lol ❤ :DD

  10. w0w…a bus license. They are really reaping Su Guen for what he’s worth and trying to make them super independent now.

    Can’t wait for more episodes in the new year!

  11. WOAH! i want to gooooo there and experience the harshness of the PDs. LOL! puhahahaha

    now we know why LSG got his bus liscence! he sure is the only! “LABORER ENTERTAINER”


  12. oh, i wanna be with them…
    su-geun is surely amazing. i remember when they got to some place where cabbages were harvested, he managed to drive a truck also.

  13. WOW. I want to GO!!! even if i live in the USA and know no korean, i still want to go. it would be FUN.

    how are they gonna choose who are the ppl???

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