Lee Jun Ki Denies Involvement in New Drama

Lee Jun Ki has responded through his management today that he hasn’t confirmed on his next work as yet. There were news yesterday and before that he would be involved with a movie and 2 dramas. But with this new announcement from the man himself, all of these are now just rumors.

Lee Jun Ki in Deep Thought

A representative from Lee Jun Ki’s management expressed, “It’s true that Lee Jun Ki has been offered roles in the movie Full Autumn and dramas The Story of Men, Strange Heroes. But he is only considering the offers and have not made any decision whatsoever. He will only do so after further thinking.”

The representative continued, “Some companies have not come to a final agreement with us and yet they go ahead with the announcement that Lee Jun Ki has been confirmed. We are very disappointed with their actions as this will not only create confusion among his fans but also affect Lee Jun Ki’s judgement in picking his next work. We hope that this will not happen again in future. Once Lee Jun Ki has confirmed his next work, the fans will be notified at the earliest possible moment. So everyone, please wait for the official announcement.”

With a court case from his former management, Mentor Entertainment hanging over his head, it was hard to believe all these news that Lee Jun Ki would be appearing in a movie and 2 dramas and that’s why I refrained from posting the news when it appeared. It’s hard to report credible stuff nowadays.

Yesterday was a ridiculous day with fabricated rumors making the headlines like Kim Hye Soo getting married next year, Alex and Han Ji Min are dating, etc.

28 thoughts on “Lee Jun Ki Denies Involvement in New Drama

  1. 1ST!!!

    YES I FINALLY BE THE PROUD PRESENTER OF 1ST PLACE AT COOLSMURF BLOG……anyway nothing awesome about that , all i can say is sad.

  2. mmmm
    he looks hot in that pic
    it took me awhile to stop staring back at him to read the actual article.
    I hope he’s successful in all he does

  3. ..”it took me awhile to stop staring back at him to read the actual article.”..


    me too..held me spellbound with that handsome face..
    i lurrrveee that face 🙂

    he looks pretty serene in that picture.

    lets hope all best for him in whatever he chooses to do and most important of all is that he wins that court case.

  4. i hate rumours but .. at least we know jun ki had offered 2 dramas & 1 movie

    i hope jun ki can choose best drama script for him asap. but … please don’t takes a long time cause his fans can’t wait to see him in new drama/movie

    i hope jun ki win his case!

  5. I read a article on him doing the drama “Strange Heros” the other day. Shocked because making a drama announcement while your former management is suing you is not a great move. Thankfully his company has cleared up these rumors. I can’t even trust reading a credited new agency reports now.

    What a shame.

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  7. hope jun ki chosen best script drama/movies. i heard jun ki also have another offered drama “runaway”. that means he have 3 offered drama, 1 movie at the same times?

    so hottes & popular. jun ki should be settle his case with mentor cause both of them now battle sued. i think better they compromise. it’s not good for jun ki & mentor

  8. are’u remember? jun ki also denies involvement in “first snow” (collabaration korea japan movie) but, then?

    now? again…… hu hu

  9. mel and kiwistar. – heheh.. the picture had me spellbounded too. – man.. I’m weak when it comes to jun ki ^^;

  10. well i’m impressed by coolsmurf still sticking to “credible news”. too many blogs these days just relay whatever’s “hot off the press”, be it false or “falser”.

    props to ya.

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  13. im so happy to hear that he is being offered a movie and two dramas . I just do hope that he would be performing so good again like he did in time between dog and wolf and iljimae.
    im looking forward for his winning against his former company mentor entertainment.
    wish him all the luck.

  14. I think jon-ke should decide it himself.
    He can’t do with his fans’ decisions.
    Which movie he choose,no problems for me.
    I like his acting in his all dramas or movies.

  15. Hopefully jun ki would be able to settle his conflict with his former company mentor. I only wish to see his new movie and dramas soon. Don’t make me wait to long laa…

  16. hi
    i am waiting to meet with u
    this my hope
    i want to see u i real life
    i will cross the barrier that between us
    i really want to see u are sinking in victory
    i hope ur success are no w and forever
    and also my love in now and never

  17. among of movie
    iljimae is the best
    i like so much
    i wishes korean entertainment is now and forever
    i love all his action and movies
    and him
    so cute
    look like a girl
    and also so cool

  18. i heard that now… he wont be accepting anymore dramas… gonna rest for 2 yrs… maybe drama or movie after 2 yrs… might go to military next yr… WAAAAAAAAAAA I WANT TO WATCH MORE OF LEE JUN KI… I DONT WANT HIM TO BE THE LONER OR THE PERSON THAT DIES IN THE DRAMAS ANYMORE… WAAAAAAAAAAAA 😥

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