Clazziquai Rehearsing Lover Boy In The Washroom

Missing Alex and Shin Ae already on tv? Yeah, it sucks but life has to go on. Here is an old clip that was emailed to me by babyrebirth of Alex and Horan (Clazziquai) rehearsing their 2007 hit Lover Boy in the washroom.

(credit jreissoi@YT for video)

The song works really great with the great echo in the washroom enviroment but the highlight has got to be Alex and Horan dorky antics!

23 thoughts on “Clazziquai Rehearsing Lover Boy In The Washroom

  1. I really miss seeing Alshin together, but this clip helps fill in my alex void. I love this song and this video only makes me like it more. Love that Alex is a total dork and cannot do the robot.

  2. omg it’s my first time seeing this and i’m cracking up soooo bad!!!!!!!!
    i can’t believe alex has such a dorky side to him!! lol

  3. what? do u mean that alex in shin ae arent on wgm or r u saying that they r actually dating for real and they broke up? If its the first one, its because alex had back problems and shin ae had to film a drama.
    …who is alex dating?

  4. Alex is dating no one… 😛

    I don’t miss watching AlShin all that much… but I would like to see the 2 of them get together for real. I think they were a really compatible couple, and both are already at the marrying age 😉

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