Jo Sung Min Gives Up on Choi Jin Shil’s Property and Parental Rights

The brother of Choi Jin Shil, Choi Jin Young has officially re-entered the entertainment industry and was involved in social work at Hanyang University over the weekend. He will also be filming a music video plus related work (he was a singer originally but exited the industry a few years ago).

Jo Sung Min Has a Conscience Afterall

Choi Jin Young who was also recently admitted into a university majoring in film expressed that it had been his sister’s wish to see him in university all along. He has not only managed to pick himself up but has also solved the parental rights issue with his sister’s former husband, Jo Sung Min. To which, he wrote on his Cyworld recently with relief, “My sister can finally rest in peace!”

According to Korean media reports, Jo Sung Min had expressed that he is willing to give up on the property and parental rights as long as he is able to visit the children as and when as a father. The decision was taken after the 49th day tribute of Choi Jin Shil with a consensus being reached between Jo Sung Min and Choi Jin Young following a meeting. There were lots of dispute in Korea regarding Choi Jin Shi’s property rights after her death. But the majority had supported Choi Jin Shil’s mother and her brother Choi Jin Young and against Jo Sung Min who had divorced her and given up on the parental rights a few years back. Under pressure from the media and general public, both parties have finally come to an agreement and the matter is now closed for good.

In another non-related news, Ahn Jae Hwan’s death has been classified as suicide with no foul play being found after re-examination by police of all evidence. Ahn Jae Hwan’s family had suspected foul play and had asked the police to re-investigate. The case is now all but closed as well.

21 thoughts on “Jo Sung Min Gives Up on Choi Jin Shil’s Property and Parental Rights

  1. i’m glad, choi jin shil, can finally rest in peace .

    i hope the kids are handling it alright,

    *sighs i really miss her .

  2. Thank god everything is over… Choi Jin Shil and Ahn Jae Hwan can now RIP… and their families can work on moving on…

    I wish them all the best…

  3. …this is so far the happiest news I’ve heard in a long time, felt like a long time to me, since these things started happening one after another…

  4. Woah.
    I was thinking about her couple of hours ago and wondering how the custody battle for her kids were going then BAM.
    I’m just glad it’s over, now her soul can rest in peace, and her family can move on from this horrible ordeal.
    Wishing them all the best from this point forward.

  5. Good for them. I read Jo Sung-min would give them financial assistance (only?) if they run into money trouble – so he still has it easy. & not to stir up the old crap, but he consented to freezing her funds without knowing the details of how it’ll affect the CJS’ survivors who HAPPEN TO TAKE CARE OF HIS KIDS DIRECTLY? gimme a break. at least the wolf in sheep’s clothing backed the hell off…

  6. i hope all the kids will grow in a happy n good environment… ~ after all the hustle n bustle, usually the impact goes to the children…even a bit.. i hope that the children will be giving many love n suport around them…. 😀

  7. Thank the lord Choi Jin Young won! I’m looking forward to his comeback into the industry again. I miss his sweet smile ❤

  8. yeah, that foo’ better give it up!
    he gave it up long time ago.

    but anyway, thank goodness it’s solved!

    i hope choi jinyoung does well at college
    & her children are well

  9. Wow, that is a surprisingly good end to such an awful tragedy. I truly hope that Choi Jin Young will take good care of his sister’s children. He’s been a good brother, really looking after Choi Jin Shil’s name and her kids’ well being. I hope this is truly the end, and that they can finally lead healthy lives and allow time to heal their wounds.

  10. I’m glad that the Choi family can finally mourn for their lost peacefully and that Choi Jin-sil can rest peacefully now.

    Rest in peace, Choi Jin-sil.

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