East of Eden Heading for An Era of Change

Changes were aplenty yesterday as MBC East of Eden fast forwarded itself to the early 90s. The new direction in which the drama is heading into was amplified by the different style changes that each cast member had. Viewers were no doubt filled with anticipation for the future episodes.

Song Seung Hun Mature Look

East of Eden fast forwarded itself to 1993 as an era of change beckons with everyone getting a new style as well. But we were treated to a bit of Young Ran enjoying herself at Dong Chul’s home, being accepted by everyone, even Dong Chul’s mother. But that was until Mike’s arrival. Young Ran returns to Mike and gets married to him with Dong Chul letting Young Ran go again.

Happiness and then Separation

Dong Chul is now an active lobbyist with international lobbyist Janice asking for a partnership with Mr. Gook to trade weapons between America and Korea in private. Naturally, Dong Chul gets involved in the shady world of weapons trading. Dong Chul goes to America for weapons trade and meets Hye Rin by chance. After separating with Dong Wook for good, Hye Rin gets engaged to Mr. Baek for Daehan Daily survival. Hye Rin, now a reporter promises not to write about Dong Chul trading weapons if he will help her in some private matter (shipping her elder sister back to Korea secretly). Their destiny starts.

Dong Chul and Hye Rin Destiny Starts

In other notable changes, Dong Wook is now working as a prosecutor/attorney in charge of special cases and takes his first step into the politics. Shin Tae Hwan ages a lot with his hair all white and with a mellowed temper. Ji Hyun just like in the past proves to be a more able person than Myung Hoon. Shin Tae Hwan is filled with trepidation after learning of Dong Wook’s new status.

Dong Wook On the Up, Shin Tae Hwan on the Down

Viewers expressed on the website, “The story is really getting more and more interesting”, “Really anticipate Dong Chul, Dong Wook active performance and the demise of Shin Tae Hwan”, with most curious about the future.

The preview for episode 29 is really tasty!

– Rebecca finally appears before Shin Tae Hwan and threatens him
– Mung Hoon learning the truth about his parentage?
– Young Ran is back with anger on her face!
– Dong Chul and Hye Rin knows each other even better
– Hye Rin and Ji Hyun faces off in the washroom
– Dong Wook faced with possibility of putting his brother on trial

Am glad that things are finally moving on to the next phase.

41 thoughts on “East of Eden Heading for An Era of Change

  1. absolutely HOOKED on this drama! It’s truely EPIC i don’t even feel like its 50 eps long. I usually get tired of dramas before ep 16 hits but dang I can’t believe its almost 30! This is like some Dae Jang Geum shizz..

  2. addicted to this drama, i watch every second of it because it’s that good ! amazing how the drama is still exciting after so many episodes and now its like a whole new drama with new appearances. ahhh love it ! the combination of good actors and actresses were such a great choice, that this drama places people’s behinds on the edge of their chairs !

  3. i wish my dream come true..bcoz…

    (1) YR + Mike = getting married…God Bless both of them…
    (2) DC + HR = ? dont know yet…wait and see

    and those great casts….i dont bother….hope PD make it more great ending….


    The story was boring me to death the last few episodes. Although the sudden change is ridiculous, at least now the story is moving along and that’s better than nothing.

  5. OMG I was rooting for Dong Chul – Young Ran (even though I haven’t started watching). HAHA. Oh well. XD Time to start now that exams are over!

  6. i still believe that YOung Ran and Dong Chul are for each other.
    i just don’t know with the twist and how their rollercoaster
    relationship would be significant to the story.


  7. i believe DC will still be with YR in the end. i dont think the story was dragged alot for nothing. but i think DC n HR will become close friend and help each other to revenge.

  8. Aww, why would dong chul help trade weapons! So dangerous~
    oh well, i can’t wait to watch it! i really want to know whats going to happen with dong chul, youngran, and hye rin and dong wook!
    Man do i love this drama! so happy its 50 episodes long!

  9. i’m hoping DC will go back to YR..

    but anyway, what a stupid idea to exchange weapon in a hotel lobby. that was incredibly stupid for dangerous trade!! it doesnt make sense.

  10. er can someone summarize the timeline for me? ^^ all the year jumps kinda confused me. so it’s the year 1993, which is about how many years since?

  11. yeah,the timing is reallly wierd
    like the whole time i was watching this,i thought it was modern day bc of the clothes these people wear are not old fashioned..
    now it says that its 1993 which caught me off guard
    DC AND HR!
    ive been waiting foreverrrrr and finally they meet more often to start a relationship

  12. I was really surprised when they just jumped to 1993.
    But I’m glad with the change but I am also hoping that Young Ran and Dong Chul can somehow be together. This drama is getting way juicy, I see a lot of awards for it in the future.

  13. im excited with the era change, but i’m definitely not so thrilled with the whole yr and dc no longer together. it truly breaks my heart. im also not ready for hr and dc pairing. btw, dong chul’s hair now totally reminds me of song seung hoon’s hair back in the day. hahahahahaha.

  14. I was trying to figure out what their ages supposed to be too.. so here’s my best attempt to summarize the timeline

    Ep 1 – we started in 1961 – when MH & DW were born and switched. DC is about 6-7 yrs old?

    Ep 2 – 10 yrs later ? 1971 – so MH, DW are 10 yrs.

    at the end of Ep 5, we fast forwarded 10 years again to 1981, switch from the teen actors to the adult ones 🙂 DC is 26 yrs old, in Macao. First meeting with YR. MH, DW, and JH are 20.

    in Ep 14, there’s a time jump from around JH & MH’s wedding to 3 yrs later (1984), when they returned to Korea. And DC met YR in Japan. I guess Taeho should be born in 1982.

    Between ep 14 tp 23, not sure how much time elapsed. Say it’s 1 year.

    Then in Ep 24, we jumped 2 years again (1987?). This is when DC and YR is separated again, and DC ended up in the car lot.

    And now Ep 28 is 1993 ?

    So I guess.. MH, DW, and JH are 32. DC is 38? TH is 11 (but on his bday cake in ep 28 there are only 8 candles??).

  15. i always hoped that young ran and dong chul would end up together i surely doubt it but i hope to see them together in the future episodes

    yr+dc fighting–

  16. Can’t wait for SSH/LDH! Lee Da Hae looking prettier with her hair bundled up. I’m not really digging the bangs…

  17. omg. now that i watched it with subtitles, HR is the one who is hitting on DC!! lets see if she’s successful this time around.

  18. Okaaaay… DC needs to get married and have children, and so does everyone else. Just pair them back up and let them make babies… >_< They’re getting old.

  19. Complicated relationships.

    Love story in this drama for me is no longer in my best interest since I doubt DC-YR is gonna be together. The only reason i keep watching it is to find out what will happen after the truth abt the birth switch is revealed.

    Hope EOE won’t have a bad ending.. cos’ most great dramas ended up in a wreckage in the last epi.

  20. oh!!!well finally…Min Hye-rin and Lee Dong-chul….i’ve been waiting for them ever since…and i’m rooting for the triangle between Lee Dong-chul, Min Hye-rin and Lee Dong-wook….
    …i am hoping that this is the start for Hye-rin and Dong-chul love line…..

  21. hmm.. me too. i’m no longer interested in this drama since DC is not gonna be with YR. what a waste of time (and tears!) watching this.
    but oh well, i have to watch it to the end, since i want to know the real story line (about the birth switch).. but HR and DC is just a bleh~..

  22. got to fast fwd if there any scene about them since i watched it just to know the story aout DC+DW+MH birth swith reveal. nothing more!

  23. Ryu i think their still hope that YR-DC will end up together because today episode show mike telling DC to look after YR so i hope that a sign that YR-DC will be together in the end and beside i dont think the writer can make a HR-DC love story when the drama already gone this far

  24. ……getting boring…………….i don’t know what happen…YR come again….and still meet DC = dc family…
    anyway….Mr Kook still maintain….i like his character…funny…

    but Shin Tae Hwan…scary…..

    Hj+My still good ….i love them…

  25. this drama is good i so looking foward to how Yr-DC love story going to end like because i just love their storyline so much

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