Viewers Irked by Dong Chul and Young Ran Circular Storyline

In episode 27 of MBC East of Eden, Lee Dong Chul (Song Seung Hun) reunited with Young Ran (Lee Yeon Hee) after 2 long years for the X (countless) time. But their reunion seems to be shortlived as the ending of the episode seems to hint at another split. Viewers are getting disgruntled over their circular (repeat) storyline as they seem to be separated more often than being together.

Dong Chul and Young Ran Reunites Again

Young Ran sneaks herself back to Korea from Hong Kong while Mike is on a business trip as she is unable to stop herself from thinking about Dong Chul. Two years ago (actually last week), Young Ran had gotten engaged to Mike (Dennis O’Neil) and lived in Hong Kong. But Young Ran was then admitted to a mental hospital as she couldn’t stop thinking about Dong Chul. Although Dong Chul did visit Young Ran at the hospital while settling some matters on a business trip to Hong Kong, they didn’t really meet face-to-face.

Seeing Young Ran back in Korea, Dong Chul was surprised but happy as he arranged for her to stay at his home temporarily. Mike calls Dong Chul up after seeing her missing, asking if Young Ran was with him. With Dong Chul admitting that she was, Mike called on Dong Chul to take good care of Young Ran and he would come for her once he is done with business matters. At the very end, just as Young Ran was feeling happy from being at Dong Chul’s home, Dong Chul told her, “Mike would be coming soon to pick you up”. With their reunion seemingly shortlived, viewers were feeling sad at what is to come.

Viewers expressed at the website, “Young Ran seems to be getting married to Mike regardless, will Hye Rin develop a romance with Dong Chul?”, “Really can’t imagine Dong Chul loving another woman. Hope that Young Ran can be together with Dong Chul”. Viewers also expressed their displeasure with the possibility of Hye Rin coming in between Young Ran and Dong Chul. The preview seens to indicate that it might really be the end of Young Ran and Dong Chul. Check out Dong Chul’s new hairstyle in the preview regardless.

33 thoughts on “Viewers Irked by Dong Chul and Young Ran Circular Storyline

  1. yes, i really hope DC could just be with YR.. they love each other so much.. but i agree, the countless of time they split and reunite makes me think that my feelings are just being played by the scriptwriter.. 😦 but i will still hope DC n YR will be happily together at last..

    as i wrote earlier in the other post, if u read the characters relationship for HR, it stated, she loves Dong-wook with all her heart, but she’ll gives him up to steal the love of her sister.. i dont know whats that supposed to mean. there isnt anything stated about her and DC. but in other website said she’ll comes up btween the brothers, but not clear as lover or what.. and there’s also this split personality of saint and evil. anyhow, i hope she wont comes up btween DC, bcause i like her now, and i’ll hate her if she comes btween DC+YR. but i really hope she will also be happy at the end.

    also for JH, it stated, she was cursed and ousted by Yang choon-hee, but she later returns to Yang’s life as her daughter-in-law.. is that mean she’ll marry DW later? or DC because in the relation map, there is love line btween DC and JH. what’s that supposed to mean? its really confusing.

    and in the preview for today’s eps.. what??

  2. don’t read too much into the relation map frankly. these screenwriters work as the drama is filmed, anything could change along the way. It’s just the way that dramas in Korea are filmed, things change according to circumstances.

  3. ooh, is that so? thank u, cos i started to made up my own weird storyline, espclly abt JH and DC.. 😛

    but why do they made that map with love lines if they are not really going to follow it anyway?… they shouldnt showed that map in the first place, it makes people assume something which may not be correct. and the end, we would say, they lied to us about this to get all the hype for the drama.

    sighh~ but i wish all the characters will have a happy end. ( which may come out about in febuary next year? O_o)

  4. As much as I say that I will accept whatever the scriptwriter writes on the story but Dong Chul – Young Ran separation is like HELL with me !!! I couldn’t see how HR will fit in DC’s life in the future… but let’s just wait and see…

  5. i really hope that there’s something happening between Dong cul and hyerin…just loved both actors..hehe…i watch the movie because of them..:)…dont know how they could be together at this moment..but somehow i really wished a good storyline between them..:)P

  6. Fighting gukja couple!
    DC+YR are meant for each other. i think the writer wants to give all of us a heart attack. becoz i dont understand y DC+YR story is developed in such detail and then all of a sudden we are forced to watch YR getting married to some one else. this CANNOT happen. plz let them marry and have babies while DC takes his revenge with HR as his friend or foe BUT not as a lover. its just weird seeing them together. makes me really uncomfortable. i mean i like HR as a strong and intelligent lady but when it comes DC, NOOOO… i cannot take this anymore. too much pain…..sigh.

    btw Coolsmurf:
    “Two years ago (actually last week), Young Ran had gotten married to Mike (Dennis O’Neil) and lived in Hong Kong. ” – i think you mean engaged 🙂

  7. I am getting so frustrated how come this episode they together and now in the preview YR is getting marry with Mike, I hate DC how he said Mike will pick you up soon, come DC have some guts and said no I will never let you gooooo!!! omg this is so sad if DC and YR are not together anymore I will cryyyyyyyy!!!

  8. the dc and yr story keeps dragging w/ them together then separting over and OVER!come one,its kind of aggravating cause i wanna see hr and dc togher and see what might be interesting,give hr a chance bc dc wont be happy w/ yr cause of all that looks like yr will be married w/ mike in thee next episode!the only reason i watch this drama is cause i wanted to see hr and dc together..

  9. oh,and the storyline thing says that dc will stay aloof from the women he truly loves because of his brother dw..i wonder who that might be;i think its hr bc dw’s first love is already married and i dont think dc will ever have a love relationshipw/ her and dw would never have a realtionship w/ yr..the only one left would be hr,right?

  10. i’m so sick of the round-robin with this DC-YR coupling. at least with HR-DC we can maybe finally starting progressing with the storyline…

  11. Oh Lord, what’s with everyone’s haircut!!!
    Shin Tae Hwan’s going plein white, Dong Chul maturely clear cut, Dong Wook also, Hye Rin gets fringes…Omo,omo!

  12. Goodness, it’s only a drama. I say hell with Young Ran!

    Dong Chul needs to be happy with a different girl who isn’t married!!!!

  13. To be honest, I think it’s stupid that the writers keep separating and then reuniting the two. Make your mind already and move on with the story.

    Why should we all act like the annoying and irritating in laws? Young Ran IS married in this drama and why so Dong Chul suffer more about a love that has already faded and when marriage is involved.

    Go for Hye Rin!

  14. They should be spending the rest of the series focusing on DC+HR if they want to make it convincing.

    I read more on this than I actually watch the series, so I really don’t know much about it. xD

  15. I felt like punching my TV last week.
    Can’t they just be together?!
    I feel that there is nothing stopping them now except maybe Dennis’s character but they could get around that.


    screenwriters are mean.

  16. Their relationship is getting too draggy 😦

    It got to the point that I stop watching the show after episode 24.

  17. oh well, i ll take back what i said about HR. Of course DC and HR can fall in love with whoever they want. If DC & HR hooks up (which i m still not convinced) then thats going to bring change and I wont be against it. But I will still remain optimistic about DC+YR ending. i do agree that DC+YR plot was going nowhere regardless of how much I and many other DC+YR fans enjoyed their scenes. i mean it was kinda like – they would be about to get together and then bam! forced to separate and then back to getting together and then separate and on & on — agony after agony ( i dont know what the writer was thinking…)
    actually i m glad that HR is now sharing a lot of screentime with DC coz I was tired of hearing HR fans complaining about how HR wasnt getting any screentime with DC 🙂 so all i have to say is enjoy while it lasts coz we have no clue what the writer has in store for us. and lets all enjoy the drama in harmony. EOE is awesome & we should all celebrate that its been doing a great job so far and i m sure it will continue to do. Love & Peace

  18. This is what we call a good scripwriter, just accept what is all about coz we are just a viewer . If you all want another plot of the story,why dont you make another script and make another movie.

  19. i am very2 disappointed with the story. i’ve watched eps 28, and yes, i felt tricked. i’ve cried so much for them, and is this the end? it means the story has been dragged alot and its for nothing?.. i mean, until now, before the revenge started, the focus was on DC+YR relationship, and it ends for nothing?..

    i’m not the DC+YR shippers, but i do get disappointed with the story if they’re not together. because until now, i’ve waited for their revenge but it was postponed for DC+YR relationship story to developed. and i forgive that because i enjoy watching them because i think they’re sweet and touched with their love story. but if this is the end of them, then, the story was dragged for NOTHING!

  20. hi everybody….. dont getting mad becoz of dc yr relationship….just drama…

    ….now i spend my time to keep watching how dc hr ending….
    and hopefully happy ending….

  21. i want yr+dc
    at first i was apprehensive about there relationship because she was kind of spoiled but after a while they got to me i fell for the couple they better end up togfether in the end even though i dont think that will happen i could always wish

  22. i love these two as couple so much so i hope the writer will let them end up together because the drama wont be the same without YR by DC side

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