Sung Yuri Confirmed as Queen Seondeok

After failing to get Lee Young Ae or Go Hyun Jung, MBC have casted Sung Yuri as Queen Seondeok in their large-scale saeguk drama Queen Seondeok.

Sung Yuri

MBC announced today, “The leading protagonist, Princess Deokman will be played by Sung Yuri. That’s confirmed and we have only the pay, etc left to discuss.” Queen Seondeok is the biography of Deokman who was Queen of Silla, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea and it’s first reigning queen.

Sung Yuri will be casted as Princess Deokman who was the eldest daughter of King Jinpyeong. The charismatic Princess Deokman lived in a era of conflict with Shilla embroiled in continual wars with it’s neighbours, Goguryeo and in particular Baekje. As King Jinpyeong did not have any sons, he decided on Princess Deokman as his successor and eventually became Queen Seondeok.

Go Hyun Jung was originally casted for Queen Seondeok but she was eventually picked for another role, Mi Shil, a court lady who will have many scenes opposite Sung Yuri. Mi Shil is a woman who has a great desire for power and had serviced 3 kings in the past, becoming a prominent figure in Shilla history.

Although Sung Yuri has taken on period dramas before like SBS Thousand Years of Love and KBS Hong Gil Dong, this is her first-ever traditional saeguk drama. This will be a big test for her as she has to act as a young Princess Deokman before becoming Queen Seondeok which will span generations.

The 50 episode Queen Seondeok will go on air in the earlier half of 2009.

33 thoughts on “Sung Yuri Confirmed as Queen Seondeok

  1. i read a “royal diaries” on queen seondeok when i was younger & i was interested in her character as it was scandalous back then to have a female rule out in the open (instead of behind a curtain or whatever)…as much as i like sung yuri, i cant really see her fitting this role. so im looking forward to how she pulls this off. good luck to her

  2. oh no! why???
    i thought Lee Young Ae was gonna take it!
    great! a flop in the making, thanks to SYR’s stupidity!
    leave now!

  3. She’s cute but not that strong of a actress.
    She was good in Hong gil dong because she could be over the top.
    I don’t think she’s strong enough to carry a role like this.

  4. Whoohoo! So happy for Yuri unnie! She’s so awesome!
    I absolutely loved her in Hong Gil Dong! Can’t wait to see this new drama!

  5. ugh.. not a good idea for casting. i can’t help but agree with Jenny: Sung Yuri is just not strong enough as an actress to carry an entire sa-geuk on her back. Cute comic roles, check. Large-scale historical dramas? Not so much.

    how on earth did producers go from Go Hyung Jung/Lee Young Ae to Sung Yuri? isn’t that kinda big of a leap (down) in quality?

  6. Why are some of you already predicting that Sung Yuri is the bad choice? The filming hasn’t started yet so give the girl and the writers a break.

    Maybe she’ll surprise us all!

  7. Have no idea who Go Hyun Jung is, but I’m excited that they decided to pick Sung Yuri! She’s becoming one of my fav actresses!

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  9. i could not see her as an actress. i mean she’s cute but her performance (along with the unnecessarily overload monologue of Geun-suk) in Hong Gil-dong really annoyed me . hope she’ll be able to make some change after that long break…

  10. I like Sung Yu Ri. I really do. But I don’t think she can pulled this kind of drama since she is not the type of a strong actress.

    How come MBC asked her to carry this type of drama? She is excellent as Heo Yi Nok but she needs a strong male star to support her.

    I hope she can pulled this one. But she is too young for this kind of role. -_-;; Period dramas usually have high ratings, I hope this one will too…

  11. ………………….can’t finnish my work bcuz of this movie heheheh i like it so much ……………………………..

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