Rainism Loses Its Magic Stick

The Commission of Youth Protection under the Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs recently announced that the lyrics in Rain’s title song Rainism off his 5th album was harmful and detrimental to youths in Korea.

Rainism Suggestive Lyrics Under Fire Again

In a phone interview with Edaily SPN reporters yesterday, a representative for the Commission of Youth Protection expressed, “After examination, our panel comprising of people from the song writers committee, television PDs, media-related personnel came to a consensus that the lyrics from Rainism was harmful to youths. Two of them felt that suggestive words like ‘magic stick’ and ‘body shake’ depicted sexuals acts between a man and a woman.”

And thus the Commission of Youth Protection have activated clause 10 of the Youth Protection Act and have classified Rainism as “sexually stimulating material towards youths or obscene material”. From 24th onwards, stickers that will indicate “unsuitable for people under 19 years old” will be affixed onto Rain’s Rainism album before being allowed for sale to the public.

The representative also explained their decision against the 3 major tv stations for passing Rainism earlier, “When they did their cross examination, their target was adults. But our intended target are towards youths and so our judgement was based primarily on whether it was harmful to youths or not.”

J. Tunes Entertainment have acted swiftly to the ruling by modifying the objectionable lyrics and the Rainism (Clean Version) will be redistributed through online music websites. Rainism (Clean Version) will be performed by Rain in future performances be it on television or at outdoor events.

65 thoughts on “Rainism Loses Its Magic Stick

  1. I’m laughing my ass off. Not at Rain, but at this Youth Protection law.

    What next? Arrest every pretty girls on the street because they arouse men? How unhealthy ^_^

  2. ha ha asian marker . this let me see the authority in big company . the BIG companies never get this kind of problem . POOR Jtune
    anyways i’m waiting for them to ban any artists show too much skin on stage and sexy dance related to sexual action too. girls can show off their body but not man guys !!!! male can’t sing the song that attracts women, but women can be sexy to attract men . What kind of law is that. ROFL .. but thank you for the news . I’m apologized for my words . coolmurf !!!

  3. korea’s gotta be the most sexually fucked up country next to Japan. their government is puritannical while the young people are fucking like rabbits in the love motels and DVD rooms. i wonder how long it’s gonna continue like this…..

  4. if the teenagers like rain so much, they can go through all kinds of channels to buy the album or ask their silblings to buy it for them. maybe the singers should compose meaningful lyrics..

  5. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahhahaha “magic stick” = “body shake” hahahahahahahahaha

    if the teenagers get their mind out of the gutter than it wont be a problem eh? lol

  6. Huh?

    I actually think watching an explicit movie is 100x worse than LISTENING to this song…how pathetic. Aish….

    Rain deserves better..

  7. wow seriously. I’m sure their not even paying attention to what the lyrics mean….. Listen to american music where its soooooo much worse…

  8. Are you joking? It’s been out in the market since October? So wtf. They take forever to put stickers on CD’s apparently.

  9. lol that’s there country not mine Korea is to much to think i wanted to stay there makes me glad im an American

  10. that’s ridiculous, if they want to censor that, they might as well censor lee hyori’s “hey girl” music video, or the wonder girls dances or any other thing out there. That’s ridiculous.

  11. Sammy: haha, i guess they need to go take more English classes before they fully understand the lyrics =)

    But seriously, that’s just ridiculous. I’m glad Rain’s pushing the envelope of that society because they really need to get on with the times.

  12. hwat? the magic stick.. seriously whats wrong with that?
    and body shake.. its not even harmful. you shake your body when you walk dont you D:

  13. this is weird and plus i think people dont really listen to the lyrics……..i mean when i see rain perform “rainism” i only pay attention to his dance…..

    cause his soooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

  14. *facepalm* How stupid.

    Teens are dirty-minded nowadays anyway, no matter where you go. It doesn’t make that big of a difference, especially if it’s been playing for weeks now. :\

  15. i understand what they’re trying to do, but its only gonna make his songs more popular unless the rebellious youths aren’t rebellious, which i highly doubt. but yeah… i like that song only cuz of the beat and cuz i dont understand it. if i did, i wouldn’t listen to it cuz i hate explicit music.

  16. fainting!!~~
    what are they thinking??
    Wats wrg with magic stick and body shake…
    I think the authority themselves are not in their right mind since these 2 words lead them to tink abt erherm erherm (cough! cough!)

  17. So funny! Like the supposedly semi-porn movies (like”The moonlight of Seoul”, etc.) shown on public theatres nationwide has PG-13, but Bi’s song is now rated PG-19????! uwahahaha….

    Those commissioners sure got nothing to do & made up laws for nothing!!

  18. hahaha his album sales has doubled up on the day after they announce this news
    hwaiting RAIN!!!!!!

    Rain, Sensational Controversy on Rainism led to Commercial Success? Daily Album Sales Go Multiple

    Singer Rain’s new album ‘Rainism’ is attracting the public notice as it makes a nice sales of album despite of its controversy on its sensationalism.
    Hunter Chart, the internet site for totalizing sales of music album, says that ‘Rainism’, Rain‘s fifth music album, went multiple sales to that of previous day on 24th, on that day it had been labeled as ‘harmful to youth’.

    As it is said, around 1,000 daily sales on 23th went up to 2,100 sales on 24th.
    This album, as to the same chart, has shown its average sales of 1,000 everyday in last week.

    It is general fact that singer’s album shows the decline of sales as time passes if without any miraculous occurrence. Therefore, many people see this strange situation of favorable sales as the result of last deliberation on Rainism.

    credit to MyDaily

  19. Its funny how they name the new version of Rainism as the ‘clean version’

    Haha I guess any publicity is good publicity. Hope his album continues to get good sales!

  20. OMG! they are so strict with this kinda stuff….
    Isn’t this kind of stuff has became a norm? Weird… Ta-ha-ha-ha!

  21. this is seriously… RIDICULOUS! WTH! Gosh… nvmd… Rain Oppa, FIGHTING! Those people are retarded~ ^^ if the lyrics of the song is explicit, what about the female artistes that wear outfits like they’re wearing none??? some people are strange… it’s none like we (youth) don’t know what harm us or not…OMG~ seriously, i can’t even think right now~

  22. dont they have better things to do. who cares about magic sticks even kids have easy access to porn these days but its a good thing its censored cos its a terrible song no matter what the lyrics are

  23. I dun know why they are doing this..Bcoz i’m not a korean i love this song!!!^lol^
    I want to be bad boy……This song is catchy, kidda addicting when you hear it over and over again.You just can’t take this song out of your head^hehe^

  24. Aw! his magic stick vanished? Korea don’t want you, then why not come to America. America don’t mind your Rainism.

    Commission of Youth Protection “It’s too late now. He’s exposed already.”

  25. I think it was a brilliant move on the commission’s part. they saw an artist that needed a little help (lagging sales) and decided to make it 19+ rating….. sales UP and he’s hot again! I love his album btw.

  26. It was time to Korea do something about this song. Even if kids know about sex, it isn’t good to them act like adults knowing everything. Nowadays, Kids are acting more like adults. You see easily children with 13 years old getting pregnent. You see kids drinking and smoking so early, just to be cool and try to be an adult. Sometimes, to be conservative is need. And because of this kids thinking they’re equally to grown ups and they don’t so much respect as before.

  27. -‘Rainism’, Rain‘s fifth music album, went multiple sales to that of previous day on 24th, on that day it had been labeled as ‘harmful to youth’.- Muhahahahahahhahahahahaha! Proud for Rain that his getting good sales

    ‘..classified Rainism as “sexually stimulating material -LMAO.

  28. so dumb -_-
    w/e rainsim will always be hot
    they can’t stop it~ 😛

    i just hope the clean version doesn’t butcher it for me -_-

  29. Haha.
    As long as Bad Bad boy is there it’s all good with me.
    Youth Protection may censor the song but it won’t stop the fans from saying the original lyrics. 😀

  30. i would think a lot of people, at one point, have all been obsessed with “magic sticks” or what one can consider as “wands”…like the wands in harry potter.

    gosh. even if it’s intended sexual innuendo, rain has a prop icon that he can easily attribute the name “magic stick” to, and call it non-sexual. why doesn’t he do that? or maybe he has, and other people are just really stupid and inefficient in getting their jobs done correctly.

  31. actually when it song first came out and ppl were like did he say majesty? instead of magic stick…i was thinking that majesty sounds more apporiate since he’s rain he can claim to be majestic but then again i dont know korean so it might clash w/ the meaning…body shake is stupid they wanted a stronger reason for their objection

  32. thats so stupid. that means they should ban every english rnb and rap song in the world since all they sing abt is booty and sex and girls.

    so damn stupid.

  33. LMFAO @cindy and at @ juicebox

    seriously wtf? “unsuitable for people under 19 years old” 19 YEARS? okay what is korea for PRUDES or something? NOT EVEN PORN IS rated LIKE THAT. this is beyond ridculous. certain koreans might still have conservative views but that doesnt mean the younger generation isn’t evolving. this is gotta be the dumbest move ever.

  34. i feel so bad for rain because well, it’s his comeback and all this shit is in his way damn, i never knew korea was so strict with lyrics imagine them being in the states hahaha i just wish they weren’t so narrow minded LOL if a guy like to write about sex let the man be.. urgh, poor rain…

  35. stupid stupid stupid.. ppl living outside Asia/Korea find this ridiculous and ppl who live in the area probably don´t agree with the decision made, I doubt that the younger generation would be like: “yes, Rain´s song was a bit too sexy for us and this move is really appropriate” *and then goes back to watching cartoons*… Well, Rain can always just replace magic-stick with MAJESTY the word the majority of his fans actually heard when hearing the preview.. if I were him I´d definitely do that, and I think majesty suits a lot more… but I hate that his album now has to be tagged as inappropriate for children, haha.. like that would prevent them from listening in any way.. so dumb to do things like this…

  36. Pingback: DBSK’s Mirotic is not for people below 19 y.o « *chaos under control*

  37. wtf. I love that song and Mirotic. I feel sorry for Rain and DBSK. Come and play the songs in America and we would eat that up! lol Poor Korea. :/

  38. Lol they did that with a song by dbsk
    Mirotic I think cause it said things like
    You r my slave and stuff lol
    The funny thing is that they announced
    This after like 2000000albums got sold

  39. That dance move in rainism is woww….u know the one where he licks his hand and it travels down to his crotch looooool.
    When i heard magic stick i was like OMG lol is this 50 cent.???
    i got the maaagic stick.

    What were they thinking?
    Someone seriously want Rain to go down..
    This is so minor… i dont even know where to begin with.

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