Kim Jung Eun In Tears As She Speaks About Split

Kim Jung Eun caught the attention of many before the recording of her talkshow last Saturday as she broke down in tears while speaking.

Kim Jung Eun in Tears

Before recording SBS Kim Jung Eun Chocolate, Kim Jung Eun had held a press conference admitting that she had broke up with Lee Seo Jin. She expressed, “Both of us broke up on 29th October and it has barely been a month.”

Towards the end of the recording, she revealed the pain that the split had bought her, “I can now understand that being an actress is not an easy task. To be honest, I really want to find a place to hide myself. I never thought that putting on an act (not admitting that they broke up) is so difficult. Although it’s hurting and painful, I had to pretend that nothing like this had happened.”

She continued, “It will take some time for me to mend my broken heart. Please give me some time and I will do my best to pick myself up.” As she ended, everyone in the audience stood up and gave her a round of applause for her courage. This particular episode will be aired tomorrow, 26th November.

According to his management agency, Lee Seo Jin is currently in Hongkong for a vacation and had left in early November, a few days after he motioned the split with Kim Jung Eun over the phone. Repeated attempts by Kim Jung Eun to patch things up was futile as he was uncontactable. He is expected to be back in Seoul by mid December and things should be clearer then.

50 thoughts on “Kim Jung Eun In Tears As She Speaks About Split

  1. I realize that so far it we have only heard one side of the story, KJE’s. But if the information is true, LSJ better watch out, b/c karma is a b****. How can you be with someone for over two years (counting the time they spent while making “Lovers”) and not have enough balls to break up face-to-face? And now he is on “vacation”!?!? KJE needs a vacation… HWAITING ^_^

  2. im confused
    why did he break up with in the first place?
    for me to really feel bad 4 her…
    i have to hear this side of the story to really feel bad 4 her…
    4 all we no…
    she could have been a whinny bitch
    hwaiting jung eun unni!

  3. Never really watched her dramas, but that’s really sad. I can totally sympathize with her on how she has to pretend to the world that she’s totally fine with it. I do hope she gets better soon 🙂

  4. i wanna know why!!!
    maybe you know, its like those sob story dramas where he has some personal reasons of his own but he still loves her and such…. sigh.

  5. Poor thing :[ Breaking up after 2 years is no easy task to forget. She really does love him.

    But him breaking up with her over the phone is shady. Sort of like what Joe Jonas did.

  6. aww. i feel bad for her =/
    2 years is a long year. it breaks my heart to hear that this guy broke up with her over the phone. just not right to me =.=

  7. enough with the crying …your only gonna look weak…feelings hurt…you find yourself a better man…..afterall moving on is the best revenge

  8. i can see why she cried. sometimes you don’t want to be crying, but the more you don’t want to cry, the more tears fall down. you tell yourself not to, but they just come down anyway and you can’t help it. fighting KJE!

  9. I can’t believe she did that, in public too. It just makes her desperate looking and ‘begging’ to get him back. This is only her side of the story, we need to hear his before we judge.

  10. wow. we have some ignorant readers here.
    no one chooses to cry okay? so plz, show more sympathy for whoever (in this case, KJE) is brave enough to let open.

    i found the article incredibly touching and its REALLY nice to hear celebs – who’re often looked upon as ideal – express their hardships in ways that people who aren’t constantly in front of the camera can relate to

  11. I don’t really se how her crying makes her look like she is desperate and begging to get him back but hey different view points I guess

    But to date someone for that long of course you will feel sad sometimes you need to cry and we do not know the real reasons of the break up and we do not know both of them personally so people need to stop judging

  12. “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned / Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned” – “The Mourning Bride” (1697) by William Congreve.

    I was really on her side from the beginning but it seems as if she’s trying to really get back at him now. I mean you did a press conference and now this. Yeah, how he did it was wrong but . . . you had approximately a month to cry “Both of us broke up on October 29th.” Why now????

    Your press conference should have been enough but it’s like she’s trying to turn the public against him. (at a time he’s unable to respond). I bet it’s another women. We’ll hear about it 6 months from now.

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  14. as much as i feel bad for her, i want to hear his side of the story first before I make any judgments because who knows, she could be lying about something. i also dont like the fact that she’s making such a scene of it, i mean i know she just broke up but she doesn’t have to cry on tv. ok, im being insensitive but i think she shouldn’t do this because its gonna hurt LSJ whose story we still dont know. The dreadful korean netizens are prob gonna go nuts off on LSJ when he returns because of all the crying. I don’t like that, unless he is a heartless jerk.

  15. poor jung eun T^T
    i am one of those thousands of people who liked their love team both on and off screen.
    i thought everything was going well for both of them bcus they looked so happy specially when he serenaded jung eun.
    and marriage seemed like the only thing missing.

    i hope lee seo jin speaks up and clears everything, he’s the only person who could fix this mess up.

  16. i dont think we need to hear LSJ but some of you want to i mean why would he break up on phone and go to another country for vacation and go back in december he stupid…. he just going to wait until the break-up is clear it just show how bad a person he is… he such a sissy why dont he tell the true reason why they broke -up oh coz your mother disagree with you that why he broke up with KJE he a fucking 30 year old man or more …

  17. actually many times I read the comments about the fave couples it just painful to my side coz even now i don’t know how to handle it over…but I couldn’t end may words to the extend that my heart fulling broken.

    I always think in a positive ideas and committing coz i really want their relationship back…..

  18. KJE-ssi, cry, just cry it all out & get him out of your system!

    I’m really applaud for her for being able to bear out her feelings in front of the public. It takes guts.

    LSJ? That guy’s just afraid of getting married! Maybe he was afraid when he heard of the recently-married KSW who got turned down for CFs/dramas!

  19. i don’t think crying means wanting to him again.
    sometimes crying means letting go…letting everything go as one finally come to terms with reality. cyring is not being weak…suicide is being weak. you know how suicidal Koreans are.

    imagine how people criticize her again for crying in public…that she is weak…that she wants him back…

    bet if KJE had committed suicide…they will also say…that is plain stupid…he is not worth your life…she should have just cried in public etc…

    she will pick herself up sooner than we imagine. she has been in denial for 3 weeks, and she finally accepted they have broken up…i just hope when LSJ comes back to Korea, she is completely healed and would be unaffected. but how i wish they talk so she that there won’t be questions at the back of her mind even if she has completely healed and if ever she is the reason behind the break up, at least she could learn from it and could become a better person the next time she dates someone.

  20. Who knows how things really are. But it does seam like he didn’t take a good talk with her, which is truly immature! It must have felt really good for her though to feel the support from the crowd, and telling how it is.

  21. i really thought they were the next to get married.. the vacation abroad then the serenade, a relationship that lasted for more than 2 years..

    making sweet and happy memories then break up over the phone..that’s not cool and an immature act too.. sad for KJE, crying in public is no big deal.. she’s just letting out all those sadness that she couldn’t express for almost a month in front of everyone (since she is a public figure) and ending a long relationship is not that easy, wish her the best..

    hope everything will be cleared as soon as LSJ comes back..hearing his side will be good..

  22. omg what a feaking A-hole!!!
    i just thought they broke up like in a “nice” way but never knew it was over the phone! and he just ran off?! oh jeez…
    i seriously hope she will get herself back up because it is too much pain to even watch someone as sweet as her cry because of some jerk
    i don’t blame her though
    2 years is a very long time

  23. Aww, with him leaving for awhile, may be it’s the best for both of them to have their space.

    He’s probably hurting as much as Kim Jung Eun and it’s unfortunate that they have broken up. I wish them both happiness! 🙂

  24. If the person does’nt experience yet of losing someone you really love is very easy to some people to give a stupid
    For me it takes me at least 2 months before I realize he is not coming back. But when he tried to comeback after 6 month and telling me he make a biggest mistake of his life its too late already I dont want him back. Do you think its easy , I hope will happen
    to you TVXQBBLOVE and then you know not to judge very easily.
    It’s her show sooner or later does’nt matter how strong she’s it will come the time that she’s going to lost her composure. KJE cry who cares a lot of people understand where she coming from.

  25. Geezz… they broke up, so let’s all get on with life… why is everyone mulling over the issue and wanting to wait for Lee Seo Jin’s comment?

    I think they’ve gotten enough publicity for this… she should grieve out of the public eye now 😛

  26. i would rather they stop talking now
    as their fan i am very depressed
    but i dont want to see them
    throwing dirty linens in public
    after being so sweet together before

    so many persons included in this mess
    like LSJ’s mother

    Talks must be stopped

    the two need to talk but just the two of them

    LSJ does not owe an explanation to us

    he owes explanation only to LSJ

  27. You’re right marie. but who knows, after LSJ seen KJE crying here, he called her up. dreaming. We don’t know. LSJ was coward to see KJE tears, thus he phoned her for breakup. He said b4 he is a different person who needs time for himself to think things over. May be he is thinking now whether to come back to KJE against ma or does what ma likes even if KJE hurts. Okay, is he bad if he chooses ma over KJE? and good if he chooses KJE over ma? Mothers, speak out. only girlfriends speak out here.

  28. Lee Seo Jin is a heartless, cruel , ill-mannered pig and he will definitely have BAD KARMA. May he ROT in HELL !

    KJE , LSJ does not deserve you so please move on and pray that a much better man will come and deserve your love.

  29. why are people even saying she’s so desperate to cry in front of the nation like this? “begging” him to come back or even make him feel guilty whatnot.

    are you crazy? you can’t believe she cried? you haven’t had your heart broken maybe. you’re not a real person.

    she cannot stop the tears, period. it’s as sincere as it gets.

    didn’t you hear her say she tried to act like nothing has happened?

    and you still want to pressure her? god damn it. let the woman cry.

  30. Lee Seo Jin,

    Are you proud of your ungentlemanly actions? You are a beast ! You will suffer all the consequences of your beastly actions. You DEVIL !

  31. just thinking. its like in the drama, kang jae did not communicte with mi joo until when he was out jail that he told mi joo to forget her because he thinks he will not be hapy with her anymore. but when mi joo is going away, he looks for her and finally there back together again.

    am confused. is this break up based on the drama? when he comes back from hongkong things will be okay between them.
    hope so.

  32. KJE is a beautiful woman with a beautiful personality. When you are in the public eye, a separation is even more vicious and you can’t hide, she can only come out after so long and make an announcement, especially if the man fly’s away and just disappears. If she cries on TV, do you blame her? What else can she do? Then all of you who blame her ” You should cast the first stone” if you are not without sin. I had wished the best for them BUT, LSJ will get what’s coming to him, BAD KARMA. What comes around goes around. and I am will no longer buy or watch any of his series or movies from now on. Right now, I feel like throwing my “Lovers & Yi San” tapes away.

  33. Yes Lee Seo Jin will have bad karma ! Not only that he will live in HELL ! Good for him he desreves to be punished. he seems to be unaware there is an ULTIMATE JUDGE.
    He is not a Christain that is why he behaves this way. pooe LSJ he is a mental case!

  34. HOW DARE YOU SPRINTERS ! Kim jung eun has an INTERNATIONAL ACTING AWARD given in Singapore in 2005 ! Marian does not have any award.

  35. i will really pray that you two will be back to each other… nothing is impossible with God… I love this couple so much!!!
    I feel like crying!!!

  36. Sigh, i love lee seo jin and kim jung eun…knowing that they were real-life sweethearts made the series “Lovers” even more interesting…i’m saddened that they have split in real life…don’t worry Kim Jung Eun, you are one of the beautiful actresses of Korea and I’m sure you’ll find the right guy for you! annyeong!

  37. Sometimes better to cry than keeping it inside you. Better to talk about it too good for yourself and telling someone too is part of theraphy.

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