Jang Hyuk on Family Outing Christmas Special

It was announced today that Jang Hyuk whose drama Tazza end its run tonight would be appearing as a guest family member on Family Outing.

Jang Hyuk on Family Outing!

According to SidusHQ today, Jang Hyuk will be guest starring on the Christmas edition of Family Outing with recording expected early next month.

A SidusHQ representative expressed, “Jang Hyuk has been feeling drained after filming for Tazza and his movie Penthouse Elephant during this period. But as Family Outing is a program that he loves to watch often, he gladly accepted the invitation when asked. We hope that he can extract himself from filming for the time being, relax and have an enjoyable time with Family Outing.”

This will be something huge as Jang Hyuk who almost never appears on variety shows is going to break his duck. His good friend, Kim Jong Kook will be there plus Kim Su Ro from the Volcano High days. The guest after Cha Tae Hyun (wasn’t that funny this week) by the way is Lee Soo Kyung.

25 thoughts on “Jang Hyuk on Family Outing Christmas Special

  1. i know…i was expecting it to be funny given that it was CTH and since he is good friends with KJK. it just seemed CTH was tired the whole show. but next weeks episode looks promising

  2. AAAAAaaaaaaahh~ Spasm.

    Have never seen him on a variety show since I frist saw him in a drama so many years ago. Gosh. FO is really attracting special peeps. ^^


  3. Wow I just rewatched “Windstruck” today and tadahhh, he appears on your blog XD
    Can’t wait for the Christmas epi!

  4. Can’t wait to see Jang Hyuk on FO.
    Seeing Jang Hyuk and Kim Jong Kook together…ahhh can’t get any better than that.
    And I’m sure Hyori and Ye Jin would love to have Hyuk be a guest. It’s been a while since they have a certifiable hunk as a guest that the 2 girls can really go crazy for.

    Regarding CTH…I think he’s playing a ‘character’ when he was on FO. I still think the episode was quite funny. The CTH-KJK-MC Yoo moments were hilarious.

  5. Yeah I agree with Topspin, I was expecting alot more. But still thought it was funny and I think it was just that CTH hasn’t been on a variety show for long time, so he was a little reserved in beginning. Can’t wait for next week’s episode and I do hope KJK will still be on when Jang Hyuk comes on!

  6. thats one person i’m not looking forward to see… i’ve never really liked him or his acting…but i hope his good friend will be there, at least he won’t be too awkward like he usually is

  7. I though Kim Jong Kook was a permanant cast member now. I’m surprised Jang Hyuk will be on FO, never seen him on a Variety show.

  8. OMG I love this man. He can cry at the drop of a hat . . . It’s him and Kwon Sang Woo. Song Seung Hun takes time to build it up but they are the three heavy hitters. They’ll make you cry buckets.

    It’ll be interesting to see him on a variety/comedy show. Just saw the episode with CTH and it was OK. He was really funny with Jae Suk.

  9. i love family outing (mainly cause i love dae sung) but the show overall never fails to make me laugh…can’t wait to watch this episode, i liked him in the drama Thank You (it was him right?)…anyway, they need to get more guest girls on the show….

  10. This show is so freakin’ AWESOME! I seriously can’t get enough of it!
    Even though some guests are not as funny as others, the “family” never fails to entertain!

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