Chae Yeon And Kim Jong Kook Relationship is Unlike What Rumors Suggest

Chae Yeon made a surprise appearance on MNet My Favourite where Kim Jong Kook was the guest for that episode and expressed that if only they were just like what the rumors had suggested (friends/close relationship).

Kim Jong Kook and Chae Yeon

Chae Yeon had always been romantically linked with Kim Jong Kook ever since she revealed on SBS Xman that she had been a fan of him before her debut. In fact, Chae Yeon wanted to be a singer so that she could be on stage with him. Her remarks and subsequent pairings with Kim Jong Kook on gameshows had left an impression in people’s minds that they were a couple.

But Chae Yeon took the opportunity this time to clarify matters, “Everyone thinks that I am very close with Kim Jong Kook. But the truth is it’s really nothing like that. Everyone knows that Kim Jong Kook is very introverted. I would love to be on good relations with him but the truth is we are not so it’s a pity.” She also said that she doesn’t have a boyfriend although everyone thought that she and Kim Jong Kook was an item. “After recording the program, we don’t even say goodbye or leave our numbers. We never really looked each other in the eyes even. So to say we are dating or anything is really not true.”

Kim Jong Kook expressed, “Before I got enlisted, I promised to treat her to a meal while she was shooting her MV but I didn’t.” Chae Yeon replied, “Even during that time, that was arranged through our managers. I hope that you would ask me personally in future and treat me to something good.”

44 thoughts on “Chae Yeon And Kim Jong Kook Relationship is Unlike What Rumors Suggest

  1. i watched their mnet performance. gawd can they be any more awkward? it’s mostly kjk. he wouldn’t even look at her! :/

  2. awww
    so kwute~!
    but what happened to yoon eunhye
    kjk is too shy
    but tats wut makes him so much more loveable…

  3. I wish there was more interactions between Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye instead. But they’re so busy with their own lives ):

  4. yeah…i want to know what’s the status on his relationship with YEH!…aaahh…i miss her!! Hope she comes up with another drama soon….

  5. what mv is this!? did i just miss out on an mv with KJK and CY!? really?

    gosh. yoon eun hye needs to return to seoul asap.

  6. yeah…KJK is definitely an introverted guy… and CY is very extroverted…. so in a way… if they ever do become an real item…they would balance each other out very well….

    but like CY said… even though they were linked romantically since X-Man, i kinda sensed that they weren’t as close b/c they were so awkward with each other when they’re by themselves….

    i’m a big fan of them b/c i really adore those long time crushes or feelings…. i just think it’s the most sweestest thing ever!

  7. hahas shes so pretty, i love her smile .

    many fans are probably happy cause of this, since most of them are yeh + kjk shippers hahas

  8. “what did CY help KJK with his MV in the past? Anyone knows?”

    It actually wasn’t an MV. During one of KJK comeback stage, Chae Yeon came out as the love interest on a bike. Coolsmurf has the stage on his youtube account if you want to see it.

  9. KJK and YEH are intentionally keeping things on the downlow. JYC people have pictures posted of YEH, KJK, and Mighty Mouth all signed and dated on the same date in June 2008 at a hip Korean spa, so they definitely still hang out. Plus, on a radio show, KJK was asked what female celebrities’ numbers he had in his phone, and he said something like, “Park Kyung Lim and Yoon Eun Hye. Wait, I intended to say Yoon Eun Hye first!”

  10. Why people keep on bringing yeh’s name everytime this guy appear in the news?? poor girl must be devastated to be link with such a man. Leave them alone. she need to be freed from all this ugly links and KJK also need some time alone to concentrate on his carrier and focus on some improvement for his face.

    and Chae yeon is pretier than KJK. what do you mean by he can do better? he’s in the level with P KYUNG L. if someone like Ch is looking at him, he should be proud already.

  11. Gosh, she already said so many times (in her cyworld, in magazine & radio talks) that she saw him as an idol, just that. She already knew & aware that KJK had his eyes on YEH as he said so in magazine & radio interviews.

    KJK didn’t want to put burden towards CY because she’s been getting antis from both KJK & YEH fans. She was almost got sick from those nasty netizens!

    On MNet, heck she’s the co-host. So perhaps KJK’s manager asked her to do a cameo/appearance which she gladly said yes.

    So please lay off these two. Chae Yeon is a nice girl & she knows her limitation. Besides, she’s a CEO now & she can have guys way better than KJK!

  12. business CEO women FTW! πŸ˜€
    Though don’t like CY that much, but I can feel that she’s a considerate strong personality lady :)…wonder why netizen pick on her for confessing to – 3 years ago?…

  13. Did everyone think that? I never did. It seemed pretty obvious that he wasn’t like that, and especially not to her. But at least I thought they had talk more than it now seems.

  14. YEH and Kim Jong Kook are over! I wish ppl would stop pairing them together and move on like KJK has moved on!
    And him with Chae Yeon would’ve never worked cause she’s the female celebrity with the most antis!
    She seems nice, but there’s just something about her that puts me off…….

  15. Chae Yeon still have anti that keep picking on her until this day and she also close her homepage recently due to anti
    they should freaking leave her alone, how many time does she have to say ‘SHE’S NOT CLOSE WITH KJK IN ANYWAY POSSIBLE” for ppl to start believing it?

    a reason why I couldn’t get myself to like KJK completely, he’s the one that brought up the whole 10 years story, and now Chae Yeon have to accept all the consequence, she’s being labeled as the slut or the whore to stole KJK from YEH, it hurts her physically and emotionly, as a Chae Yeon fans, I can’t get myself to forgive KJK. It hurts us as her fans too, we want her to be happy but there’s just people out there who doesn’t have common sense and keep doing this stuff to her.

    I wish YEH and KJK can just get marry already, maybe THEN those stupid anti will leave Chae Yeon alone. I don’t want KJK NO WHERE NEAR our Yeonie.

  16. Chae Yeon is really pretty and so friendly! It’s hard to dislike her! Don’t get why people are so anti her.

    And nothing to do with KJK or whatever, but I miss YEH!! I miss watching her dramas. Boohoo…

  17. if KJK really said dat as Vicky says.. Id hate him for that Chaye Yeon is a very sweet girl .. hehe, I dont even like Yoon Eun Hye… Chaey Yeon is ten times better ANYDAY.. KJK got himself a raw deal.. too bad he doesnt seee what a gem of a person Chaey Yeon Unnie is ..

  18. KJK is a good person, but I cant get myself to like him. Well, like Vicky said, he’s the one who brought up all the bad things to Chae Yeon when he reminded her of their story 10 years ago. She have to bear the consequence. Why? She didnt do anything wrong, she even didnt remind that story, it’s KJK. She’s just touched by standing in frony of her idol. How can’t you moved in that case? Well, and I hate all stupid antis. Lol, i dont want to say it but i have to say it, KJK isnt good looking and his muscles look so terrible. Why ppl still not stop? He should so something for Chae Yeon to deny it? But why he didnt do it? Why he still shut up his mouth and be happy with YEH? Lol, he’s a good person, but he just protects his woman so I think he isnt a good man, make things but didnt do anything tp repair it.

    Poor Chae Yeon, she’s a good girl, she’s so pretty (well, 10 times prettier than YEH), her personality is prominent and she’s so cute. “Sexy” is just her image on stage. So she deserves to have a guy 100 times better than KJK.

  19. Wat? Chae Yeon is a slut :))

    Wat the hell is this small-brained person talking? =))

    Support Chae Yeon!

    As everyone says, she is a very nice girl! I dont understand why those antis had to do so much terrible things?

  20. Chae Yeon FIGHTING!!
    i always support u.. =)
    she is cute, beauty, and warm..
    why people always disturb her?
    in my opinion..
    CY more beautiful than YEH..

  21. after reading you two comments, I know why quality singers are decreasing in korea

    “KJK not good looking and his muscles terrible?” He’s a singer, retard, the only matters is his voice, your comment has nothing to do with singing and there’s nothing wrong he brought up the simple story during the game show, moron

  22. I like them both it’s may very good if they crush on eachother but infacts we cant froce somone to loveing somone right? so, just leave them alone and on focus on thier
    jobs only, OK

  23. no one here personally knows kjk. but what he expresses of himself is what makes him such an admirable person. he smiles and laughs a lot, 2 greatly overlooked traits of sincerity and loyalty. during all the times watching youtube tid-bits, you/i get pulled in immediately by his own unique charm. undeniably a great man. he boxes. he works out. he plays futbol. he sings. he does not smoke. he loves his mom. the only short coming is the way ignorant people ‘choose’ to view him. kjk, you’ve got love and admiration from across the pacific in california. keep doing what you do.

  24. Lol Yeonie is not a slut. She only did that to make X-man and Love Letter more interesting. Whats up with the Yeh and KJK thing? I mean if they were sooo meant to be then wouldnt they be together right now instead of not being together?
    I’m not going to lie. I though KJK and Yeh together was boring as hell…its not that i’m jealous or anything I’m saying that their relationship on X-man was so perfect nothing never really happen unless another guy stepped in the picture :p
    But I did love their loyalty to each other. That was kinda cute but yea Chae Yeon deserve more than that.


  26. i watch xman 50…kim jong kook did brought up his first miting with chaeyeon after 10 years,i think its like in secret garden when ha ji won is a fan of oska… wen he still recognized her,she feels happy….but it doesnt mean he like her….. like kjk to ch,if chdidnt brought-up in replacing yeh in kjk, i think this whole thing will not exist??? and at the end of the dangyunhaji, i think they both explain their part that theirs nothing between them… so its just a game πŸ™‚

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