Untouchable feat. Hwayobi – It’s Okay MV (english hardsubbed)

More known, at least for me, for her soulful ballads, Hwayobi features here for rookie group, Untouchable singing It’s Okay, a soothing upbeat song.


The theme song for the Hwanhee – Hwayobi couple on We Got Married. This sweet and cute song was out for a long time but because I usually skip their parts, I don’t really know much about this song. It was only recently that I saw her performing on music shows and was wowed by what I heard. Heard that this song describes the Hwanhee – Hwayobi couple very nicely. Many thanks to lilvietxoxogrl, RikkimargaretteMiera from Soompi forums.

Download (UU) | Mirror (SB) | password: coolsmurf.wordpress.com

Do not re-upload anywhere or hijack the link without permission.

24 thoughts on “Untouchable feat. Hwayobi – It’s Okay MV (english hardsubbed)

  1. i juz watched this clip a few minutes ago under ur wondersmurf profile on youtube… i also love this song ….. thanks for sharing… 😀 ~ in WGM i juz hav an interest to watch JoongBo n HwaYobi couple only..but after Ssangchu couple will leave after december i really hope that there is a good progress about HwaYobi couple..if not…i think there is nothing to watch in WGM (perhaps??) 😀

  2. I love the lyrics, just SO Hwanhee♥Hwayobi …
    especially on this part :
    “Our relationship which started like a joke, is now my everything.
    I may act blunt, but you’re the light which changed my heart.”
    Its so Hwanhee ♥

    And this part :
    If there is anything wrong, just being someone to cheer you up, I’m okay
    Its so Hwayobi^^

  3. woW wat a good song and the lyrics suit them so well. they are my 2nd favorite couple right now. and hwayobi has such an amazing voice.

  4. thanks!!!! I was wondering if you would give us the download link. 🙂

    I love this song! I love Hwanhee and Hwayobi together.

  5. the first time i heard this song on WGM, i searched it online and found it right away. it has such a sweet chorus/melody and a laid back, smooth flowin’ rap. i love this song!

  6. It’s sad though; that the couple probably won’t perform this together, as I really can’t imagine Fany rapping.

    But who knows…

  7. this is a nice song. i’ve saw this before but i didn’t know this was hwayobi and hwanhee’s theme song in WGM.

  8. yobi & untouchable did their first 2 live performances of this song on the 21st & 22nd. go check it out in youtube! =) but she had a cold during the period so it ain’t as good as the recording. cute nevertheless!

  9. Offtopic but does anyone know the name of the song that Alex sang to Solbi’s Mom in the birthday episode?

  10. wow i been searching for the Mv of this song everywhere till i found out this site. Nice !! love the Mv so much

    thanks to all and alvin rite ? the host ….

    P.S. very nice site gonna leach some :p
    ty !!

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