Kko Kko Single Ends On A Quiet Note

After bleeding from production costs and less than ideal ratings, KBS2TV Happy Sunday Kko Kko Single ended it’s run this past Sunday on a quiet note.

Minwoo and Amy To Continue After Kko Kko Single finishes?

Kko Kko Single broadcasted it’s final episode on 23rd November after a total of only 10 episodes which took them to Saipan Island (6 episodes) and Jeju Island (final 4). The program which bought “single” celebrities together and putting them on dates was cut because of it’s low ratings and high cost.

This was an unfortunate ending for Kko Kko Single particularly as it was facing Family Outing which had been enjoying rave reviews and high ratings.

The final episode saw Shin Dong Wook ending up with Jin Bora, Hwang Chansung with Jung Si Ah and Yuri with Jo Dong Hyuk. But the spotlight undoubtedly fell on the Lee Minwoo (M) and Amy couple who was the only couple to be paired up on 2 consecutive editions (Saipan, Jeju Island) and with outside talk of them carrying their love into real life. Everyone was curious about whether they would continue to have trips like this together after this.

Following the termination of Kko Kko Single, KBS2TV has resurrected Immortal Music Classic from the grave and likely to be hosted by Shin Jung Hwan and Tak Jae Hoon again. This will be a special arrangement until further notice. Singer Patti Kim will be the first guest following by Kim Jong Kook.

18 thoughts on “Kko Kko Single Ends On A Quiet Note

  1. if min woo n amy can b real couple y not AnBi ??????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ AnBi missssss u……. i always hope that they will b a real couple n get married…hehhee… 😀

  2. Really, Yuri with Jo Donghyuk?
    Thank goodness.

    He’s really good looking.
    And I love the fact that he couldn’t pick her out from SNSD.
    That was hilarious.
    They’re both great.

    Well, consecutively.
    I suppose, but there’s only been two different seasons I guess. So technically they made a couple on two episode really. Whateva. They’re dating. They’re cute.

    I actually liked the show. It was interesting.
    I just wished they’d bring Love Letter back or something.
    XMan please!


  3. I should just shut up before saying something about amy XD i just can’t stand her!!
    I mean it was kinda obvious the show was boring compared to top shows right now!!

  4. immortal music classic is coming back???? YAY I LOVE THAT SHOW! i hope kim sung eun comes back. she is funny. i remember when yoo chae young came it was always a riot!

  5. Dear iris,

    maybe good old minwoo should give old andy some advice on dating SolBi in real life~ haha. Kidding. But it’s an idea right?

  6. So sad kko kko single will end,atcualy im they no one fan watching the show..Amy n minwoo im blessing u guys dont wory “MIN-MY”,last farewell bye bye kko kko single..

  7. I’m just glad that Immortal Music Classics is back on. I was so bummed out when it was cancelled..now it’s back on yay!

  8. omg. immortal music classics is coming back?! this is great news! i loved that show! and the mcs were hilarious!

  9. Awww, am I the only one who enjoyed this show?! Probably! I was also rooting for Minwoo & Amy ^_^, I’m glad they’re dating for reals!

  10. Ah this really sux….here i thought that after We got married was starting to get boring i could just watch Kko Kko Singles but noooo, what a headache. Seriously my shows are either getting cancelled or starting to get boring. Oh well Family Outing it is….now if we can just get more people to sub it…..

  11. That’s too bad! I really enjoyed this show! The only thing that irked me about it was how they dragged it into 4/5 episodes for each group of guests! I really enjoyed watching cutie pie Yuri!

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