We Got Married Ep 35 Picture Summary + English Softsubs

Counting down the days to their departure. Treasure their last moments.

JoongBo Couple #1

JoongBo Couple #2

Hwayobi bringing Hwanhee to the place of her choice this time but I think he doesn’t like it one bit. Thanks to the It’s Okay song by Untouchable featuring Hwayobi, I have started to watch their segments now.

Hwanyobi Couple

Still no urge to watch them.

Marco and Son Dambi

We Got Married E35 Downloads (thanks to awesome muish)
Download the softsub at megaupload or sendspace or mediafire uploaded by muishcrazsri & pekkles. Download episode 35 from Clubbox (990mb).

For the second week running, Ant Couple is ignored by Newsen again.

43 thoughts on “We Got Married Ep 35 Picture Summary + English Softsubs

  1. since little air time for ant couple, i think they will be the next to leave after joongbo.. well although it is confirmed they will be in season 2.. but who can predict the changes? i will just watch the old couple and yobi maybe for the time being..

  2. oh-uh. Less aritime has always meant only one thing in WGM. Departures! Though I’ll be really glad for them. They should leave WGM since all the other original couples have left. Wouldn’t be that meaningful if they were the only ones left.

    Leave the show, date for real. =D

  3. Ant couple really becoming bored since addition of hyung don. I will watch WGM as long as this show goes on and somebody sub it. Thanks Muishe for his haed work..

  4. Once 쌍추부부 leaves I’m not watching this show anymore. I love 개미부부 but not with 정형돈.

  5. for those who dont know, the ant couple is not leaving…..they’re even going to be part of We Got Married Season 2…i think they should leave though…to save their careers…

  6. I lost my appetite. I think my thirst for wgm is drastically reduce, after knowing that Lettuce couple already wrapped up their time . aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. another dissapointment which I do not need to add in my happy medium misarable life.

  7. i will only watch JoongBo n HwaYobi couples….~ others r not realy exciting to watch.. JoongBo couple becomes beautiful n more beautiful…… im currently collecting my own ‘courage’ to let JoongBo couple go from WGM… T_T ~ WGM getting boring without JoongBo couple after this..n will only relay on HwaYobi couple (maybe?) ~ we’ll juz have to wait n see… ~ nway JoongBo FIGHTING !!!!!!!!!

  8. my two fav couples!!! Ant Couple~ A! Lettuce Couple! Sangchul~ wtf?? why they ignoring the Ant Couple? At first I wasn’t okay with the Lettuce Couple and the Ant couple got on my nerves! But…But…the more you watch ’em the more you get addicted to ’em ^___^ both couples give me a good impression. and the Ant couple seems really real too b/c i know many ppl who argue like ’em and then make up and also likes ‘new arrivals’. haha. the ghetto couple =] i’m more used to ’em. Ant Couple fighting! Lettuce Couple fighting!

  9. They have go to be kidding me.
    They keep ignoring the senior couple.
    They are the last bit of the WGM we fell in love with left.
    I ‘m already missing JoongBo

  10. JoongBoo couple is seriously STEALING the show !!! They gonna take it with their departure.

    I hope Ant Couple would leave to. Ant Couple is not fun anymore, the show were fun because the original couples have their own styles. With the new couples, they are totally mismatched.

  11. this show is going to die once joongbo leaves…
    they are the ones carrying WGM…they have such a huge fanbase! the PD’s are going to have to perform a miracle to save the show

    notice how even though joongbo are leaving soon, they still got the most airtime….that just comes to show how important they are to the show…

    im going to miss watching them together T_T
    they were so sweet in this ep ^^

  12. lettuce couple will be leaving soon but they still have progress and is great entertaining in every epi. that attract the viewers..

    the killer couple – macro is forever exaggerating his facial expression & having ridicious actions to arouse the attention and son dami always shows us that she is a “Missy” that irritates me alot.

    i think i will not watch this show after lettuce couple is gone .. too bad this was a good show b/4 with all orig couples.

  13. My gut feeling… the Ant couple will be leaving soon. It’s just like how they weaned us off AnBi and AlShin, no?

  14. less airtime can only mean one thing and we all know what it is! i feel so bad for the orig couples, instead of treating them with respect they treat them with dirt after they think they’re done for. gahhh.. do they even know how much the orig couples contributed to the popularity of WGM today? i dont think so but that’s too bad for them. at least there are other variety shows out there! will miss lettuce and ant 😦

  15. I certainly can watch Marco & Dambi couple, but Hwayobi & Hwanhee couple sucks. I mean, the time when I tried to watch them, I saw Hwayobi covered and replaced items in Hwanhee’s house with her photos. IT IS SO RUDE. I dont like this kind of girls, so I never watched this couple again.

    Marco & Dambi is funny. Marco is real funny. LOL

    I’m counting down to the days when Lettuce Couple leave and I’m going to watch all of their parts over again =)

  16. @ Ally: Totaly agree with you!

    For me, now that Alshin couple has left, the only couple that I watched is Lettuce Couple and Marco/Dambi couple…
    Marco really kills me with his ignorance, bluntness and I would like to see more of their progress as a couple!

    I always fast forward HwanYobi… people have diff opinions but I think They are so boring. What makes me see them only Hwayobi.. cause she is so cute … Hwanhee,… i don’t know..

    Ant couple really becomes un-watchable since HyungDon came. It hates for me to say this, but they have to find something more besides bickering… But It’s still kind of sucks to see them leave.

    What bugs me the most is the PD. when they want to cut someone out, they start to lessen the air time and the next thing you know, they are gone.I know SIY and Crown J are stated for the next season..
    BUT if it’s up to WGM PD… man, anything can happen.
    Before they said the original couples all will remain until end of the year… next thing we know, 2 of them left already..

    We would never know what happened… *sigh*

  17. didn’t i read somewhere that ant couple will be in the second season!?!?!?? and coolsmurf, i’m glad you have taken an interest in hwanyobi, they’re hilarous.

  18. I’m also might not watching WGM anymore after Ssangchu couple final episode. A bit regret they dont have episode with lil kids like Alshin & Gaemi couple did. Growing fond of Hwanyobi couple but couldnt replace the thirst for Ssangchu couple. Gaemi couple used to be fun also but with JHD its really a disaster. I coudlnt stand Marco if I were in SDB position. I bet the ratings will be lower each week unless the PD can come out with something ‘magical’.

  19. Which part can we call RUDE when the wife put her photos on his husband house ?
    This is not WE ARE DATING reality show, but WE GOT MARRIED reality show remember that.

    If the husband understand, she doesn’t need to put her photos by herself, but the husband will do it before she ask.

  20. I am seriously the only one who doesn’t find joongbo couple that appealing. I would much rather watch the killer couple, especially this episode. marco totally one upped everyone in events. the fact that things didn’t go smoothly was what made it that much more real

  21. Reply to “Kee”: You’re not the only one that think the JoongBo couple is boring. They get alot of air time but they don’t do anything of interest. There is no love between them other than that of good friends. Every episode is the same with them. I think they have alot of fans because the husband is a young, cute “idol” and there are probably alot of women out there that have a fantasy of being together with a young guy. They don’t feel like a married couple.

  22. me neither..
    no urge to watch this if lettuce couple leave….
    i used to like ant couple…
    but now they seems kinda boring:(

  23. i agree with you @Ally. I really enjoy the Marco Dambi couple, Marco is super hilarious especially with his little Korean Mistakes and ist interesting to see SDB slowly getting used to Marco’s behavior (like how he’d hug her whenever his happy, so cute). Their also becoming closer.
    I find HwanYobi/Hwanhee couple really…weird? The way Yobi speaks and acts really bugs me even though i’ve heard countless times this is her real personality i still find it fake. But still watch this couple hehehe. I don’t really HATE any couple.

    Will be very sad at the departure of JoongBo couple, since they were the reason i started watching WGM. At first i used to watch only their cuts but eventually rewatched the whole show in full. I still love CrownJ/Inyoung couple so as long as their still there i’m fine. But i will truly miss Joongbo couple soo much, i love Hwangbo now.

  24. @lampz – I agree… the Ant couple is only filling up airtime with bickering… there is nothing more to them besides that… it’s getting boring. But I do think that they could make it as a real couple, and they should probably give it a shot 🙂

    The ssangchu couple has really been prominent lately… and I really love how their screen chemistry keeps improving… but is it me, or does Hyun Joong look a little unattractive during the interviews… I used to think he looked pretty good… hmmm…

    I think Hwayobi tries too hard to be endearing…

    Marco is a ditz…

  25. LETTUCE COUPLE SEGMENTS WERE THE BEST!!!! Hwang BuIn finally did a cute face/thing to Shinlang and it was the funniest!!! i just love their reactions… embarassed as ever… even if they’re receiving it…LOL… i will miss them…once they’re gone… WGM will be nothing!!!

    first… cute-realistic AnBi left…then romantic-mature AlShin…now funny-sweet Lettuce couple… *sighs…

  26. honestly, i already lost interest when ansol couple leave the show…but i still keep track of the other 3 couples.
    now that the alshin coupel left, i missed their quiet yet meaningful relationship…
    n theeeen, my 2nd fav couple is being pulled out of WGM T^T and the funny couple is getting less and less airtime >.<
    i could just imagine the ratings dropping lower and lower…
    unless, a SUPER BANGING couple shows up..but thats not gna happen anytime soon..so oh well

  27. I’m rather annoyed at the fact that the Hyun Joong and Hwangbo are completely stealing the show. None of the other couples received such treatment when they left, and now this? Alex and Shinae basically said goodbye and that was it. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the Lettuce couple, but come on. Be a little more fair please? I’m rather interested in seeing how WGM will continue on without the Lettuce couple. Sure their fanbase is huge, but they don’t make up the entire WGM fanbase. People have lost interest long before this, and with all of these changes, I kind of doubt this show will continue on, with or without them.

    And I want the Ant couple to leave now too, just because they’re completely being shafted when they were the original couple of the show; one of the ones that made the show so popular. If not for them, I doubt WGM would have become as popular as it did, and they don’t deserve this kind of crappy treatment. The show is beginning to lose meaning, as it becomes more and more comedic and less romantic like it once was.

  28. wow you’ve only JUST started watching the Hwanyobi parts? you dunno what u’ve missed! but it’s nv too late to catch up! =) haha for me i do the reverse i fast-forward the alshin parts (not all but most – i liked the nanny epis though) =)

  29. I agree that the lettuce couple seems like really good friends… but keeping in mind that it’s a fake marriage, when they DO start acting like a real married couple it’s the greatest!

  30. Coolsmurf you should watch Marco & Son Dambi’s segments too! Marco is hilarious and in episode 35 he did so many sweet things for Son Dambi to make up for her for being immature on the other episodes. Marco & Son Dambi’s parts were the highlights of the hole episode 35.

  31. Can someone tell me where to buy Joongbo couple cut ep with eng sub.cd of Hwang bo and ss501 .All the couple in this WGM show are great. only it happened that Joongbo couple gave excitement to the viewers including me .you will love them,cry,worried,laugh,fell sorry for Hwang bo how some veiwers react coz of there age gap.will admired Hyunjoog for being,conservative,blunt,but protect her Buin not to let somebody hurt her feelingsHoping that they will make a love story movie it will be BOX OFFICE HIT”” good story,good movie for both of them GOOD LUCK JOONGBO COUPLE.

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