BoA Performs Eat You Up Live on Youtube L!VE Tokyo

Now it’s ok if you didn’t know. Youtube had organized a first-ever Youtube L!ve Concert at San Franciso and Tokyo back-to-back today. What was unique about this was it was being streamed live from itself. The San Franciso event was a success but the same cannot be said of the Tokyo event.

BoA Rocks Youtube L!ve Tokyo

Many of BoA fans had either waited all afternoon in the Asia region or stayed up all night in the hope of catching BoA perform Eat You Up live and for the first-time ever. Well, they were to be left disappointed by Youtube who didn’t stream the live broadcast unlike San Francisco. They didn’t tell any of us that it wouldn’t be streamed live beforehand which was poor PR. In any case, BoA did perform as scheduled at 4.30pm in Tokyo to a live audience, singing Eat You Up, Lose Your Mind and two of her old hits, Listen to My Heart, Meri Kuri.

Thumbs down for Youtube because many of BoA fans had been waiting for a long time to see her perform and frankly only cared/wanted to see BoA among all the other performers. But BoA has at least got her promotion started.

25 thoughts on “BoA Performs Eat You Up Live on Youtube L!VE Tokyo

  1. Thanks for the video. I stayed up all night past 2am and gave up waiting for BoA and went to sleep >.<

    Glad shes starting promoting. Hope she’ll be loved by the americans

  2. BoA!!! Promote ur song n take over the world!!!
    I don’t really like the pants she wore…. overall, awesome as usual and her hair looked good….

  3. I know.. I was one of the many who waited to see BoA perform on YouTube, live!! I waited 6+ hours watching the San Fransisco version which I HATED.. until 2:30 AM + another hour.. just to see if it were delayed. I then realized that they would be STREAMING not actually see it live and happening! And BoA said it would be, so I waited and waited.

  4. I was waiting for hours! I thought it was delayed so I kept waiting. YouTube should have told us that it wouldn’t be live so that we wouldn’t have to wait for hours and hours. Anyway, BoA’s performance was awesome. 🙂

  5. The song is way too choppy. I wonder, is it suppose to be like that or is it because she can’t sing it so it flows nicely? When.I.First.Saw.You.I.Knew.You.Were.The.One.

    it’s like a small kid trying to learn english. scratch that, kids trying to learn english is not even that bad.

    She’s already short and her pants weren’t helping either, it made her look even shorter.

    But I give her credit for performing live for all the songs plus she performed for 20+minutes.

  6. -_-
    Yesterday I woke up extra early in hopes of catching every second of her performance. Youtube completely dissapointed me and the worst part is my Youtube account got hacked -_-

    But she looks pretty and didn’t let her fans down. 😀

  7. i was totally pissed that it wasn’t streaming live and they didn’t announce it beforehand. i stayed up until 2:30am west coast time and had to get up at 4:30am for work (only then was when i saw the video footage of her part during the concert), but i was too tired. now that i’ve watched it, it was enjoyable.

    though, i wasn’t too thrilled the “eat you up”…i thought she would’ve put more into it, but seeing that it’s her first time performing, it’s okay. BoA can certainly do better than that…i felt it was lacking just a tad, but like i said, that was her first perf, so it was pretty good. i love her to death, don’t take it the wrong way, but i’ve seen her do so much better in other concerts before…or perhaps i just have high expectations of her after watching those amazing perfs from her most recent concert.

    but dude, youtube was pretty messed up in not announcing it beforehand that they wouldn’t stream for youtube live tokyo! i was pretty pissed…i would’ve been dead asleep if i knew it was gonna take them that long to upload the videos. wtf about them saying during the promotions that there would be only a 15 minute delay? whatever!

  8. i was also a little bit disappointed with her “eat you up” performance. her singing was really good as was her pronunciation [PROPS to her]. fail though to her execution of the dance moves. it’s great choreography, but its execution by boA felt very half-hearted. i think her song has the ability to blow up [in a good way] in America; she just needs to continue promoting well. also, her wardrobe choice didn’t help. her weird, baggy extended gaucho pants didn’t help people see her awesome her legs move when she dances.

  9. Her English has gotten better than the MV. I hope they rerecord it for the real thing because her pronunciation now is definitely waaaay better than her MV.

    It’s good to know that her English is at least improving.

  10. I stayed up till 1.30 AM EST to watch the live streaming of YT Live Tokyo.. ; ____ ; but then.. it wasn’t streamed.. D;

  11. Zzzzz.. Am I the only one who finds her completley boring?
    I’d rather see Se7en succeed in the US instead of her.

  12. Dw annebonny u`re not the only one.
    I was disappointed with the Eat you up performance. I was actually expecting more since it`s “Boa”. As some people say it’s her first performance for the song but hey doesn’t she have a lot of experiences b4 with other performances is there any difference besides the language??
    The vocals are a bit…weird? She definitely needs to work on that to break through/WOW America!

  13. Yea I love BoA and all, but if this is the best she can do when singing in English then I’m sorry but she won’t be able to break into American mainstream music.

    Just look at Christina Aguilera’s or Beyonce’s performance, and you’ll notice the difference right away…the level of energy, the strength of their voices…

    Maybe it’s a lack of confidence in language thing. Let’s hope so…lest she turn into another Utada in America…

  14. wow. so many commented on how boA could’ve done better. I thought she was real good. O.O
    Well, maybe cause i watched Katy Perry’s performance before boA’s performance. Oh i don’t know.

    Still, boA looks sooo pretty! ❤

  15. you can’t really blame the singer for not being good enough if the song itself doesn’t show her talents. and about her not having enough energy etc. i do agree a little more performances and she’ll probably get more comfortable with it. best of luck to BoA<3

  16. Thanks for sharing the BoA* performance at Youtube Live in Tokyo.

    I enjoyed it a lot.

    It is kind of disapointing that Youtube did not stream this live.

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