Shin Jung Hwan and Girlfriend Splits After Intense Netizen Scrutiny

Shin Jung Hwan expressed with regrets, “I have splitted with my (now former) girlfriend recently with whom I had dated with marriage in my mind.”

Shin Jung Hwan Missing Out Again

That was what Shin Jung Hwan said in an interview conducted with IS on the 20th. Some netizens had gone to great lengths to dig up information about Shin Jung Hwan’s girlfriend. Her photos, her Cyworld address, her family background, etc were all dug up and posted online in a very detailed manner. That become a great burden which not only affected her but also her family members.

Shin Jung Hwan’s girlfriend is currently in her second year of study in an unnamed university majoring in design. She is estimated to be either 21 or 22 years old and about 14 – 16 years younger than Shin Jung Hwan. They had been dating for 2 years so Uncle Shin is pretty unfortunate here!

Shin Jung Hwan expressed with regards to this, “There’s a reason why we as artistes need to have/keep our own life private, away from the public eye. Netizens started bashing my girlfriend on her Cyworld after it was made public. Others who somehow manage to get hold of her number, even called her up to harass and scold her. It’s too difficult a burden for her to take as a normal person and she started to have misgivings about my job as an artiste.


After several discussions with his girlfriend who had been leading a normal life as a university student before knowing him, they decided to split up. She couldn’t take all the malicious attacks that came with dating an artiste.

When Shin Jung Hwan suffered multiple injuries injuries after falling off his bicycle while trying to avoid an incoming vehicle in July, the sight of his girlfriend in hospital looking after him became a big topic then when it was made known. Shin Jung Hwan subsequently admitted during a tv program recording, “I have a girlfriend now”. That proved to be the beginning of the end as netizens acted swiftly by digging out everything regarding his girlfriend and posting it.


In a Ya Shim Man Man recording which will be shown on the 24th, Shin Jung Hwan talked about the difficulties that artistes have had to face, in particularly with love. He expressed, “If you meet a woman who doesn’t understand your life as an artiste, the result would be…”, showing his regrets at how things have turned out and the harsh reality that an artiste will face in their life.

74 thoughts on “Shin Jung Hwan and Girlfriend Splits After Intense Netizen Scrutiny

  1. Finally some news about him!

    But not something you want to hear about,poor him…I wish him and that girl better luck in their love lifes

  2. oh man! I feel so sad for him. What do netizens have against “commoners” dating artists? Seriously. Artists need to live their lives too (privately if they could). I just feel so sad ’cause I’ve known that he wanted to find that special s/o since his x-man days.

  3. Seriously, the Netizen have gotten more out of hand. The Korean government need to start protect the artist and their loves ones but not making it so easy to accuse all their private information online.

    Poor Uncle Shin :[

  4. yeah… this really is a bust :C
    celebrities have the right to choose who ever they want to date,
    just like us normal people… because.. we’re ALL HUMAN

    but yeah i wish them luck in their future love life.
    & or maybe.. they might get back together (:
    but woooow 2 years of dating, and no one finding out, that’s a big one!

    but yeah this just sucks that the netizens made a crisis again..

  5. Thats horrible! He is such an awsome person and funny man! I dont understand why they would do that do because I dont think he harms anyone so why harm him. I like seeing comedians like KaHoDong, Jaesuk, Park MyungSoo finally getting married. It would have been nice for Shin Jung Hwan too 😦

  6. awww chicken had a girlfriend! but i must say shes a bit too young… but still sad for chicken :T i wish he’ll be happy soon.

  7. I am so sad that he was unable to repair this relationship. Especially since he wanted to marry the girl. Such a shame that he will not know happiness with her due to fanatics who cross the line! My condolences go out to Oppa and to his former girlfriend.

  8. the netizens are just making a bad rep for themselves…who r these ppl anywayz? don’t they know how much their hurting ppl…their stars but their human too they need privacy as much as us “common” folk!!!

  9. It’s understandable if netizens digging up info about artists’ girl friend or boy friend. It’s part of the limelight and artists should learn how to deal with. But the netizens really step out of line when they start scolding/harassing the boy friend/girl friend.

    They don’t expect their idols to date & get married like all of us do? Crazy!

  10. Seriously, wtf is wrong with these netizens! It’s getting so out of hand. It’s like they have so much power that they’re able to make artists commit suicide, etc. etc.

    I feel so bad for SJH ):

  11. Wow! If he was to keep it alive and marry her I think he will be the luckiest guy, because she is so pretty. But sadly he had no choice but to break it off because of crazy netizens. Poor guy.

  12. That’s so bad!
    Okay, its normal as celebrities to have your private life known to everyone. Its the price they have to pay for fame.

    They could get her name, pics, her uni, okay.. that’s normal. But the fact that people went to extremes like calling her, harassing her on her cyworld and also her family, is just disrespectful to any person.

    I just think that these ppl just don’t have anything to do with their life and they shouldn’t also be considered as fans.

    As a fan, shouldn’t you be happy when a singer/comedian/entertainer you like is happy?!!!

    Okay, maybe its just me that thinks this way.

    Such a shame.

  13. poor guy =(
    those people are terrible..just because someone is famous dosnt mean they need to know every single little thing about them, they need a little privacy too =( i feel for him…

  14. damn netizens need to chill out…i feel bad for uncle shin. I was really looking forward to his marriage next after kang ho dong, mc yoo i was hoping uncle shin will be the next one.

    netizens are soo horrible…who cares who he the is dating, let guy be happy damn!..i’m so fired up right now!
    i hope he will be able to fix what was broken….NETIZENS YOU ARE ON MY SHIT LIST!

  16. just when uncle shin found his happiness, this happened! goodness gracious, those netizens are downright twisted!! there are things that are meant to be private… We know that as an artist, they are public figure but they are also living another life other than being a celebrity,,, they are also entitled of privacy!

    so sad for miss shin! It would be nice to see that the xman casts are now married….

    1. Park Kyung Lim
    2. Kang Ho Dong
    3. Park Myung Soo
    4. Yoo Jae Suk
    I was hoping for Uncle Shin to be the next one but not anymore 😦

  17. i feel sorry for Uncle Shin. Netizens really don’t have any lives, huh?

    BTW… the girl is really pretty.

  18. shes fken hot dude, if i was as old as him id have thoughts about marriage too, shet u no wat happens afta the marriage dont u…

  19. I still can accept netizens posting her pictures and details online. That’s called OBSESSION.

    What I don’t get is the harassing/scolding. It’s not like they are going to date/marry SJH if they break up. Maybe it’s just jealousy coming from lifeless netizens. So they’re trying to make others lifeless too.

  20. OMG Korean fans are crazy
    Poor him
    I hope he finds love again
    This makes me wonder
    If Shin Jung Hwan’s GF got this much trouble by dating him
    I really wonder what is will happen if the NO1 bachelors of Korea mmm lets say like Rain or DBSK date what will happen to their girlfriends if they are raveled to the public
    OMG I can’t even imagine

  21. The hardcore Korean Netizens need to fricking chill out. Honestly, I think fans in Korea are one of the best in the world, but there are exceptions to everything and these dumbass fans need to get a grip and let people live their lives.

    SJH is one of the most accomplished entertainers in Korea. I think, AT THE VERY LEAST, he deserves to get married without lame ass fans nagging at his girlfriend, whom he dated with intent to marry, 2 years even. That’s pretty serious. Fans should have respected his decision rather than explode her over the internet.

    It has always disappointed me that entertainers/singers/actors in Korea weren’t able to do even the little things due to fear of Netizens(I do believe though, that they keep celebrities in check and don’t let them become retards like in the US). If they’d chill out, I think the whole industry could fair better. Oh well.

  22. Aww! Poor guy! His girlfriend is pretty but WAY too young for him.

    Anyway, I think it’s really wrong that the ‘netizens’ would do such thing. I keep hating the ‘netizens’ more and more…I can’t believe that ‘netizens’ are just regular people like us.

    Does ‘netizens’ have this mindset that whoever become popular is because of them and them only? In a way, do they believe that they own the stars? It’s crazy. Sure, because of the fans, an artist is able to get popularity but we don’t own them.

  23. and just when my lover boy gets a damn love life…im sick of korean netizens. pathetic little bastards.

    she was cute too. GYAH! well now he knows…keep it secret until the day of the wedding. maybe they’ll get back together.

    or maybe it’s a ploy to get people to leave her alone.

  24. Seriously, how can netizens have so much power in Korea, Can’t people learn to ignore them. The whole world doesn’t revolve around cyworld comments, eh she should of just deleted her cyworld account if it got so bad. I mean, western ‘netizens’ probably say more evil stuff about American artist and stuff but you don’t see them giving a shit.

    I really can’t understand stuff like this (and the lady who committed suicide because of rumors spread by netizens).
    Cultural difference perhaps.

  25. I feel for Uncle Shin. He needs that person to talk to when the lights of the cameras are off. Hope they get back together someday. Her desire to be with him must have been strong for her to last that long.

    Netizen either hate seeing him happy or don’t want to see their oppa with someone. One day karma will struck them down. Another great article Alvin keep it coming.

  26. stupid freakin netiznes who have nothing better to do. i dont get it. so what if he has a girl that younger then him! they’re in love and the netizens should feel horrible for splitting them up. at this rate, he’s never gonna get married. i feel so bad for him!!!! oh man, he’s one of my favoirte korean celebrities and he works so hard to entertain people and make them laugh but they pay him back by ruining his love life. he doesn’t deserve this.

  27. man. i want to bash these noisy netizens. who are they to judge who he dates, who he loves. wtf. even his parents didn’t have anything against this so (not that i know of, but if it were anyone, it would be his family who would hold the upperhand).. who gave you the honor to take control of his love life right? seriously. ppl have crazy obsessive issues and they need to stop it. argh. why are they happy that the artists stay forever single… it’s so unfair to them. while they themselves may have a bf/gf on their end. where’ssss the justiiiceeeeee?

  28. man….i feel so sad for Shin Jung hwan! like everyone else, i was hoping he would find someone to love and whom loves him in return. It’s so sad and unfair that things turned out this way for him. The fanatics should stop all these overboard doings! Like everyone else…stars have a life of their own to live.

  29. Do these netizens have no shame? Do they not realize the damage they do to the lives of celebrities and the people who know them? They need to understand that what they do is not funny or entertaining, and it’s not something that should be taken lightly. How would THEY like it if others were digging into their private lives and harassing them?

    I think the problem lies not only with them but also with the way the Korean celebrity world works. Celebrities are just too lenient and don’t establish enough force to keep the netizens away. This stuff NEVER happens in Hollywood. Even though there’s paparazzi and netizens who will uncover juicy gossip, it is nowhere near the level as it is in Korea because Hollywood netizens at least respect the celebrities to some level, and there is a small element of fear that any serious action they take to dig up personal information could result in getting arrested, etc.

    It’s a sad truth, but I think Korean celebrities need to start using more force against these netizens and threaten legal action to drive them away, because that seems to be the only way (in my eyes) that this will stop.

  30. These netizens are total retards!!!…seriously!

    YES, without all the fans, all the entertainers in the industry wouldn’t be able to do what they enjoy doing….BUT that doesn’t give the right to go and harrass these entertainers and people close to them.

  31. ah .. i just know that he had a girlfriend then.
    i suggest him to be casted in WGM as new couple in my last comment in WGM post. if he got girlfriend, he can’t join. but probably now he able to join… since kko kko tour also canceled, so i think SJH is perfect choice to revive the WGM…

    Shin Jung Hwan Oppa Hwaiting!!

  32. The girl’s a bit too young and too pretty for him, I had to triple check that I read the world “girlfriend”. But still, it’s sad. Are these netizens too bored or something ?

  33. what a pain. i bet he feels bad he couldn’t protect her from that shit.

    oh internet, the way you are so anonymous that people are so willing to show their ugly spiteful natures to non-relevant people and harrass them.

  34. awww.
    darn it, I never thought about him having gf, but stupid netizens messin’ up folks lives and stuff.
    he’s at the time in his life where he may be taking marriage seriously in consideration, I think.
    I hope if they don’t get back together, he can find someone that can facedown the netizens and stay with him no matter what. He deserves that.

  35. netizen kills people. they destroy people’s lives…
    especially korean netizens..
    just ask them to gtfo if possible ARGH
    poor SJH );

  36. If i were him, i would be looking seriously into marrying as well. He’s not getting any younger, if he is happy, who are the netizens to harrass his gf anyway?

    But if she is 21-22, she would have started dating him when she was 19 or 20 right? Maybe that’s why people harass her.

    She may be very young compared to SJH but if SJH was someone who was not an artist, no one would harass her right?

  37. i agree with someone’s comment up there: government needs to do something to protect the celeb and his/her loved ones.

    the netizens are too much sometimes. poor SJH… he’s a great guy.. i loved him in xman.. the girl’s really pretty and doesn’t look bitchy either.. don’t know why i added that..=.=”

    anyway, i hope it’s a ploy so that the netizens would stop harassing her.

    Hwaiting!! ^_^

  38. awww poor thing. she’s so pretty and he’s desperate to marry. they seem like a really compatible couple despite the age difference too. WHY WOULD NETIZENS DO THIS ~ have some heart…

  39. poor miss shin!
    this guy is totally funny and he deserves to be happy with someone.

    screw all those crazy netizens. we can say that she should have just ignored those nasty comments but when we would come to think of it…comments like those are very hurting.

    *%&$^ i wish all those crap in korea would stop.

  40. those netizens are crazy! do they have so much stress that they have to put it on someone else or something?

    poor Shin Jung Hwan..

  41. This is terrible! Shin Jung Hwan finally found someone who is special to him after being made fun of not being in relationship for years T.T It is not like he is still young or anything, too. I have a feeling that people were attacking her by saying how she is after him for his money or popularity. That may not necessarily be the case, so it is terrible that they did that to her.

    HIC* If someone as cool as Shin Jung Hwan is troubled with being with someone who is or is not a celebrity, I cannot imagine what fans will do to girls or guys if celebrities like TVXQ have girlfriends. Do fans really expect that celebrities can find happiness when all they do is attack whoever is dating whoever they “idolize”?

  42. u know.. we as their fan or supporter have to know our own limit..we cannot dare to go that far until their personal are affected. they too want to lead happy life and have kids right?..
    y this netizens have to be like this.??=(

  43. netizens / anti’s are alllllllllllll STUPID~!!!!

    artists are also human beings..

    they should all go to hell of all i care!!!!!!!!!

  44. maybe he should purchase a child-bride and raise her up to accept all the mis-giving of his job and then marries her when she turn 18! that way everyone will be happy…

  45. Yahh!!!! this’s too much. Netizens should not ruin celebrities’ private life……. 😦

    Shin Jung Hwan be strong!!!! the right person will come in the right time…… πŸ™‚

  46. SJH is a really funny MC. this sucks. i saw an EntRelay report that said he had a gf, & they showed how netizens can easily find out who it was & they did. i think SJH definitely learned his lesson & maybe next time he will have a better chance by keeping it private.

  47. commenters here = netizens already. Ironic no? πŸ˜€
    and we’re also scrutinizing his and her private life as we speak ^^.
    but eh. Honestly, even if she’s too young for him, SJH have a thought to marry her…now that’s really something, considering its hard for an entertainer to even thought of marriage…

  48. poor him… mayb after this he will only keep his happyness n loneliness by himself or among other close friends or family members…. mayb now he will keep thinking that ‘..there is no need to tell people out there whether im happy now or not…’ ~ SJH FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  49. Poor girl… Poor Shin Jung Hwan 😦 Those netizens are really too nosy… it’s enough they post her private details up… they shouldn’t bash her πŸ˜›

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