Lee Seo Jin Ends 2 Years Relationship with Kim Jung Eun

Celebrity couple Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun have splitted after a much publicised relationship over the past 2 years which was revealed by the latter in press interviews today as it made headlines all over Korea.

Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun were once lovers

Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun acted as a couple while filming SBS Lovers in 2006 and that continued into real life after filming ended. As both were of marriageable age and were pretty compatible in terms of character, career, etc. Many fans and neutrals were anticipating to see them get married.

Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun had been very open about their relationship since it became public. They also promised to tell everyone when they do eventually get married. Lee Seo Jin even serenaded Kim Jung Eun on her SBS talkshow Chocolate in the midst of his busy filming schedule for MBC Yisan, singing their characters’ theme song in Lovers. Both of them also made a trip to the US in September for a vacation and photoshoot as Lee Seo Jin wanted to make it up to her, for all the missed dates while he was filming. It looked rosey.

Rumors of their split actually surfaced in early November but Kim Jung Eun and Lee Seo Jin reiterated that they were on good terms. That was until today.

At the end of October (almost a month ago), Kim Jung Eun received a text from Lee Seo Jin who didn’t explain much and just initiated the breakup in a one-sided decision. This not only shocked Kim Jung Eun but also their friends.

Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun in happier days

Kim Jung Eun expressed in tears, “I can’t lie to the fans anymore. I broke up with Lee Seo Jin at the end of October.” When asked for the reason, Kim Jung Eun was silent for about a minute before continuing, “He just texted me to say we are breaking up. Before that (text), there were no warning signs, no fights/arguments. It felt like I had just been involved in a car accident. We just broke up like this. This is all very sudden and is a big blow to me.”

Their friends said, “They were so loving and made everyone envious. To know that they have splitted, it’s really shocking and it’s a great pity.”

When Lee Seo Jin send the text, it was when Kim Jung Eun decided on taking on General Hospital 2. She recalled the feelings she had then, “It was really difficult having to work and then thinking about this breakup. I can only devote all my energy to filming the drama now and not think about the sad things.”

General Hospital 2

Kim Jung Eun’s management have responded by saying that the split was because of Lee Seo Jin’s mother objection which is strange at this juncture. At present, neither Kim Jung Eun nor Lee Seo Jin have offered any more details with regards to their breakup. With this being a weekend, more should be revealed in the coming days. Wish the both of them well.

122 thoughts on “Lee Seo Jin Ends 2 Years Relationship with Kim Jung Eun

  1. I wish all the best to KJE.
    may she get through this. she has been nursing her heart for a month already. she can do this.

  2. nooo! but they were so perfect for each other!
    i feel sorry for kim jung eun… hope her heart will heal quickly.

  3. It’s weird that she felt the need to tell the fans all that private information. I know she means well, but still.

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  5. @Mel.
    actually it might be better for her to tell the netizens herself, than to keep it a secret and have the netizens investigate and uncover it on their own. that way a lot less fuss and anger and all that crapp. the power of netizens is scary.

  6. i agree.. the article below this one “Shin Jung Hwan and Girlfriend Splits After Intense Netizen Scrutiny” is the best example that portrays the power of netizens.. x_X;;

    sucks for these celebrities… they’re not getting any younger.. 😦

  7. this is unbelivable !!
    i thought they would get marry pretty soon since they have been planning for the wedding long time ago…… wow… the netizens are scary ~~~~

  8. i am very very sad i cant express how much sad i am i love the two of them together

    what happened to the so much love they had for each other

  9. what it was cuz hte mother didnt approve?! what the eff/!

    no it was so obvious they were in love. THAT SUCKS! poor kim jung eun. she seems so sincere & loving. 😦 i hope she heals.

  10. what!!!! i so like the two of them when i saw their drama series lovers and i was so happy when i read that they’re a couple but now reading this made me so devastated… and how could he do that to her ending their relationship over the phone and not givivng her a valod reason for it… well like all KJE’s fan i wanna let her know that were here for her… i just really hope she will find that someone who will make her happy not just for a short while but for a whole lifetime…. AJAH KJE!!!!

  11. Too bad they broke up! They looked so cute together!

    I just think that when a person doesn’t want to be that person anymore, should just give some reason of the break up.
    Otherwise, if there weren’t any fights or arguments, the other person will keep thinking if she did something wrong and that. It’s hard not to ask why.
    Anyway, wish them both well.
    KJE.. Fighting ~

  12. i am so shocked and sad
    i am expecting them to marry after GH2 but instead
    they split up
    there was even no news that they quarrel
    they always looked loving together in public
    i am just so sad over this

  13. lsj is the youngest in the family could be that he is mama’s boy

    i wonder if he now look outside his kitchen window
    because from his kitchen window he can see kje’s bedroom

  14. maybe he is not mama’s boy. LSJ could still feel the guilt of not patching things up with his father till his father died. he became an actor without his father’s will, and marrying someone without his mother’s approval would really hamper him from being with the person he loves. too bad, despite KJE being an “ideal wife,” the mother could not approve of her. and since his mother is the last remaining parent, LSJ may not want to go against her like what he did with his father 8 years ago.

    i feel bad really for KJE because she could not have an answer why he suddenly proposed a break up…and i know both are in torment right now and for the past 3 weeks. the break up was done on the phone and not talking about it and trying to save the relationship…he ended it and there is nothing that could be done. his mother has always been the constant issue of their arguments, and too bad LSJ chose his mother over KJE.

  15. just heard about the break up today. I hope LSJ has a very good reason for breaking up with KJE. Its very sad to hear something like this. Thought they already established a stable relationship by this time. Hope LSJ just made a mistake and instead follow his heart and get back with KJE. Whatever the future will hold for these two beautiful people, I hope it will be a good one. Goodluck to both and God bless you guys always.

  16. That was too bad, if his mother objection, can’t blame that guy too. i will value my family more than outsider too. but i won’t break up like that, at least, meet each other, explain ecerything and break up properly lo

  17. Aww~~ i thought they will get married!~
    The breakup via fone without warning must be hard for Jung Eun…
    And what is that ridiculous reason – “MUM” … AISH!!~

  18. ugh! i just cant get over this news shock was even an understatement from what i am feeling right now… i just liked him because of kim jung eun… and then this…. why cant he be a gentleman atleast could have talk in person instead of ending it over a call… and i hope he will be a man enough to tell her the very reason why he broke up with her!!! KJE is such a great person to deserve something like that!!!! and one more thing is really his mother the reason??? i read at some site before that her aunt and his mother were bestfriends so am really confused on what really is his reason!!!!

  19. AWWW!!!

    How sad!!!

    Why do mothers have to object?!

    I hope things still works out for the two!!!

    Kim Jung Eun, aja aja fighting!!!!

  20. First UNCLE SHIN, now this?!?! I can’t take no more…

    hope she gets back on her feet soon…. she was really in love, sucks to see it end like this… she is not getting any younger, and having to start all over….aish!! thats really sad

  21. Nooo! They were like my favorite celebrity couple.
    They were like a Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt couple to me (I know they’re divorced now but I mean in terms of when they were together). Oh well, I see a reunion between them soon. I’m a hopeless romantic!

  22. From ‘Lovers’ to ‘The Break-up’..it’s sad coz they looked like ‘SoulMates’..You’ll find a better man KJE..

  23. I was shock about this news I could believe it… I’m so sad I don’t want to feel it but my tears continuing ……because they were my favorite couple celebrity since there we’re together in lovers maybe it’s hard time for me to accepts why is it happened….I always think for the best one of this day that may intouch each other.

  24. …isn’t this an act of selfishness?…if you’re a really agood mom wouldn’t you want your child to be happy?…and if you’re really a man wouldn’t you even stand your ground or face the girl and tell her the reason you’ve changed your mind?
    …to have somebody break your heart is the next most painful thing aside that of losing your loved ones…i really feel for KJE…I wonder how she even tries to cope with this.

  25. he is only one korean actor i ador….I think now I hate him….he is a losser and stupid for me why he made up this kind of decision he doesn’t know how to face his problem…even myself I can’t accepts..it is unfair LSJ should talk heart to heart not just by phone…
    I feel frustrated what he did….

    hoping he had gots to handle this problem especial when his mother involved with their relationship. I was thinking they end up not formally maybe they will just compromise then of course including my prayers because I don’t want to end this relatioship just like these no othe reasons… I’ii been longing this celebrity couples to be whole life together…

  26. So much sadness for her. I can only hope that she displays her sadness to his mother and his mother has guilt to allow her son his happiness.

  27. maybe no more reunion for them. KJE called him after the break up but he didn’t answer the phone. and she waited for 3 weeks, and she already got his message. his decision is final…so her life must go on and she must focus on General Hospital 2 and CHOCOLATE.

  28. I wish LSJ & KJE they will cover come this such problem…..especially lsj coz he the one who break-up with kje….

    lsj bring your love back with kje and fight for it as what you did in lovers….you’re so brave don’t make your life misirable we know how much you love kje she is your “ideal wife”.

  29. lsj is not to young…why he make this stupid decision he so over exposured with his love to kje after all he is the one who destroyed….their relatioship

    I feel sorry to you lsj even you are my idol but I try to show my feelings towards this text message ….you make me sad…with my whole life

  30. the worst thing you can do to a girl is to break up with her unanticipated. give her some signs. you know.

    and break up with her over the phone!? seriously.
    the dude’s gotta learn how to do it right at least.

  31. I was depressed last week and it take time for me to accepts that I was failed in my board…
    I dont want to live much more…but hopeless make me sad with my whole human being….I was attending a recollection the best thing i was healed by then.I’m happy now full of perseverance….I know god always be my side…

    wow I felt crying when I read this news…it goes back my depression….their something slap my face I could image among the actors korean I idolize was end-up like these…..ohh i’m hopeless again…maybe this year I couldn’t forget there a lots of events happened in my personal life….especially these fave celebrity couples..KJE & LSJ… i couldn’t make this magic moments again but still hoping…

  32. Ya I’m a guy but I had bad feeling about what lsj did….he is not strong man I have been witness with his love to kje….all over the years through phone he end-up with their a good relationship I could think he is normal….there something wrong to his personality…ohh sorry perhaps he was pressure or what ever his reason towards kje and by his mother…

    lsj need advise that is the best he can do by now….you’re lucky lsj you have such wonderful woman..nothing more nothingless kje

  33. “how’s a mom can make this relatioship end-up… that is a BIG question????”

    Lol. You actually believe the management? Well, this is sad anyway.

  34. 나쁜 남자. “Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life.” – Oscar Wilde. They filmed a drama about love and found love with each other, it’s now over like so many Korean dramas we’ve watched. I guess the break-up in drama’s over family becomes all too real when you witness it first hand.

    I remember him on a program being asked about marriage and his response was “when I do marry Kim Jung Eun . . .” It was the most romantic line to me, because it was real and there was no question about who he was going to marry, just a matter of when. So, I awaited news of the date . . . so sad.

    @ Rehana. I guess he’s now Rain . . . he’s going to be a bad boy, he’s gotta be a bad bad boy . . . (LOL).

  35. well, it’s kinda big deal if the parents don’t agree with the marriage in Korea. But to break up on the phone like that, I’m disappointed!!!

  36. one thing’s certain…they’ll have even MORE pressure to marry, with their respective new partners in the next dating round!

    clock is ticking…LOL

  37. a guy often will choose his mom over the girl…but moms need to be more open minded. it’s the girl that ends up spending more years with your son, than you may be able to. whose happiness is the most important here?

  38. I got the DVDs, I got the soundtrack… heck… I’ll even buy their wedding album if they make it there… It was that EPIC and they were so gonna get married but not anymore..

    Seriously… LSJ better have some real good reasons… apart from the MOM factor… Else he make me feel like going to Korea and slap him silly…

    KJE hwaiting… !!!

  39. i don’t really know who they are but i wish the two people on your banner will start dating in real life 😀

    sorry i’m a bit off-topic.. XD

  40. Man, these people have no privacy! Why do they have to, as we say in America, “put their business in the streets”! Why do they feel compelled to let people know what is going on in their private life? Gee! I LOL at the comment by maryclaude! I don’t know who these people are either, I don’t understand why they feel like they have to tell the world who they are or are not dating…

  41. That makes me really mad at LSJ right now. 😡 I can’t believe he would just break up with her over the phone like that! It doesn’t matter if his mom doesn’t approve, if he needed to break up with her, he should have done so in person and talked to her about why, not act like a coward and do it over the phone! AGH!

    I hope he gets enough courage to apologize to KJE for his actions. Otherwise I’ve lost a lot of respect for him.

  42. I think when you’re in that long term relationship (2 years in between them) and people are speculating about marriage all the time to your face when you’re a public figure, it must have been a real pressure for the both of them.

  43. @Toni..see the thing is LSJ looks like a warm hearted guy..sweet dimples and all, I saw a programme he did an interview in NY and he speaks good english such a gentleman..But mom comes first..heard she was furious he spent alot on KJE..Gosh! they have tons of money for goodness sake and they’re about to be married..!
    No.’.he’s not a bad bad boy…’..he’s a whimp!

  44. I think he’s a player… I heard that he broke up the same way with Lee Hyori too… I hate him for making 2 wonderful woman’s life miserable.. I hope Kim Jung Eun will get over from the break-up soon..

  45. if his mom was the main reason he broke up with kje, then i say good riddance! he’s a grown man- he makes his own money and he should live his own life. i understand the amount of pressure korean parents place on their children, but come on! he’s in his mid-30’s! he went public with their relationship and he was all lovey-dovey! he should have been able to convince his mother to accept kje! and it’s not like kje is some hootchie celebrity! she comes from a wealthy family and most importantly, she’s a very well-respected and loved actress.

    she can do better. much better.

  46. LSJ is having some sort of a delayed sense of family loyalty after his dad died when the two of them were not in good terms because of his joining showbiz

    he was repentant with what happened and decided to stand by her mom this time

    for majority of the time, the relationship was okey the families had even met with no problems

    maybe the NY trip expenses was just an excuse, whats 10M won to them, the amount KJE and LSJ supposedly spent in NY. they can afford it.

    since LSJ had already made a formal vow to KJE family and seemed keen to marry KJE, the mom maybe is jealous to lose her youngest child soon thus, she made a big fuss over the money

    can be that LSJ decided to do it over the phone since she cant bear to see KJE’s sad eyes ( the eyes that he said he loved the most about her) filled with tears

  47. let be two sided…hope they could make up
    because both of this couples hurts with all.
    maybe 3 weeks is not enought to healed…

  48. it not over for this couples….their we’re only 3 weeks break-up….

    many thing they can do about this situation
    fight Mr.lee with you’re love toward KJE

  49. “I LOVE U TODAY MORE THAN I LOVE U YESTERDAY AND I WILL LOVE U EVEN MORE TOMORROW” lee siojin said this to kim jungeun in an interview just last july this yr. when he was asked by the interviewer for a message to jungeun. so sweet of him but now just four months after, he is singing a different tune already? how could he? kje is a wonderful woman. and besides, isn’t she also from a wealthy family like him? how could his mom object of her? i think it was lsj himself who said that an aunt of kje is a friend of his mom even long before the two of them became lovers.

  50. am so sad everytime am seeing her picture i just cant get over this super bad news!!! am just wondering cause after reading so many reactions some says that LSJ did the same thing to lee hyori well am not that familiar with it the only thing i know is that LHR was the one before KJE and that he broke up with her by not communicating and at the time hyori has a problem in her career…
    whats wrong with him dies he looked at women like some kind of a collection and that it should end every 2 yrs…
    so far whatever the reasin still am fumming mad at him for hurting her like that… he should had talk to KJE about so that KJE can know what went wrong to their “so perfect relationship not o long ago”
    its easier to Nurse her heart if she knew what has beeb in his freaking mind that made him do those terrible things and action….

    am guys can you help me: am really looking for KJE’s fan website that is in english cause i cant understand korean… hope you KJE unni fans can help me…
    plz help… thanks….

    to Kim jung eun Unni just pray and am praying for you also for sure many of your fans like me is doing so… goodluck on your new drama series General Hospital 2….



  51. smillingbird,

    thanks for the response… ive been searching for it for quite sometime already…

    ( T.T )

    yeah so depress about this news really i wasnt see this coming as a woman i really feel bad for KJE unni… how can LSJ be like that…
    whether he has valid reason still its not a excuse for him to do that nasty thing to…

    thanks so much smilingbird… (‘.’)….

  52. ah dang. -sighs-

    but why does his mother objects now when their relationship has been going on for quite long?

    really love this couple. T.T

    all the best kje! (:

  53. this makes me wonder though…LSJ could already sense that his mother doesn’t favor KJE, why did he not help KJE for his mother to approve of her. he should be protecting KJE in the first place. he knows his mother well. and if unnnecessary spending of money makes his mom angry, he should have not let KJE shop, or if ever KJE wants to shop he should have not offered paying for them. he is not compelled to pay. KJE has her earnings too, bet she brought her credit cards with her. he filmed “Lee San” for 9 months and he was receiving $25,000 per episode that is $50,000 per week…where did all his earnings go that he had to use his mother’s credit card? he was trying to be gentleman infront of his lady love, yet when that causes trouble to his mom, he could not even fight for her. unless he deliberately did that so conflicts would start and he could leave her for him to have a valid reason why he is leaving her. well just a thought as i hypothesized earlier that his relationship seems to have expiration date…no more than 2 years or not even 2 years.

  54. Oh my, KJE comes from a rich family right & she’s not a struggling, newcomer actress! She’s rich by birth, she has money on her own & she’s still making money!

    Come on, celebrities spend lots of money on everything to keep up their image. It’s common knowledge.

    I really think he himself got scared of this marrying thing. Perhaps he read news about KSW getting
    rejected for CFs & dramas now that he’s married!
    He got cold feet, I tell ya!

    KJE, don’t lose heart! There are lots of men who are way better than him. Focus on your studies in Univ & your movies/dramas. You’ll get over him soon!

  55. smiling bird

    T.T am trying to connect to the site but nothing is in there….
    do you know other fan site? and if not too much askin do you know her website which is translated in english cause i saw her site but it was in koreana so i cannot understand….

    thanks so much!!!!

  56. ladee, KJE has no english website. she is not a typical actress who would have minihomepage in which she updates and a fan site either. she has the YEDANG SITE which is for every YEDANG Talents. she also has her cafe which is maintained by her loyal fans for free.

    KJE does not do much internet since her stardom.

    you can go to her yedang site. http://www.yedang.co.kr/kimjungeun

  57. Y**** you always saying lsj is ugly.. I don’t think so…lsj is good looking among other man he also perfect lover with kje.
    maybe you’re rather devasted what he did to kje. anyway we can proof that issue when lsj speak… but now all the speculation is still remain among the people read and heard the news even kje doesn’t say anything against lsj.

    we just live kje to cry***coz it help her to pamper herself.

  58. [color=”#800080″]this is my very first. i told myself i have to comment on this because it’s hurting me so much. i only knew about this just now!! i can’t believe it when i saw it! i was really shocked.

    I can’t believe this couple had this big IMPACT on me!! I found myself crying over the posts while reading it. My boyfriend was laughing at me because I was crying, so I told him what happened and he is just as aghast as I am. Doing it by text message. I mean how heartless is that? how coward of him to do that? I told him that if he did this to me, i am going to burn his house down!!! I don’t know how will I recover. Maybe I’ll beg for him to take me back. So it’s strong for kje not to do this. This is so sad. So insensitive. So inconsiderate. Damn it. I love this couple sooo much!! It’s actually the main reason why and how i got into this forums and stuff. I wanted to know everything about them because I thought that they were “perfect”. I now “perfect” gives a bigger connotation but the way they showed their feelings towards each other in public made me think that they are. I thought they loved each other so much. And maybe they still do, but can’t go on further because of the issues around them. I don’t want to analyze on their relationship right now. I don’t want to think. I want to feel. And what I’m feeling right now is sadness.. I’m really surprised to find myself crying over this couple. Maybe because I saw how it all developed into something beautiful. And seeing this all fall down now makes me feel this way. As I said, this couple was the main reason why I got into this forums.. The reason how I came about kje and loved her then after. And you know what? I think i’ll stay. Yes, it’s because of them that I got into this, but I have learned to like and love kje as herself. She’s so beautiful, in and out. I’m with you all the way. I think it’s brave to cry in front of those people and be open about it because it’s really hard going through this. We empathize with you kje. Be strong. You’ll get over this.

    I hope lsj has an explanation for this. Damn it. It hurts like hell.[/color]

  59. I am so sad about the news KJE and LSJ are my favorite couple I never thought this will happen to them their love story will have a sad ending…Just keep Fighting KJE you can handle it and overcome this sad ending you have lots of fans and I am one of them who wish and pray that everything will past and a good man can fight and love you till the end…

  60. leighie,
    same here i actually came to know of this forum because of them. i dont usually watchkorean dramas but after lovers, i want to more about them. i even bought a laptop out of my little savings just to update myself about them even if im in the office. they call me kje-lsj addict. the news affected my work and wasnt able to sleep well. how much more kje who was hospitalized for 2 days.

  61. I’m a big fan of lee seo jin and kim jung eun that’s why I’m so sad to hear the break-up news. I hope they will still end up together… bagay sila.

  62. l really love this couple. why I am so affected? please LSJ please mend KJE”s heart. we really, really like that 2 of you be together again.

  63. Lee Seo Jin will have bad karma. KJE should stop shedding tears for him he is not worth it. He is a mean, heartless pig and deserves to go to hell. He is so insincere and is a user.

    Whatever is his reason for the breakup he should have been man enough to talk to KJE in person.

    STUPID GUY seems he did not bother to think of the consequences of his actions. His image and career will surely suffer because of his BAD character.

    KJE will find a GOOD husband as she is a GOOD woman.

  64. LEE SEO JIN ‘s career will suffer much. This is part of his KARMA.

    Moreover, no smart woman will ever trust him.

    He does not seem to realize that there is a heavenly Judge to whom he will be accountable for what he did to KJE .

    He belong to hell . He is an animal a pig !

  65. LEE SEO JIN you are a friend of SATAN. How can you do this to a God- fearing beautiful lady whose favorite book is the Bible?

    I see only ONE reason — you belong to SATAN and HELL!!!

  66. LEE SEO JIN you are a friend of SATAN. How can you do this to a God- fearing beautiful lady whose favorite book is the Bible?

    I see only ONE reason you and your mother have a demon’s blood.

  67. I was shock when I saw the new. I hope both of them will think over about the break up and start over because I think they both still love each other.

  68. LEE SEO JIN is no good for classy respectable Kim Jung Eun.

    He is better off with Hyori as both of them are sex maniacs! Let them be beasts !

    KJE who is a good woman, deserves a wholesome , kind- hearted and a true gentleman husband.

  69. Whatever is Lee Seo Jin’s reason for this I’m sure there is reason for it. Deeper reason why he had to do that. People just dont drop everything like that….

    I’m not saying I’m on his side but still… what ever the reason is.. I hope it is not self sacrificial thing again!. like the ones in the drama.

  70. There are always 2 sides to any story BUT, BIG BUT! Since so many of us loved the Drama ‘Lovers’ and to enjoy their happiness after, it’s always covered by the Paparazzi. Now, to leave her after a phone call and just take off and leave her to the wolves is horrible. You leave a beautiful woman like that to the world to face alone, you’re not worth watching anymore………

    What a guy! I’m definately on STRIKE on his Dramas and TV series. I’m not buying anymore of his tapes. I never finished watching Yisan’s 1st volume since I didn’t care for his acting. Funny how Kim Jung Eun made the magic come out and when she’s gone………. he’s FLAT !!!!!!!!!!!

  71. i can’t say anything..i just found out about this and it’s really a shocking and depressing news.
    kje and lsj are like my favorite couple alive ever and it really hurts like hell to read this.
    to mr.lee seo jin, i’m wishing you all the best. i hope there won’t come a time that you’d cry yourself to sleep, wishing that you didn’t ever let her go. and that.. I SOOO HATE YOU!and the thing is I”M WISHING YOU ALL THe BAD LUCK IN THE WORLD!!! you’re a PIG!!!
    TO Ms. Kim Jung Eun: don’t worry. you’ll find somebody new who deserves you better. i’m sure, all this heartaches you’re going through right now are the windows(?) to a better life (career, and of course MAN) ahead of you. i’m wishing you all the best in the world. and that I together with the others, are still here for you and will support you along the way.

    ps.(to lsj), sayang, i really used to like you, i even had a crush on you..but then, you’ve proven me that you’re not worth all the love and support from your fans..ohwell..

    tsk. this really is soo sad.it’s the last day of the year and i’m so devastated!hmp..

  72. another thing, kje, don’t worry, i’m sure there are a lot of men out there who have been secretly celebrating your break up and you never know, maybe one (or even 10!) of them would come to your doorstep tonight?1 (wink!)
    we will all be praying for you…

  73. “pearl

    😦 they are like the Korean version of rachel mcadam and Ryan gosling… So sad”

    who knows maybe someday they can get back together again just like rachel mcadams and ryan gosling in the notebook?

  74. oh my!! they were the best couple ever and i so love their chemistry in lovers. knowing that they broke up makes me sad. wish them all the best though. especially KJE

  75. Really miss this couple. I hope they will get back together. Their relationship was amazingly romantic and awesome. LSJ was sweet/romantic lover to KJE. And KJE is so in love with him. Where does their love go wrong? Life is too short to waste months of sulking and crying instead of being happy and blissful knowing you love someone and you are loved by that someone.

    I pray LSJ will be given the strength from above so he will have the courage to face KJE and his fans. He can not be at peace if he continues to hide from the public.

    LSJ, get up and be alive. No use sulking and hiding. Be happy, life is so good. Don’t waste your time in a place that does not make you happy. KJE loves you so much. Do treat others with respect, if you want to receive same respect from others, the Golden Rule. Good luck, dude.
    Do the right thing and do things right.

  76. Well, well… I was married and in love for 31 years to only have your mate turn on you like LSJ did is too horrible to face for just a regular person. I’m not a star, but breaking up is like a ‘Living Death’. You actually DIE! All of my family told me that the only thing that makes you heal is ‘TIME’ and I thought that it would never heal. It took me 2 years to heal… It never happens over night. Don’t you guys get it? She needs time… As for my Ex, I wouldn’t take him back if you give me all the money in the world. He’s just not worth it. But, it took TIME and it’s hard… so very hard!
    I went into hiding, she can’t… If you can’t understand her, don’t judge. He just shred her heart into pieces… and left her.
    And if you’re waiting for LSJ’s side, why wait? He chose to just run away and leave her in ruins? I have no sympathy for him. Vacation? LOL! Leave her to the Paparazzi Wolves???? What an Ass…

    As for me, I think he’s out of work! If Korean society is what it is really like, he’ll find no work anymore. They’ll turn their backs like I have. Go live on your savings and go cry to Mommy… There’s no place to hide now… Society will tear you to pieces and production company’s will too. You have a Humdinger of a track record now… I threw away my Yisan vol #1… and won’t buy anymore.

    To KJE, just try and hang in there. I know it’s so hard but TIME is the only thing that will help. Don’t look back, just move forward. I promise, I have and I’m leading a better life now. A far, far better place than before.

  77. i feel sorry for KJE… LSJ, y can’t u fight for her!!! after 2 yrs? geezz… i just wish KJE a better man… don’t worry… you’re pretty… many guys will kill for you!!! I’m so sad… HHmmm… i just hope you two will get back to each other… LSJ, i hope u’ll realize wat u lost…

  78. what lsj did is not rite. starting a relationship n end it come with respossiblity for both party. Do it in person not by sms. Whatever reason xplain n come out clean. Lsj u are a well educated person should understand what’s human relationship is about.
    As for kje, it hurts but life is full of obstacles. These is just one of them. You will be wiser. Out there someone is waiting for u.

  79. LSJ is ugly inside out! haha. Scary looking and is a devil!!

    KJE i think ur ok now!:) that’s good. There is somebody out there for you im sure. Somebody who will love u and fight for u..
    not like the UGLY LSJ. BWAHAHA

  80. well, even if his mother objects his relationship with kje,for as long as he truly loves her, the mother couldn’t do anything about it.so i doubt the reason given.or maybe the mother eyed another woman for him who she believes more suitable to be her daughter in law , someone younger like han ji min of yi san?oww, i don’t know

  81. yeah, the sign it’s lok like they’re back. hehehe the ring, neclace and the bracelate are back and kim jung eun keep wearing it this days. i really hope they’re back . i love lsj and kje.

  82. Breaking by by text? That is so so tacky. He should be ashamed. Besides, if it was because his mother objected I say that Korean parents can be so cruel to their children. Why do the kids have to obey their selfish desires? Come on!

  83. isn’t it breaking with someone whom you love (or is it really love….?) just by texting is so inhumane and unmanly??? may “he” realize what he did…

  84. In a break up, there is always self defence from each party. We have heard her side of defence saying that she only received a text without any explanation and clueless. Fans pity her. There is no defence from his side and fans blame him. Could it not be that he may be protecting her for some reason by not speaking up? We do not know! Be fair, people and leave them be as we are not in their shoes!!!

  85. Yeah right! Lsj is this and that hav u guys ever considered d fact that he mighyt be in luv wit some one else Han ji min 4 instance. Thier roles 2getha in yi san was so intimate, i can’t help to think that dey are in luv wit each other. I don’t feel bad 4 kje at all. I like lsj esp in yi san. Big fa-a-a-n! And besides i luv dat theme song in yi san “kanayo and uweya”.öõ

  86. After 8 years it is clear Lee Seo Jin is not God’s choice for Jung eun. God blessed her with a much much much better husband. LSJ is a spoiled immature man so God knows best and gave Jung eun a good man who truly loves her. Jung eun may you have a truly blessed marriage and may you be blessed with children. God bless you and your husband

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