Jewelry Taking An Extended Break Until the End of the Year

Korean girl group Jewelry has announced recently that they would be taking an extended break until the end of the year. Other than the scheduled recordings with the 3 major tv stations, they will not be attending other events.


Seo In Young expressed on her Cyworld that they have been overly busy in the earlier half of the year and used up quite a lot of energy. For their health, they have decided to take a break as a group and this means that Jewelry will miss out on nearly 200 million won worth of earnings for event performances.

The end of the year period is usually the time where singers earn the most money. With Jewelry opting to take a break, their earnings are likely to take a big hit. But according to Jewelry’s management, the members have to release an album and go to school, it’s simply too tiring. For their health, it’s better to just put the money issue aside for the moment. And thus, Jewelry’s performance at the 2008 MKMF is likely to be their last big-scale event for a while.

30 thoughts on “Jewelry Taking An Extended Break Until the End of the Year

  1. Oh good for them. I like Jewelry, they are a vocally talented girl group.

    Can’t wait for their new stuff next year.

  2. eek. that’s a lot of money to be missing out on.
    but yeah, health is more important!
    haha SIY’s arm is covering rapper girl’s face :X

  3. errr….cash in first, then take a break…its only a month worth of activities…plsu they have been resting for a while now…anyways, health comes first…so take it easy!

  4. I think they are going to release a new album soon. Looking forward to their performances in year 2009. This year has been fruitful to jewelry well at least they won one of the award for mkmf 2008 .

  5. 20 million won … isn’t that approximately $20,000 USD? Lets say its split 4 ways (doubt its even, but lets assume it is) ……. $5,000 USD a piece? Not sure if thats considered “alot” of money ……. then minus management fees and taxes …..

  6. It’s a good thing that their management care about their health. Taking a break is not a bad decision. I wish everyone would take a break and stop being greedy about money. I’m glad they’re putting their career on the side for a while so they can all rest.

    I think Wonder Girls needs a break too.

  7. it’s good that at least one (group of) artists know how to actually rest in Korea. Sometimes I start believing that Koreans have been trained to overwork themselves after reading about all the car accidents & suicides.

    I’m glad they’re taking a stand against this. Maybe everyone else should do this, too (lol, jk…i don’t think i could go on w/o my daily dose of K-ent…)

  8. they made 5,000 USD being a singer? am a computer technician and i made 42$ an hours , so is it true that singers in Korean dont made that much?

  9. I think it’s great that their management is thinking of the girl’s health. That’s what matters because if they are all unwell and too stressed out, then there will be no Jewerly group to return to….

    I think it’s great that they could have some time off. 🙂

  10. its 200 million.. not 20 million.

    so its approx USD$50,000. thats alot for a month’s worth of work since there’s only december left in the year. 🙂

  11. 200 million won > 133,600 dollars

    aww im gonna miss them <_< but hwaiting ! i rather have them in good health =)

  12. Well, it’s not like we’re NOT going to be seeing them around – we just won’t be seeing them perform together until sometime next year. PJA’s at KBS, SIY at MBC and SBS. The other two, I’m guessing, are in school (good for them).

    All in all, good for them – it seems they’ve got their priorities straight and know what’s important to them overall.

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  14. its great that they think of their health first…they def know how to prioritize…i thought that syi was also in skool…or am i wrong?

  15. its good for them they definitely deserve a break. too bad about no more performances, i saw the MKMF one it was kinda short & strange cause it involved other groups.

  16. well it was listed at 20 million won originally ……

    but in general .. I wonder how much these kpop artists actually make?

  17. Money comes hard these days. Earn all you can while you’re young and invest because celebrity life can go down the drain in a blink of an eye.

  18. glad to hear that! a sensible, non money driven entertainment company finally! Hope they have a blessed rest.

  19. other company should let their artists rest too….

    The pic is good… PJA ❤

    How old the rapper n eunjung?? they still go to school?

    Take a good rest, Jewelry… we look forward seeing u next year. ^^

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