Dong Wook and Hae Rin Splits; Dong Chul and Young Ran Still Apart

The relationship between Lee Dong Wook and Min Hae Rin which was ended in the last episode by the earlier saw a minor spark in the ratings with many curious as to who will be Hae Rin’s new man in the drama.

The End for Dong Wook and Hae Rin?

Dong Wook had been avoiding Hae Rin since the latter’s parents warned him to stay away from her. They met by chance at their former teacher’s home and decided to thrash it out before it got worse. Dong Wook said, “I have thought it over for a long time, it’s better that we do not meet.” Hye Rin tried her best to salvage the situation, “I have waited so long for you to forget your first love (Ji Hyun) and now you are saying this. I won’t exchange Lee Dong Wook even for Daehan Daily. To Dong Wook-sshi, what’s Min Hye Rin to you?” Dong Wook replied coldly that Hye Rin was just a friend which left her in tears.

With the end of the Dong Wook and Hye Rin relationship, viewers are piqued to know who will be the new man in her life. Will it be Baek who has been holding a torch for her or will it be Dong Chul? Viewers are curious and anticipating.

This brings us to our next couple Dong Chul and Young Ran who had been separated by the seas with the latter in Macau. Thanks to Dong Wook for being at the wrong place at the wrong time, Dong Chul who had been leading a normal life is once again thrusted into dangerous political games.

While in Hong Kong, Janice brings Dong Chul to a mental hospital as he is shocked to see Young Ran bounded on the bed, looking lifeless. Dong Chul blames himself and starts tearing, feeling sad at how things have turned out. As Dong Chul is outside of her cell ward, Young Ran feels his presence and calls out for him. But Dong Chul restrains himself and thus they did not meet.

The tragic Dong Chul Young Ran story continues

Viewers showed sympathy for Dong Chul and Young Ran on the website, “I cried together with Dong Chul”, “the scene has displayed how deep Young Ran’s love for Dong Chul is. She is so pitiful”, “Song Seung Hun tears really amazed me while Lee Yeon Hee’s acting is getting better and better.”

Young Ran does get better in Episode 26 as she is able to move around on a wheelchair. She catches a glimpse of Dong Chul’s back view as he leaves her without seeing her face-to-face. In his heart, Dong Chul hope that Young Ran would stay alive just like what she had said to him earlier when she was kidnapped by thugs (anything is possible as long as you are alive). But it looks like they will meet again from the preview of next week’s episodes.

According to AGB Nielsen, the rating for Episode 26 was 26.6%, an increase of 2 percentage points compared to the previous. Ratings have been hovering in the 20s and something is missing for East of Eden to break the 30% barrier.

Nice collage of pictures for Dong Chul and Young Ran lovers.

Dong Chul and Young Ran Love Story

There have been rumors of Song Seung Hun dating Lee Yeon in real life. It sounds like a PR news to me and not really true until proven otherwise since it’s just talk. Lee Yeon Hee replied in an interview that she has no time to date.

35 thoughts on “Dong Wook and Hae Rin Splits; Dong Chul and Young Ran Still Apart

  1. aww, i can’t wait to see it! i stil am waiting for the subs! aww,
    i’m falling more and more in love with this drama!

  2. DC+YR relationship really2 makes my heart tore apart. i really cried for their pain..(the sad song at the background really encouraged me to cry louder :P).

    at first i didnt really like YR. she was a bratty princess, but then she turn out to learn true meaning of love. and her love for DC is greater than any ordinary woman. that was the saddest thing… i never thought this bratty princess could ever know the meaning of love.

    all i can hope is that they’ll be together at last, even if it means in heaven..

  3. I love Lee Yeon Hee she is by far my favorite Korean Actress thanks to MFL & I love her chem. w/ SSH so if they are dating in real life then I don’t mind but I think it is just PR because Lee Yeon Hee doesn’t really seem the type to have room for a boyfriend right now, her career is still blooming & she has always seem the type that is more focus on her career than her love life at the moment.

  4. i’ve watched til ep 12 on MBC America. JiHyun’s life is so sad. the preview makes her seem nuts for what she’s going to do. this drama is so good, i love how DongWook & DongChul were reunited doing their classic hand signal & both are teary while Dong Chul says “DongWook!” & DongChul says “hyung!”. i hope DongWook & JiHyun end up together, they seem the most interesting.

  5. Pity Hye Rin… I really cried when Dong wook said his words and left her in tears… Who can blame her for crying… waiting for your loved one for soooo many years…yet he still breaks your heart in the end… My..pity the girl.. looks like she doesn’t have anyone to turn to ..Excellent performance by Lee Da Hae…
    As for Young Ran and Dong Chul.. I am not sure how others feel… but i am surely bored by their love or no love situation… Of course it’s heart wrenching to see Young Ran in that situation..but can’t they give them an ending faster..whether good or bad… By the way..Lee Yun Hee had improved her acting compared to last days… congrats for her…

  6. Miss scriptwriter!, why not let dong chul and young ran get married because it has been going on and on and on, so that dong chul can concentrate building his Las Vegas in the old mining town to fulfilled his late father dream and also to make dong chul and young ran fanbase happy.
    We would like to watch other plot stories in eoe too.

  7. I thought SSH teary act was actually not that great…….but anyhow, why does this drama feel slow to me now? I feel like I’ve been seeing the same thing over and over. About time for a change.

  8. i’m also sad for hye rin. she waited for long but this is what she get. but i hope if she really love DW she didn’t just give up.. like young ran, no matter how she suffered, she never let her love go. even DC has told her many times to just forget him. her love to DC is just so deep. she didnt care even they are separated for 2 years, she still loves him. i cried a lot for them.

    i hope the criptwriter just let YR and DC together, they are meant to be together. then, focus on the revenge. its already halfway now and there’s so many thing not settled yet.

  9. I agreed, excellent performance by lee dae hee, the expression and teardrop at the right moment!! Keep up !! to make it a memorable drama of eoe, aja aja!!.

  10. eoe is awesome and so are the characters in it. we are all anxious to find out the fate of our favorite characters.
    and the biasness in us will want our favorite characters to end up happy and victorious. so lets just root for them and not bash the other not so favorite ones.

    i just love DC+YR and I just can’t get enough of them. I hope to watch the ups and downs in their relationship and yeah ultimately the consequence of those developments.

    Thanx very much for the collage, Coolsmurf.

  11. I agree that the drama needs to switch gears and the YR+SSH romance is getting tiring for me. I think that the SSH+LDH romance should be given a chance.

  12. Oooooh… I think DW will realize his love for HR much later, and it’ll be too late. HR would be involved with another man. All these characters doesn’t seem to be ending with their first loves. Maybe this drama is finally breaking the kdrama cliche!!

  13. OMG, a lot of things happening to these unfortunate couple.. I need to catch up & watch Ep24 before getting busy.. I don’t think this two will date in real life..

  14. shilex how can LDH-SSH have romance when DC is still in love with YR
    i think the writer should just let YR-DC get married so we can move on to the two brother plot

  15. please let DC+YR be together.. please oh dear scriptwriter.. i cried so much for them.. their suffer is our suffer too.. uuhuuu~.. 😥

    even if they cant be together at the same place, please let them love each other from far..

  16. OMG, i’m so shocked about YR, she’s such a nice girl and very cut on the top of that, i’m so sad for her… I thought Mike would take care of her even if she’s still in love with DC but she ended there… such a pity.

    And for HR, oooooh, DW is so annoying seriously, always jumping into hasty conclusion, always getting beaten up by everybody and always thinking he can’t date a rich girl because she’s… rich… He doesn’t and can’t have (for the moment) JH (and I wish she would end up with MH) but he doesn’t let HR goes into his heart. She’s pretty, clever, ambitious and she is sooo in love with him, why can’t he make any move? Breaking up??? Go on HR!!! It’s sad but i will even feel better if she has an affair with mr Baek…

    Anyway, I don’t know if HR will have a story with DC but I hope so, even if they hate them, it will be interesting to see how two person who wants power could get used to each other!

  17. I think DC should end up with YR,even I didn’t really YR character in the beginning.Now she is getting better & love DC so much.About HR…I don’t know with who she should end up.I am still hoping that DW go back with JH. :)p

  18. yea i think DC should just end up with YR
    i agreed Jihyeon HR should end up with DW because they have scene together so it only right that HR end up with DW

  19. Yang chun hee’s advice to dong wook while in the hospital, quote – “If a man wants to be someone important he must have the luck from the woman. A woman must have virtue, a man must have the virtue to be someone important.

    Chun hee’s impression of hye rin when they were in the hospital ward – she spoke to dong wook, she is so thin
    that she is poorer than us, she can’t afford three times
    meal a day. Will she be able to bear children?. I don’t think she is suitable for you.

    Chun hee’s first impression of young ran after her engagement party. She came to dong chul’s house accompanied by his aunt and wearing the hanbook.
    Chun hee asked her sister-in-law, does she work in the restaurant?. She seems like someone who escaped in the middle of the night.
    Here I sense a mother’s intuition and also we see the lighter side of a very strict mom?, funny too!!- fortune telling !!!

  20. East of Eden is a realllly good drama!
    The 25 billion won was worth it!
    Thanks for providing summaries like this.
    I really appreciate it. Wonder who is going to end up with who.

  21. ceres.
    i know, i also feels sad for HR. she waited so long for DW to forget JH. but i dont think DW is annoying!

    he cant force himself to love someone he doesnt. just like what HR feels to Sung Hyun, rite? SH has also tried so hard to make her love him and waited for her longer than she waited for DW! so dont call him annoying just for that. he was angry at the insulted given by president Min but most of all, he is not ready for his heart for HR.

  22. @cute pixie and @ athela….= to me… very pity Hye Rin…she looks strong but actually…she’s very weak……need somebody to talk to her….
    Hye rin has excellent skill acting…

    also…to Young Ran and Dong Chul characaters….i’m getting boring…… hopefully PD make DC and YR short acting as loving couple……. give them ending faster…..whether good or bad… i dont care abt dc yr ending…

  23. I guess this must be a few years later, atlas they got married, but from the preview I don’t see a smiling bridegroom. Wow!! this drama had two weddings and an engagement . Miss Na you sure know how to give a surprise!!

  24. I’m not annoyed because he refused her love, i’m annoyed because he doesn’t want to meet her anymore. “We can’t be lovers so we can’t be friends anymore”. So heartbreaking for HR… And also, i don’t have the feeling DW is doing something to go on, i don’t really see his evolution, as if he had been frozen since JH wedding. He had passed his BAR yes but his feelings and his mind are still the same.

    Maybe it is the strengh of this character but I think he should do something else, I want to see his dark side, like DC…

  25. i want DC+YR together. because they are the only couple who really loves each other. oops, forgot, wang gun and ki sun too.

    if u read the character relation in vikii, u’ll found HR loves Dong-wook with all her heart, she gives him up to steal the love of her sister.. it said nothing about DC.. i dont know, but in other website said, she will come between the Lee brothers. and she has 2 faces which is saint and evil? i dont understand whats that supposed to mean.

    and for JH, it wrote,she was cursed and ousted by Choon-hee, but she later returns to Yang’s life as her daughter-in-law.. is that mean she’ll marry DW later? or DC because in the relation map, there is love line btween DC and JH.

    This is confusing!!! but i want all of them to be happy at the end. espclly DC+YR..

  26. akh i think JH will return to be DC mom daughter-in-law
    because of MU he the real brother of DC not DW so when MU come to live with DC family so will JH too so i think that why it say that JH will return to the lee family as their daughter-in-law in her character relation

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