We Got Married Season 2 Coming Up

With less than ideal ratings for the past few months, the PDs of MBC star wedding variety We Got Married held a press conference yesterday together with 2 of it’s newer couples, Marco and Son Dambi, Hwanhee and Hwayobi, announcing a format change and season 2 of We Got Married.

Hwanhee, Hwayobi, Son Dambi, Marco Representing the Future

Apart from revealing the headlines, the PDs did not reveal much. Other than parading the 2 couples Marco and Son Dambi, Hwanhee and Hwayobi, they also revealed that a new couple will be scouted. This is to make up for the departure of Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong whose last episode would be in mid-December. Season 2 will thus be made up of Crown J and Seo In Young, Marco and Son Dambi, Hwanhee and Hwayobi plus an additional couple.

Im Jung Ah PD expressed, “We are now preparing for Season 2. We Got Married was conceptualised with make-believe married couples. Although we had good ratings and lots of headlines were created, the novelty has died down recently. We will try to make it more realistic. We are now scouting for a couple who are of the same age. Season 2 will begin next January 2009.”

To address concerns that she might exit the show because of her upcoming Hollywood movie filming, Son Dambi expressed, “This December, the movie representatives are coming to Korea. I am also learning dancing from a cheoreographer, studying acting and learning English. I know that we are filming a fair part (of the movie) in Korea, so I think I can film We Got Married and the movie at the same time.” (many thanks to Kay for translation)

A format change usually signals a vote of no confidence. I can only think back to the past where Xman and Heroine 6 went through changes and ultimately ended up in history. There are of course always exceptions definitely.

And that’s it. Considering how flippant the We Got Married PDs are, anything could happen. They usually say this today but then another thing happens the next week. So it’s quite sketchy where it comes to We Got Married.

75 thoughts on “We Got Married Season 2 Coming Up

  1. i hope the another couple is kyu jong n yoo bin..hehe
    or maybe kim jong kook & yoon eun hye..
    if either them here, then i will continue watching WGM..

  2. I agree on what you say. They say this today and reveal something totally different the next day. It’s like, what we said yesterday was yesterday. Today is today.

    Now that things have turned this way, I wish that Ant-Witch couple had exited earlier, so that they exit in style. They should now coz the show is just spiralling downwards rapidly. No point leaving only when everything is ugly.
    Leave when things are great so that all memories will be good ones.
    They should do it with style.

  3. Wow, I’m iffy on this one… while on the one hand, I would’ve recommended that as their first move once the couples started to leave, it seems a bit late in the game to start a new season. I think they need a fresh start, and hopefully it’ll get better from there, or it’s just going to be all down hill. I think they’re going to continue losing viewership especially since the Lettuce Couple has such a huge fan base. Hm… it’s a big problem indeed. On the other hand, I am excited to see where they go with this. We will indeed see whether that risk is successful.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. the wgm pd always B.S. and i trust them no more.. just watever and i know that i will not watch trhe show once lettuce couple is gone ~~~

  5. i knew this would happen!
    so why kick out Ansol in the first place? The ratings steadily went down ever since Ansol left!

    i dont care much for kjk, but i don’t think YEH would ever step foot into a variety show.

  6. @p.f

    yeah gaemi couple should leave too! all the original couples did! i feel bad watching them stuck in this program, with everybody getting increasingly irritated n ticked off with WGM.

  7. i doubt that kjk and yeh will be casted since kjk is with family outing now…. of course that’s what everybody’s hoping for right….

  8. i hope they can come with something new. this show getting bored. theres is no anticipation and no fresh feeling. it just like draggy drama last for 9 month already. not because of old couple leaving or new couple not as good as old one. I believe if new couple was pioneer in this show. they willl receive lot of love from viewers too.

  9. Have not watched WGM for the longest time since Anbi left except that episodes when the new couples were introduced but did not even finished it. The original couples made it looked real not watching the new couples feels like it is scripted.

    I like YEH but I think she is a such big star now to be part of any variety show.

  10. Whoever they choose, I promised myself I wont be as Hard core fans as I do Joongbo/alshin. learnt my lesson..This matching couple reality is only a game, and so far only will end in a not happy ending way.Will watch but won’t be waiting for it ( heck I’ve been skipping Mardambi couple alot already )

    However I will be licking all my spitt back if they will put back HJ and Hwangboo back to the game after he finishes his drama. or they will be coming back regulary as a guess. then I’ll change back to my normal WGM fan and stick my eyes to the monitor every saturday nite till sunday evening.

  11. Oh goodness!

    The bigger issue is for someone to Eng. sub ‘Family Outing’ weekly….even though Crown J & In Young are on the show, Don Don gets on my nerves.

    Daesung annoys me in FO, too, but I wished Rain would appear more often. Loved him and Lee Hyori together but they kept editing some scenes of the two in the background or they do some unnecessary close-up elsewhere…

    KJK is too quiet! He won’t last without Eun Hye…

    The new couple better be a good match in WGM. They could be the people that start up WGM again or worst case scenario, end it! I wouldn’t mind Kyu Jong & Yoobin back on the show as a regular couple but we all know that it’s very unlikely to happen… both are VERY busy or at least the Wondergirls. I don’t follow Hyun Joong’s boyband…

  12. Clarification:

    “Even though the Ant couple is still on WGM, Don Don gets on my nerves.” Also, I’m starting to like FO more with the little episodes that I’ve seen compared to WGM that I have tried watching weekly.

  13. After how producers and PD’s treated Alshin, part of me wishes this show to hell. But then again, its not the couples’ fault…

  14. I think the next couple will be KyuJong and YooBin since the both of them expressed feelings n kind of entertained all of us when they appeared.

    But it is really upsetting that Joongbo is going to be leaving us =(

  15. well, i think its better to call it second season than keeping the WGM only name >..< (including hyungdon and hweejae)

    this way season 2 can get their own fans instead of getting more and more antis by days.

  16. I’ve been watching WGM & FO since their day 1…n observing after this long…for some reason i still prefer WGM…may be cus the subs are available fast i mean like real fast..thnx to muish n many encoders for that…But if somebone were to ask me which 1 is more enjoyable than I’d choose FO…believe me there has not been a single episode where i didn’t die laughing my soul out…however the problem lies in FO is lack of sufficient subbing groups…fofansubs are doing it..& i thank them for their hard work but now it’s not really working out for me…cus it’s already episode 23 of FO n the subbing is only available till episode 7…although i wanna thank for their hard work, i also don’t wanna lie abt the fact that my patience level has already skyrocketed…WGM gets subbed n encoded within 2/3 days of broadcast than why can’t FO which i believe has higher ratings n is more popular get subbed..i mean at least there should be 1 or 2 subbing group aside from fofansubs rite! or did just miss those subbers! But thinking again..may be it’s got smth to do with copyright issues…..i tried studying muish sensei’s thoughts on how to make good subs n all…but i’m really dumb when it comes to advanced softwares n technology..

  17. also..Anbi & Alshin has already left a deep scar…n now it’s Joongbo..I really don’t know whether i should look forward to Sundays anymore *sighs*…Althou FO get sbroadcasted on sundays to but the vid gets uploaded a bit l8 than WGM which gets uploaded within few hrs of its broadcast ( i’m pretty impressed & very thankful indeed, with the fast uploaders n subbers for WGM)..btw like evryone here I’m also rooting for Yoobin & Kyujong couple for season 2’s new couple…if they’re not there then I pretty much already see the dark future lying ahead for WGM…although i hope not so ^^;;

  18. i want shin jung hwan as the next couple..
    pair him with anyone, the result will still be hilarious ..

    anyway shin jung hwan oppa is in the proper age to ‘get married’.. haha

    P.S : he even talk about WGM in his kko kko tour ..

  19. the new couple must be a bomb… or we got married get down…
    they must take celebrities who are really celebrities i mean who the hell is marco???
    oh really?!?
    hm do not know him!

  20. if they want high ratings…bring back andy and solbi!!!hahaha…
    tha 4 original couple:
    hwang bo- hyun joong
    crown j-seo in young
    alex- shin ae


  21. I agree with Jana, lol
    Shin Jung Hwan would be great on WGM
    Kko Kko Tour is canceled after the second trip so he’ll have extra time, why not?

  22. I don’t hope for KJK n YEH. I not that part of everybody. Duh. I heard so many ppl rejoices when Andy not part in the show too (i.e not with Solbi). Just that they don’t bother to post that anywhere.

  23. gosh i bet ant couple’s gonna leave now…SIY is very fickle in ways so they may come up with an excuse to exit. haha

    now we have hwyobi&hwanee and dambi&marco…


    go hwyobi and hwanee!! ❤ them now.

  24. i hope they put someone that will brighten up the show =.=’ after the lettuce couple leave, i might not even watch the show anymore.

  25. its going to be so boring now without hyungjoon and hwang bo..
    im already starting to not watch wgm now..
    the new couple better be good if not, im not watching wgm anymore

  26. i love joongbo couple and i love the 2 new couples..
    im not sure why ant couple are still on.. in young and hyung don together are sort of hilarious & cute, but i just feel like they should exit gracefully.

    a new couple?
    i liked choi jin young with hyun ji i think it was.

  27. im past the point of really caring what happens to WGM anymore.

    my fandom ended with andy-solbi, with shinae-alex, with hwangbo-hyunjoong.

    if theres a funny ep, maybe ill watch. for most parts, ill just skip through/ fast forward it. the new couples have not captivated me at all. even if hwanhee is cute lol

  28. YEH is probably too big of a star now to go on a variety show like WGM, its more time consuming than a one time stint on FO.

  29. i would like to see.. kjk & yeh 😡 hyseung & leejin 😡 someone from wonderbang 😡 or ALL of them. that would be really awesome

  30. If they want to bring up the ratings, they really need to have a new couple that is seriously like banging. After the Lettuce Couple leaves, I have no hope in this show anymore.. unless they can bring a new couple who’s as fun to watch as Sangchu..

  31. i do not think they will get idol celebrities like big bang, wonder girls, dbsk, suju as couples… they are too young, ok suju maybe not to young but busy idol groups today are in their 20´s & younger and they are busy with their stage schedules… so there will be no wonderbang in we got married or something…
    the couples in we got married are all in their 30´s expecting in young, solbi and hyun joong… everybody look young but they are ‘old timer’ (sorry must say it)

  32. They need to bring youngin’s to this show. Bring in KYUBIN!


    However, Season 2’s just not going to work out. I can just feel it in my guts. There has to be some kind of bangin’ stunt to beat 1N2D and F.O.

    Season 1 just felt so right and so entertaining, and I just don’t feel the same with Season 2. I’m sure Ant Couple will act a little different, too because of all these changes. =/

  33. woah
    everyone calm down
    dont judge before we actually c it
    everyone wuz against hwangbo and hyun joong int eh first place
    and look
    so many ppl like them now!!!
    gie them all a chance…

  34. PDs usually do that. They would totally give the show a new face lift, but it wouldn’t be the same. Just like what happened to Xman!

  35. I think the should end the show. Now that other people have seen it including celebrities I think it will become more and more scripted or the celebrities will be acting instead or being themselves.

  36. im not yet ready to give up on wgm despite its wavering ratings..that really is none of my concern, what got me hooked was the chemistry between the couples and novelty of the idea..i think its still there barely…there are key celebs whose 4d personality is just fun to watch…currently, hwayobi and hwanhee are fun since they’re opposites, marco is hella funny since he’s always on his knees and has a pretty good grasp of his self and his weaknesses…the ant couple i watch just because i think crownj deserves an award… lettuce couple are always entertaining especially now that they’re comfortable…losing the lettuce couple is a lost but i’ll still see hyungjoong so it ain’t so bad and hwang bo’s an established star so ill be seeing her around…

  37. Seriously, I might as well just stop watching We Got Married after the lettuce couple leaves. I mean AnSol left then Alshin . Those two ARE my favorite couples. But if they put Amy and Minwoo I might be interested

  38. Pingback: We Got Married 2 The Second Season Is Coming and All I have to Say is I want more Son dambi - Filipino-Korean Luv

  39. They all look really good. It looks like the cast from a drama.
    Maybe the PD are going to create a love square? very innovative in KOrea

  40. i think after the exit of joongbo couple, ratings will drop oso.. but hope they can come back! like what alex and shinae did..

  41. I hope that the new couple will be interesting to watch, and that the changes to the show will be for the good. Although it is still interesting to watch, it is not as fun as it used to be. If they can get the couples to appear more or have them do more events, the ratings will go up. I hope the new couples will be more popular, and I am really curious to see who they are since they are choosing two people are of the same age. All the couples now are quite popular, but it will be more fun to watch if the new ones consist of those that are in the spotlight now. The only problem to that though is that fan girls and boys will go ballistic at each other to protect their “idols”.

  42. WGM was a great show from the start. There was a lot of anticipation and excitement. However, the mission’s that the couple’s received became uncreative and boring. I think WGM needs a fresh start in season 2. bring in something different, with new couples willing to bring laughter and love (like alex and shinae couple). If they want to make this show last, i think they should consider the teenage fans. right now, a lot of the good couples are no longer on the show. the couples remaining aren’t exactly my preference. it gets boring at times. I also agree that FAMILY OUTING needs some subber’s besides FOFANSUBS. I truly do appreciate all their hard work, but afterall, they don’t have as much time because of school preparations. it would be great if a subbing team took on this roll to sub FO on the side . WGM was my favorite before, but now it has to be FO. I hope WGM season2 will be something fresh.

  43. I think for their ratings to boost, they need to take Dam Bi and Marco off the show. They’re good people, just not interesting enough. Hwanyobi is getting there, but I still skip their parts a lot as well.

    Same age? Maybe if they’re idols, this show will get more ratings XD. Considering that the PDs are going for dramatic change in the 2nd season (I mean, there already IS a change) it will make or break the show. D:

  44. This is just too sad. I remember how many sweet and romantic scenes WGM brought to the screen for us. The fact that it’s changing format now will likely mean that it’ll end up a failure like Xman, Yashimmanman, and other originally wonderful shows.

  45. see? this is what happens when they decides to kick out the ansol couple >:]

    but seriously they’re lossing all the good ones…i still keep track of this show after ansol left only because of the lettuce couple. now that they’re leaving, i think the ratings are gna go down even lower….

    WGM need to come up with something better than this to keep their viewers..

  46. HAHAHA…. they should have done this long ago!!!

    right around the time when they did the farewell episode and AnBi left…that should have been the end of season 1 for WGM and the old couples…

    then they should have introduced 4 completely new fresh couples and start all over where they’re still awkward with each other…. LOL… the PDs really are stupid…

  47. oh yeah… as for my ideal new couples joining Hwanyobi and Marco-Dambi…

    *i really really really hope they add a YOUNG couple … like both of them are in their early 20s or late teens… it would be awesome to see how young couples cope with marriage…(KyuJong-YooBin would be a great choice!!!)

    *next would be a couple that are in different entertainment industry…one an music artist and one a actor… (sort of like AlShin..cuz they’re so freaking romantic)….where they barely know each other and got married in an arranged marriage way….

  48. i hope someone really really hot in entertainment right now will come out. from whats going on right now.. they probably will so that the fans will watch. maybe LEE HYORI? pwahaha. im just dreaming for my favorite korean female solo to come out ^^;;a

    people seem to want yoobin + kyujong but for some really odd reason… i dont want them -0-;; DONT BASH ON ME~ but its just that… i cant see them together. yes theyre hot and young and blahblahetcera, but i dont think they really fit WGM’s ideals. -______-;; thats the only way i can explain this.

    i have an idea. WHAT ABOUT DONGBANGSHINKI?! perfect.
    with the number of fans they have too ^0^v

    ( i think my brain is fried… its like still morning where i am -0-;; )

  49. well.. loveletter had 3 format changes.. until it finally ended.. personally.. i loved watching all three.. so *shrugs* lets hope season 2 can see higher ratings..

  50. Well, whatever the show is going to show about?.
    KimJongKoook & Eunhye. or whoever.
    I would just watch it LOL.
    (Although maybe out of anger I would just rant and say heck I hate this show.)

    But, I think they should really pick MAJOR huge star. and someone who hasn’t really discovered stardom yet to do the show. I mean it would be a dream come true for that person.

    Or maybe create couple comebacks?
    (or maybe updates about their couples? LOL.)
    Yeah, I know. I wish..

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