Lee Minwoo Admits He Is Dating Amy

Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo has admitted that he is dating Amy and expressed, “We are now in the phase of getting to know each other.”

Min Woo and Amy

Speaking through his manager, Min Woo expressed, “It’s a bit early to say we are lovers now. But it’s real that we have an affection for each other and have met up quite often. We are now carefully getting to know each other better and hope that everyone can be patient for the good news to come.”

Min Woo and Amy got to know each other through KBS2TV Happy Sunday program Kko Kko Single where they were paired up as a couple on the show. But clearly, they have taken that relationship from tv into reality.

The pair had shared an underwater kiss almost immediately on their first date on the Saipan episode, with strong chemistry exhibited. Recently, the both of them were spotted dating at coffee joints in Apgujong and eating from roadside stalls. The sightings from fans led to rumors being spread fiercely online since yesterday, prompting talks of them becoming a real couple off-screen.

TV Couple Turned Real Couple?

Amy meanwhile clarified her stand in an interview yesterday, “The rumors about me and Min Woo oppa dating are true. Although I very much want to say how we had progressed during this time but this is not the right moment. I will only speak once this is cleared up with oppa’s management agency.”

Min Woo is now promoting his 4th album M Rizing and will be enlisted next year in the army. Amy who was pretty much unknown until her appearance on Kko Kko Single debuted on the cable channel O’live’s Witch’s Diary 3.

My personal opinion is like what I have said before, the only thing I looked out for was Min Woo and Amy segment on Kko Kko Single. All the best!

64 thoughts on “Lee Minwoo Admits He Is Dating Amy

  1. omg….this just shows that love on shows/dramas can become reality. amy and minwoo are cute together. I approve…hehe..

  2. when i watch kko kko tour last 2 days..i know something will be going on between them..i love them to be together…

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  4. Amy is definitely getting a lot of publicity out of this, but I guess as long as they’re happy, I’m fine with it… though I can’t say that the fan in me is happy. I’ll admit I’m a bit jealous. But no, I want Minwoo oppa to be happy, so all the best to him and his new girlfriend, though it seems their relationship will be interesting considering he’s going into the army soon. *sigh* Wah~ Oppa!!! Oh well…

  5. What! Anyways, how come those in We Got Married there still no developing between the artists that is happening? Although they’re filming every week I believe, there are still no chemistry between the participants.

  6. You’ve got to be kidding…

    Woah. Saw her on the Kko Kko Tour Show and she rubs me the wrong way but I guess whatever floats his boat.

    Oppa, oppa, oppa…

  7. they get 2gether is just like win win solution for both of them. Minwoo. get to promoe his album and Amy going to have offer for acting or cf later. Good for them

  8. Hehe.
    Even though she was kinda too much bitchy towards other girls that were interested in minwoo.
    I only watched kko kko tour because of both of them.. hehe 😛

    Hope the best for them.. 🙂

  9. you know how they say couples tend to look alike… when i look at both of them, i sense some truth behind that statement. haha.

    All the best to both of them.

  10. so great when min woo and amy be a couple realty ^^ im so happy, i very like amy, she’s cute and straightforward . Min woo oppa, hwaiting~ !!!!!!!!!!

  11. amy is definitely Minwooie’s type..
    curvaeious, soft yet with strong sweet personality..

    their first date the Kko Kko Kko is so OMG-freaklicious-ly cute!

  12. Despite some peoples dislike towards her because she’s mean to the other girls on KkoKko, I like them together. That just shows that she is jealous of them which is a good thing?

    I think they look good together lol 🙂

  13. YAY!! They are dating in real life.
    All I know is they were the only ones I watch the show for..then again I only watched their cuts because the rest of the show seemed B-O-R-I-N-G, but Amy & M were fun to watch so I’m happy they are together 😀

  14. i thought he liked healthier girls. anyways good luck to them. probably would seem less publicity like to announce it, but i guess rumors would float anyways.

  15. Hmm I wonder if it’s true. They really cute in the first episode, but then Amy got kind of … annoying a bit? That’s in my opinion, but they still look good together.

  16. Congratulations! It is nice to see that celebrities do indeed are able to have a life outside of their professions despite the fans opinions!

  17. minwoo can do better.. and i dont like amy’s personality.. i hope this doesnt last so long. i feel like minwoo is probably somewhat lonely and since hes 30 now he probably wants to get married soon. if minwoo was dating someone better i would be happy but im a bit sad and dissapointed about this :/

  18. i’m glad minwoo found her charming. i think amy is misunderstood because she has a wayward personality. during the second episode, i knew something was up when she got bitten by a bug and minwoo quickly gave her a wet towel.

  19. I always thought that it was because Amy was shorter than him that he went after her. *shrugs* it’ll end one way or another, they always do in the entertainment industry. Someone goes off to the army, someone becomes too greedy, blah, blah. Blah.

  20. @ C,
    Yes he did.
    Um, I’ve never even heard of this Amy character before this, which proves many people’s points here about her getting publicity.
    I guess.. congrats to them?

  21. No clue who on earth Amy is, but whoever she is, I hope that things will work out for the two of them (and people won’t start hunting her down for dating him!).

  22. Really, would that be their first meeting? Many suspected they had met already, or it wouldn’t have gone so smoothly, or?

  23. wow!! if both of them are couple.. they yeah!1 both of them are cute!! hope hwayobi and hwanhee are dating too!!! awwwww!!!! ahahz!!

    this kko kko show are good!! hhaHA

  24. @wowJhil
    M actually admitted in a past interview that he’d known Amy long before the show, but only really considered her as a cute younger sister type.
    So that explains why they were so comfortable with each other so early on the show.

    I just find this news extremely adorable! I love M, but I personally think Amy is a catch as well…all the best to them tho!

  25. uwahhhhhhhhhh..
    im so LOVING this NEWS…
    they are MATCH made in HEAVEN obviously..
    and im SO happy that they DECIDED to GOING-out..
    HOPE THEIR relationship LONG lasting..

    thanks COOLSMURF…^^

  26. hmm interesting. I guess congrats for them to making that step.

    But isn’t it difficult for minwoo to actually develop a relationship when the military service is coming up?

    Well hope all works out well^^

    The only reason I watched Kko Kko is because of them haha. They’re so cute together and Amy is a really nice person. though,she didn’t show that in the show. I guess the pd wanted her to be a bad girl? I can see the real side of her in the show. She’s really kind.
    This news is like a dream come true!
    I knew that they had feelings for each other! It’s written all over Minwoo’s face.
    I’m gonna pray them for WGM XD

  28. I’ve seen the show in the cable channel just last sunday.. and fall for Amy just by looking at her KAWAII face.. I can’t wait for another sunday to come for me to see the next episode, so I went online ‘utube’ hehe I FELL IN LOVE WITH HER MORE!!! her personality is boosting she’s so real! doesn’t care what people might say or think towards her.. she has this sense of humour that captivated me I can’t stop laughing out loud in every episode that she’s on. And, was enthralled with the chemistry she have with Min Woo!!! KAWAII!!! I hope the rumor was true LOL i’ll be rooting for them!!! godbless..

  29. How ironic when those people use to claim that Oppas were gay and now when they are in a relationship, they are being bothered too. After dedicating a decade of his life to showbiz [and it’s still on-going], I think it’s fair enough that Minwoo Oppa deserves to date like anyone else. What we fans should do is wish him happiness. ^^ Thanks for sharing the news anyway, Alvin sshi.

  30. Love this news I really do hope they stay together ^_^ shes really cute and to all minwoo fans: of course shes going to get a lot of publicity from this =_= you say it as if shes only dating him because of that

    celebs are just normal people like us but with special talents ^_^

    I wish them all the best!! Minwoo is my fav in Shinhwa >_<

  31. All of Shinhwa hate her. And now she’s in jail where she’s belongs.
    trying to get a lighter sentence for a bad deed soley because she’s famous. Please! Let her suffer

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