Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo Leaving We Got Married

Following the departure of pioneer couples Andy, Solbi and Alex, Shin Ae from MBC star wedding variety We Got Married recently, it was revealed today that the much-loved Ssangchu (Lettuce) Couple would also be leaving the program soon. Many viewers and fans have expressed their regrets at this.

Kim Hyun Joong Leaving We Got Married for Boys Before Flowers

Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo have actually completed their final outdoor shoot at Jeju Island at end-October. According to the We Got Married production team, Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo will be having a vacation at Hallasan (Mount Halla) in Jeju Island and this will be their second farewell trip. Although they couldn’t reveal the outcome, they did say that it was a happy ending.

We Got Married PD In Jung Ah revealed, “Because of his busy filming schedule for Boys Before Flowers, Hyun Joong has no choice but to exit We Got Married. Their final episode will be shown in mid-December. In contrast with the Alshin couple, they decided on a farewell trip to end their stint.”

As a make-believe couple with Hwang Bo who was older than him, they have won lots of popularity thanks to their excellent chemistry with each other. Hyun Joong’s potrayal of a kid groom who is sometimes cute, comical, meticulous, charismatic, etc has seen him receive lots of love from viewers.

Kim Hyun Joong is currently filming for KBS Boys Before Flowers, playing the role of Yoon Ji Hoo (Rui Hanazawa). As opposed to the original adapation, he will have a meatier role. It is scheduled for broadcast in December.

This means that the Ant Couple (Crown J and Seo In Young) plus the pest (Jung Hyung Don) are the remaining pioneers. “A new couple is currently being scouted and will be revealed in December”, said In Jung Ah PD.

208 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo Leaving We Got Married

  1. aww… everyone is leaving. i guess that’s how it is. but, i thought hwangbo and hyungjoong weren’t going to leave because they worked out the schedule of WGM and the shooting for Boys Before Flowers. oh well… i guess my favorite 3rd couple is leaving. =/

  2. yes….i guess it was only a matter of time… there’s really no reason for me to keep on watching WGM…..this sucks….

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *deep breath*



    oh well. now i can finally pull away from the evil addiction that is WGM.

    “meatier role” lol. i guess that means “more fulfilling”/involved/integral or something. oh love triangles.

    well, it was a good run for the two of them. they probably have a bunch more fans as a result. yay $$!!

  4. I guess a lot of people will stop watching WGM now!

    As for the new couple, how about YOOBIN and KYUJONG?!? hahah….just kidding. That will never ever happen but I hope they find a really interesting couple (they need to!) because the recent ones are pretty boring (sorry to say).

  5. i officially have no reason of watching WGM now.
    after they leave, i can’t watch it anymore.
    they were my favorite. =(

    i cant believe they told us they wont leave and now this..
    i was hoping for the best. =(




    *faints* *cries uncontrolably*
    No!!!! my favorite Lettuce couple is leaving ㅠ_ㅠ
    guess there is no more reason for me to watch We Got Married….ahhh no! i wish this wasnt true T_T

  8. Unless they get better celebrities, I see this show being cancelled…all the popular couples are leaving. the only note-worthy couple left is Crown-J and Seo In Young.

    the show started out strong and now it’s in the dumps

  9. this is just makes me mad. i mean i understand that he has to leave b/c the drama but before it was confirmed and stated that he would not leave and do both WGM/Boys over Flowers.

    Why release that statement if it could change.
    thats what makes me mad.

    also, as much as i love WGM i think there are running out of missions and various activities for the couples.

    they should just start new: new couples and try a different concept or something?!

  10. once ant couple leaves, then im done for the show….for now, i will terribly miss hyunjoong hwangbo even if they’re not gone yet.

    NOOOOOOOOO!!! WGM ONLY GOT VERY GOOD AFTER THEY JOINED!!! anbi couple, then alshin left, now lettuce… There is no way I will keep on watching this for the ant couple if Hyun Dong is still around…the show just ceased to exist to me…

    Hwanyobi couple is annoying..Son dambi couple is boring… I don’t know who can do any better… This is tooo sad!!!

    NOOOOOOT TT______TT…. Shillang and Buiin…WHY?!?!!?

    *goes to cry in a corner*

    Good luck in all your endeavors….

    Where am I gonna get my weekly dose of JOONGBO crack?
    Now this only leaves Ant couple…
    Funny how the couple that seemed least likely to stay together lasted the longest.
    ): Now Hwanbo’s gonna be so lonely without her shillang~

  13. awwww… and they were the only good couple to watch left. Well maybe the hwanyobi couple too, but their chemistry is just so perfect! T_T boo this sucks.

    but on the bright side, i can`t wait to watch the korean version of Hana Yori Dango! :):):)

  14. Yes, I think Kyu Jong and Yoobin couple will probably be the only choice that would make viewers truly happy. DON’T WASTE TIME SCOUTING FOR A RANDOM COUPLE, MBC!!!

  15. 😦 Boohoohoo!!!

    But on a side note, THEY SHOULD GET HYUNG JOONG + The Wonder girl and Kyun Joon + the other wonder girl!
    THat would totally neutralise the bad news :D:D

  16. I’m not watching this show after they leave
    they’re the only reason why I still download and watch every week.

    SsangChoo couple………………..NOO~ ahahahahahahah
    i REALLY REALLY REALLY don’t want them to leave
    they’re a part of joy in my life.

  17. This show is starting to dig their grave really deep…:T

    It doesn’t feel right that they already filmed their scenes lasting all the way to December because it has less meaning to me. Basically, HwangBo and HyunJoong have already parted ways and all is left for them is to participate in the final studio recordings…:T

  18. now there really is no reason to continue watching this
    even though there is still crown j and inyoung left
    but it’s just too… i don’t know.. boring.. seeing them fight all the time
    im just really piss at inyoung.. she just kills everything
    no offense to her fans

  19. BOOO!! Worst news ever.. even after all the confirmation that all couples minus Alshin will remain til the end.. now this.. now no interesting couple remains 😦 aw well.. I’ll just keep watching and rewatching the reruns of JoongBo on Youtube.

  20. I think after Hwangbo and Hyunjoong leave We Got Married, I’m going to stop watching this it, they were the only reason that I kept watching it and the only reason this show was bearable to watch. It had a good run, and now with only Inyoung and Crown J as the original cast, I think people are just going to give up watching.

  21. it was such a unique show when it first aired…. and the couples were really really interesting. i’m very happy that i was able to watch this shows overseas haha and thanks to all the wonderful subbers too.

    the show was good while it lasted. with the four original couples (minus Don Don & Sayori haha) but i think it’s time to say good bye to the show. the new couples really aren’t as interesting. hwanhee&hwayobi couple tries too hard to be unique and different from the rest of the couples.

    unless they come up with like.. Heechul with another 4 dimensional girl…. let the show go on xD

  22. wow I can see WGM spiraling downwards now….

    Oh yea to the above poster^^ i could totally see Heechul on this show…I reallie want to see a different side to that kid.

  23. i’m going to stop watching wgm when they leave.
    I only watch their cuts when the subs come out, so when they leave, I see no point in continuing watching the show.

    Don Don ruined the Ant couple for me.
    Son Dam Bi and Marco are just boring.
    Hwanhee and Hwayobi got kind of irritating

    I wonder who this new couple is u_u

  24. sigh, why does my least favorite couple have to stay???
    seriously, JoongBo couple was going to be the only happy part of WGM (since AlShin left…). Now the show’s going to be chock full of drama. Oh, the joy -_-

  25. arnt their ratings already really low? since another couple is leaving, the ratings are probably gonna drop like crazy. =/
    all my favorite couples are leaving ><

  26. WHAAAATTT????
    THEY LEAVE?????


    OH MY GOD…it’s just hard for me that alshin leave this show..and now the ssangchu couple leave too.. T_T..

    i dunno WGM it’s not interest anymore for me…-__-

  27. nooooooooo!!!! im gonna miss them soo much!! omg i had really started to like them esp since they were so awesome together. but i am excited to see who will be the new couple.

  28. wow if that is the case. aft hwangbo couple can stop watchin . unless the new couple is sth great might still consider.

  29. there’ll be no reason for me to watch WGM no more with the lettuce couple gone…..

  30. im really disappointed right now. first the anbi, then alexshinae then my favorite ssangchu couple =( see i hate watching these kinds of shows cuz i know they can’t happen in real life. but it’s really cute and their interactions with each other is getting better and better. waaah =(

    i don’t think ill watch wgm anymore when they leave =(

  31. NOOOO! after andy and solbi left, the lettuce couple was the reason i still watch!! T.T

    well i hope they get interesting people on the show. so far its……ok
    the ant couple is still entertaining 🙂

    THEY(and ANT couple) ARE THE ONLY REASON I WATCH THIS SHOW! I seriously hope hyun joong and hwangbo return after hyun joong’s filming!!!!!!!

  33. hiks..hiks…hiks…hiks…hiks…hiks…hiks…hiks…
    i was crying so hard when i watch Alshin’s final eps,i’m gonna need some boxes of kleenex for the ssangchu’s final ep…
    Hwang Bo unnie…keep in touch with shilang, will you?
    I just hope for the best for you two..
    I’m waiting for the good news from you and shillang, and go stalk him in NY!!

  34. Worst News Ever !!!!!

    if lettuce couple is gone and that’s it… i am not watching WGM anymore …

    WGM keeps upsetting us and drives us crazy !!!!! how “professsional” those PD’S are ???!!!!!!

  35. its a sad news but we all know it has to come to an end. this subjects been going on around the thread for a long time now. everyones been getting ready for it. i agree with alot of joongbo fans. this will be a bittersweet end.

    PS: have a box of kleenex by your side joongboers! hope i get to watch online for the last eps!! enjoy it while it lasts!

  36. Sighh…..
    I sort of guessed it with all the advance filming and back at Jeju Island (where they first met).

    Well…. no more WGM after Joongbo leaves.

    Am sure with this couple, the ending will definitely be bittersweet.

  37. kjk and yeh
    or kyu joon and yoo bin LOVE
    or or TOP and yoobin LOVEEE

    of course none of these couples are possible T_T
    maybe they’ll have a male couple kyaa~~ XD
    ah i love lettuce couple they really drew me in
    and kept me going T^T
    no more kid groom and hwang buin sob sob

    i hope they find a good couple to replace them, cause if they fail to do that i don’t think the ant couple can keep the ratings up anymore T_T

  38. NOOOO ! wtf !? i mean i know why he has to leave , but there my favorite couple :/ i only wanted to watch the show because of them jeez i dont wanna watch the show anymore sadly imma still watch it im sooo sad there the BEST couple the show ratings are gonna go down even more i thought they were gonna leave !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pooor hwangbo and hyunjooong maybe they’ll put yoobin and kyujong on ? im sooo sad hopefully this show will still be on when hes done with the filming and maybe they’ll comeback im soooo SAD :/

  39. i knew this is coming..
    but im still sad to hear that they are leaving..
    i’ll just have to participate for boy over flower to see hyun joong again…

    i hope there will always be a chance for this couple to meet again….


  40. expected that but still disappointed… well thats it not gonna watch d show anymore… im guessing ratings gonna drop drastically?

  41. If they are looking for new couples, I hope it’s Kyu Jong and Yoo Bin. But Kyu Jong might be to busy since he will be busy promoting Triple S with the other 2 members.

  42. I love Joongbo couple so much!!! Each WGM episode with these 2 on it, I watched and re-watched their part, only. Longing for every Sunday to come so I can see them together again :). So sad!!! I will miss you two so much, Hyun Joong & Hwang bo. Wish you both the best of everything. Hopefully, a lots of good fortune will come out of this show for both of you. I will continue to watch WGM until their last episode. Thank you Joongbo for all the beautiful memories and hilarious moments.

  43. I knew this is coming. After the lettuce couple left, I’ll stop watching the show.

    I bet the show is being cancelled any time soon after their departure, maybe even before they could scout a new couple.


    we got married is dead to me after they leave… i only watch wgm for joongbo.. 😦

  45. I was aware of the fact that they were leaving, but I wasn’t expecting them to leave so soon! I guess the whole confirmation of leaving at the end of the year has a change of plans now. This really upsets me because Alshin and Joongbo are my favorite couple. I will still continue to watch the show, but I know I will not enjoy it as much. The relationships between those two couples suit my interest when it comes to relationship. How hard is it going to be to find a romantic couple like Alshin where all the stuff they do pretty much let females wonder if there are other guys out there like Alex? Joongbo’s relationship interests me the most because the two of them are like “best friends”. The newer couples are interesting, but not THAT interesting yet. If they don’t change, or if a new couple arrive (that makes up for all those who have left and are leaving), I don’t know if I will continue watching the series anymore .. since it will be a waste of time. If that happens, I will not watch it until more interesting couples appear where I actually know the celebrities and enjoy watching T.T

  46. if hyun joong and hwangbo leave WGM, i won’t watch WGM anymore.. but, anyway i hope they will keep in touch to each other after this.. i really love them.. hope they will be a real married couple..

  47. How about add the new couples such as,

    yoon eun hye & lee jihoon (princess hour)
    reason: i watch a show that introduce all casts in ‘princess hour’ and in that show i can tell that jihoon seems to like eun hye.. and also because they had kissed before!!hehe

    shin ki hyun(battle) and lee na young
    reason: they are look alike!!

    yoobin & kyujong
    reason: cute couple and also because kyujong like yoobin

    young saeng & lee hyori@ hyun young..
    reason: young saeng are very quite and mysterious,, i wonder how will he react if he got married to someone that talk much or can make joke..

    haha.. just my imagination!! (^_^) (^_^)

  48. sooo sad =( i watched because of alex shinae, then crown j and inyoung…and then for lettuce couple..and now only ONE couple that i like left…=(!

  49. no comments.. im sooo speechless… fav couple next to alshin…and they have already left………….. its not going to be fun watchin it anymore…….i will truely miss all of them.. they became my daily routine and part of my life hahahahaah (no life)… but i always look forward to watchin them every week and now itll be hard to find something good to watch and subbed..sigh….im so sad at this moment that i have ran out of things to say… but i will MISS them very much.. and miss them being together also…….~cry!

  50. i used to hate it when the older couples leaves one by one… and hates the new couple.. but after alshin left, somehow my opinion change. they’re not real couples anyway, but i guess many of us feels sad when they leave becuz we’ve taken so much liking to those couples. and that’s proves that their chemistry between each other is great! ^^
    oh well, another of my fav couple is leaving and now ant couple is the longest couple still in the show. i’m wondering if they would really put kyujoong n yoobin as the new couple, since many approves them to be a new couple in this show. but i doubt it, since wonder girls are so busy nowadays.
    ah~ well, i wish all the best for the couples who left this show. man~ all the couples that left have great chemistry with each other. the next one would probably be ant couple.
    is it just me, or the couples that left these show are all the people who after joins this show becomes so much popular that they becomes so busy and in the end, they have to leave the show… then this show becomes a show to boost popularity, and i’m afraid the future new couples will took this opportunities to boost their popularity without really sincere in their character as a married couple in this show… ah~ that would be so bad… but i hope its not the case…

  51. oh man!!! this is so sad! actually i saw it coming, but to have it announced officially like that is pretty crushing if you know what i mean. wgm is losing its appeal and i agree that it’s becoming a show for artists to gain popularity rather than one where they genuinely want to experience married life. MBC’s got to do some serious thinking and try make WGM into the show we all knew and loved once again.

  52. stupid shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!I HATE IT I HATE IT. I thought they were leaving at the end of the year? !!!!!!!! Argh! I love my joong bo! ARGH!

  53. with my fave AnBi leaving first…and recently my romantic AlShin…and now my wacky Lettuce couple…*sighs…

    WGM really lost it’s best couples….those three are the ones who has the biggest fan base and with them gone from WGM, ratings will surely drop drastically!!!

    i don’t think the new couples will be able to build a fan base as large as those three original couples…of course the Ant couple is still there…but they’re starting to get annoying with HyungDon in the picture….

    like many of you… reasons to watch WGM no longer exists…makes me miss the old days of WGM!!!!

  54. NOOOOOOO!!!!!
    Is this for real????
    There’s definitely NO reason for me to watch WGM anymore!
    This sucks!
    Can’t they just stay there!

  55. well..finally there are leaving us…
    i think i dont have any reason to watch WGM..
    after ansol, alshin..(ahhggg~~~ why their final ep only takes 7 min??) than joongbo…

    okay…thats just enough of the PDs playing w/ their fans here….lets just watch family outing on sunday night okay??? hahahaha….

  56. i saw this coming… im already prepared… so no shouts or shrieks or anything…
    but look at the bright sight ppl, HANA YORI DANGO is coming!

  57. anyone can explain to me why this shows keep letting the old couples go ?
    why blame busy schedule ..
    1N2D and FO casts also are busy people ..
    ho dong, mc mong, seung gi ..
    hyori, jae suk, dae sung..
    they are still there.. even FO got jong kook as additional family member there..
    FO and 1N2D are more strict shooting area compared to WGM. They shoot outside seoul [village or rural area] while WGM is more flexible.. they can shoot their daily life schedule..


  58. T_________T This is terrible. I’m going to be really depressed now. T^^^^T
    ;________________; *cries in a corner*

  59. well, it is essentially a reality show, that went on for too long I guess. They should just end the whole season, instead of making couples leave one by one and making people insanely mad.

    Ah, I’ll still watch for the Gaemi couple. Poor them, everyone’s saying they won’t watch WGM anymore but hey, how about some love for the longest running couple on the show? And I mean, THE longest, since they were together since the Lunar Special episode. Still can’t let go of my A!

  60. awww…they were sooo hilarious T.T but then again i’m NOT gonna stop watching it..hehe
    I still find Hwanhee couple pretty amusing ^^

  61. First Anbi, then Alshin & now Joongbo.. I think beside Ant couple I don’t think I’ll watch it anymore.. I’m losing the interest, but maybe the new couplw who’ll replace them will be nice, if it’s that i’ll continue watching.. but the old couple will always be the best..

  62. WTF is wrong with this show, seriously first it was anbi, then alshin and now the lettuce couple and next would be the ant. I knew that the lettuce couple were gonna leave, but its too soon. Seriously there is only the ant couple left to watch, and i don’t think that they will leave soon too, or the show will dissapear completly cuz of low ratings. I still wish that they bring back the old couple for xmas special. I am sure many will be happy.

  63. WHHHHYYYY 😦 😦 😦 actually i guess it was just a matter of time, with hyunjoong filming his new drama, just that seeing it in words makes it alot sadder 😦 😦 omg no reason to watch wgm anymore man D:

  64. aww craaap… this is just a way to start my day (sarcasm)
    lol but aww im gonna miss them they were my fave couple and well theyre gonna leave in the end of the year ahhh im gonna go crazzyy wgm is getting boring and borinnngggg …and this means less air time for them in the following ep

  65. They are leaving the show already and still no news on their wedding photos? I’m really excited to look at their HQ wedding photos like Anbi, Ant and Alshin couple… =(

    Now it’ll really be the end for WGM if they dont scout for a really really really nice and sweet new couple.

  66. The ‘new couple’ better be GOOD!!!!


    Crown J & In Young are next to go after Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo. I’ve already heard last week that Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo were leaving before the end of the year…sad!!

  67. I dun understand with ppl whining!
    I do really do love them as a couple
    And im happy with any decisions they make
    Do remember hyun joong have some health issues and if he were to continue he will have sleeping disorders that even more cruel happening.

    I wish them the best and hope that WGM will have better cast or better celebrities if not i will not watch them anymore since the last bunch that i adore is ANT couple actually more on the old couples rather than the newer set of couples as they are all so “mushy” and not as interesting as the old couples

    GAH~~ ohwells hope for the best =)

  68. are they kidding me??? i mean now the lettuce couple too??? this made me very depressive… how can they do that… i cried when ansol and alshin left but now lettuce, i will cry even more
    how can they do that?? soo sad right now
    what comes at next? marco and dambi get more air time…
    *omo *
    mh i thought lettuce couple will stay longer… *cry*

  69. Oh man, T_T
    I guess their leaving was inevitable, since HJ has filming for Boys over flower… isnt he going to the U.S soon for filming? So its prolly hard to make out a schedule for him to fit WGM.
    There goes my motivation to watch WGM now T.T
    anyways best of luck to the both of them.

  70. This is expected, and I’ve known this for quite some time now, but I still feel like throwing a tantrum whenever I think of Joongbo leaving.. argh!

    Ever since I’ve learned of them leaving, I tried to warm up to the new couples to support WGM. Something’s still missing with HwanYobi and the Banana couple but I hope that they’ll get better by the end of the year. I also hope the new couple to be introduced would be interesting.

    There’s also something in me that’s hoping that maybe Hwang Buin might stay, but with a different husband this time.. ha! Now that would really keep me glued to WGM!.. But it’s wishful thinking. 😛

    And to the WGM and Joongbo lovers out there like me, I hope you won’t hate WGM so much after they leave. I mean when you think about it, it’s because of WGM that all the couples became so famous, that they now have individual projects. Take in the case of Hyun Joong. If his qualities weren’t displayed during WGM, he might not have had the chance to be Rui of Hana Yori Dango. 😀 Honestly, WGM is like the source of these celebrities’ many present and successful endeavors.

  71. That sucks. :\ I love them! But it’s expected. Anyway, it is sort of a good thing since I don’t Hyun Joong can handle both the show and Hana Yori plus singing.

    As for new couple… KYU JONG AND YOOBINNIE PLEASE 😀 I will continue watching if they are the new couple (: Or like Ye Eun and Kyu Jong because Ye Eun likes him and he likes Yoobin, it would be cute to see them transform to a couple 😀

  72. Three words.

    I. Knew. It.

    Personally find that this is the end of WGM.

    Well the WGM i have in me, that is. But I think that it is a mutual decision between both production and SSangchu Couple. Takes two hands to clap anyway.

    But with their now comfortable level of really doesn make me wonder if Hyun Joong and Hwang Buin will keep in touch, and how close would they be after this..? It’s not like you can just walk out of the show and forget about the months they spent together. I would really like to know what happens with them.

    Like, where does it leave them in real life?

  73. too bad!i really liked this couple.i’m curious who will be the new couple!!hope they will be as half as good as the originals.

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  75. man everyone is leaving..i bet ANT couple are gonna be the next ones to leave.
    next new couples in december better be good..

  76. The lettuce couple is the reason why always look forward to watching WGM every week….but i knew they’ll leave the show soon… sigh!!!! Anyway, I’ll always love Joong Bo<3
    PD Fighting Fighting!!!! hahaahaaa

    @ boys over flower….. thanks for coming soon!!!

  77. Another New Couple? Huh? Too late!!!
    It will never ever be the same again…

    Already goodbye – Anbi…
    Just goodbye – Alshin…
    Going to goodbye – Lettuce couple…

    Going to goodbye for good to WGM … ME!

    I loved this programme… was literally breathing it the past few months… but recent months development make me feel like an outsider watching… the warm fuzzy feeling was depleting day by day… seriously even pioneer like Ant couple is not gonna save the day, coz I dont buy the staying with relative idea… and really Don Don is unncessary in that household… Ant couple did have their good times which I missed.

    Would suggest the PD, either completely stop the program or go on a hiatus and come back with all brand new couples next year… or at least go off when you are at your peak and go out with a bang rather than face cancellation or go off becoz of the low rating… This programme could have went down in years to come as a classic legend… but the PD is not helping…

    4D kid groom and Hwang-buin… I will miss you guys… Hwaiting!

  78. you guys are being to pessismistic. why dont give a chance to other couple? all of you shows your incredibly immature behavior… =_=;

  79. Alright, it’s also goodbye from me to WGM once Ssangchu couple exit!!~

    The new couples no longer have the charm to drew me into WGM after watching the recent episodes…

    But i am soo looking forward for Hyun Joong’s performance in “Boys Before Flowers” =P

  80. *crying*
    Ahh…why must they leave..
    Now no more watching WGM after the SSangchu couple
    Bet the ratings will drop after they leave..
    Too sad to say anything..
    I better sit down in one corner and study every Sunday afternoon..
    Than watch the other couples after ssangchu couple leaving..
    Hope there will be a miracle which will make them stay..

  81. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NO NO NO NO NO! them being there was my last drop of sanity and wonderfulness after alex and shinae called it quits! hyung don annoys he hell out me—i love crown j and seo in young but they have to fix this nonsense. OMG—i’m SO SAD! it will be the ending of the century! it’s only a matter of time before the ant couple leave. it’s just not the same anymore. i will watch WGM because it’s still a fun show—but not nearly as wonderful as the originals. hwayobi and hwanhee forever!

  82. i hate to say this, but i won’t be watching this show anymore.

    the past 8 months have been great, though! the original couples and format will be greatly missed!

  83. this sucks i guess my god………
    i hope the new couple is a wonderbang loooool (only the original stage pairings tho lol)
    or maybe yunho and stephanie (always fout they wer a hot couple
    or hyoyeon and eunhyuk

    but i no it will neva happen lool
    der from the same entertatinment company
    2 awkward!

  84. OMG..
    i’m feeling so sad now.. just its’ the smack in the face of reality check for me..

    Lettuce couple has been the favourite for me of ALL the couples that have appearred on the show.. yea.. that’s even better the AlShine and AnSol!!!

    pissed.. dunno if i’d still be commited to watching the show after my shilang and buin leave

  85. I guess it’s too late for the army of netizens to rise up ㅠ_ㅠ

    They even said that they’d manage to work around Hyunjoong’s acting, that they’d continue to film WGM…

    Ssangchu couple ❤

  86. i’ll miss them for sure. my love for hyun joong started from wgm. maybe kyujong and yoobin anybody? lol doubt it since they should be busy too.

  87. Hmm.. it’s a matter of time. People need to stop complaining and whining.. they made the contract as soon as they got in this.. knowing that they had to leave someday. Come on people.. it’s a reality show.. they aren’t real. Now.. just the new couples, eh? And Crown J + Inyoung.. I see. . . will there be someone new?!

  88. most of the couples have been leaving, this sucks. Alshin really got so little time in these last couple of eps, they deserved more time.

    i hope the new couple will be interesting or they should just re-marry Hwang Bo or Hyun Don. maybe they could try 2 idols or an older couple.

  89. since the idol star has left, wouldn’t it make since to have another idol star? maybe not a guy this time but a girl? or both? maybe the concept of a young married couple, instead of the non-traditional age marriage? possiblities…

  90. I am going to miss JoongBo on WGM. Not sure if I’ll be interested in watching it after they leave. None of the remaining couples entice me to continue with it. Used to like the ant couple, but their bickerings are starting to get me tired and bored. Maybe if they can get Yobin and Kyu Jung as the new couple? They’re both young but already of age to get married (in real life) but because of their youth should show many advantages or disadvantages in marrying young. Kyu Jung comes out very sincere and mature for his age. Also, from the blid date they had on WGM, it showed they have a good chemistry already.
    As for me, I wish JoongBo will date for real, so I will continue to support them even after WGM. JoongBo fighting!!!

  91. Joongbo couple were my favorite. followed by Alshin couple. i basically watched we got married because of them<3

    it is just me? or does it feel like ratings might drop after they leave :/

    btw “plus the pest (Jung Hyung Don)”
    i literally laughed. luv ur choice of words xD

  92. though it IS hard to say it


    they need to do this to continuously create a novelty factor for this show
    by adding new faces (hwayobi/hwanhee) and situations (hyungdon as step-brother) the show will always be fresh and interesting to see different imaginery celebrity couples

    i personally apathetic to the casts since this is something that must be done

    as long they dont remove the ant couple or else i’ll be real pissed
    since the new couples aren’t cutting it for me
    maybe the marco/son dam bi couple is entertaining to watch

    there’s no reason to watch WGM anymore then .. -______-”
    andy and solbi leaving, alex & shinae leaving.. now Hyunjoong and Hwangbo? OMG.

    the show’s just kinda gotten less interesting now .. and especially since Hyunjoong and Hwangbo are leaving it’ll probably get even more less interesting .. 😦 so sad .. it was one of my favourite variety shows that are broadcasting recently too..

    man .. i miss xman, the old version 😦
    lol well xman doesn’t have anything to do with this .. but just saying 😦


    I really hope the PD can find someone as fun to watch as Hwangbo and Hyun Joong.. because seriously, the sangchu couple is the only reason why I watched WGM in the first place. I’m really sad about this but there’s nothing I can do about it. I just really hope they will cooperate again the future.

  95. This is very sad indeed.. less and less reasons for me to watch wgm… it used to be so fresh, exciting and entertaining.. how I used to to count down every second until the next episode.. however the show might turn out later on, I will always remember the humble and happy beginning..

    ansol, alshin and now the moment that I have dreaded, joongbo’s turn to take their bows and leave the show.. thank you so much for leaving us with countless happy moments and precious memories.. joongbo, you will be greatly and terribly missed:(


    Can’t Kim Hyun Joong – after finish shooting all his scenes in the HYD drama – come back in WGM ?

    If we have to wait for them to come back (like for the Alshin couple) we will ! Just come back guys !!!

  97. This is gonna hurt the show a lot. They’re one of the craziest and funniest couple.
    I guess it’s too little too late, they’re getting comfortable with each other but they’re about to leave!
    Oh well, I’m sorta ready for new couples. (The Hwanhee+Hwayobi couple is funny too.)

  98. O.O This is going to be the worst leave after AnBi. JoongBo was just like a breath of FUN in the show. Only Ant Couple’s left now! T.T

    But now… I think this gives way to…


    With Yoobin and KyuJong, KyuJong can replace the SS501 void a little! ^^ And two more idols on WGM! I think that’ll help them with ratings, wouldn’t it?



  99. Great, now all my favorite couples and going to be gone. D: First Anbi goes away, then Alshin, and now them?! 😦

  100. im almost done with WGM. Lettuce Couple and Ant are my two favies and it wont be the same…Alsin, AndySolbi….this is too much, i cried already and this time i dont know, its gonna be hard.

  101. Sad that they are leaving…..they are fun couple to watch at WGM. They leaves us with good memories……..Ssangchu couple will always be in my heart……..

  102. ssangchu fans knew about their advance shootings 1 1/2 month ago. Even saw their Jeju pics that time and already, there had been fans speculating that they’re shooting the last episode……and it turns out to be SO true…*broken heart the first time knowing it, now is shattered for the second…*

    …you know, people whine for some reason…(especially in an infinite space for comments)…since I dear them so much, its hard not to do that…damn, we know this is coming……sure drained 5 months worth of my emotion….their last episode is going to be the final blow to the WGM in me….

    well it sure worth a while…wonder if they’ll reconsider the pds for next year WGM?….if there’ll ever be one…

  103. The PD’s must be pissing their pants at this point. They better hope to God that the new couple will be a hit. Idols are always a solid choice.

  104. Pingback: We Got Married News - JoongBo Leave Confirmed. I think I died inside a little. « Pop toast.

  105. AUGH, THIS sucks…….they need to cut the two new couples and get other ones too. I usually just scroll to the old couples and sometimes Hwanhee and Poopie.


  107. i am feeling super sad
    i hope he comes back after filming though
    urgh, but i feel selfish because i want him
    to do both LOL… anyways, gonna miss them for sure
    they made me laugh most of the time especially hyun joong
    witty remarks URGH, sad WGM is getting more boring in each episode.

  108. alvin,

    there’s a news in saying that WGM will be reformated? Have you read it? is it true? (somehow, haven’t heard word from you made me disbelief the news)

  109. i would have much rather have all these pioneer couples (ansol, alshin, lettuce) make a transition to MCs to couch new couples and then leave at once, such that we would only have dealed with the pain once and start back at zero with the new ones. -.-” [although this would not have been a PD’s and for-the-rating’s sake ideal]

  110. @dooberap, they didn’t reveal anything important. but a concept change signals a vote of no confidence and it worries me since format changes never amounted to any good.

    i think im goin to cry…
    there my favourite couple!
    man i think loads of people are gonna stop watchin now..
    all the couples are like leaving basically
    well hwanhee and hwayobi i guess are gonna have to be my next favourrite but..
    lettuce couple will always be number one (:
    gonna miss em truckloads.

  112. NOOO! T__T they were one of my favourite couples!!

    if crown j and seo in young leaves i have no reason to watch WGM!

  113. i hope they will come back and have a reunion like alshin did. haiz. this is so heart-wrenching. *sobs* god, i wish they would become a couple. joongbo-ers out there, toughen up yeah. im sure we’ll see them again…someday. all the best to hwangbo and hyunjoong! joongbo fighting! ❤

  114. I knew they will leave it was just a matter of time before they go because HJ needs to focus on his drama, it totally sucks because they are just another couple that I have grown to love to watch but you know it’s okay because WGM is boring anyways all since AnBi left the show I didn’t care for it anymore & i went back to watching it because WG guessed starred in it now that all the couples I like are leaving the only ones left being Crown J & SIY. WGM just isn’t the same.

  115. nothing to do with the PDs, they have to leave anyway with Hyunjoong’s drama thingie. everything is blame the PDs eh?

    that said, i enjoyed HJ+HB much much! hope they can stay in contact and good friends after this. im not so far out to say that THEY MUST BE IN LOVE IN REAL LIFE blahblah. dont impose your views on them or others. if it happens, cheers. if not, dont be too disappointed.

  116. its been such a joy to watch em! they wer my fav from ep 9!! and theyv grown such a fondness for each other… its awesome…
    yeah its true… WGM wont be the same….
    along w/ you guys ill wait for a reunion….

    waaaah… lets hope for a miracle that on some special next year, they reunite Anbi, Alshin, Joongbo and the other couple even for just one episode!!!!!!!!!

  117. I’m gonna miss them when they leave but I’ll still probably watch the show to see what its like.
    and like someone mentioned earlier, I would so watch if heechul was on the show, it would be so funny seeing wat he would act like as a married man XD

  118. another lovable make-believe couple that will separate sooner which will definately make another heart-broken and this is hard to take n believe…………….. T_T ~ anyway, JoongBo FIGHTING !!!!

  119. i was so sad and heart broken coz i really liked them they are the couple that potrayed aged doesnt matter to be husband and wife its only a number, important is there was understanding,caring ,happiness ,and etc. they are really fun to watch hyun joong was a loving husband and hwang bo was a caring wife for hwang bo and hyun joong i wish both of you GOOD LUCK hope someday you will be together again in tv drama or movie GAMBATTE….

  120. i knew this would happen.. though u guys will hate me for saying this.. but im happy with this.. since to see hyunjoong hospitalized again will be the last thing that i want to see.. i want him to have a more proper sleep n rest.. so yeah.. better go with boys over flowers n music activity.. though i will miss the couple like hell…by joongbo couple… we will definitely miss u guys ^^

  121. i guess i won’t be watching WGM anymore….in the beginning it was a bit awkward to see the together, since they themselves are awkward, but now, the only reason i watch WGM (and only their clips) is because of the Lettuce couple… how they are comfortable to each other now….so sad they’re leaving so soon…’s better to leave the show at the height of their popularity…good luck to the both of them!

  122. nooooooooo, i’m sure i’ll stop watching WGM, Anbi, Alshin, now Joongbo, nothing interesting anymore. i dont know about new couples, dont know if they can save the show, but only Ant couple isn’t enough to make the show with high viewer like before, if Anbi, Alshin, Joongbo, and Ant couples stilll on the show, it so perfect

  123. NOOOO.
    Honestly they are the only couple I loved watching now except for Seo In Young and Crown J. Kim Hyun Joong and Hwangbo are perfect for each other. I wish he could do the drama and this show together. The ratings are going to shoot down now.
    I dont like the new couples too much. They are a little fake to me. I love Marco’s personality but it doesnt fit with Dambi.

  124. OMG lettuce couple was my reason, well the only reason i watched WGM initially and stayed tuned. actually it was all because of Kim Hyun Joong at first and throughout… but the chemistry between him and hwang bo is really adorkable. LOVE THEM this is so sad… hopefully KHJ oppa will stay active and join another show soon!!

  125. 😦 very sad news.

    anyway i found a site where they sell the hoodies they wear in the show –

  126. Wow, well they better get a really FANTASTIC couple if they don’t want WGM to wither away.
    I mean, the Lettuce couple was the ONLY reason why I keep watching WGM. GRRR, NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  127. I’m looking forward to episode 36 [their “happy” ending], yet sad to see them leaving WGM. They were the only reason why I continue watching WGM. Atleast I hope they’ll become a real life couple. 🙂

  128. I just LOVE the lettuce couple. I really LOVE the. I feel like I am in love again everytime i watch them. I watch every single episode they have…. this couple is the reason why I watch WGM and no other. Wishing them both “for real” to be together and get married as Hwang Bo is so good to treat her marrieage life so well. To both of them… to continue your happy and comfortable married life… make it real please… wish to hear that someday… this will be for real….

    God bless and more power! Fighting JOONGBO! LOVE YOU BOTH!

  129. i need help i would like to buy a dvd of joongbo couple from the very beginning of their episode just there parts with eng sub.please and cd of hwang bo and ss501 GOOD LUCK HWANG BO AND HYUN JOONG WISH BOTH OF YOU ALL THE BEST……..

  130. I think the lettuce couple actually like each other. It might be cool after Joongbo is done filming, if it shows they are dating later.

    But the other couples, really think about it, it’s hard to pretend to like someone if you have absolutely no chemistry. Think of 5 to 7 months having to do that if you don’t like the person. So maybe they have to end those relationships. They are probably auditioning new people right now.
    The show is best when they let the couples perform. Like the HwanYobi couple, they don’t match, except when they sing to each other.

  131. T_T.
    Ansol, Alshin and now Joongbo, Sob.
    After SIY and CJ leave, Thats the end of my weekly WGM dose. >.<“!

    I like Hyun Joon and Ye Eun C:!

  132. I think sometimes one needs to read between the lines. In Ep. 37 when HJ and HB are at the beach on Jeju Island, they write in the sand. Part of what he wrote was “I hope you don’t lose me” whereby HB corrected his spelling and said I think you mean “don’t forget me”. She needs to consider that perhaps he really meant “lose” and not “forget”, meaning they stay together. It could have been consciously or subconsciously, Also, when he asked her horse (whom they called HJ and his is called HB) if he loved HB I think he was asking for himself but couldn’t do it directly. Just something to think about. Personally, I’d like to see them as a real life couple as they are well suited for one another.

  133. ugh i can’t believe all the best couple is leaving.
    it so sad to hear that they are leaving too 😦
    i just hope they keep in touch with each other
    they were the best couple from the WGM T.T

  134. LOVE LETTUCE COUPLE!!!! evryone said dat WGM wasn’t as interesting as before…love the original couple (expt hyungdon+saori couple) + ssangchoo couple..

    WGM quite boring these days since ALSHIN couple leaving..
    but ssangchoo couple dat i love the most do help the show to be more fun..but now….[sigh****]

    anyway,wish both of them best of luck in everything…

    plus hwang buin is the most loving woman i’ve ever seen,more to be herself,open-minded,independent and etc…i really envy her as a woman…

    hyunjoong shillang was interesting too..
    with his bluntness though really caring..i like his personality that was straight-forward and not too cheesy…
    i love romantic stuff but not too much untill i can’t bear with it…

    in conclusion, i really love them…although it just a fake-marriage…[sigh***]

    i think i will not watch the show anymore after the ANT couple leaves…probably i just try to up-2-date bout the show thru this kind of website..

    anyway,fighting to all new couples…

  135. so sad that they’re also leaving.. i love their farewell ep which was cute and touching at the same time.. but i think i cried the most at the ansol farewell ep and then the 1st farewell of alsin.. sigh well i hope for more events for the lettuce couple!! it was worth the time watching them!! cheers!!

  136. Hi…guys.
    i ‘ve just seen we got married and i really love it, especially hyunjoong. I crush on him . He is so nice. Actually, he is so silence and shy, but that’s his charming. By the way, i’m just wondering, is Hyunjoong a gay? I really need to know the answer.
    Can you guys plz tell me? or e-mail me :
    I will be appreciate that.


  137. what was the name of the song that Kim Hyun Joog sing to Hwang Bo. it was outdoor, night time and with a guitar
    Ep. 26 i think.

  138. NOOOOO!!! That was my favorite couple, when I watched the episode last night I cried so much! They should date in real-life, they look so cute together + good chemistry! I love them!!! Hana Yori Dango (Japanese) is waaay better then Boys Before Flowers (Korean) btw.

    Well now there is no point on watching We Got Married!!!

  139. I’m really sad about Joongbo couple I want them still be together this time ,Can we vote them to come back again. I want you back

  140. @Gabe the title of the song hj sing to hwang bo is “FALLING SLOWLY”

    i also love that song.. ;D

  141. It’s so saddening…all the couples that I like are leaving…guess this is just a variety show…hope that they’ll still be a couple when they leave the show…

  142. nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! *sob* *sob* they were like the only reason i watched wgm.
    o yea just for those of you who arent watching wgm anymore the new couple is hyung don and taeyeon from snsd(girls generation)
    anyway im still sad from joongbo’s leave i cried sooooo much and especially right after alshin too.. o well no reason to watch wgm anymore :”””'(

  143. Actually i just finished watched this show….is remind me a lot as couple…is so touching when they did the **farewell speech for there future spouse**…..old couple must have a reunion…..hwang bo and shillang wish you all the best…

  144. i watched we got married last month in youtube i know its kind a late to post a comment but i really feel sad about separating of the joongbo couple, i didn’t know that it will end that fast. but i was really touched while watching it and i feel sad because all of these are just fantasy ( i wish they will find each other in the future and get married in real life). i could say that they were soulmate and they really like a true husband and wife, and i hope to see them again in a reality show like we got married…. please!!!!! im proud to say that im a fan of Hyunjoong and Hwangbo…..

  145. hai kapan you dapat pasang yg cocok buat you sendiri kalao belum

    sampai ketemu tahun depan

  146. Kim Hyun Joong is better marry with hwang bo in 2012-2013. all person hope them marry to be true in futrue. the best wish for them and dreamming they marry show to all body. nobody is better than hwang bo . Kim Hyun Joong, don’t miss yourself! if you miss hwang bo. we will hate you forever! and you will be forget in futrue! if you marry with hwang bo, we will love and wish your couple in futrue. don’t worry you will lost anything after you marry with hwang bo.
    she is the best lady for you! truce us!!!!!

  147. kim hyun joong is too care money , maybe he tasted poor so don’t want poor again. he love money so much than anything! he love himself than anybody! he want to test to make love or bobo with any beatiful and cute girls. so he is not enough excellent to Hwangbo . we liked him beacuse he looke like so happy with Hwangbo, so we wish them happy everyday in future together. but now we found he is not really good and handsome than when he in “married”. his eyes be changed to much, his smile be look like too not himself. he choiced money and yong girls. his new agenc y told him don’t too care any woman that they can be choose in future when he have more money and sucessful. so he is be changed head. lost happy and love.
    Jung YunHo is very excellent man. if he try to ask Hwangbo to marry. we all wish them.
    Jung YunHo is too stubit answered a lady question that he maby change his love to Hwangbo. just this words. Hwangbo can not to truce him. but we can see his hard work for his love. he look like don’t care money than Kim hyunjoong. just have love for Hwangbo , he can lost his money to help more pepole that look like cause Hwangbo. they are same people who is excellent people. Kim hyunjoong is just think about himself. he will lost the best lover.

  148. JoongBo is the best couple,,, i’ve never seen any other couple that match very well like them… but still i dont able to see them after the 26th eps, since the link in youtube is broken, and i cant download from megaupload and dailymotion even i’ve tried so many times to download it… it extremely sucks… anybody could help??

  149. Yunho,,,,, I love you!!!! you must to meet a wonderful woman who you love.
    Hwangbo is gone. forget her who always reject you please.
    I believe you will be a great dancer in the world. to hard work for your dream. you are the real man and greatest dreamer.
    you can win if you want to do!

    Kim hyun joong, I hope you never say yes to others woman again after you married. if you shake your heart that mean Hwangbo is fail. Hope you can keep your choice forever.

    Hwangbo, I like you, But sometime, you look like a bitch which woman want many man to loved her but she can hurt any guy if her want. you don’t want it but you did. The whole point they let you got chance to choose the best beautiful guy— are you always funny and happy? Could you have any thought about maybe your mistaken? I hope you always so lucky!

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