2008 MKMF is One Giant Party for the Major Entertainment Companies?

The dust have settled and the conclusion of the 10th Mnet Korea Music Festival (MKMF) this past Saturday have seen deserving singers who have worked really hard over the past year receiving awards as recognition. But there has been mumurings that the 2008 MKMF is just an internal party for YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment and MNET Media. The distribution of the awards has been described as distributing pork by some fans.


The three daesangs (big awards) comprising of the Song of the Year, Artist of the Year and Album of the Year were handed to the Wonder Girls (JYPE), Big Bang (YG) and DBSK (SM) respectively. Big Bang also got the Digital Music Award (most downloaded song) and Best Male Group. The Wonder Girls won Best Female Group and Best Music Video. DBSK got 4 additional awards, Internet Popularity, Overseas Viewers, Style Award and Mobile Popularity Award.

As the organizers of the MKMF, artistes under MNET Media also had their fair share of the 30 over awards being given out. Lee Hyori won the Best Female Singer and Best Dance Music Award. SG Wannabe won the Best OST Award while Davichi went away with the Best Female Newcomer Award.

Although MKMF is already into it’s 10 year with some age, but many still feel that it’s like an exclusive internal party for the major music companies. There is actually some debate over the actual fairness of the awards, especially towards the daesangs every year. With each major company being accorded a fair share of the awards, it has become like a big celebratory party for them.


Something that needs to be mentioned is that MKMF have always treated the smaller entertainment companies as outcasts. Even if the singers aren’t taking home an award or performing on stage, it’s near impossible to find singers from smaller companies appearing at MKMF. According to a staff from a smaller company, “The organizers (Mnet) did call us up to invite us but it’s just for show. They have no intention of inviting us to the awards ceremony actually.”

Another expressed, “We have good singers in our company and their album sales have set records. If they take part, they are sure to get an award. But it’s like a party for the major companies and you can say they are just competing among themselves. So we felt that there isn’t a need for us to be at the awards ceremony. MKMF is an award ceremony organized for the four major entertainment companies, YG, JYP, SM and MNET. Compared to other awards ceremony, it’s more appropriate to treat it as a celebratory party instead”.

Shinhwa members Lee Minwoo and Shin Hye Sung who announced just before last year’s MKMF that they would not be attending, did not appear this year. Actually, none of the Shinhwa members were nominated or seen at this year’s MKMF. Shin Hye Sung’s management expressed then, “If the judging for the awards ceremony was held fairly and easily understandable, there’s no reason for us not to participate. But how fair is the judging if the list of winners and confirmed performers were made known right from the beginning?”

This year’s MKMF was a big success especially with the special stages. The kiss between T.O.P. of Big Bang and Lee Hyori are guranteed to dominate headlines for years to come. But amidst the performances, what fans would really hope for is to have an award ceremony that is judged fairly and being competed among the talented musicians in Korea. Let’s hope that it would be a better competition next year and not just another big celebratory party for the big 4 (sorry if this sounded like the English Premier League).

But I felt that the awards for 2008 MKMF were justified overall.

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  1. ^^I agree too…
    I mean SM+JYP+YG artists are really really hardworking …not saying that the others arnt entirely…

    And saying that these three companies are “popluar and so and so” doesn’t make sense really…i mean, to become popular you have to be determined and hardworking to BECOME popular! Thus, they deserve their awards =D

  2. i felt the awards were given out fairly…

    but I annoys me to see that Shinhwa wasn’t even nominated when their album sold so much…it is a party for the big ent. companies and that blows…do it fair and square ….

  3. …why not have an independent or underground music awards for different music genre then?…then everyone will be happy…and hopefully there’d be no sourgraping from those who weren’t nominated or didn’t win…but then isn’t it the people who really buy their albums the real judges here?
    …better for the awards body to change their criteria and give each genre their own music awards…eg, Trot Music Awards, Rock, R&B, Ballad, Hip Hop, Bubblegum,etc…just my two cents worth of whatever.

  4. I somewhat agree, although i agree with the results (especially the fact that DBSK didn’t win everything like some ppl had thought) i really feel sorry for DSPent artist-KARA, who were pretty active this year and also SS501 who i must say had an awesome comeback with Deja-vu plus Battle whose song step by step was a big hit didn’t show up in fact THEY WEREN’T EVEN NOMINATED. but i wonder would they have won anything if they were nominated humm….

  5. I somewhat agree too…

    Just reminded me of HK entertainment circa the 90s, during the Heavenly King heydays… omg… I am that old to remember those days… when I was a kid…

    Just that the “fairness” of distributing the awards “evenly” among the 4 main ent co is a bit like distributing pork as mentioned, which is actually quite amusing/comical even.

    Overall, am quite glad with the results. I felt mostly were justified and deserve the win… but yet I hope for some variety… which is why I am just anticipating other awards year end and even next year award… Yeah can’t help but feel that Shinwa exclusion despite such a sucessful
    “temporary farewell” album before the guys get enlisted wasn’t nominated is quite a pity… and also some indie singers that are really good… were not nominated as well… maybe they do not have mainstream popularity or they lack the exposure or album sales. But totally not seeing them really really justify them being indie. Korea should create an indie award!

    It is almost a no-brainer that to be “fair” each of the 3 main co won a daesang… I see it like a chain-reaction. The case of coz A won X award, B won Y award kinda thing.

    Well… let see what the future holds… coz trust all that won… have to do work extra hard to proove to us they deserve to win…

  6. You’re comment on English Premier League just make me laugh 🙂
    Comment: I do somehow agree.
    The song of the year I think instead of Nobody it should go to So Hot (you may say it was sang by the same artist but it was a different song, So Hot was gain more recognition than Nobody this years), but yes it should go to WG.
    The daesang are fair I guess since Artist of the year go to the most productive group (BB) and Album go to the most selling album (DBSK).
    I question some of the award the best dancer??? Come on you must be kidding if you believe U Go Girl are better than SS501 Dejavu or DBSK Mirotic.
    But this is MKMF, almost 60% of the judging criteria are coming from judge and research which have no transparency so far.

    Let’s wait to GDA, hope it will be better….

  7. i feel that the awards were given out SOMEWHAT fairly.
    i disagree with one of the daesung.
    if MNET wanted to show fair judging, this group should not have recieved the daesung. (the other nominees were much more deserving)

    oh well. these big companies are the most popular this year anyway. there’s no way to contest that. the small companies just have to get bigger in order to compete. i imagine with the next award shows, it will be with the same companies dominating the awards.

  8. I agree too. I think the awards were fair and made sense for the most part but there’s so many other artists who did work hard and weren’t nominated for anything. Seriously, I thought they would have nominated Son Dam Bi’s “Bad Boy” for SOMETHING (or something from KARA for that matter).

    We can’t really blame the other artists for not working hard enough. Personally, I think promotion has a lot to do with it. If you don’t get the right kind of promotion then you won’t get much recognition either. These four companies dominated this year because their artists were exposed the most.

  9. i agree. but then these artists worked their way up along with good management on the companies’ part. i think smaller companies need to work even harder to earn the top spots.

  10. Ummm… Duh…. Of course it is a giant party for the major entertainment companies. I read this article and Epik High, Kim Jong Kook, Andy, Minwoo, and others weren’t even mentioned. That’s why M.Net has such a bad reputation.

  11. of course big companies always have a bigger advantage than the little companies, but you have to think about how hard they work though. even if some don’t have the greatest voices, they still work extremely hard. it isn’t easy being popular.

    being popular means being liked by ppl, having good sales, singing good songs, working hard through the criticism and such. though singers from small companies work just as hard, being able to make a name for yourself is most important in the end.

    i admit sometimes it is pretty biased and somewhat rigged, but i felt like it was pretty fair this year. dbsk, big bang, and wondergirls’ hard work was pretty evident this year.

    just because an artist didn’t win an award doesn’t mean they didn’t work hard. they shouldn’t solely rely on an award to represent that they’re acknowledged for being hard workers and good singers. rather, it should be used as motivation to continue working hard.

    don’t be too devastated if you didn’t win an award. i think anyone who makes it on the nomination list is already very much accomplished. if you’ve worked hard this year and didn’t make it, it’s okay. your fans will continue supporting you; use that as motivation.

  12. OH gosh soo true! anonymissy! i don’t really listen to the artists that you listed, but i know that they are really popular! and to see that they are not mentioned is sooo stupid! or how about MC Mong or lee seung gi! they are great but still no nominies for them two! which is really a shame

  13. thats why i dont watch this.. korean award shows in general are rigged and boring. ppl watch them for the special stages and performances. i laugh everytime an artists shed tears for recieving an award.. i mean seriously.. it’s not like the academy awards or grammy where popularity is accounted for but not THE only requirement… it’s the reason why outsiders who don’t like korean entertainment say there’s no talent there.. because talented artists can shoved out of the way.

    i am not saying the big groups are not talented.. they have their own talents and i enjoy all of their music. it’s just that they are very limited since their agencies want them to do EVERYTHING. we don’t see true artists who are masters at their craft.. we see jack of all trades good at everything but not exceptional.

  14. Don’t feel that dbsk really should have gotten that daesang.
    Pieces, Part One was a better album overall imo.

  15. To be successful you have to pay the price to get nice songs, to actively promote your artists, on radio, events, TV etc…
    So you need lot of high level contacts, a lot of money, and an efficient marketing crew…
    it would be nice to know the best sales of the year: the best selling album, single, artist, female artist etc… to see if it matchs with the winners..

  16. AGREEE!
    i have so much love and respect for DBSK.. but seriously the competitors for Album of the Year were really good. I can’t say they don’t deserve it cause Mirotic was selling like madd, but Epik High’s Pieces and Seo TaiJi’s Atmos were pure genius! they were really quality albums.
    @Hercule P.
    sales.. may not always be indicative of which album/song/artist is really better (popularity. maybe), but yes it would be nice to know the numbers.

    it really is sad to see some really good music to not be recognized. seriously… i think MNet tries to cater to the viewers (fans mostly) too much. =(

  17. i totally agree that mkmf is kind of ignoring the smaller entertainment companies. there were so many other awesome artists that had promotions this year, and they did not show up at all.

  18. its actually true. ss501’s album sales made record sellouts but they were never mentioned. but then again the minor companies are really bad at promoting their artists so its both sides faults

  19. This is very true. Funny how Kim Jong Kook also said something similar to this about newbies have lots of talent but they don’t really have a chance to show it. Okay going topic.

    It’s sad how Epik High and SG Wannabe lose to these idol groups year after year. Feels like MKMF only gives these award to idol groups so their fans won’t go crazy. AND please don’t even start with the “hard working thing” Every artist work hard.

  20. its like battle royal out there
    all 3 groups consist of 5 ppl
    its like basketball team XD huahuauhauha
    anyways. as a fan of these three of course im pretty happy bout the result.
    but im well aware that this is just a contest of popularity,
    more of award for the young ppl.
    how old is the oldest that receive an award this year ?

  21. ^ Yeah. I hate when fans go on and on about how their favorite artists are more hardworking than other groups so they deserve the awards more. It’s like wtf, all artists are doing the same shit every day and work just as equally as hard.

    MKMF has always been disregarded in Korea so it seems like foreign fans are more into MKMF than fans in Korea. Because seriously NONE of the Shinhwa members got nominated?! And what about SS501?!

  22. It’s not the big entertainment fault that they have the most talented artists….whatever. Those smaller companies shouldn’t be complaining rather they should pump their artists up.

    I thought this year was fair. All the big awards went to the right people. (I can’t say the same for last year).

    Anywho, I’m sick and tired of reading about MKMF, I’m so ready for the GDA.

  23. Well, I think Mnet does get biased sometimes, but I thought the MKMF awards were justified well. The big companies are big for a reason. In my opinion, JYPE wasn’t that huge either until the Wonder Girls.

    I don’t know. I mean, I can see why the smaller companies feel like it’s unfair, but if you look at the results of the awards, I think the awards were rightfully given.

    I think what MKMF should do is just give everyone a fair opportunity by nominating none-big company artists, too. However, in my opinion, the big name artists are under the big companies anyway, so we know who’d win.

    And yeah, I think the awards were pretty obvious, too, but it’s obvious because they are justified, y’know?

  24. I’m just happy that WG won can I say it’s rigged or unfair I don’t know do I have proof no. Do I care not really because we can’t change Mnet. Live with the results, even if my favorite artist did not win I’d still be happy that they make music that people listen too because that is there dream as an artist.

    I’m not gonna say who deserves what etc. because we are just fans we all have our biases and different opinions, I’m not gonna down play one artist over that they all work hard but people just need to accept the results since it won’t change.


    The big entertainment companies do not have the most talented artists, although I’m not saying they don’t have any talented artists at all.
    Also about the small entertainmet companies, they are small, they can’t afford all the things the big ones can, they can only hope that whatever little promotion the give for their artists will generate buzz and make them popular.

    oops that was long ^^

    I somewhat agree with the whole giant party thing.

  26. well the MKMF has always been like that
    remember last year?
    super junior’s award was given to big bang at the last minute

  27. I agree with this article, seriously why was Joo there anyways? She wasn’t even that popular but shes under JYP. (Yes, I know I just answered my own question.) I think she’s a good example of this whole anti-small company thing. There are other artist that is way more popular and had better album sales than Joo but they didn’t show up because their under smaller companies. (And the stupid camera person zoomed on her so many times during performances that it got annoying because we didn’t get to see the performers on stage.)

    Seems like this year (and for many years to come) all these award shows will be taken over by idol groups. There was more newer groups than veterans, nominations + being presented at the show.

    @kirra12: I think the oldest (or veteran) is Jewelry. (Could be Epik High, not sure who debuted first)

    But if you count the 10th anniversary award then it would be Shin Seung Hoon. But it’s only a one time award so yeah.

  28. well they won with nobody because that was there latest song but i guess it could also kind of mean so hot too

  29. I agree…Shin Hye Sung points out a very important detail that the artists who are lined up to perform USUALLY gets an award. Therefore, the judging really is not fair. But I guess I don’t mind MKMF “celebratory party”-esque award show; having one won’t hurt. MKMF was definitely fairer and more legitimate but in reality, you’re right. The award show can’t save itself from the loss of credibility so it has turned to the next best thing – a party. At least then, MKMF won’t be boycotted by artists. (Rain and Lee Hyori boycotted in 2005 and Shinhwa in 2007 and 2008). I think everyone knows by now that MKMF is just a faux award show that distributes awards to the respective ent. companies. But there are so many more prestigious award shows to come in the coming months and I’m sure all the “true artists” and idol groups alike are vying for the “real awards.”

  30. NOT!!…i was wondering why non of the Shinhwa members attended the MKMF and why they didn’t get any nominations….their 9th album sold like crazy….i know that for a fact coz i was one of those crazies who had to beat other crazies for a copy of their album….it’s so unfair….

  31. i guess among those who were nominated, the awards were justified.

    but among who was nominated, it was definitely “rigged,” in a manner of speaking. all music awards are like that, even ones in the US. i mean, some of the crappiest songs get the most recognition here. what ever. that’s the way it is. as long as the album sells, who cares? it’s all subjective, these award shows, anyway.

    and if the award show is televisied, of course the producer would want the most audience-pulling groups to attend (for higher ratings). so switching a nameless talented musician for a popular talent-less singer, in terms of nomination, at the award show isn’t surprising, especially if the projected winners of many of the categories were decided beforehand.

  32. MKMF 2008 was a fair “reflection” of music in South Korea at the moment. The winners deserved their awards. It hard to think that the artist that work for the big companies will be blamed or included in this situation. Kind of scary. In this day and age, if you are not winning and award you are thrown under the bus. Companies value TV Awards more than making real music. I don’t want the group I love to stop making music because of their stupid company.

  33. i think that it was done fairly. if you think about it, the smaller companies are overshadowed. im not saying that they have no talent, but some of them aren’t promoted very well. like DSP. they have talents like kara who are doing well in the industry but they aren’t promoted well. everyone who basically works hard deserves the award, it’s the matter of fact of promotion and how well it’s presented to the audience.

  34. i do feel that MC Mong album are very good.He should get the dae sang for best album of the year but DBSK just release their album a few months only, how come they are entitled to get an award for best album. Supposely they should be nominated for next year award show. Totally biased considering they have the most fans in korea??? I dun really believe in wining award really showcasing your talent.

  35. i think the awards were given out pretty fairly this year, which is one reason why i like this year’s mkmf so much more than last year. ok well i guess mnet should have nominated, showed some sort of recognition to the artists from the smaller companies, but also, some of those companies should really work on promotion, esepcially dsp.

    i thought wg should have won the song of the year for so hot instead of nobody, i mean nobody isn’t even done promotion yet, and it was released recently wheras so hot was like a syndrome like tell me. i guess mnet likes nobody better…

    i’m pretty satisfied with the major awards that were given out but i can’t help but feel that epik high should have won something major. they were pretty active this year releasing one, umbrella…1 minute 1 second and all their songs are so good…

  36. If only MKMF was only to clearly show the criteria for getting the awards… According to the website the put up for polling, (taking example of minwoo and hyesung last year 2007) they won 1st for their respective categories. But MKMF stripped off their awards without even explaining why. On the actual ceremony itself, the awards were given to others.

    So minwoo and hyesung did not attend the ceremony last year, neither did any of the shinhwa members attend this year.

    P.S: They even played the wrong song when Shinhwa won the overseas viewers award. (like it wasn’t the song that won shinhwa’s award but OIAL)

    It’s surprising how,

    Andy’s 1st jib
    Junjin’s 1st jib
    Dongwan’s 2nd jib
    Minwoo’s 4th jib
    Hyesung’s 3rd jib
    SHINHWA’s 9th jib

    6 albums from Shinhwa was released yet NONE of the albums/songs got nominated for ANY award. Not even the long list of songs they give to poll for the song of the year.

    Smaller companies like DSP etc, produces great artistes every year yet none of them gets nominated. What about SS501?

    The whole MKMF is just the battle of the major companies and artistes who have crazy fans..

    It’s sad to see awesome artistes like SG wannabe not getting an award at all..

    To me MKMF has become the battle of who’s popular amongst the young generation or just a mere representation of idol kpop.

    I’ve always preferred to watch shows like golden disk, cause i think they are not afraid of crazy fans.. haha

  37. I like this year’s MKMF, but I do feel the need for some changes though. I mean, afterall, I think the big awards are pretty fairly awarded. But Wonder Girls’ Song of the Year should’ve been So Hot cuz it just was…Nobody was recent, but seriously, if you asked the fans, everybody knows Wonder Girls through So Hot (just like Tell Me last year)…And another, the R&B award should’ve gone to Taeyang! It was getting on my last nerves when I heard Brown Eyes won (I don’t hate him, but is it fair?)…Seriously, the fans were screaming their tounges out during the nomination video was playing & he won 3 Mutizens for the song Look Only At Me…I have a feeling that MKMF thinks that they already awarded BigBang with 2 big ones, they should let other artists with something too, which is unfair & wrong in many ways…If they truly deserves it, they get it!!!

    Anyways, last year’s MKMF was crappy except for BigBang’s win cuz it was definitely the year of BigBang! 2008 is the year of Wonder Girls! However, I think that Mnet need to clarify their ways for calculating the awards cuz it’ll probably turned ugly one day when all the artists become pissed at them…

    I feel bad for Shinhwa who released many albums during the year, but receive 0 nominations! Didn’t their 10th album sold out or something? It’s ridiculous how it’s so unfair & so obvious….

  38. well i thought the award was fair enough..
    But instead of saying “BEST ALBUM” they should have titled it as “Best SELLIng alBum” thats what i thought..coz am not into DBSKs music..for [ME] they belong to dance catogory 😛 [
    anyways, i also think that epik highs album was much more better and good musics.. AND where did SS501 and Ft island go?? omgosh >< Hongki, i miss you [off topic] lol

  39. well, it’s not that bad… it might be one giant party for those major ent comp. but i think the award was given fairly. i mean, dbsk, big bang and altho i dun reli like WG, but they are all deserve the daesangs. and also the other artists who receives other awards, like hyori, sg wannabe n etc.
    and all thru the year, those artists have been the most popular artist to top the songs chart and album charts and also music shows. so, it’s really is fair for them to receives the awards for their hardwork. well, maybe not really for dbsk, since they only came back at half end of the year. but still, their album is one of the best, right?(I noe i’m a little bias, since i’m a cass. but if they’re not good, nobody will support them. and they are good and not to mention, really really HARDWORKING^^)
    but i do feels a little bitter, i agree with some of you, where’s ss501, ft island, and even shinhwa? i mean, they’re also active all thru the year, esp ft island… it’s a little odd… well, music awards like this does have it flaws… not all people honest in entertainment industry anyway. the more famous you are, the higher the chance of getting the award, even if you’re not active enough that year…

  40. brown eyes winning the R&B award – totally deserving of the award….that was probably one of the few awards that recognized talent over popularity that night

    as for shinhwa – the organizers are probably still upset about minwoo and hyesung pointing out something blaringly obvious last year… i would have been surprised to even see them nominated. knowing that the awards work this way, they probably wouldn’t want to be anyway.

  41. i agree with what hyesung management said last year…

    it’s a happy ending this year…
    no big surprises =)
    and mkmf is not an award ceremony im looking forward
    results of awards here doesnt affect me
    also it made me cried to see changmin cry… haha…

    i just know, i’ll still support the artists i like even if they dont win anything…
    we have eyes to see who should win and not

  42. @jane – haha youre totally right. EVERY artist works hard, who’s to say one deserves more than the other based on just hard work?

    and I WAS wondering why none of the Shinhwa members turned up. Quite an insult don’t you think, to Korea’s longest running group…Them lovely boys will get the real awards they deserve soon! Oh well, no point getting upset. MKMF sure knows how to throw one heck of a party though! Let’s not get carried away with who got what award. =)

  43. Igree it was a party for those big companies nothing interesting not a professional award show Ionly watched rain perfomance that interest me the most other than that nothing important big companies pay money for this award it part of marketing this what Istudy so nothing new

  44. Im not going to talk that i hate the fact that wondergirls.bigbang and dbsk won because they deserve it

    Maybe as they say it they should just make a award ceremony of this 4 major companies then again it takes the small companies to work extra harder. Just hopefully in the future SS501 and other groups will get to win something in MKMF in the future and get better recognition OR wining something or getting to participate in the upcoming award shows..

  45. i reckon MKMF is alright ~ after all the award winners do hav the rights to hav their awards ~ n overall it’s pretty successful ~

  46. “But how fair is the judging if the list of winners and confirmed performers were made known right from the beginning?”

    I so so much agree with it!!~ Honestly speaking, 6 albums from Shinhwa and none was qualified for the nomination?? Alright, you may say i am speaking out only from the POV of a SHINHWA’s fan but i believe all of us could see how many talents and the populars are left out! where’s SG Wannabe? SS501? FT Island? MC Mong? … …. … etc.

    I just cannot agree with DBSK winning the BEST ALBUM of the year!! There are so so much great albums out there that deserve the recognition… I will say Best SELLING ALBUM for the year for DBSK but definately not BEST ALBUM of the YEAR!!~

  47. SHINHWA fan say this and that about their 6 albums…

    But did any album had a number 1 songs????
    Junjin album flop, andy flop, shin hye sung changed his style–> BIG FLOP, Minwoo’s —> GIGANTIC FLOP, and who else? Ah, i remember, the EXTRA FLOp album of Mr. Dong Wan.

    Should we give them the FLOP award? lol

    And you want Kara to be nominated? For the underrated and lack charm/airtime/activities/promotion award?

  48. @ Miss Unknown:
    the fan scream so MNet has to give thr r/b award to BB?
    Brown Eyes deserved that award every single bit!
    Don’t compare TeaYang to BE. He’s nothing. BE are legends~!

  49. While I agree that it’s no surprise who got the awards for MKMF, it’s hard to think that Shinhwa would take home zero awards considering their amazing album this year. O.o It’s sad and rather disappointing. Outside of their huge fanbases, it really makes me wonder how “fair” this is. I just feel bad for the people of other companies.

  50. To Asura,

    For your information, Shinhwa’s most recent album is their 9th. They have 6 members, yes, but not all of them release solo albums.

    Flop Award? I’m not sure. I think it should be given to ignorant fans who do not bother checking facts.

  51. Pardon me. I hit Submit by accident.

    Oh, sorry to not have read the former comment referring to the ‘6 albums from Shinhwa’.

    I’m very curious, though, how you label one as a flop, because the last I read (as of August 2008), Shinhwa’s 9th album sales exceeded 90,000 copies. Junjin’s solo album, as of May 2008, sold 20,000 copies, and was one of the Best Sellers at HotTracks joining the likes of Epik High and Kim Dong Ryul.

    I’d like to dig out more, but I guess my point is delivered.

    Looking forward to the Golden Disk Awards. =)

  52. omg alvin! hahaha. your comment abt making it sound like EPL totally cracked me up! hahaha! thanks for the review!!! love your english, man! 😀

  53. yeah i feel mkmf was not really fair this year, although i really looove to see wonder girls winning many awards.
    to be very very honest i don’t think hyori deserves the best female singer. i prefer Younha.
    and Jewelry’s One More Time is a really really really big hit (it holds records for winning #1 for 6 or seven consecutive weeks in music bank/whatever) but it only won one award?

    the biggest joke would be no KARA (is Rock U that bad?), SS501, and Shinhwa yet SNSD (with their so last year song and have been on hiatus for almost a year) was still nominated in most award. (no offense to SNSD fans).

  54. just a short comment, but i think that people seem to overlook the fact that the artistes who won daesangs did work hard for it, if anything. people are just sore and choose to target their management companies

  55. I believe the winners deserved most of the awards they received… but honestly… I think that it is true that they have left out successful bands from smaller companies 😛

  56. My my my, i just got done reading alllllll the comments. everbody was just so funny i enjoy reading them

    I am a SHINWHA and SS501 Fan…too and i am sorry they did not get nominated and i did not get to see their fineeeelious self appear on the red carpet. But I absolutely enjoy the awards, A party u call it definitely… i enjoy everything the performances and all the eye candy DBSK , Bi Rain and SHINee, had to offer. i was very excited to see DBSK and SHINee win. i am not a fan of most of the artiest there, first time i ever heard some of their names announce, far lest 4 those that won and there songs. this is my first MKMF so i can’t talk about the past.

    I say if there are not the best people to win please tell me cause if there are better than these I’m missing out lol *sarcastic*

    I am sorry 4 all the hater-aid that’s been passing around by the small companies and their fans but there’s always time to make a big impression next year, i’ll be waitin’ FIGHTING!!!!
    PS. B4real DBSK and BI rock the house *smile*

  57. a totally lame award.. no minwoo, no hyesung, no kara/son dambi, ft island n no SS501 omo… what a funny show… i only watch it for hyori n big bang.. that’s all.. a great joke successfuly did by mnet once again… T_T

    thats bias statement. Artiste dont start off with wanting fame, they wanna start of by being able to capture audiences heart first as acknowledgement thus from there, fans grew & they became popular. THey dont work hard to be popular. its 2 diff things. I believe all artistes works just as hard to be successful. ss501 work hard too but they arent even nominated in any awards! much less win. You must know, even if they work hard, there’s always politics going around there that seem to favour the major companies.

    haha true! ss501 was active but isnt even nominated in any awards. Even if they dont win, being nominated is good enough. In US award shows, even if u r nominated, it already shows that you are good enough to be there.

    As much as i think the awards are fairly given out, on the hindsight, i am also disappointed that many band/solo singers are not included esp ss501 i think they did well! i seriously think its not fair on that part.

    And oh where’s Lee seung gi? Lyn? Younha? i think there are huge number of singers being left out.

    no performance, not even nominate in any award much less win. HYORI WIN? if you ask me, she cant even sing! her voice always crack or should i say when she sing, she got no pitching whatsoever..always out of tune..given her experience, she should get better by year. But i guess she just wasnt born to sing thats why she use her sex appeal to sell it to people. big bang collaboration with her shows it all. u cant defend her and say she can sing just cos u like her! or u cant give her award just cos she’s popular or vote her to win just cos she’s sexy! thats why the award show always corrupted because of fans like these.

    Now you see, one by one singers like KJK, Shinhwa, and other well-established singers has start to boycott MKMF. In time to come, MKMF will be another-boring-show-with-the-same-old-artistes-from-the-same-old-company-who-win, it will lose its flavour. By then, the now popular bands will be missing for military, the new artistes now either rise popularity or collapse, the already popular female artiste like hyori, maybe lose flavour cos she’s getting older, thats when they need ppl like KJK & shinhwa & other established singers to bring more life to the show.

    i think if this is an award show of the year. then they should nominate everyone and invite them for the red carpet. i think everyone deserve to AT LEST GET A NOMINATION. to cut them off totally is not fair at all.

  59. I like the artists from the three great and I know they are hardworking,but I agree that the artists from the smaller companies don’t receive good treatment in these awards or any place they perform in. I wish all them could receive a fair treatment.

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