T.O.P. and Lee Hyori Kiss at 2008 MKMF Continues to Dominate Headlines

The news, pictures and comments just keep coming. 2 days after the conclusion of the 2008 Mnet Korean Music Festival (MKMF), amidst all the special performances and awards, the highlight of Big Bang member T.O.P. locking lips with sexy diva Lee Hyori continued to dominate headlines in Korea.

T.O.P. Kisses Lee Hyori

At the 2008 MKMF which was broadcast live in Korea, Japan and China on Saturday, millions saw T.O.P. kissing Lee Hyori on the lips while performing a special stage of Lie. Viewers who watched the somewhat unexpected scene playing out before their eyes commented on the internet, “Did they really kiss?”, “Was this planned beforehand?”, showing how surprised they were.

Hyori was standing the middle of the stage as T.O.P. circled around her before going to her. He then seem to be attempting a kiss on her forehead.


A sigh of relief for VIPs as he turned his head, smiling at the crowd.


Gasps and shouts as T.O.P. suddenly kisses Hyori on the lips.


YG Entertainment explained the kiss, “The kissing scene that you see in the special stage was arranged upon the request of the MKMF organizers, Mnet. It was just an effect for the stage. It was prepared beforehand with ample notification for both parties who exchanged ideas on how to accomplish this. Please don’t think otherwise and treat this as a nice surprise.” T.O.P. and Hyori kiss scene has thus been the most searched term this few days.

53 thoughts on “T.O.P. and Lee Hyori Kiss at 2008 MKMF Continues to Dominate Headlines

  1. omg i just LOVED this!!!!
    i could careless if it was suppose to be like a remake of britney/madona kiss!
    it was really the cutest thing
    almost everyone knows about TOP’s crush on hyori ever since he first debuted and this totally deserves all the attention it can get so yeah, it IS a big deal to VIP and hyori’s fan
    some are saying that hyori’s too old and stuff
    but she’s the hottest female artist in MKMF!!
    and if it was just TOP kissing some other artist then it wouldn’t have been such a big deal over it all
    i still think that they don’t have anything to do with each other in like a romantic way or anything
    but it’s more like a little crush on your sunbae
    btw, the big bang perf was AWSOME!!!

  2. michizan is right! at least it is not like VMA. VMA was french kiss type and with 2 girls. MKMF was just a second long and it was like a smack.

    Lucky Hyori unni!!!!

  3. it’s shokcing but cute…especially top’s knowing smile before he leans in for the lips.

    i heard he was dating shin mina so i doubt anything romantic is going on between the two. hyori and top would make a hot couple, though.

  4. =D i DID treat this as a nice surprise. i even gasped out loud when i was watching this liveeee from california. dood this was the hottest moment of the year. two of the luckiest people right now.
    and congrats to T.O.P for being able to kiss his crush hyori whom on his cyworld he captioned her picture saying “i will become a rapper for you”. his smile And her smile after the kiss made me smile. u could see his energy immediately go up. wooww i really don’t know what can T.O.P this. ;D

  5. oh and i forgot to add this was for me the performance of the year so far. great energy from hyori and big bang. hope to see more great collaborations like this for upcoming awards

  6. to me, it was really uncalled for. like “was it really necessary to do that?” the stage was already awesome considering the fact of taeyang’s smexy dance with hyori and the stage was really good. but the kiss kinda killed the mood for me.

    although, i thought it was pretty cute cuz hyori got her wish and if you watch the performance closer, top was smiling the whole time. at first he kinda gives that hesitation look but he was smiling then give her a peck like it was once in a life time. lol xD

  7. It was definitely a BIG surprise to us fans! But in some ways it was kinda expected to me…Since BigBang is really huge right now, in no way YG Entertainment will let anything in this performance to effect their status, right? And the way the song play & TOp ways of approaching Hyori, I kinda expected a kiss too! >>reminds me of the movies!! LOL! But yeah, TOp sure nows how to make the fans go crazy with his pretending to kiss Hyori unnie on her forehead, but instead it’s a real kiss!

  8. i didnt think it was necessary especially with how long of a break was inbetween each song just for that peck. it didnt have any effect on me other than “its such a cry for attention” they wanted it be the headlines days after the award show, so instead of having a great performance they choose this method to gather attention. mnet asked for it?! hyori has been known to like younger guys. ehh whatever makes them happy. i wanted toobin to be together but that bites the dust after this.

  9. whatever. like someone said, it was a peck..it was really short and quick…not like the guy french kissed her on stage or anything. what’s the big deal?

  10. I agree, a little peck! That was nothing. I don’t think YG would let his boy do this if it was a big deal.
    (Over the internet and blogs) Hyori-fans and other fans seem more upset than the VIPs! Which is so surprising to me, weird too. I’m not saying that no VIP is upset, I’m just saying majority (there are some in Team TOP that are upset, but hey cheer up, he looked hotttt!).

    This was the performance of the year. The best yet. The best collaboration yet. BB + Hyori = <3.

  11. I thought it worked well with the scandalous theme. So in a sense, the special stage did live up to its theme by making headlines and all.

  12. amazing at what makes news…. sheesh ahh i wish i could say who f***ing cares but then again.. all those stupid fan(atic)boys and girls do. kpop … sigh… sometimes it makes me soo proud to be korean other times… blech w/e theres my two cents this shouldn’t be news

  13. the picture is definately misleading. When I saw the video, the kiss happened so fast! Just a quick one…..but it still made me shriek! Hahaha Hyori is soooo lucky! Or is it TOP that’s lucky? Whatever, I’m still jealous. Lol. Great performance from both of them, but I liked Daesung’s Look at me Hyori the best!

  14. Honestly I think both of them enjoyed it….especially TOP – he was having a hell of a time teasing the fans….haha.

    But it’s all just an act and the Korean media going overboard again just to raise the search engine buzz rankings….so pathetic. Anyway, it was an awesome performance.

  15. You call this a ‘NICE’ surprise? Mnet… this is NOT NICE! πŸ˜› But of course it accomplished what it needed to… kept the buzz going… πŸ˜›

  16. it wasn’t really kiss like french kissing.. hahaha
    i watched the video.. like more of a peck on the lips..
    but still.. it was HOT..
    i think the real life F4 (hyunjoong, jaejoong, micky, TOP) will be having alot of discussion abt this too!!

  17. TOP.kissed.Hyori.

    The 2 second peck looks like a deep kiss on pictures but on screen runtime its nothing more than a fleeting blinking moment. Rehearse or spontaneous, needed by Mnet for dramatic effect or agreed between TOP and Hyori… who have crush/affection for each other… Seriously they pwned it…they own the night. And me screaming at my computer at 3 am in the morning… is quite fun, the adrelin rush…

    I guess it was how TOP and Hyori tease us before the kiss that is feeding the after-effect now which is why it is still being discussed after 2 days… Its crazy to pull that stunt in Korea/Asia but its not like VMA or MTV Movie Award… I watch MTV Movie Awards for Best Kiss mostly haha…

    I am so envious of Hyori… U go girl…
    And TOP… hmmm you break my heart… but I still love you coz you are HOT!

  18. I was so surprised. I’m happy for TOP he got to kiss his crush. There is probably nothing going on between them. He probably got the idea from his BFF Hyun Joong, who told him about the greatness of kissing a noona, has anyone else noticed how Hyun Joong changes after one little kiss from Hwang Buin.

  19. Actually it’s more like TOP was the luckiest guy of the night! Hyori was gorgeous as always and their performance rocked!

  20. Didn’t Hyori Kiss Minwoo in the 2003 MKMF too? I’m not sure if they really kiss back then but dang whats up with her getting to kiss all the HOT guys? lol. Not that I mind, I mean it’s just for a show/performance.

  21. I don’t think Minwoo and Hyori kiss in MKMF 2003? I could only see them turn around and hug and it looked like a pretense to me. I wonder what would happen if Minwoo and Hyori had collaborated together again since their MKMF 2003 performance.

  22. “….was arranged upon the request of the MKMF organizers”

    publicity stunt. cool.

    but it would be awesome-r if girl kisses girl…seriously.

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  24. It was just a peck, but I totally freaked cause this is korea! Hyori and TOP were so freakin’ HOT! I’ve been waiting to see them perform together and they did not dissapoint!

  25. ohhh. you have no idea how many times i replay this moment when i watched it.. lol millions ^___^
    it’s just sooooo cute…
    i feel so happy seeing them.
    i loved the big bang and hyori collaboration, wish they could have more of it. >.<

  26. it’s good for them too, there’s no forcing problem to kiss each other. i mean they’re just okay with it right?

    so if it’s good for them than it’s better for me πŸ™‚

  27. omg what a Lucky guy to be able to kiss the most hottest Korean woman even in her 30s she still look so hot and pretty^^

  28. I was kind of thinking the people already knew they were to kiss *haha I’m such a baka* since there were gaspings & shoutings before TOP even actually attempted the kiss!

    Hihihi I’m jealous~
    Seriously, if it was another girl, I couldv’e killed her by now. (Even Park Sandara’s kiss with TOP made me fume)

    Big Bang’s performance with Hyo-ri was awesome! You won’t get dissapointed!

  29. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………….my heart is broken!!!!!!!!thank god I didn’t see how TOP kiss hyori..

  30. why…..
    shes like what 12 or 13 years older than him
    maybe 11..
    but still!!
    its a TWO-DIGIT number!!
    :`( cries*
    T.O.P oppa …..
    u shattered ma heart

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