Kim Dong Wan Enlisted Today

Kim Dong Wan was enlisted at the Chungcheongnam-do training camp this afternoon. He is the second Shinhwa member to be enlisted after Eric.

Kim Dong Wan Enlisted

Just like Eric, Kim Dong Wan will also serve his miltary duty as a civil servant. He will be receiving 4 weeks of basic military training before being transferred to the Seodaemun-gu Government Office where he will serve as a public service officer. Kim Dong Wan released a mini-album Promise for his fans before his enlistment and promised to reunite with them 2 years later.

33 thoughts on “Kim Dong Wan Enlisted Today

  1. noo!!!!!!!!! 😦
    im definitely going to the shinhwa reunion concert 2-3 years from now.
    he looks pretty good with that haircut

  2. good bye dongwan!! stay healthy and cheerful always!! The 2 years wait is nothing as long as all of Shinhwa’s members are there at the end! Dingwan, Fighting!! Will wait for you!

  3. AAWW NNNOOOO!!! this is so sad…another one of your Shinhwa boys is gone….2 years seems like a very long time!! I’m gonna miss you much oppa!! Stay healthy!! We’ll be waiting for your return!!!

  4. T_______________T They just keep on going!
    We’ll miss you DongWan!!! <3333333333
    Be safe and come back healthy!!! <333333

  5. ahh dongwan you will be missed!
    have a good time in the army!!! and good luck!!!

    T______T there goes shinhwa’s comedic relief

  6. @anonymissy: basic training is always four weeks long. dongwan isn’t getting an exception because he’s a celebrity if that’s what you’re thinking.

    how long will we have to wait until shinhwa will reunite? it doesn’t seem as if maknae andy is gonna join them anytime soon. so like, four years, maybe?

  7. @… Shinhwa announced they would have a reunion in 2013 at their 10th anniversary concert. Andy’s enlisting in 2010.

  8. Oppa, we wil always be right here, waiting for you & waiting for Shinhwa’s reunion in 4 yrs time =D

    Hwaiting oppa!!~

  9. I love how even though hes going off to the military, trying to look tough, and his hair is shaved off but he still has a cutesy “dongwan” smile in that pictue haha.

  10. =/
    I’l have to wait for two whole years to see Shinhwa together again.
    Even though it’s a duty to their country I get a bit moody.

  11. man, i envy celebrities, they enlisted and guess where they are going… “Seodaemun-gu Government Office”
    How hard could that be?….
    You Peeps are making this dramatic.

  12. aw can’t …. bre…ath…..Want to ……scr….eam….Want….to…..cry…..Why are they all going to the army?! And he looks so good even Eric. I wonder what minwoo would look with this hair (very curious)!

  13. Dongwannie oppa!!!! I’m so sad now… but at least he looks healthy and happy. That makes me relieved. He is in much better shape than Eric was, who just looked tired, exhausted, and very much looking like an ahjusshi. Dongwan just glows with youthful energy. I am very excited for his return!

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