Wonder Girls, Big Bang, DBSK Share The Big Awards at 2008 MKMF

The 2008 Mnet Korean Music Festival (MKMF) took place last night at Seoul’s Jamsil stadium with it being hailed as the biggest-ever in it’s 10 year history. From the red carpet to the awards ceremony, the entire festival lasted 6 hours. Not only that, it was broadcast live in Korea, China and Japan at the same time which meant that much more watched the event for the first time in history. But the most important thing was who will walk away with the big awards.

MKMF 2008

In the end, the big awards was split between the 3 most popular groups in Korea right now, Big Bang, Wonder Girls and DBSK. This meant that the MKMF 2008 became an awards ceremony dominated by idol groups. Among the 3 big awards, Big Bang won the Artist of the Year, Wonder Girls won the Song of the Year (Nobody) while DBSK won the Album of the Year (Mirotic).

Big Bang, Wonder Girls and DBSK were all overcome with emotion as they spoke after receiving their awards. After receiving Song of the Year Award for Nobody, they expressed, “We really don’t know how to express our thanks for giving us this big award. We will release even better music to thank our fans.”


Big Bang’s T.O.P. expressed, “Compared to flowers which will wilt at unexpected times, I would prefer to be wild grass that can live a long life.” G-Dragon said, “It’s a really meaningful thing to receive the Artiste of the Year award as a singer. We will work even harder in future to become even better singers.” DBSK who won Best Album of the Year said, “We felt the pressure to restart our promotions again in Korea (after a long while). So we would like to thank our fans and company staff for believing and supporting us all this while.”


It was not just the big awards as Big Bang, Wonder Girls and DBSK also swept up other awards which they were nominated in. This also further established their high popularity status in Korea at the moment. Besides Song of the Year, the Wonder Girls also won Best Female Group and Best Music Video. DBSK picked up Netizen Popularity Award, Style Award and Overseas Viewers Award while Big Bang won the Best Male Group Award and Digital Music Award.

Winners were determined by online voting, panel of judges, album sales, digital downloads as the criteria. Over 30 awards were given away last night.

MKMF 2008: List of Winners

Artist of the Year – Big Bang (Haru Haru)
Song of the Year – Wonder Girls (Nobody)
Album of the Year – DBSK (Mirotic)

10th Anniversary Special Award – Shin Seung Hoon

Best Male Singer – Seotaiji (Moai)
Best Female Singer – Lee Hyori (U-Go-Girl)

Best Male Group – Big Bang (Haru Haru)
Best Female Group – Wonder Girls (Nobody)

Best Newcomer Male – Shinee (Nuna, You’re So Pretty)
Best Newcomer Female – Davichi (Love you Even Though I Hate You)

Best Rock – Nell
Best Hip-Hop – Epik High (One)
Best Ballad/R&B – Brown Eyes (Don’t Go, Don’t Go)
Best Dance Music – Lee Hyori (U-Go-Girl)
Best House & Electronic – Jewelry (One More Time)
Best MV – Wonder Girls (Nobody)
Best MV Director – Jang Jae Hyuk for Wonder Girls (Nobody)
Best OST – Kim Jong Wook & SG Wannabe (Fate Reverse, OST East of Eden)
Digital Music (Most Downloaded) – Big Bang

Auction Fashion – DBSK
Mobile Popularity – DBSK
Auction Netizen Popularity – DBSK
Overseas Viewers Award – DBSK

Asia Best New Star – Khalil Fong

There were the usual special stages but I am too tired to write about them, so watch it yourself. But the biggest surprise and the headline grabber would be this which happened during Big Bang and Lee Hyori joint stage.

T.O.P. Kisses Lee Hyori

Never saw it coming. Hyori’s dream just came true on stage.

107 thoughts on “Wonder Girls, Big Bang, DBSK Share The Big Awards at 2008 MKMF

  1. so no soshi….
    even as a fan i really didnt expect or want them to win
    i mean seriously
    they did nothing
    congrats to wg
    their perfromance was so hot!!!
    congrats so much
    i tot they should have won everything
    and their perfromance really really killed me
    especially top with his smirk before he kissed hyori unni
    and congrats to tvxq
    alto i really dont think they deserved it at all…..
    and we cant forget about shinee

  2. Congrats to dbsk..

    and congrats to big bang alto I really think they dont deserve it at all. =)

    And don’t even talk about soshi. XD

  3. Congrats to everyone!!! Wonder Girls really did work hard throughout all the months. I hope next year they’ll get even more awards!!

  4. Congratulations to Big Bang for winning the Artist of the Year this year!… Hyori unni is really beautiful,.. The kiss was O_O

  5. Khalil Fong??? Isn’t he a HK artist??? O_O

    and OMG, i am internally spazzing about TOP and hyori’s kiss…*rushes off to youtube*

  6. if anyone ‘s dream came true it was TOP kissing Hyori.
    Wonder Girls mosdef deserved their award.
    hmm…Rain wasn’t there?

  7. BIG BANG worked hard the entire year. I think they were the best choice for ARTIST OF THE YEAR!

    So much spazzing going on during MKMF.. ahh …love the Kiss hehehe

  8. Hyori && BB!!!!!
    Truly loved this special stage, they were just AMAZING!!! And of course CONGRATS to them for all their awards…

  9. everything was amazing.. well first i didn’t like the kiss but having it in the performance was smart.. I love it nowww.

    and TOp is still mine.. so back off hyori lmao

  10. WG deserved those awards, and I’m so proud of them! They worked so hard throughout this entire year. Why are you guys so upset about them winning? They deserved it and you all should reconsider what you’ve said about their hard work. Besides, how can you not like their Nobody performance? It was super hot!
    Congratulations to everyone else who won!

    i feel sad they didn’t win more awards though
    idk, artist of the year sounds better than album of the year
    i think they should’ve won that

    Well, I’m completely biased though
    I think DBSK has mad skills
    Love them to death

    I can’t wait to see the video

  12. artist of the year is bigger than song of the year(i think)so, let’s just be contented and be happy for the people who got this great blessings.

  13. TOP kissing hyori was so shocking. you could also hear the smack.. huhuhu
    i liked when GD sang naman barabwa part 2

  14. Congrats to all the winners…they deserved their awards, what with all the hard work they did this year.

    …and good job to the camera man…that kiss was too fast for the naked eye to see…all the while I thought TOP was aiming for Hyori’s forehead…the shot was stunning.

  15. BIG BANG ftw! they should have owned everyone!!!
    but wonder girls seriously deserved it as well 🙂
    cant say much for dbsk hmmm kk wtv

  16. lol coolsmurf i think u mean BOTH of their dreams came true on stage.

    this year was another year for WonderBang. congratulations =]

  17. OH yeah and i forgot to add congrats to khalil fong. i was surprised when i saw him sing. that is one of my favorite songs.

  18. …that’s one lucky girl if I may say so and the camera man deserved an award too, for catching that kiss…anyway the winners all deserved their awards…Congatulations!

  19. Because of that pic, I needed to watch the perf. Haha. And I did. It was a great perf.

    Congrats to all the winners!

  20. Yeah, …Awards for the camera man hehehe
    Congrats to BigBang boys…They truly deserved it!

    they with Hyori unni rocked the stage last night!!!


    Changmin, people have always accepted and supported your album. There wasn’t anything to worry about. I’m glad those were tears of relief and not sadness contrary to many whom believed you were crying because you guys didn’t win more awards. Thanks for clarifying it in the interview.

    DBSK, keep up the good work!

    Also, congrats to Big Bang and the Wonder Girls (your disco segment was cute)!

  22. i think everybody deserves the awards…not a fan of WG but nobody is a great song n they work very hard indeed.YAY for DBSK n BIGBANG!! hyori n bigbang special stage totally rocks O_o loving 2PM too..

  23. not a wg, bb or e biggest tvxq fan ard.
    but i must say they deserved it!

    its a fair award show this yr.
    jyp, yg and sm shared e big prizes this yr.
    so no point getting upset.


  24. wow… i think the results were good..
    each of them deserved whatever they won.
    but i’m soo soo proud of Wonder Girls ^^

    lol… i became their fan after watching your videos, coolsmurf..
    haha ^^


  25. oh and I wanted to ask, this was definately not just “the camera angle” was it?? aahhh gotta watch the video and freak out!!!

  26. hey coolsmurf, i am just wondering how i could get to download the entire mnet MFKF show?
    or do i just need to persevere and and snippits from other people?

  27. So happy that dbsk,wondergirls and bigbang won
    I dun care if others say that they deserve the award or perhaps bigbang album bla bla bla

    Cos look this way dbsk just return and wining the artist of the year is not very fair and its very good they picked out bigbang cos bigbang have been do many activities and WG being no.1 among the other female group that is a big achievement

    I love dbsk as much as i love WG and bigbang
    So contented!

  28. funkypickelz, i dont know who the fuck you are, but what right do you have to say DBSK dont deserve their awards?
    These guys have been training ever since they were teenagers…and have been active and hot in korea media till manhood.
    so if u havent went through 5 years of training and publish like a million of great songs and dances, then you should shut the fuck up.
    you have no idea what dbsk went through to be in this position.
    the sweat and blood they gave.
    How would you feel if i were to say bigbang didnt deserve those awards?
    do u know what hurting someone means?
    i know its all about opinions, but your really do suck.
    you dont deserve to be a fan.

    sorry for my bitching about.i just cant stand it when people descriminate the 5guys i love.
    i have no idea why some people is sad or super happy about dbsk getting the awards, i just know that i will support them no matter what happens.
    so Dong Bang Shin Ki, nan ja, fighting!

  29. RAINS performance was truly AMAZING, seriously felt like his own concert or something, he was really great on stage!!

    Congratulations to big bag for getting best male group and best artist of the year! really shocked about that.
    Also soo proud of wondergirls for winning song of the year.

  30. CONGRATS to all winners…but REALLY CONGRATS to DBSK !!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehhe…. they deserve that…. ouh…uri mangnae changmin was crying……huhuu.. T_T i almost crying while watching that pic….nway… CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DBSK is GREATEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  31. Wow congrats to BB, WG and DBSK! So happy for them all!

    But seriously, does Lee Hyori have to get so scandalous with her fellow artistes one way or another?? Even if this was a staged kiss…. She doesn’t exactly have a really good reputation when it comes to guys

  32. !!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to Big Bang!!!!!!!!!!
    i’m soo soo proud to be VIP

    BIGBANG, Te amo!!! Ustedes son lo maximo

    En cuanto a grupos femeninos, yo sinceramente prefiero a Seeya… los demas son solo ….

  33. wow shinee best newcomer! yeah
    wonder girls! i am speechless… *proud*
    dbsk… omo great performance… wrong number is a way bette as mirotic… yeah they are really sexy!

    how could top kiss her? i mean that must be freaky for both of them… the age difference is 10 years… poor boy! but lucky at the same time i mean it is hyori . you can see his reaction after the kiss, he is suppress a smile… maybe this kiss was to much, they wanted shock everybody and yeah they did it… anyways awsome performance
    BIG BANG ❤

  34. I’m not the person who posted the first time but I’ll say this:

    I don’t think DBSK deserved to win Album of the Year either.

    That should have gone to Epik High.

    Album of the Year felt like it was given to dbsk to console cass so they didn’t go batshit insane over the fact that they’re oppas didn’t win best male group.

    Mirotic was a shitty album in comparison with almost all the other nominees. The only reason it one was because of the amount of sales and the fact that it’s dbsk.

  35. ^ agree, XD , now the dbsk fans are hoping they’d win the GDA daesang bcuz of their album sales errr ok that’s a bit unfair in my opinion lol ok they have the biggest fans in korea of course they’d have the biggest album sales, but what about other artists that sells less but the quality of their album are better than theirs? O_O ok maybe in a matter of personal opinion of how good the songs are in the album but what about the impact of how well their songs are well received from various online music chart etc.? doesn’t that count also? err i don’t know why i’m ranting about this but it doesn’t make sense that you win the GDA daesang bcuz of the album sales especially a lot people download music now a days.

  36. ^this is just my opinion don’t hate me dbsk fans lol ..i just don’t get why the album sales count the most but what about the quality of the songs, etc…etc…if any of the artist & groups had the same amount of fans that dbsk has and no more people who download music..we would think differently. but any ways i’ll say my early congratulations to dbsk if they ever win the daesang ^__^ i don’t hate them lol just in case their fans attack me

  37. ^ i agree with that.
    they’ve been on MIA for most of the time in Korea and i too feel Epik High should’ve won the award. Everyone has witnessed all their hard work in the year. anyway. this is just my opinion. not bashing any idol group or anything.

  38. wow i didnt know be4 that GDA daesang based on album sales, that’s kind of not really efficient to evaluate 1 album hehe.

  39. feel happy for DBSK, Big Bang and Wonder Girls

    question….is TOP n Hyori kissing, scripted?

    or it is just spontaneous…omigosh…i wish i was the gal ^^

    hehehe anyway…will watch it in youtube the whole show

    hope somebody upload it up ^^

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  41. DBSK deserved all of the award given to them.

    DBSK’s performance was great. Not a fan of Bi’s but his performance was awesome as well. I love Khalil Fong’s voice.

  42. agreed with stranger…mkmf was legit to me this year. maybe im being biased because all the winners were my favs but it seemed like the most deserving teams won the awards. dbsk, bb, wg are the top three in korea right now (excluding rain and kjk) so they deserved the daesangs…

  43. Well, erm.. I’m a hardcore DBSK fan and I believe that they deserve the awards that they get. Earlier comments touched on the subject of album sales but then there would be a reason for their album sales to be high. in the end it depends on personal taste and if the majority feels their album is good, then its good right? Sorry if i sounded offensive. Just want to put a word for my fav boys. Ok, I don’t expect them to win due to their absence in Korea to enter the Japanese market but since they did, I think we should just be happy for them. I mean, I have no hard feelings for Big Bang and Wonder Girls winning. I mean, they deserve the awards as well. Each of them worked so hard, not just one particular group. DBSK worked hard, Wonder girls worked hard, Big Band worked hard. It’s their career. I mean, I could see the hectic schedule of dbsk since i’m stalking them and i’m sure the others are though I never paid attention to them and thus never seen the evidence. Still, i think everyone put effort into their work. So i think each fan should focus on the bright side of the award show and be happy for each artist. =] Congrats to all the winning artists! Sorry for ranting… DBSK hwaiting!

  44. Oh yeah, and thanks for the post. It’s detailed in an unbiased way, not leaning to any artist! Been trying to get my hands on this since my connection is too darn slow to watch the award live. Thanks again!

  45. For anybody who want to know why the hell album the year go to Mirotic due to the sales number then I ask you: How do you judge it to be fair anyway?? Do you really think Nobody is better than the rest of the song in Korea as in term of vocally and musicality?. Not for me for sure but it was for someone else. How do you know it: By the numbers.
    For people who go crazy about judgement, Mirotic is a solid album. It cover all the genre (rnb, electronic, dance, ballads) and they do some experiment sounds on this album. I never buy DBSK album except this and T, why? cause I love it (I DL it first, sorry). You may say they were selling because of the fans than I ask you again: who will buy the album if not a fans?? there’s an old fans and there’s a new fans. As long as you buy the album (no matter who) you’re a fans.

    Again, for the sake of keeping it objective I think the judgement are based on this (at least this is what it based in other awards):

    Song: most request and DL
    Artist: most productive
    Album: most sells

    So shut up for people who think Mirotic don’t deserve it. Epik High sure make a good album but it just doesn’t sell as much.

  46. Sorry for the rant but I can’t take the ‘because they have the biggest fans’ excuse anymore. People are blinded by jealousy sometimes, how do you think they win the heart of japanese public if they don’t have something to sell beside a pretty face (cause we know Jhonny’s has been taken that market).

    In addition, the MKMF performance for DBSK was great!!! I hope they give them more time. Not a fans of Rain but I think he’s doing OK (well a bit too long with too little line to sing). But he’s a good performance.

  47. DBSK leaving in 2007 let BIG BANG and Wonder Girls rise to fame…. anywai… YAY DBSK… YAY BIG BANG!!!! Hyori somewhat ruin BB songs in the performance but love her anyway………


    DBSK and BB, keep on FIGHTING!!

  48. Where can I download or buy the whole awards I missed it….and I don’t want to watch it on utube. If anybody has a high quality one on dvd please msg me I can swap it for rain’s first live concert in full.


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  50. auction,netizen,mobile,overseas,album xDDDDD I feel the power of cassiopea here xDDD lmao .. anyway congrats to all artists!!! ❤ everybody definitely deserves it

    DBSK hwaiting!

    Epik High my love !

    BigBang rocks!!! (lol the kiss was so adorable xD)

    Shinee congrats to you too!

  51. Yo dbsk crazy fan,dbsk dont deserve to win album of the year,all their song in their album is sucks!

  52. congratulation to all ❤

    one that i noticed, when i saw the newcomers perform (2 PM, U-Kiss, SHINee), they were so AWESOME! jjang ❤
    and it’s so hard to be SHINee (i thought so) because they were performing DBSK – Rising Sun in front of DBSK. owh such a great bravery ❤


  54. yeah me too..
    who cares as it’s not my GD oppa..huhu
    congratulation to those who was win and get award!
    WonderBang fighting!
    Keep going to be the best artist of the world!


  56. Oh, that lucky bitch…
    I swear I’ll punch her If I meet her in the street (not gonna happen).

  57. Big Bang deserves every award just for being them. G Dragon is my favorite person on the planet. But what does it mean when you say “____ Fighting” and why does everyone say that about their favorite boy bands? I know it’s good but that’s about it. Doesn’t make sense to me..
    TOP is also EXTREMELY hot, as well as Daesung, Tae Yang, and Seungri. I love them all <33…..

  58. i wanna LOL at your face.. it’s not their song sucks, while i think it’s your hearing got problem.. -.- and you’ve got bad taste, bad mouth with bad breath.. kindly go wash your mouth with soap..

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