We Got Married Ep 34 Picture Summary + English Softsubs

Alshin era ends officially. There’s no turning back.

We Got Married Episode 34

The conclusion of the blind date trilogy between Yoo Bin, Ye Eun (Wonder Girls) and Kyu Jong, Hyung Joon (SS501). Read up the news that I wrote at my other blog. Sad that they edit scenes from the blind date preview last week out.

Conclusion of the SS501 and Wonder Girls Blind Date

Marco bringing his pretty wife Son Dambi to the club, his kind of world.

Son Dambi and Marco in the Club

Hwanhee and Hwayobi honeymoon in the wilderness, living in tents.

Hwanhee and Hwayobi Honeymoon in the Wild

Romantic beginning, tearful departure, dramatic long reunion and then a half-cooked ending! I don’t know what they were thinking, giving them just 7 minutes of airtime for their final episode. Heck, this was even shorter than last week. However short it is, it was still sweet and We Got Married will never be the same again with their departure. The romantic husband and the celebrity wife. Wishing Alshin couple all the best and do keep in touch after this!

Alshin Final Episode

We Got Married E34 Downloads (thanks to awesome muish)
Download the softsub at megaupload or mediafire uploaded by muish & pekkles. Download episode 34 from Clubbox (1000mb).

It was an emotional ending and with that, the urge to watch the show has gone somewhat. But will still continue to keep tabs on it.

46 thoughts on “We Got Married Ep 34 Picture Summary + English Softsubs

  1. coolsmurf!! you definitely have to sumary this ep….whahaha I know muish will sub it on youtube and we could see what they say. But considering the alshin couple leaving, love between wondergirls and wonderboys you should do that. I want to see from your point of view:)

  2. WGM is back on track! I think some people were upset with Ansol leaving and after they left there was some less fun and interesting episodes. This episode 34 and the previous is better and more interesting. But with a return to the old format with among other things the mission envelopes I think the show is really worth watching!

  3. aw wont be seeing alshin couple anymore…joongbo will soon be leaving ….theres hope for hwanyobi couple …BUT, get rid of Marco/dambi couple..UGH! they are B-O-R-I-N-G!!! lol seriously.

  4. i think they purposely make alshin’s farewell short and quick, so we’ll miss them less. when ansol left, whole audience were crying together, it’s rather emotional. alshin’s farewell is pretty simple, come on, they deserved more exposure!

    and i think wgm is damn clear that it is scripted now. i couldnt really feel the natural development between the couple/family member. they push it too strong, imho

  5. aww i will miss alshin so much. they were my ultimate favorite. 😦 i hope hwanbo and hyunjoong last!! 🙂 they are my fav now.

  6. I’m gonna miss ALSHIN !!!! It’s still a shock that they’re leaving but the PD doesn’t seem to realize that they’re a rating booster and gave an unfair time slot for their last part !

    Damn you PD !!!! Gosh …… I hope we hear good news about them off the show … *Fingers crossed*

  7. i agree that the show looks more and more scripted than before, i’m so upset that i think i will watch WGM until the end of the year than idk anymore, but if the ant couple (god forbid!) leaves sooner than that i’ll not watch anymore…

  8. watching it purely for Hwanhee & Hwayobi =) and occasionally Joongbo… love 4Dness! and cos romance in face of all those cynics and critics will grow stronger… not to prove pple wrong, but to show that not only the standard stereotypes of couple pairings can succeed.

  9. seriously.. its so hard not to complain about this ep i was so disappointed. alshin’s last ep and they only got 6 mins? how can we not blame the pds this time? i expected more. after how many hours of filming, they can only show us 6 mins on this couple’s last ep? it’s even shorter than their usual screen time! anyway when alshin first left i continued watching the show cuz it was still fun but now the show’s going down hill. seems way too scripted and fake and all i usually see is couples fight and play games. the show’s started getting boring the last couple eps so i dont have any means to continue =\. i’m going to stick w/ F.O and 1N2D instead.

  10. I’m re-watching WGM.
    I’m learning to love the old and new couples even though I am sad about the AnBi leave and the Alshin leave.
    I’m wishing the couples the very best in hopes of entertainment and I guess reality if that makes any sense.

  11. gosh alshin only has 7min airtime…not even a proper 10mins…they are soo under-rated.
    once joongbo leaves, its the end for WGM.

  12. how come the pd show us only 7 minutes of alshin couple when it was their last episode ???
    they makes me really really upset…

  13. Alshin got too short airtime but then again it’s continuing from last time and they prob went and did other things after the fan meeting.

    I think Banana couple is funny/sweet whilst the Lettuce couple are great as ever XD

    I believe Hwanhee is very romantic, hope they reconcile and when I see what Crown J said to get Seo In Young ont to even argue with him I’ll be very interested but even without subs he seems very handsome nomnom haha

  14. wish ALshin couple all the best in the world…

    career and wealth and love life ^^

    will keep on supporting them …..

    Annyong~~~alshin couple


  15. aw im gonna miss alshin couple..=[

    And i agree son dambi x marco couple is boring….

    If ant/inyoung or joongbo leave…i dont think im gonna watch it anymore

  16. This’s the last epi of Alshin….wahhh so upset 😦
    I’ll watch WGM until the end of the year because it’s no more interesting…if joongbo and ant couples leave!!!!
    personally, i dont like the new couples……

  17. ok i haven watched.. but seeing all the low on air time makes me quite upset as well.. ah!! the box on the top seems to be saying,”i am really thankful and i love you.” so why dont they date in real life already!!

    that would be the best ending.. sighs.

  18. hahahah i thought alex and shinae were kissing . i need to watch this =( i cried during the flower pot scene the last time they left. but now, it’s the real thing >: on the other note i thought kyujong and yoobin looked really cute together. 😀

    thanks alvin!

  19. it’s gonna be real hard watching this now with alshin’s departure =[ i always wished they would stay longer…they were my favorite couple…i think once the ant couple leaves i wont be able to watch wgm anymore v_v

  20. It finally happen. AlShin is no longer on the show :[
    Seriously now, I don’t have any more reason to continue watching the show. It has been a great 8-9 months following the show, but I feel it’s all down hill now.

    What a ashame.

  21. dont understand why alshin got such a short time….I kept thinking that the PDs would be kind enough to let Alshin have a lengthy episode together, like how AnBi got in their last episode. BUt just 7 mins? Wow, what an insult. Feel terrible for all those diehard AlShin fans out there.

  22. why? why AlShin couple got a very short airtime? i don’t get it…

    no more reason for me to watch WGM. maybe i’ll watch JoongBo couple, maybe not.

  23. So sad.. one couple leaving after another.. although I know it is inevitable.. can’t expect them to play make-believe forever right?

    But I hope people will still continue subbing this show.. althgh the initial couples were still the best, the new ones are starting to grow on me.. and anyway, it’s still a tons better show than some of the crap nowadays..

    Really wary of when joongbo leaves.. musih is going to stop subbing.. then how to watch the ant couple like that? Plz ppl!! Support e inyoung/crown J couple!

    I think the marco couple is not that bad actually… i’m starting to like them.. isn’t it sad nobody even mentions hwanhee/hwayobi couple? Although they started out great, I think they’re getting even and even more boring..

  24. WGM has really lost it’s touch of married couples… i personally believe AnSol and AlShin couples were the two that really boosted the show in the beginning and they are the two couples who resembed married couples the most…

    like many of you…the motivation is gone… still watch it b/c JoongBo couple are so funny and fun to watch…but certainly…the romantic couples are no longer there…

  25. Now that alshin has left the show, left the old couple which is ant and joongbo. If anyone of them left, i not going to watch the show too.. gonna missed the alshin couple.

  26. Ahh… so many old couples leaving already. I feel really sad for Alshin cuz they’ve been through the farewell thing before and now they have to do it all over again. I know it totally sucks.

    ANYWAY, when is HwangBo and Hyun Joong’s wedding photo going to be released? Or anywhere I can look for high quality ones? I cant find it anywhere!

  27. feel like we’ve been played…. Shinae…come back!
    the weird part is i liked Alex more than Shinae when this started, but now i wished to see more of her…she was starting to look so happy go lucky…hope she finds happiness…annyong romantic couple…

  28. TT______________TT so sad that alshin is now gone.. i dunno whuts the point of watching wgm right now.. 1st, my fav ansol (god knows how much i cried..n still missing them every week!!!), then alshin (give me a break! 7 mins??!!well, enuf 2 make me cry anywy). and after this wud b joongbo..(dunno how my life wud b after this). and sumhow i feel that putting don don with crown j n in young is one of the pd’s way 2 lead them out. i dun think i’ll be watching wgm after joongbo is out. myb once a while 2 watch crown j n in young, but wont stream the show like i alwys done in the past..marco annoys me soo much! and the one i could tolerate in the new couple is hwanhee, and that’s only becoz he’s cute! =p

  29. I already miss them. AlShin and Anbi was the only reason why I watched it. Now they are gone, even Lettuce couple. I say tune into Family Outing.

  30. i’m not ready yet to say good bye to joongbo couple.. because from what i can see, they are recenlty get rid off their awkwardness towards each other.. i hope they will be a real couple..

  31. sigh. i remember the first few episodes of WGM where we see them moving house, packing up, fooling around. That’s the way the new couples should have started out. i don’t know… somehow the format of the show just seems / feels different now.

    I still see interesting scenes tt catch my attention now & then but yeah i agree, dambi & marco are just wasting air-time for the other couples.

    I can’t believe my 2nd Fav SSANGCHU couple is leaving too. *goes to seek solace in watching family outing*

  32. I didnt want to say more, since it will tear up my heart with lots of saying.

    It kind of prove how much chemistry and real feelings involve in Alshin by how they can presented to us a real emotion by only short airtime screening. I doubt others couple can show us if they are given short airtime like Alshin eventhough they are funnier or fun to watch.

    An evil PD!!!!!!!!!!

    SO UNFAIR!!!!

    But, we the Alshin fans has has used to it. We enjoyed what are given since it feel true to our heart. As more heart wrenching than it should be, hope Alex and Shin Ae will be happy in their life and work. They are meant together. Off screen or on screen. Let’s them move the things on their own. What make them happy will make me happy.

    Thanks Alvin.

  33. didnt like ant couple nor alshin’s farewell….. ant couple’s segment now feels more like a sitcom than anything else… wish alshin couple had more airtime. I would guess they selected the fan meeting for the farewell so they could keep their emotions in check after seeing what happened to ansol couple. Its sad to know that even Jongbo couple are leaving once I started to find them entertaining…. guess the only couple left that i look forward to is Hwanyobi

  34. uhm.. can anyone sub this? its about what happened when alshin divorced and alex came to “come to play”. apparently, they don’t contact each other at all…. i wish i knew what they were actually talking about.

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